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Bi Sexuals: The Adventure

Bi Sexuals: The Adventure

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Bisexual
Directed by:
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RobHammer's ratings for Bi Sexuals: The Adventure:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bi Sexuals: The Adventure overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bi Sexuals: The Adventure Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Bi Sexuals: The Adventure Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Bi Sexuals: The Adventure Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bi Sexuals: The Adventure Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bi Sexuals: The Adventure DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bi Sexuals: The Adventure A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by RobHammer  on  4/19/2003
Running Time: 85 min.

Production Date: 12/19/2000 (DVD cover says 1/15/2001)

Directed By: Jane Waters

Female Cast: Tina Tyler, Lena Ramone, Nikki Darlin, Sharon Kane

Male Cast: Chris Gil, Tom Moore, Jeremy Steele, Damien Walters, Gino Gultier, Toni Rio

Who Should Watch It: Anyone who likes male/male/female bisexual action.

Who Should Avoid It: Anyone who doesn't.

Audio/Video Quality: I didn't pick up on any video problems. The audio went up and down some. At times the background was a bit too loud to hear the performers well.

Music: Upbeat background all the way through.

Disc Problems: None.

Comments: This was my second time watching this title. The first time was purely for entertainment, looking for my own personal kink. I enjoyed it much more the second time through. I was paying more attention to detail and the work that went into it. Each scene is stand-alone. Condom use is consistent throughout. Ignore the marketing hype on the cover, 'Hollywood true stories. Behind the closed doors of Hollywood swingers.' These are professional actors in staged performances.

Scene 1: Tina Tyler, Chris Gil, Tom Moore
This is a laid back scene with no set-up, just three friends together for some casual sex. Not hot-hot, more slow and sensual. It is a natural setting in the living room. The scene opens with Chris lighting a cigarette for Tina. They are fully clothed, smiling and laughing with Tina in the middle while Chris and Tom caress and kiss her. Chris and Tom pay a lot of attention to each other as Tina alternates blow jobs on them. Chris and Tom seem to be really into each other. Chris' boyish smiley face is a bit too sweetie-sweet for me, but that's a personal opinion. The major highlights include the boys doubling up for some pussy licking while they stroke each other. Tina comes and praises them with, "Good team work!" Chris climbs on Tom reverse cowboy with Tina on top for a sandwich. Tina says, "Fuck him into me." They dismount for a masturbation finish. Chris uses a but plug for himself then shoots on Tina's belly. Tina comes again then Tom. They had a good time.

Scene 2: Lena Ramone, Jeremy Steele, Damien Walters
Lena is a real estate agent and she's showing an apartment to Jeremy and Damien. She explains that they have enough straight couples and need a gay couple to rent to. Jeremy says that if they pretend to be gay she will rent them the apartment. She wants them to show her some proof. She blackmails them, then after negotiating agrees to lower the rent. Jeremy says that he is straight - but let's Damien blow him anyway. The whole setup is hilarious. Lena doms a bit and alternates with Damien to blow Jeremy. She says, "That's not cock sucking." She pushes Damien's head down on Jeremy's cock. "Now this is starting to be cock sucking." She sits on Jeremy's face for some pussy licking. She licks Jeremy's balls as Damien sucks cock. Rena gets verbal with some moaning but the guys are fairly quiet (not a peep from Damien.) They go through a few positions including Damien rimming Tom, as Tom fucks Nikki and slaps her ass. It ends with her licking Jeremy's balls as he jerks off to a finish on her chest. Damien came and she rubs it into his belly and chest.

Scene 3: Nikki Darlin, Tom Moore, Damien Walters
The scene opens with Damien kneeling in front of Nikki doing a strap-on blow job. He is her "Bitch." Tom and Nikki are smiling as she dominates Damien. She tells Damien to suck a real cock then chews on Tom's nipples and kisses him. Damien is wearing a leather studded dog collar. They call him "Princess" and "Slut." Tom fucks Damien's mouth as Nikki works her fingers in his ass. She moves in for the plunge with her strap-on. Damien is being a good little submissive and quietly takes everything they dish out. I wouldn't say he's having fun but it's consensual. They take turns on Damien's ass including Damien riding a hard reverse cowboy on the dildo. Tom fucks Nikki doggy then standing as she lies back on the couch. Damien watches as Tom jerks off to a finish on Nikki's neck, face and tongue. She swallows. This type of scene isn't high on my personal kink list, but it is interesting to watch.

Scene 4: Sharon Kane, Gino Gultier, Toni Rio
Sharon is teaching piano to Toni, and she puts the make on him. Gino comes in and wraps his arms around Toni. Finally some good looking male talent, and they do look good together. "Are you gay?" asks Sharon. "No," replies Gino. "Room mates." They pull Toni back and forth between them for a bit. Gino starts taking off Toni's pants. Sharon says, "I don't think he wants you to do this." Gino says, "I don't think he wants fish." Sharon indignantly exclaims, "You little - cocko!" She watches as Gino blows Toni. She makes out with Toni, the moves her way down his body for some energetic oral action. Sharon moans and wags her tail around then gives Gino some oral attention. Each of the guys takes a turn on her doggy, with Sharon taking a picture pin-up pose. She does seem genuinely aroused. They take turns with her lying back on the piano bench. Sharon preps Gino with her finger for some anal action from Toni. The scene ends when Gino comes about five squirts on Toni, then comes again. Sharon is amazed! (But please Sharon, if you're not the one being stimulated, shut up and stop moaning.) This is a fun scene.

Photo Gallery: 20 screen shots.
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Gangland Series
Teen Tryout Series
White Boy Stomp Series
Bonus Photo Galleries:
Transsexual Gangbang 2
Gangland 28
Tits and Ass
The Worlds Greatest Transsexual Orgy

Themes: Bisexual, anal, strap-on

Mr. Woody says: Three quarters erect

Overall: This is professionally done and edited. The lighting and camera work are good. It's fairly average sex, with a bit of kink thrown in for scene 3. The first scene is my favorite. Everybody comes, and Tina comes twice. That and Gino's double pop shot in scene 4 make it worth watching. Given the lack of really great stuff in this genre, Bi Sexuals: The Adventure is a solid pick.

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