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astroknight Big Loves 5 3 starsBig Loves 5 3 starsBig Loves 5 3 stars
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Big Loves 5

Big Loves 5

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Sex
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wraithlead's ratings for Big Loves 5:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Big Loves 5 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Big Loves 5 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Big Loves 5 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Big Loves 5 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Loves 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Loves 5 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Loves 5 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by wraithlead  on  10/26/2009
Big Loves Volume 5 - Third Degree Films

These girls look delicious. This movie had a good blend of ladies, and the heat was generally just where it should have been. You can't watch the movie without thinking at least a few times that you want to do what Alice Bell said at the start of her scene. She was saying her new lingerie might make her ass look a little big. I thought "yeah, and that's a good thing." She says she likes big butts, then continues. "If I see a girl walking down the street with a big butt, I just wanna go over there and bite it, rub my face in it, mmm, and take her back over here..." Watching this movie, i agree.

If you like the way the covergirl looks, then this movie is for you. There are five scenes, and I enjoyed them all. The scenes all had multiple positions, and the people who made it were even nice enough to let you go to the sub-menu and pick your starting point in each scene by what position you wanted, which makes skipping to your favorite parts very easy(something i needed because of watching some of the best parts over and over, lol).

I'm no expert, and in fact, I don't really care much as long as it's okay or better, but the audio and video quality were as good as I needed them to be.

Who shouldn't watch it: Fans of stick-figure porn, people turned off to anal (because it's in two scenes), people who demand an occasionally threesome or two.

I had a hard time deciding, because it was either a 3 or a 3.5/5...better than average, but not near the top of things I've seen. I settled on a 3 because of all the lame cumshots. I think cum on her ass is a waste of a male orgasm...If you like it, then add a half-point or so...


Alice Bell - Beautiful blonde, though she wasn't before if my memory is correct. Dark red lingerie, and a body that looks as soft and touchable as a woman should. Definitely as hot as she looked on the cover. She has tattoos and peircings, but I was strangely curious about only one nipple having a ring. The spooning was my favorite position for a while. The doggiestyle started as average as any, but then got hotter when she laid flat and let him work her pussy from behind, her ass shaking and mesmeriaing me. Blowjob, cowgirl, RCG, spooning, doggiestyle, reverse spooning, then the climax. Cumshot was on her butt, which I'm never really a fan of, but still a great scene. 3.5/5

Phoenix Marie - More red lingerie, but this time it's red and black. Black thigh-highs, blonde hair, curvy booty and big breasts. After the tease they get it on. Fingering, oral, the whole works. I like the kissing that goes on during some scenes, especially if the guy is going slow. It just seems like the girls enjoy that most of the time, and I like to see that. She looks good in her thigh-highs too, legs in the air and taking a pounding lying on her back, and even hotter when she puts her finger in her butt while taking his cock. The anal just made it even better for me. Blowjob, spooning, cowgirl, anal doggiestyle, anal reverse spoon(really hot), then the cumshot. Again, all over her butt which I don't like, but still, I had an easy time getting off to the scene. 3.5/5

Isis Taylor - Purple fishnets, pink two-piece with purple-ish accents. I've seen her in other stuff, but I'm not that familiar with her. She has a few tattoos, belly piercing, and a delicious curvy body like the other girls in the flick. Let me say, she's smoking hot. The scene starts when a hard cock comes from nowhere and she immediately sucks it. Blowjob, doggiestyle, missionary, cowgirl, reverse spooning, and the cumshot. More cum on the butt and thighs, and it makes me wish that even just once we could get a cumshot on a face or better yet, in a mouth. She does take her finger, get some off her thigh and taste it, but it's no substitute for a good cumshot. 3/5

Mae Victoria - LOL, for some reason I noticed her curly hair more than a few other things. Once she took her top off, though, she got my attention back where it should be. Thick body, big breasts, and nice thighs in white fishnets. A blowjob with her on her knees gets the scene moving and we go from there. I enjoyed her riding cowgirl with her finger in her ass, and the anal spooning was sexy too. Anal doggiestyle was even better. Blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, spooning, anal spooning (YAY!), anal RCG, anal doggiestyle, then the cumshot. Another cumshot on another girl's ass. 3/5

Kelly karson - She starts the scene in a yellow and print bikini. Curvy like the other girls, a few tattoos and a piercing or two, and I really like the paws she has near her pussy on her inner thighs. This scene jumps right to the vaginal doggiestyle and goes from there. Doggiestyle, cowgirl, then the blowjob, missionary, RCG, spooning, and the cumshot. I think he started cumming early, because something clearly leaked from her pussy as he pulled out and sprayed the rest on her ass. I liked seeing that, so the scene gets a little bonus. 3.5/5


Behind The Scenes: The girls seemed cool, but the BTS wasn't a must watch.

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