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Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8

Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Transsexual
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/1/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 135 min.

Production Date: 5 / 01 / 2004

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Sarah Sin, Christie Lee, Danielle Foxxx, Christian, Isabella Oliviera, Mercelo Santos, Talita Hitts, Gabirela, Renan, Jessica Darlin, Tom Moore, Cheron Face, and Hugo Ferrari

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: She-males aren’t really my thing, but with Joey behind the camera I can’t help but give one of these a try.

Initial Reaction: It’s excellent!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody with any interest in she-males

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting ugly she-males or passionate sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: Not surprisingly, the technical aspects are great. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I don’t think I heard a single background noise. You hear Joey talking with the performers now and then, but unlike most other directors, Joey makes it work for the scene rather than having it come off as being poorly edited or poorly cleaned up. With Joey it comes off as pure enthusiasm for the sex and makes him almost like a performer in the scene himself at times. The video is also very well done. There’s a hint of grain and a few very minor blemishes occasionally in the movie, but the lighting is very well done and there aren’t any jerky camera motions to interfere with things.

Music: None

Menus: The menus show Evil Angel’s usual care. The main menu has some nice animation and a clip of the movie to give a good first impression. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each group of scenes as well as the performers in the scene. Finally there’s the fetish menu which lets you go directly to specific sex acts such as toys, blowjobs, or anal.

The Feature

Joey’s Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 works with the same formula as most of Joey’s movies. Basically, there isn’t one. It’s just a collection of passionate sex scenes, and this time there’s at least one she-male in every scene.

Scene 1 - Sarah Sin

Brunette Sarah starts things out enjoying the pleasures of smoking a long, thin cigarette while wearing only stockings, a clear studded bra-lie top, and a cockring. She lubes up a sliver vibe and slides it into her ass while stroking her cock. She slides the cockring off and vigorously continues to stroke herself until she lets go with a dribbly pop. Joey gets right close with the camera, and Sarah smears some of her cum on the lens before licking it off.

This is a short scene that makes a great lead-in for the movie. Sarah has some great intensity and is a darn good looking she-male. She looks like she really gets off performing for the camera, and it helps the movie start off on a high note for me.

Scene 2 - Christie Lee, Danielle Foxxx, and Christian

Danielle starts things out being driven to the set and letting her cock peek out from under her skirt for Joey to see. She heads inside, where Christie is wearing a corset similar to her own with a baseball cap and a collar. They explore each other a little as Christian watches before kissing each other softly and passionately. Christie drops down to take Danielle’s cock into her throat while Christian moves in to kiss her and to join in the oral fun. Christie helps Danielle suck Christian’s cock, first by joining her and then by pushing her head down on his cock as she sucks him. She trades places with Danielle and works them both over orally before Christian works Danielle over orally. He even lets Christie force his head down on Danielle’s cock before lying back and letting Danielle fuck him. Christie takes her turn on her back with Danielle next before hopping up to ride her reverse cowgirl style. She lets Christian have a go at her pussy missionary style before going the fingercuffs route with Christian in her mouth and Danielle in her pussy. Christie and Christian turn their focus to Danielle again with Christian getting his knob gobbled while Christie strokes Danielle’s ass and strokes her cock. Christian lets Danielle ride his cock and fucks her from behind before Danielle finishes things up popping on Christie’s pretty face. Afterwards, Danielle gets down to take a facial from Christian while Christie plays with his nipples and guides her head.

This is a great scene, and I think it really stands out well for those of us who aren’t really into she-males or those who are just exploring them. I’ll readily admit to falling into that camp, and the scene amazed me right from the start. Rather than showing everybody completely at ease with she-males and into the action, Joey doesn’t hesitate to show that both Christie and Christian are a little nervous about getting it on with a she-male and that they seem to be there as much out of curiosity as for wanting to pay the rent. I think there’s a lot of viewers who will be able to identify with those feelings, and it’s a bit part of why I was so impressed with this scene. I also think that Joey made a great choice in Danielle. There’s a lot of she-males who are more than a little masculine, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that if you didn’t know Danielle was a she-male and saw her walking down the street you’d be turning your head. The sex progresses nicely through the scene, and best of all you can tell how Christie and Christian seem to be getting into it more and more throughout the scene. This is an excellent scene with plenty of emotion, and easily my favorite in the movie.

Scene 3 - Isabella Oliveira and Marcelo Santos

After bottle blonde Isabella disturbs Marcelo’s pinball game by throwing a towel at him, Isabella strips down and strokes her cock for Joey in the bathroom. After she plays around in the tub a bit for Joey Marcelo joins them, and gets his cock sucked as well as stroking and sucking Isabella’s. Isabella lays back so Marcelo can fuck her ass while stroking her cock before standing up and letting Marcelo give it to her from behind. They keep things going with a bit of doggie style before Marcelo licks Isabella’s ass while they both stroke themselves furiously. Marcelo pops a nice spooge stream into the air before Isabella pops one on Mareclo’s stomach.

This is another very well done scene. Marcelo and Isabella have very nice chemistry together and keep things moving very well. The scene seemed a little jerky at times, but at the same time the passion between them was enough to keep it going and carry it past. Joey does a great job moving around to capture things, but he does so in a way that it flows naturally rather than having things feel like they’re being jerked around. This is a hot scene that keeps things pretty basic.

Scene 4 - Talita Hitts, Gabriela, and Renan

Bottle blonde Gabriela, in a red and white corset and white panties, and brunette Talita, in a black dress, tease Joey from inside a gated yard before heading inside to tease a restrained and blindfolded Renan, who’s doing his first scene. They strip him down and undress him before Talita breaks out his cock to stroke. Gabriela beaks out her cock as they work back and forth kissing each other’s nipples, and Talita starts blowing Renan before breaking out her cock. They work the oral love all around and Talita even squeezes out a little milk from her breast, before Renana moves up to ride Gabriela revse cowgirl style while sucking Talita’s cock. Gabriella keeps boning him missionary style before letting Talita fuck him doggie style. Talita gets her turn next with Gabriela fucking her missionary style before Rena relieves her and takes over fucking Talita missionary style until she strokes herself to a pop on her leg. Rena can’t take any more and strokes himself onto Talita’s stomach with about two pulls of his cock before Gabriela

This is yet another very hot scene. Talita is an extremely attractive she-male, and at the start of the scene I actually thought she might have been a woman. There’s great chemistry here and my only complaint with the scene is that Gabriela didn’t get fucked at all. For me, that is a very minor complaint because Talita is so smoking hot and had my attention through the entire scene. Gabriela is a fairly standard looking she-male, and there’s something about her that just didn’t do it for me. That said, she still put in some nice energy and looked like she was enjoying herself quite well. Joey delivers yet another very well done scene here.

Scene 5 - Jessica Darlin, Sarah Sin, and Tom Moore

Bottle blonde Jessica starts things out giving Joey a tease in an alley wearing a cute little pink outfit while Sarah gives Joey a tease inside wearing a jean skirt, black panties and fishnets, and the clear studded fetishy top she had on earlier. Sarah’s quickly joined by bald Tom, who sucks her tits and strokes her cock before letting Tom work a nipple pump on her. Jessica quickly learns that Joey was having some fun with her telling her that Sarah doesn’t speak English, and drops down to start sucking her cock. She takes Sarah deep into her throat, and when neither Sarah nor Tom are impressed with the job she’s doing Tom bends over to show Jessica how to take a cock into your throat. After Jessica gets another lesson in throating a cock and sucking Sarah’s tits, she and Tom give Sarah the pleasure of a penis pump while Sarah enjoys a smoke. Tom has Jessica suck his cock next as well as having her watch Sarah’s cock in the pump, lick Sarah’s ass, and have smoke blown in her face. Tom sucks Sarah’s cock again before allowing Jessica to lie back and let Sarah fuck her. Tom gets his knob gobbled a little by Sarah as she fucks Jessica, and then rewards Sarah by fucking her ass from behind while Jessica watches. Jessica gets another turn next, letting Sarah fuck her ass from behind while Tom fucks her face before Tom moves behind Sarah to fuck her ass while she fucks Jessica’s. Jessica gets in the middle and lets Tom fuck her ass while she eats Sarah’s and while Sarah strokes her cock vigorously. Tom comes up to give Sarah a creamy facial while Jessica fingers Sarah’s ass with a rubber glove and then lets Jessica have a drop or two of Sarah’s cum to taste before sucking the last bit out.

This is another excellent scene. Jessica really looks like she’s having fun playing with something and someone different, and both Sarah and Tom do a great job dominating her. Just like in the second scene, there’s a nice feeling that develops through the scene which helps to make it a very strong scene. There’s great chemistry and energy in the scene as well, and Sarah has a nasty feeling about her that really helps the scene get kicked into high gear. This is easily one of the best scenes in the movie.

Scene 6 - Cheron Face and Hugo Ferrari

Joey follows Cheron, a decent looking blonde she-male in a pink top and a jean skirt, around before she sits back in a chair and teases him. She strokes her cock before Hugo shows up stroking his cock as well. Cheron gives him a bit of oral love before letting Hugo suck her cock while she enjoys a smoke. Cheron lets Hugo fuck her from behind before climbing up for a cowshe-male ride, and then bends Hugo over to fuck him up the ass. Hugo also gets a little missionary action before he finishes things up fucking Cheron missionary style and jerking her cock a little. Cheron lets go with a small pop on her leg, and a bit later Hugo lets go with a nice stream of cum onto her stomach.

This is a pretty good scene. Cheron is decent looking and there’s a nice balance between her and Hugo as to who gets to be in charge. It’s a very straightforward back and forth scene, and although there’s nothing wrong with that it leaves the scene feeling with a slightly substandard feeling just because of the scene it has to follow.

Joey Silvera’s Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 reminds me why I tend to follow directors more than anybody for picking porn movies. Normally, the thought of she-males would make me turn away from a movie. With the passion Joey puts into his movies, however, I couldn’t help but be curious about his she-male movies for quite a while. The straw that broke the camel’s back was Christie Lee, who seems nothing short of amazing her as well as in most of her other scenes. For those who have watched much of Christie, I don’t think it comes as much of a surprise that she has one of the best scenes in the movie (followed closely behind by Jessica Darlin’s scene). I love Joey’s style because you can feel his lusty passion for what he’s capturing on screen, and here he’s put together a great cast. There’s a few she-males that I’d call ‘standard looking’, where you can see some masculine features, but he’s also found some she-males that look good enough that there’s a good chance they would have turned my head walking down the street, namely Danielle Foxx and Talita Hitts. Although the scenes didn’t work for me at the same level, I have to say that I really like how Joey moved up the looks as well as the styles of the scenes. Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8 should have a little something for she-male fans everywhere, whether they’re just checking it out from curiosity or whether they’re a hardcore she-male fan.

The Extra Stuff

In addition to the cast listing by scene, filmographies are included fo Christie Lee, Gabriela, Jessica Darlin, and Fabiola Mebarak. The photo gallery contains roughly forty great looking snapshots. There’s also website information, extra footage, and a bonus scene.

The extra footage lasts about six minutes. Sarah Sin shows off who she cleans her cock for Joey as well as enjoying a smoke and stroking herself. It moves on with a bit more of Christian, Christie Lee, and Danielle Foxx’s scene before giving a little extra footage from the other scenes.

Bonus Scene - Fabiola Mebarak and Hugo Ferrari

Brunette Fabiola starts things out in a black dress giving Joey a little tease and flexing her biceps while Joey lets you know that she says that she never fucks, only receives. When she saw Hugo, however, she was ready to fuck. She lets Hugo suck her tits while she strokes his cock before Hugo goes down on her cock. Huge has her bend over so he can eat her ass before letting Fabiola fuck his ass missionary style. He has Fabiola suck his cock a bit more before bending her over and fucking her from behind. He goes back to eating her ass before fucking it missionary style. Finally, Hugo rips off his rubber and blows his ball butter all over Fabiola’s stomach.

This is a nice bonus scene. Fabiola is a pretty good looking she-male, and looks to have nice chemistry with Hugo. It’s a fairly straightforward scene, and there doesn’t seem to be anything really special about it to help it stand out against its competition on the rest of the DVD. There’s something that lacks with the scene, but I just can’t put my finger on it. This is a pretty hot scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: She-males, masturbation, toys, smoking, anal, tease, group, male anal penetration, rimming (male > she-male and female > she-male), and lactation

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: Between Isabella and Marcelo; Talita Hitts, Gabriela, and Renan; Fabiola Mebarak and Hugo Ferrari

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most Evil Angel releases can be found online for between $18 and $28 with many stores offering them for around $20. If you’re a she-male fan, this one is well worth the money. There isn’t a bad scene in the movie, and the technical aspects are very well done. The DVD takes another step forward with an extra scene, making this an all around very well done DVD.

Note to Joey Silvera / Evil Angel: My only complaint here is that on the cover you list Fabiola from the bonus scene as if she’s in the regular movie. You do list that there’s a DVD only bonus scene here, but there’s something that makes me want to see her listed slightly apart from the other girls or have a note about how the bonus scene includes her.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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