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Big Butt Bachelor Party

Big Butt Bachelor Party

Studio: Black Ice
Category:  Black
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Christian Dark's ratings for Big Butt Bachelor Party:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Big Butt Bachelor Party overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Big Butt Bachelor Party Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Big Butt Bachelor Party Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Big Butt Bachelor Party Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Butt Bachelor Party Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Butt Bachelor Party DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Butt Bachelor Party A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Christian Dark  on  10/23/2008
Its another one of those Black Ice joints!! Big Butt Bachelor Party is an attempt at showing how shady these kinds of things can be. Thing is the highlight isn't even the bachelor party. Its the bachelorette party! My thinking is that it really goes down like that! With Jazmine Cashmere in the movie (best performer in the game in my honest opinion) I knew I had to at least check it out.

Jazmine Cashmere---Dominant. Awesome. Uncontrollable. Vicious. The Ultimate. The Black Belladonna. Jazmine is what you'd want your mistress to be. She delivers every time out. If there are 5 scenes in a movie and Jaz is in one of them, you have at least one stand out scene in the mix. Here the scene starts out with her in bed with her fiancee. Quick sidebar folks, who the fuck sleeps with a bandanna on their head. Is this dude gangbanging in his sleep? Is he riding on the Sandman? WTF???! Okay anyway she's laying next to dude the day of their respective parties. To convince him not to fuck around she decides to give him some motivation as they call it. Jaz gives him an A class bj as she is known to do. The way she acts during it you'd think she was the one getting pleasured. She puts her entire body into it. Then Jaz jumps on in cowgirl. Jazmine ain't got the biggest ass, but she shakes and gyrates like no one before her. She is clearly getting herself off here. She then gets into doggy where she gives as good as she gets. She appears to have a very real orgasm here. Phenomenal! They do a little sideways mish and then get into some sideway mish anal. She is just the fucking best!! She then gets into some reverse cowgirl anal, as she pumps and jumps her way into oblivion. More sideways mish anal. Then into a regular mish vag until he pops which she does her best to catch in her mouth. Jaz Cash is a fucking dynamo and don't you ever forget it!!!!!!

Stacie Lane---Stacie Lane plays a tailor of some sort. She is measuring this guy for some pants or something of that nature. This quickly leads to a bj. Stacie has some real bj skills too. After that the guy smacks her on the ass a little (check my review for White Bubble Butts 3, same shit) or a lot, and they get into doggy. Then into an up and over doggy. A cowgirl romp is next, then a reverse cowgirl. Nothing really spectacular here, and following Jazmine this just seems like filler. They do some spoon, more doggy then the pop. If you'd like to see Stacie REALLY get it in, pick up Freaknic from Black Ice (I reviewed that as well).

Lacey Duvalle---The new Cherokee Assed Lacey is up next. Cherokee is on the phone with Jazmine talking about the party and if Lacey has any guys lined up 4 the event. After they get off the phone you can see Lacey is with a guy who must have gotten the set mixed up with 300 or thinks he's Maximus from Gladiator? Dude got on a chain vest 4 some reason. Anyway he lifts Lacey's skirt revealing her new *ahem* assets. Listen Lacey has stolen Cherokees ass. You never see em in a scene together they must be sharing. Lacey was thin as hell and now this!!? He begins to munch on Lacey for a while. She then gives him a pretty good bj. They get right into doggy and you can see Cher.....I mean Lacey's ass bounce uncontrollably. They do a little cowgirl as well which displays that ass even more. They get back into doggy and then the pop. Short scene 2 positions.

Donna Red, Kaylani Cream, Pleasure Unique, Subrina Love, Kandy Kane, & Jazmine Cashmere---The bachelorette party is about to begin. The girls are riled up and Lacey brings in the guys. Now in this scene Jaz, Subrina, Kandy, and Pleasure play set up man. Maybe a bj here, some spanking or whatever. Jazmine plays with her pussy damn near the whole time. Pleasure (sexy as hell for a big girl, great titties) gives each guy some oral action. Kandy Kane (has a hot ass) doesn't do much really. Subrina gives up a lil bj action as well (another big girl). So this scene belongs to Donna and Kaylani. Jazmine's scene was hot, but maybe because of the set up this scene was nuts as well. Kaylani's ass is sweet as hell. Donna (who I heard is entering into the anal side of things now) is probably the sexiest chick in the movie to me. They run through a myriad of positions. The highlights the pounding doggy for Kaylani as well as her cowgirl portion was incredible (she came a few times) as Jazmine cheered her and the guy on!! For Donna she did a squat cowgirl that was just beautiful to look at. Her moans and voice were sexy as hell, and her mish portion was hot too. This entire scene is hot. Its just way too much going on here to explain. Its without a doubt as hot as Jazmine's scene was, the best scene in the movie. You need to see it to understand.

Roxy Reynolds and Candice Nicole---This is the bachelor party. And it has the terrible job of following the hottest scene in the flick. Roxy , Candice, and Stacie play strippers (Stacie's scene is left for the bonus on disk 2) and get the party going with alot of ass shaking. The trouble with this scene is that its not even. Its more Roxy (not saying that its a bad thing) than anything else. Roxy gives dude a good bj, the climbs aboard for some cowgirl action. Then reverse cowgirl then doggy and mish before the other girl is shown doing anything really. Candice also does a nice cowgirl ride. Roxy does some sidesaddle as well as regular cowgirl some more. They both do a little doggy next. Roxy does a standing doggy while giving the other buy a bj. Candice then gets in on the doggy action. The scene ends with both girls in cowgirl and both guys pop. Roll credits.

Disk two---A short BTS nothing much more than a some interviews, a side view of Jazmine's mish from her scene, pictures being taken stuff like that. The bonus scene is really short, its just Stacie giving the groom a bj from the bachelor party that they didn't show. There is a strip tease segment with Candice, Jazmine, Lacey, Stacie, and Roxy. Also on disk 2 is a pop shot loop, trailers (again with the R rated stuff), and that's all. Could have all fit on disk one. There are 2 incredible scenes in this movie and 3 scenes that are just there really. Those 2 scenes are more than words can describe though, and you really need to see them. Rent it and check it out. C. Dark Audi 5000!!!!!!!!

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