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Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2

Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2

Studio: Swank Digital
Category:  Busty , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/19/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 95 min.

Production Date: 6 / 5 / 2006

Director: None credited, but Denys Defrancesco is listed as the producer

Cast: Anastazie, Lady Zoom, Laura, Lus, Misa, Cage, Charlie, Honga, Neeo, Ricci, and Rudy

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Gent 5 is the only DVD I've seen from Swank, but it showed enough care that I can't help but look forward to this one as well.

Initial Reaction: It has some decent potential, but the camera work and editing frequently hold it back from reaching its full potential.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of fresher European talent with great racks

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting very strong chemistry or all unaltered girls

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects come up a little short. The audio is well balanced and free of background noises, but almost always feels a little hollow. The video starts things on a very strong first foot forward by going with an anamorphic transfer for the widescreen presentation and some very nice lighting, but bobbles things a bit after that. The video looks like it wasn't framed quite right for the transfer as there's still small black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. It also has a look that seems to be more like the camera being out of focus than it being filtered to have a softer look.

Music: There's a little nicely balanced soft porn music at the beginning and end of each scene, but that's it.

Menus: The main menu does a nice job working together the boxcover with a little animation. The chapter menu is a bit pixelated, but nicely lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the big breasted beautiful babe in it. After you choose a babe, you're given a secondary menu with a photo of the babe where you can choose where you want to go in the scene sexually.

The Feature

Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 keeps things simple. There's never anything to lead into the sex other than a few moments of tease, and each and every girl has a nice rack.

Scene 1 – Misa and Honga

Misa, a cute busty dirty blonde, starts things out on a pink bed wearing a sexy red and black bra and panty set as longhaired Honga sits against the footboard in a black shirt and blue shorts acting like he was considering playing the guitar for her. She starts running her hands around her tits to let him know that they could make better music together before working in a little lizard kissing and starting to get her bra out of the way so he can get at her tits. She quickly moves things along to suck his cock before lying back so he can finger her holes while licking her pussy. Honga comes up to fuck Misa's fantastic tits before rolling around to spoon her pussy. She comes back around to wrap her sweater puppets around his cock a bit more, as well as giving it another nice mouth hug, before going for a reverse cowgirl ride with each of her holes. She sucks Honga's cock again before letting him fuck her ass doggie style and titty fucking him to a pop on her chest.

This is a pretty average scene. Misa is definitely a hottie, and has a killer natural rack. She puts some nice energy into the scene as well. All that said, two things held the scene back. The first is Honga, who gave me the feeling of being the suitcase pimp who's getting to be in the scene. He just didn't bring anything to the scene, and seemed to have some fair wood problems as well. The other thing is the technical side of things, namely the camera work and editing. The camera was frequently just a smidgen off, either getting a little too close or aiming a little to one side while also giving the feeling like it's main concern was that things be captured as beautiful as possible. There's nothing wrong with good looking scenes, but beauty often comes in second to chemistry for me. The editing was very choppy, and never let you see things like position changes. It gave the scene a very rough feeling, and often threw me out of it. Misa is a truly beautiful babe who gave me high hopes for this scene, but I just couldn't get into it as much as I hoped.

Scene 2 – Lus and Ricci

Bottle blonde Lus starts the next scene off Ricci before letting him up under her blue paisley shirt and blue flowered bra to check out her fantastic natural rack. It doesn't take them long to break out Ricci's cock, and Lus eagerly goes after it with her hand and mouth before titty fucking him. She lets him tongue and finger her twat before coming up to fuck it missionary style. Ricci slides around behind Lus so he can kiss her while spooning her pussy, and then climbs back on top of Lus so he can slide his cock between her tits and into her mouth while reaching back to play with her pussy. He lets Lus hop back on top for a reverse cowgirl ride before she hops back off to suck his cock a little more. They also get in a bit of doggie fucking, both standing and with Lus on all fours, before another cocksucking break and a little missionary work. Finally, Lus strokes Ricci onto her tits and stomach before sucking out the last little bit.

This was a pretty good scene. Lus is another darn good looking big breasted beautiful babe, and she gets into the sex pretty good. There's some decent chemistry between her and Ricci, but there were a few moments when she seemed to be zoning out. Sadly, once again the camera work and editing interfere with the scene, as if it didn't I probably wouldn't have noticed the damn cool Phantom artwork on the wall behind them. This is another scene that I really wanted to like a lot but couldn't get into as much as I wanted due to technical factors in the scene.

Scene 3 – Laura and Neeo

Brunette Laura starts her scene out in a flowery black bra and panty set running her hands around her self as she kneels on a bed. Neeo comes in and runs his hands around her as well as sucking her big fat titties before letting her mouth his manhood. Of course he mixes in a little titty fucking and gets her pussy licked and fingered before Neeo comes up to fuck her missionary style. Naturally she mixes in a little more oral action as she moves on to ride him reverse cowgirl style and let him fuck her doggie style. Laura also gives up the ass when Neeo moves around to spoon her, and comes around to eagerly suck her ass off his cock before climbing back up for a reverse cowgirl anal ride. Neeo also gives it to Laura's shitpussy missionary style before coming up and looking like he was going to stroke himself onto her tits. Laura gives him a little more oral to try for the facial, and after Neeo pulls away to pop a bit on one of her tits he grants her obvious desire for some cum in her mouth.

Although the cover states that this movie is a no silicone zone, it doesn't appear to have a problem with saline as Laura appears to not be completely natural. The shape of her breasts don't quite look natural and there also appears to be some scars around her nipples. They also don't appear to move naturally, although Laura does cover it up nicely by keeping her hands around them so they don't jiggle too much as she's fucked. That said, it's a very well done augmentation with quality on the same level as Devinn Lane and Juli Ashton's augmentations. All that said, this is the best scene in the movie. There's nice chemistry between Laura and Neeo, and her look reminds me a little of frequent Neeo partner Angel Dark. She gives up the ass just as easily as she does the pussy, and the editing in the scene came across much smoother than in the other scenes. Although Laura might not be all natural, she makes it easy to forgive by turning out a great scene with Neeo.

Scene 4 – Lady Zoom and Cage

Lady Zoom, a slightly older looking brunette who of course has a very nice rack, starts the penultimate scene out undoing Cage's pants and dipping his cock into the glass of white wine he was holding to give it a little more flavor as she sucks it. She continues to stroke his cock as he spits wine on her tits, sucks and plays with them, and of course slides his cock between them. They even get in a little sixty-nining before Lady Zoom climbs up to ride Cage reverse cowgirl style. Of course she sucks him clean when she gets off, and continues to mix in a few hummers for Cage as he spoons her, she rides him cowgirl style, and he fucks her doggie style. Finally, Cage gives Lady Zoom an almost nonexistent pop in her mouth before she plays with his cock and her tits a little more.

This is a pretty good scene. Lady Zoom has a very nice body and a sultry look that worked very well for me. The camera work was about the same throughout the scene, but once again the editing was a lot better. There's also some nice chemistry between Lady Zoom and Cage that helped this scene to be one of the better scenes in the movie. The only thing that really held this scene back was the small pop and Cage giving it to Lady Zoom in her mouth rather than on her tits.

Scene 5 – Anastazie, Charlie, and Rudy

Bottle blonde Anastazie seems more than happy to be flanked by Rudy and Charlie as she stands in her simple pink bra that falls aside so they can suck her tits. She shares a playful kiss with one of the guys before dropping down to suck and stroke both of them. She gets a little oral attention in return before the first guy starts fucking her missionary style, and keeps lovingly sucking the other's cock. Anastazie also lets the guys fuck her doggie style and gets a cowgirl ride for each of her holes before going for a pounding reverse cowgirl anal ride and some anal doggie. She goes back for a cowgirl ride before letting the guys double stuff her in each of the cowgirls. Finally, one guy pops on her pussy as she holds it open for him and the other cums on her chest and chin.

This scene lands near the lower end of the movie for me. Anastazie is very nice looking with a great body and balances the guys very well. The camera work is a little better here, but the editing is a little more rough and threw me out a bit now and then. The scene was also hurt by Anastazie not always looking too comfortable taking on the guys, which really came out at the end of the scene. She does a very nice job taking them on through much of the scene, but there's enough discomfort that I just couldn't get into this scene too much.

Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 is a pretty good busty release. Swank was well known for their magazines long before they came out with a video line, but sadly many of the scenes make it appear that they think video shoots and photo shoots are handled the same way. The action in several of the scenes move from position to position with a little less grace than turning the pages in a photo spread, but often shows the beauty and feel of their photo spreads. Thankfully as the movie moves along the editing and camera work seems to improve. Laura easily has the best scene in the movie, while the gorgeous Misa's brings up the rear. In the end, I think Big Breasted Beautiful Babes 2 all comes down to how much chemistry you're willing to sacrifice for beauty. The girls here are all gorgeous, but in the search for beautiful shots some of the chemistry often gets lost along the way. That said, there's also enough potential here that I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Swank is putting out.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts roughly four and a half minutes with about five seconds per good looking snapshot. Trailers are included for Swank XXXTeens 1, Gent 1, Just 18 1, and Swank XXX 1. There's also casting information, a behind the scenes featurette and commercials.

The castings featurette lasts eleven minutes. Lady Zoom starts things out nicely stretching out a snap up polo shirt and answering a few yes or no questions before stripping down to show herself off while talking about her favorite position and how often she likes to have sex a day. Twenty two year old Misa is next, who talks about preferring girls, what she likes sexually, and her natural breasts as she strips down. She even masturbates a little for the camera as she shows herself off. This is a nice little featurette. You get a nice feeling of personality from both girls, with Misa coming off as one heck of a fun girl. Lady Zoom's section was a little more challenging due to the language barrier, but she still provides some nice eye candy. This was an enjoyable featurette that adds quite nicely to the overall DVD.

The backstage featurette lasts twenty one minutes. Lus starts things off appearing quite happy as she poses for a few stills and then gets touched up for her scene and a few more stills. You even get to see them faking a bit of the cumshot stills, which seems very rare in a behind the scenes featurette. Anastazie is next, who also poses for a few stills and gets it on in her scene. This is an okay featurette. There's plenty of eye candy, but the only audio in it is music. I guess I can understand this with the language barriers, but it did give the featurette a slightly odd feeling when you could see the performers talking but not hear them. This is an above average behind the scenes featurette for a foreign movie.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, titty fucking, anal, group, ass to mouth, and DP

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Swank's DVDs can be found online for between about $16 and $25 with very few stores offering them for under $20. I'd aim low here. The sex is rather hit or miss, with some choppy editing that holds the action back. The technical aspects are also on the weak side despite an anamorphic transfer, but there's some very nice effort put into the extras. This is a pretty good movie that would be a very nice DVD with a little more effort towards the technical aspects.

Note to Swank Digital: Please find yourself a little better editor and work on mastering your DVDs a little better. It's great to see you putting care into areas such as the extras and an anamorphic transfer, but if you can't get the movie up to snuff those things don't matter quite as much. You have a great start here, so now please polish up your product a little.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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