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Big Business, A (Video 10)

Studio: Video 10
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Big Business, A (Video 10):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Big Business, A (Video 10) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Big Business, A (Video 10) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Big Business, A (Video 10) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Big Business, A (Video 10) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Business, A (Video 10) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Business, A (Video 10) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Business, A (Video 10) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  12/17/2002
Big Business A Review by FacIan

Big Business
Translation: n/a
Studio: AVN
Collection: Titanium
Price: €16
Format: I guess PAL but I am not sure. Might be NTSC.

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; Lesbian; Toy
: Stockings; Long hair; Tall girls; Semi-public sex; Swimming pool sex;

Initial expectation
I was looking for very nice girls in a sexy atmosphere. I was not expecting anything nasty.

General comment
My expectations are fully met! If you want to please your eyes, you will probably want to get that DVD. The Czech girls are simply amazing. The atmosphere is friendly and very hot. The lingerie is a nice plus. This film gives you back the feeling that you can really enjoy sex without performing incredible actions. This is the kind of sex you can have in your life and as you will see: it can be bloody hot!!

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of this film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture is good.
  • Sound is direct in Czech. Quality is not very good.
  • Menu: Play movie, Scene Selection, Photogallery. The photo gallery has nothing to do with the film and is of no interest.


  • Time: 120'
  • Scenes: 6
  • Girls: 5
  • Cum shots: 6
    • Winner: 0
    • Good: 6
    • Forget: 0
  • Female orgasm: None I could notice.


Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.
  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • Glue = Glue is a shortcut for a load which is white, thick and sticky. These are my favourites as you have something to see on the film.
  • Strong = A strong shot is the opposite of the usual "sperm is slowly getting out that cock to fall miserably down like if we had a look at an old leaking tap". I consider a strong shot as a better one!
  • Weak = opposite to strong. Doesn't mean that the volume is low or that it's watery. Just that it falls out from the cock instead of being thrown out strongly.
  • Jet or Wave = Well, you should know what I mean. A normal cum shot comes in few "jets".


  • Blonde 1: Very attractive tall girl. Far from skinny and far from fat with long hair and cute face. You must like her. A BJ goddess.
  • Blonde 2: A little bit rounder than Blonde 1, she is cute but a bit less than number 1 in my personal scale.
  • Brunette: Tall and sexy, her behaviour is very hot and positive. She is the queen of BJ in that flick.
  • Black hair: Tall and slim, she has very long curly black hair. Her white smile is great putting a light on her cute face.
  • Black girl: Very long hair and quite sexy. She is the one with the least fresh body. She is also the one with the shortest scene.


Scene1: An attractive blonde and a bald guy are in one of these long white limousine with dark windows you can rent in every big city. She has a great smile, long hair and her body is very nice. The car is moving in the city (you get some views of pedestrians and other cars). The guy agrees with me and find that girls attractive. Unlike me he has good chances to fuck her.
This girl is cute and she is also wearing skin colour stockings and semitransparent black panties. Under these panties is a nice shaved pussy with a line of hair on pubis. This girl also comes with a very nice pair of natural tits. Not giant but more than a handful each. She is far from skinny and far from fat. Great!
Legs wide open, skirt rolled over waist, stockings and boots on, she is now sucking actively the guy while he is fingering her. A lot of mouth action and hard sucking with very few hand work. She even slaps herself that fat cock onto her tongue. This BJ is very long but as every good thing it has to end...
RCG in that moving car while you can see people outside. Fucking in a car is funny but not that practical, even if the car is huge. So they stop fucking just before arriving to a huge luxury villa. They are welcome by another cute blonde.
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. This girl is hot and the situation makes the scene interesting. But from the point when they start the RCG, it becomes a bit boring.
Duration: 18' 00''  Scene#1 Summary: 2.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm L BJ, Straight Stockings; Fucking in car in traffic; Long hair Average Good 0

Scene2: We now are inside the luxury house. There is a nice swimming pool inside.
The new blonde is as tall as the first one. Her body and face are maybe a little bit rounder that first one. She is wearing a white dress letting guess her forms. She has nice natural tits. If you like details, you will appreciate her red polished nails. You'll probably like both girls or none. My preference is for the first blonde.
These 2 sexy attractive girls are starting a lesbian scene: kissing, slow tits licking, etc. Once they have taken their clothes off but still wearing their strings, they move toward a bench. It is the opportunity we needed to have a general look at them. This is not disappointing! One with her boots, stockings and black string, the other with only high heel shoes and a nice white string. Great view!
[...] The scene is interrupted by scene 3 which takes place in the middle of this one. For practical reason I continue the description here but you have to imagine that now, scene 3 is over.
[...] To say the truth, this lesbian action is not convincing. They will play oral games of course but also with a dildo. The only reason for watching that scene is the girls themselves! They are really beautiful and sexy, and it is a great pleasure to look at them. Otherwise, the action is slow and it takes ages before this dildo is used for more than 2cm deep.
By the way, I still do not like hearing girls making hooo-haaaa-houuu-mmmm like robots. That is a turn off!
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. Too slow! The girls deserve a good rate but the action is weak and slow!
Duration: ??' ??'' but too long!  Scene#2 Summary: 2.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girls' behaviour Cumshots
Lukewarm L Lesbian Blondes; Long hair; Stockings Too slow Average 0

Scene3: A brunette is arriving at the train station. As the blonde in first scene she will be picked up by the guy with the huge car.
This girl a very attractive and sexy as well. Her blue-grey eyes will be terrific during all her fantastic BJs. She is wearing a mini red skirt, black stockings and a black jacket. Seeing her walking in the train station is already hot, so I guess the future will be interesting!!
Once in the car, she starts speaking with the driver who will eventually meet her in the back of the car for another semi-public (the windows are black from outside) sex action.
To convince him to join her, she starts masturbating in front of him with all her clothes on. That is very convincing, believe me! No one would stay behind the wheel! As soon as he sits next to her, she jumps on him and quickly grabs his cock for a bloody great BJ! Wow! Handless and very energetic! She is not a lazy sucker!! To improve our pleasure she had opened her legs making a sexy view on her black stockings and black panties.
That is too much, even for the lucky sucked. They change for vaginal spoon with all (I have said all!) clothes. It sounds like a sex rush as when you rush on a drink when you are thirsty. That makes the atmosphere very hot. She even masturbates while she is getting fucked, like someone who can't wait to get an orgasm.
As far as I can see, her pussy is nearly shaved with extremely short cut triangle of hair on pubis.
Cumshot: GJ + BJ/HJ + HOD. She tries for long but it doesn't work so the guys finishes himself while she is licking him. That leads to a heavy load against her tongue well handled by the brunette. Could have been a winner if not a HOD situation. G.
[...] They clean themselves with tissues in order to leave with the car!
Rate: 4 out of 5. I like the atmosphere and the girl's behaviour. The sex action is not very nasty but the way they act is better than a robot assfucking!! This scene definitely deserves a good rate.
Duration: 9'  Scene#3 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot L Straight; BJ Lingerie; Sex with clothes; Semi-public sex Good Very good 1: G



Blonde number 1 is now back with the guy from scene 1. They are going to finish what they have started previously. It sounds good to me. When I see her kneeling on the floor, next to the pool, with her black string, her stockings and black boots, I already like it! This film is not perfect but they are clever enough to use simple things to create a hot atmosphere. So, she is kneeling in front of the guy's cock and takes it in mouth, holding her long free hair herself to let us see her technique. Very convincing technique: a bit of licking, balls sucking, hands (I should say fingers) etc. Lascivious pace including very hot glance at him. Baby, you are very very good!
The brunette and the chauffeur are now arriving. Quickly, she is undressed, showing us what we were guessing: black stockings, black string, black shoes and a very nice top. You know what? I am pretty sure that we'll have a hot session. How do you want those 2 hot girls not making a hot scene? Impossible! Could other directors take some notes here and consider making some more scenes with such a feminine atmosphere? Thanks guys!
2 different techniques but I am ready to test both at any time: the brunette is very active and keen on BJ when the blonde is still in between lascivious and active. But guys, the view is worthy.
Brunette is ready to go further: RCG with panties. That offers to us a nice view on blonde squatting for BJ and brunette on RCG. I guess you remember the stockings and the fact that they are cute...
In order to have a group activity, the second guy gives his dick to brunette while blonde is pulling brunette's panties on side and we discover a nearly fully shaved pussy. Instead of telling you each detail of action, I can tell you that it is hot and sexy. Nasty is not the good word to describe that but sexy is. Nobody is lazy and the action is good. Brunette takes it in the ass in RCG and this scene is far from boring! Far!! Good balance between general views and close-ups, it is well done.
I can mention a hot vaginal fingering for brunette by blonde while fucked in the ass. I told you: simple things for that scene but sexy ones.
The 2 couples are now moving close to a bench. It is time for the blonde to get fucked. They do that in spoon and directly in the ass. I like that she guides his cock in her ass and that she also keeps her string. Very nice view! Her pussy has bigger inner lips than brunette's.
Brunette is getting fucked vaginal in standing doggy with one leg on the bench. That is another great opportunity to keep our eyes on her long legs in black stockings.
Nice anal doggy for the blonde. She has a nice butt that we haven't seen for long. I am glad to see it again! Once more: good balance between close-up and general view. A few anal in/outs are the spice of the scene. She is even gapping a bit but we are not granted with a close-up on it. I am happy with that. I do not need any close-up!
At one point, brunette shows what you can do with your mouth on a dick when you don't want to use your hands. I'd like her to show me personally!
Hoho..... Look at that! Everybody is now going into the swimming pool. But let me tell you the best: the girls keep their panties and stockings. This is far better than wet T-shirt contest!! Hurray!
Cherry on the cake: everybody is smiling and laughing. That is a very good idea. Directors: take some notes here again!
In the pool, they play oral (including a long pussy eating) and finger games. All giving sexy views and making hot atmosphere! The action is long enough to enjoy. No rush in pleasure!
Both guys are sitting on the edge of the pool, girls in the water for very long and sexy HJ/BJ. From the beginning, they both give a GJ.

Cumshot: GJ! Brunette makes him cum on/in her mouth while looking at him in the eyes. Good load making nice result on her mouth. Very hot! Long post-cum head. Without being a real winner, it is a really good one. G
Cumshot: GJ! Same idea as previous but a bit less visible result. Still a good one! G
Rate: 5 out of 5. Excellent scene!! That is an excellent example of a way to shoot a very hot scene without making any circus tricks or degrading action. Girls are beautiful, positive, sexy and active. The action is very good and the swimming pool idea is great. No need for incredible action to give a high rate. I should also mention the friendly atmosphere between the actors.
Timer: 96' 20''  Scene#4 Summary: 5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot L Straight; Anal; BJ Shaved pussy; Long hair; Lingerie in water Perfect Excellent 2: G & G

Scene5: I cannot tell you how we manage to jump in a bar but we do. In that bar, 2 girls are cleaning the glasses that need absolutely no cleaning. On the other hand the girls are very hot. There is a hot black hair and a black girl. This scene is only with the black hair girl.
She goes into a sauna with a guy. The sauna is off otherwise I see no way to survive inside it with a suit and a tie.
The girl is very attractive. She has very long curly black hair. She is very slim but still with, not huge but, very feminine tits. Her face is thin, with a sharp nose, a large smile made by red lips and white teeth. Her make-up is present without looking vulgar. I like her red nails. She is wearing a sexy black dress, black string and black shoes with very high heels (large heels not stilettos) making her long legs more attractive. Her pussy is shaved with a thin triangle of hair on pubis.
The guy starts by fingering that friendly pussy. After this first contact, she delivers a BJ. This one is hot with a mix of balls massage and dick head sucking with HJ. Nice style! Look at her way to hold the root of his cock in order to apply a fast suction on the head...
Vaginal spoon with a great view on her long legs. As in other scenes, she keeps her nice string. The guy is in trouble to hold the shot. I cannot really blame him.
Cumshot: Very good load but on her thigh. Because that girl has very nice legs, I rate that white sticky load...G
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. The rate is mainly for this very attractive girl. The sex action itself is nothing special.
Timer: 110' 20''  Scene#5 Summary: 3.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm L Straight Long hair; Sexy dress Good Very good 1: G

Scene6: I give-up with the plot. 3 guys are arriving into the bar. The black girl is suddenly in anal RCG. She has very long hair, some tattoos and her tummy is not very attractive.
Quickly, she changes for DP in CG. The guy in her ass is always in trouble to stay there. He's maybe a bit short. This DP last for long.
Vaginal spoon + BJ.
Cumshot: The guy getting the BJ masturbates against her mouth. When done, she gives a nice post-cum head. Once more, the shot is not that good but her behaviour deserves a...G.
Cumshot: The cute black hair from previous scene is lying on a sofa while a guy is masturbating over her body. She was not involved in any sex action before. The guy shoots 8 strong jets over her body reaching of course her tits but also her face and hair. Not a fantastic facial but still rated as...G
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. The weakest scene of the film but fortunately also the shortest.
Timer: End'  Scene#6 Summary: 2.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Lukewarm L Straight, Anal; DP Long hair Fast Average 2: G & G

I consider that this film is great because of the really attractive sexy girls, the lingerie and the scene in the pool. I would say that you can easily use that film for a nice couple evening. The girls are treated normally and the atmosphere is very hot with very few minutes dedicated to the plot. I really appreciate to find a film far away from the A2M obsession or the gapping madness. Not that I never like nastiness but it feels good to genuinely not be bored by some kind of more classical sex.
By the way, I am rarely impressed by BJs. In this film, I have to admit that I have been impressed by blonde 1 and brunette 1. No giant cock or even deepthroat but some kind of serious will to please. That is much better in my sexy scale! I want more like that in next films if possible.

The picture is good quality but the sound is really amateur-like. I am not sure that being Czech will help you a lot. Anyway, this film gives you fresh air, showing that you can make a hot flick with simple things. A better technical quality could make that film a winner. My main complain is about the lesbian scene which is a waist of nice girls. The scene could have easily been a very good one.

Of course, you have understood that this film is not for those looking for the nastiest action possible. But you might, like me, want to have some variety in your collection.

The screen shots are here.

My global rate for the movie is 4 out of 5. Fantastic girls in a very sexy atmosphere. This is obviously not the average of the scenes' rates. It is not supposed to be so.

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