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Big Booty Bash

Big Booty Bash

Studio: Black Ice
Category:  All Sex , Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Christian Dark's ratings for Big Booty Bash:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Big Booty Bash overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Big Booty Bash Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Big Booty Bash Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Big Booty Bash Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Big Booty Bash Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Booty Bash DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Booty Bash A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Christian Dark  on  10/2/2008
I've been checking out flicks from Black Ice since Pumper stopped directing for them(that rapping in every interlude shit was getting to be too much). They usually have high quality movies and the chicks they use are always top shelf. So when I seen the cast list for this one I had to check it out. Roxy, Cherokee, Beauty, Skyy, Vida, Tia, damn its ass all over the place. What could've been a home run is nothing more than a double. Its all based around this party that Giana Taylor is supposed to be throwing. It tries to be like WCP Big Ass Party movies, but it falls short. I'll give you the scenes and explain the problems later.

Roxy--The movie starts with Roxy and her man rushing into a car because they're late for the party. They chill in the backseat talking until things heat up. I'm all for sex in the car but these two looked cramped as shit! Anyway Roxy gets the action going with a bj, which is always good. Looks as if Roxy has sucked some rent out of a brotha before!!! She then maneuvers out of her clothes(Roxy ALWAYS looks good) and mounts him in reverse cowgirl. She can't really get it going initially because her head is near the roof of the car. She spins around and then things get interesting. Roxy has probably the nicest ass I've seen in a minute. Her cg skills are always on point, but kind of held back because of the car. Still good to watch that ass though. Next they get into doggie which is where shit gets good. Double R is a pro at throwing that ass and she does so here. But its quick and then into mish.. Gives up a lil PTM action. Back into reverse cg again, then mish again, then doggie again, then the pop shot. Got a lil redundant, but its Roxy so hey?! They get out the car at the party like nothing happened.

(Its a lil party interlude here. People talking. You see Carmen Hayes, Cherokee, Vida. Quick ass shake by Vida. A big ass contest is supposed to take place but never reaches what it could be.. Beauty shakes her ass as well as Unique LaSage few dollars tossed and that's that.)

Cherokee--Scene opens with Cherokee laying on the couch while dude eats the box from behind(she's flat on her stomach but her ass still sticks high in the air. Awesome) Then she gives him a quick Cherokee bj(its in her mouth and she usually feels that's good enough. I don't care YOU KNOW what we came for). Then Cherokee gets in doggie and damn!! No matter how many times I see it it really never gets old, like wine. If you like Cherokee, then you'll enjoy her action to no end. He pounds her doggie, and its off to cowgirl. Again its still amazing to watch. I feel like she had no choice but to get into porn What else you gonna do with an ass that big. Supermarket, desk job?? NO!!! Moving to mish, its still ass heaven 4 me. Up and over ass, mish ass. Cowgirl again guess what.........MO ASS!! Pop shot on her ass and we gone!!

(More party interlude. Vida shakes that sexy smallish/bigg-ish ass of hers. Carmen sucks Vidas titties, and then they full on make out. Good! Some stripper chick gets naked dances on the floor. It is what it is)

Mercedez--Mercedez creeps into what look like a massage room with a dude. Mercedez is sexy as fuck in her lil ripped jean skirt. Dude eats her out 4 a minute. And she returns the favor twofold with the best bj of the movie so far. Sex starts in doggie which is a sight. She used to have a monster type ass(along with a strange WU TANG symbol on her back. I'd love to ask her why....after I hit) its smaller but it jiggles so so nicely. They go into a modified mish position where he gets down on her ass!!! But its the squatting cg that made me sit up. Damn, man I'd fu.............okay not about me. Her ass bounces like a lowrider in a Dr. Dre video. They get into reverse cg shortly b4 he pops. Scene over...........nope!! They leave the massage like table and head into the bedroom. Back into that modified mish, then doggie. He pops on her crack, now we done.

(Party interlude 3. Vida gets doggie for a hot minute by some dude in fake jewelery. I'll let you guess who.Skyy and Beauty get frisky with each other before they give some dude a tandem bj. I'll take one of those please!)

Skyy and Beauty--Ass lovers dream. It is so much ass in this scene you could have gotten rid of the dude and just let them be there and it was an A+ from me. Even better add Cherokee, and Pinky and her strap on bad we talking bout this movie. Bottom line this is the best scene in the flick. I could have gone 4 a lil more Skyy, cause dude seemed to focus more on Beauty. Bj galore from both chicks, doggie, while Beauty eats Skyy. Doggie while Skyy eats Beauty. Cowgirl from Beauty. No cg for Skyy??WTF!!!?? Anyway this is a hell of an ass scene. Like ass, watch this twice call me in the morning!!

Tia---Scene starts with dude giving her the ole oral tango. She returns the love with a bj(which she does constantly throughout the scene) Tia has an ass made for cowgirl and it shows. Again the sith lord likes!! This scene is marred by repetitiveness. The same positions throughout. I mean I love her ass just as much as the next dude but cowgirl 4 times??! Scene seemed like filler and I've seen Tia in other movies, and she's more than this. Dude made too much noise as well. Not Wesley Pipes run ya gott damn mouth noise, but a bunch of uh huhs, yeahs, and shit. Who the fuck is this guy Diddy??!! Anyway its an okay scene, just a lil underwhelming. Take that, take that, take that!!!

Problems----NO EXTRA BTS!!! See when you do a movie like this and you come up with this kind of party idea, it should be better executed. I reviewed Bubble Butt Barbecue, which all took place at a 'cue and all the action was there. This was just like thrown together. The party shit seemed like it could have been good but its really just short interludes so why even include it?? You could've called this anything, and maybe it turns out better but to half ass do the party thing, I can't give it a higher rating. I won't. The trailers are another story, but two of the three are R rated trailers. How the fuck you put an R rated trailer in an xxx rated film who you protecting?? The pics are okay. Got a pop shot loop and that's it. They mailed this one in to me. Great idea for the concept, not all the way executed. Skyy and Beauty scene, Mercedez scene saved this flick(I got a bunch of Cherokee scenes I can see that anytime). I've seen Black Ice do better, so if a sequel is made, you got the Blueprint. Christian Dark Audi 5000 G!!!

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