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astroknight Big Boobs Of DDU 2.5 starsBig Boobs Of DDU 2.5 starsBig Boobs Of DDU 2.5 stars
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Big Boobs Of DDU

Big Boobs Of DDU

Studio: Double D Studios
Category:  All Sex , Busty
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Big Boobs Of DDU:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Big Boobs Of DDU overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Big Boobs Of DDU Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Big Boobs Of DDU Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Big Boobs Of DDU Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Boobs Of DDU Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Big Boobs Of DDU DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Boobs Of DDU A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  6/4/2004


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Boobs, Boobs, and more Boobs! Hehe. Okay we have here a film based around a sorority called Delta Delta Cum..funny huh? So get ready for some big tits anal and girl on girl action!


The video is in full frame is has a decent picture with slight grain. The audio is in stereo and is okay as well.


1 Hour 20 Minutes & 02 Seconds


Oral, PTM, Rimming (m/f, f/m), Big Tits, Titty Fucking, Toys, Girl on Girl


Stats of Girls, Photos, Fetish Hop, Behind the Scenes (18:33), Behind the Boobs (4:08 of Brittney Sky), Interview with Nicole & Voodoo (4 minutes and some change)

I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rate descending upon that. I like: anal, atm’s, atm’s, atogm, ptogm, rimming (f/f,m/f), spitting, kissing, choking, gapes, titty fucking, low amount of toy usage, dp’s, girl on girl, eye contact, ass worship, female ejaculation, 2 on 1 (f/f/g), anal cream pies, and intensity. What I don’t like: excessive toy use, strap-ons, dap’s, feet worship, rough bondage, orgies, more than 3 guys per 1 girl, excessive slapping, golden showers, and anything that causes pain. Of course that is just the broad stroke of things, and I adjust accordingly.



Themes: oral, bit tits, cum on tits, tity fucking, condom

(Rebecca, 1 Guy)

After some sights of the campus we see all the girls in a living room where they flash their tits and talk about dumb stuff. Nicole is the leader of the group as it seems and brings Rebecca to a room where a guy is waiting. She pushes her tits in his face and he sucks them to a pulp! She strokes his cock then rubs it on her tits while he rubs her butt. She sucks his cock with a little help from him pushing her head down then he fucks her tits twisting her nipples. After some great tit fucking he slides his cock (condom) in her pussy for some missionary. She does some PTM then is fucked RC. The camera shoots from the guy’s point of view so we can see some booty bounce (yippee) along with giving us some titty bouncing. He pulls out and she pushes her tits together while he cums on her tits and she sucks his cock to end the scene.


Well the scene wasn’t too bad offering some good angles and some nice footage of tits bouncing and booty bouncing as well.



Themes: girl on girl, oral, toys

(Brittney, Jordan)

Rebecca comes running in the living room and tells the girls that she is now part of the sorority. Brittney is up next and she gets to fuck a girl! She joins Jordan out in a pool where the girls rub baby oil on their tits and then all over their bodies. Some pussy eating and tit rubbing commences as does some kissing and breast licking. Jordan soon pulls out a dildo and fucks Brittney’s pussy missionary then doggie. The favor is returned then the scene ends with the girls kissing.


I wasn’t too impressed with this scene. The girl on girl action was a little dry.



Themes: oral, rimming (f/m), titty fucking, cum covered tits

(Victoria, 1 Guy)

Nicole gets in a little trouble with the dean then he goes wandering around the hallway trying to find his way out. He walks in on Victoria masturbating then she offers a blow job. While she sucks his cock he talks on his cell phone which he soon hangs up. He lays on his back and she really goes to town on his cock then she rolls him over to lick his ass. While lying on her back her head hangs off the end of the bed where she sucks his cock and licks his balls then licks his ass some more. He fucks her tits then has her suck his cock. He moves behind her as she bends over and fucks her doggie then missionary then spoon. He licks her feet then she does some cowgirl. Kim walks by outside and sees them then is joined by a guy and they walk off. Victoria and the dean move to missionary then he fucks her tits where he pops.


Not bad all and all. I like the way that Victoria sucked cock and it makes me wonder how well she is in other films. The sex wasn’t bad either but I could have gone for some ass shots during the cowgirl.



Themes: oral, titty fucking, cum on tits

(Kim Chambers, 1 Guy)

Kim sits in a hammock while her guy licks her pussy then fingers it. She then sucks his cock while he sits on a bench. She pushes her tits around his cock and spits on them while she moves up and down. While she’s bending over sucking his cock there is a wide shot of her nice ass! She then sits on his cock for some RC while she licks her nipples then moves to cowgirl where her ass bounces. She lays on her back and he fucks her missionary then he pops on her tits.


This wasn’t that great of a scene. The best part about it was seeing her ass bounce and well her in general!!



Themes: oral, rimming (m/f), titty fucking, cum on tits

(Nicole, Voodoo)

We see Nicole sitting on a pool table then calls up her bf telling him to come over asap. She plays with herself on the table then Voodoo comes in and gets on top of her. He licks all over her body including sucking on her nipples. She sucks on his cock along with his balls then he fucks her tits. Missionary is the first then on to cowgirl. The camera gives a good shot of her ass along with a close up of the penetration. She pulls out to rub her pussy then has him lick her fingers. She rubs his cock on her pussy then teases him by bobbing on his head then slams down on his cock for some fast fucking. She sits on his chest while she masturbates then she squats on his face where he licks her pussy then he tongues her asshole while she masturbates while he also pulls on her nipples. She kisses him the she is fucked cowgirl some more followed by a pop on the tits.


Kick ass scene! This scene should get anyone off because I sure did..hehe. Nicole is great and so is Voodoo. One of the best performances I’ve see between the two but it could have been better with some anal.



This wasn’t that bad of a film. The first scene was great offering the largest of the tits. The third scene was good as well offering some great oral! The last scene has the golden star! The special features were rather good but could have been better arranged. The A/V was decent offering a little amount of grain. The main menu was great offering some of the girl on girl scene of them rubbing tits. I say give this a rent if you like big tit films but the only real large tits are in the first scene. Kim’s are big but the scene isn’t that great.

 P.S. The cover states that the dvd offers 3 hours of footage. Though this may be true it is not the feature but in combination of the special features. It is misleading to the buying audience and I hope that it is corrected.

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