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Big Gorgeous Breasts 2

Big Gorgeous Breasts 2

Studio: Simon Wolf
Category:  Busty
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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MD James's ratings for Big Gorgeous Breasts 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Gorgeous Breasts 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  6/11/2005

Title: Big Gorgeous Breasts Vol. 2
Released by: Simon Wolf
Reviewed by
MD James

If you’re looking for a video that basically knows what you want, specifically beautiful busty women, and isn’t afraid to give it to you, this is it.

Simon Wolf Productions and director/producer Robert Herrara don’t beat around the bush with this video. This is basically about five busty women getting fucked, using the slimmest of plots (if any) to lead us to the sex.

The first thing that this reviewer noticed is that the video’s title sequence also doubles as a trailer. I suppose this is to be expected since some studios have taken to using their title sequences as trailers in other videos to save time. So why not simply make a trailer and call it the title sequence? It’s lazy, but I suppose it works. It does, though, get a little annoying seeing the video’s title make several appearances during the sequence. (Yes, we KNOW this is "Big Gorgeous Breasts Volume 2! We didn’t make a mistake and pick up Big Gorgeous Breasts Volume 1!)

Scene 1: Brandy Talore & Nick Manning

Brandy comes down to meet her "boyfriend" wearing a sweater and skirt that clearly are a size too small for her. She bears a striking resemblance to Jewel De’Nyle, but with much larger breasts. Not monstrous, mind you, just bigger and very natural. She definitely has more than a handful there. After he gets her out of most of her clothes (she kept the miniskirt on through to the end, much to this reviewer’s disappointment), he started working on her pussy. Then he tit-fucks her for a minute, then shoves his cock down her throat before going back to her pussy. She soon works on his cock for a while, and we get to see her huge boobs bounce back and forth as she goes down on him. From there he takes her in missionary position, then doggie, reverse-cowgirl, then side-missionary, then blowing his load all over her face and down her boobs.

It’s a really nice scene and this reviewer hopes to get to see more of Brandy in future videos… preferably completely naked.

Scene 2: Melony Malone & Joey Ray & Barrett Blade

Much like the previous scene, we have another boyfriend/girlfriend setting, only with a little twist.

We start out with Melony and Joey making out on the couch. It’s not long before he starts undressing her and massaging her melons while she grinds on top of his lap. We get to see the tattoos on her back while he pulls the latex panties off. Then he spins her around so he can eat her out while she’s standing up. He moves her onto the couch so we can see her clit piercing as he goes back to licking her pussy.

Just then Barrett comes home! Whoops! Seems Joey is making the moves on HIS girlfriend! (See? Told you there was a twist!) But rather than get angry, Barrett joins in on the action. He pulls off his pants so she can suck his cock while Joey fingers and sucks her off. He even sticks a finger up her ass… I guess to get her ready for some future fun. Then she changes places so she can suck Joey’s cock while Barrett fucks her doggie-style. Then they change up again so she suck Barrett and fucks Joey in spoon position. They continue to swap positions, fucking her in the pussy and then in the ass, and then the inevitable double-penetration. Then they finish with both guys jerking off on her face. Hey, what are friends for, huh?

It’s a pretty good scene. Every position is covered and everyone gets off.

Scene 3: Rayveness & Evan Stone

Rayveness comes strutting down wearing this hot peach number to come greet the Evan the "plumber" who simply lets himself in and was just casually sitting on the sofa. (Yeah, like all plumbers just saunter on in without any tools and dressed like they’re ready to go to a bar instead of sticking their heads under a dirty sink for the next hour.) Oh well, we know it’s not real life, so the only "pipes" that Evan is really interested in checking out are in Rayveness.

After a little tonsil hockey, Evan starts getting her undressed, exposing her big natural breasts. They both get naked, and she hungrily goes down on him. Then it’s his turn, going down on her hard and fast, quickly getting her off. They pretty much go through the usual positions of missionary, cowgirl, doggy, then back to missionary before she gets down on her knees and he blows his load all over her face and into her mouth.

It’s always nice to see Rayveness go at it, and she certainly looked like she was enjoying herself.

Scene 4: Michelle Barratt & Dino Bravo

Well now we turn to the lone blonde in this five-part act. Michelle starts out with a sexy pink halter top and blue pleated miniskirt, but she quickly get out of the top so Dino can suck on her full breasts. The miniskirt somehow disappears, and soon Dino is licking away at her very trimmed pussy. (Let’s put it this way… there’s more hair showing on Dino’s unshaved face than there is between Michelle’s legs.) He does a real good job of tongue-fucking her too. Then she returns the favor to him by quickly sucking him off before straddling on top of him and riding him in cowgirl position. Dino really fucks her well, and Michelle isn’t quiet about letting him know just how good he’s doing as they from cowgirl to reverse-cowgirl to spoon to missionary, and then finally blowing his load into her eager mouth.

Not too bad of a scene compared to the other three, and it’s nice to see her get off on it.

Scene 5: Gianna & Barrett Blade

Barrett is back for this last scene, and this time he has the lovely Gianna and her full natural breasts to play with. There’s a little foreplay in getting her breasts exposed, but soon she has his pants down and she’s sucking away on his organ. He even gets to tit-fuck her for a while before peeling off her panties and going down on her. (Hey, with big gorgeous breasts like hers, who wouldn’t want to tit-fuck her?) She gives his cock a few more licks before he lays her back down and fucks her in missionary position. We get to see some great shots of her naked body as she goes through a couple of positions, but she doesn’t really open up until the last few minutes when they’re back into missionary position, just before he unloads all over her face. She even lets a little bit of his goo drip down from her tongue onto her breasts as she giggles them for the camera before we fade to the credits.

A really good scene, and a nice way to wrap things up.

In terms of extras, we have two scenes. The first is a bonus scene featuring Randi & TJ Cox from "Young Natural Breasts 6". Randi has blond streaks and lots of body jewelry, and she’s quick to go down on her man. He returns the favor, allowing us to see the two very distinct rose tattoos on her hips in between her navel jewelry. They pretty much go through the whole range of positions before he unloads onto her face… but she doesn’t really look that into it. I guess the sucking and fucking are fine, just don’t blow your load on her. (Maybe she prefers it IN her the next time?)

The second bonus scene is a "Blowjob Audition" featuring Tara & the video’s own producer/director Robert Herrara. (It’s good to be the king… or, in this case, the director.) Tara’s posing in a photo shoot with really huge breasts. We’re talking volleyball-sized orbs here. Either there’s a lot of milk or a lot of saline in those puppies. While she’s posing, she’s talking dirty, and soon she has Robert on a chair and his cock in her mouth. Well since this is a "blowjob audition", you really don’t have to guess what basically goes on in this scene. There is no fucking, just sucking. And although this woman has really BIG boobs, this scene still felt a bit out of place. Maybe it’s after seeing these hot babes with big GORGEOUS breasts sucking AND fucking, then seeing this scene with a girl who has MONSTER breasts that just sucks.

To wrap up the extra features, we have a silent slideshow and five trailers for other Simon Wolf videos, including "Big Gorgeous Breasts 1". You can access each of the trailers one at a time instead of one after the other like some other studios do, which is definitely a plus for this reviewer.

The DVD menus are also EXTREMELY detailed, but done in the right way, allowing you to jump to not only a certain scene, but also to a certain POSITION in each scene. You also don’t have any FORCED trailers when you put the DVD in, which is ALWAYS a plus for this reviewer.

The only downside here is in the jacket cover. The back cover talks about FOUR Simon Wolf previews, not five, and it promises a separate "pop shot" and "anal" button other than the scene and position selection. The options are there in the position selection, but not all the women have anal scenes, so advertising this "separate" button when there isn’t any is very misleading. These things may seem trivial, but in THIS industry and during THESE repressive times, it’s the little things that can trip people up.

All in all, this reviewer has to give high marks to this video. The extras could have been done a little better, but the overall product is something that is worth paying full price for.

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