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Bi-Sex Appeal

Bi-Sex Appeal

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Bisexual
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Bi-Sex Appeal:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bi-Sex Appeal overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bi-Sex Appeal Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bi-Sex Appeal Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Bi-Sex Appeal Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bi-Sex Appeal Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bi-Sex Appeal DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bi-Sex Appeal A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  3/27/2006
For the bisexual fan, the 92-minute Bi-Sex Appeal video is aptly named. The video starts with six hunky guys sitting around on a couple of couches and a chair drinking champagne celebrating their upcoming party. Soon after the bubbly starts, four hot ladies arrive and start making out for the guys. The men start pairing up with each other as they watch the women kissing, licking on each other’s tits, etc. A few of the guys reach in to rub a boob, pussy, etc. One of the guys hands them a couple of dildos to play with. The guys gradually start coming out of their clothes and are stroking and rubbing on each other. Randy Jones, a bodybuilder stud seems to be in charge of directing everyone. They do some kissing and the guys start sucking each other. The ladies join the men once the sucking starts.

Over the next hour or so we can see every scene imaginable for a bisexual video. There is girl sucking guy while another guy fucks him; girl sucking two guys at once, guy/girl 69 action; guy and girl sucking another guy; guy getting fucked by another while he kisses girl, plays with her tits, etc.; guy on guy action of blowjob, doggy style fucking and missionary style fucking; guy on girl action of girl sucking guy and guy fucking girl; guy getting fucked by guy while he fucks girl; guy eating out pussy; girl with strap on who fucks guy while she is fucked by another guy; guy fucking girl while she sucks another guy; and guy fucking guy while he also eats girl’s pussy.

With 10 people in the scene, it gets loud with their talking, moaning and breathing. The cast is European, but they speak English. Given the way everybody moved around, I would venture to say that all the guys except Shane played with every other guy and each girl throughout the one long scene. Shane pretty much stuck with Angie through it all as he interacted with Bruno and Roberto. Udo and Roberto did not play with each other. We even get some pussy to mouth action only in this scenario it’s another guy who sucks the guy’s dick to taste the lady’s pussy juice. Condoms are used to fuck the guys, but it doesn’t appear they are used with the women. The girls never really get naked. Liza and Angie strip down to their stockings and heels, while Paris remains in some leather harness sort of thing that is opened to let her tits out. Gaby is dressed in some mesh thing with a large opening in the ass/crotch area. Two of the guys, Udo and Roberto, are pretty playful with the guys in fucking them, kissing and rubbing as well as letting the guys suck them, but they don’t suck any dick. Every guy fucked at least one chick. Of the guys, it appeared three were tops and three were versatile. Udo pretty much stayed in one spot fucking pussy and men’s asses and being sucked by both the men and women. Randy, Janos Volt and Roberto seemed to be making the most rounds from couch to couch. The camera pretty much pans the room and zeroing in for close ups. I would have preferred less close up shots here, as they were pretty much the same type.

After an hour of the sex, three girls sit alongside each other on a couch while three guys kneel doggy style in front of them to eat their pussy and get fucked by the other three guys. Gaby, the one lone girl, sits over on a chair with some mechanical thing in her pussy. Shane sticks with Angie here, but Udo comes over to fuck him. Bruno and Roberto fuck Randy and Janos as Randy and Janos eat out Liza and Paris. The concept of this scene was hot but lasting over 20 minutes was way too long for the same position. Perhaps they could have changed it up to lessen the monotony. This was the only time during the entire video I wanted to hit the fast forward button. The tops blew first letting their juices shoot out on Randy, Janos and Shane’s ass. The bottoms got up and sucked on their respective top partner while their girl partner sucked them. Shane shot first across Angie’s mouth and Janos did the same to Paris and Randy did the same to Liza. When it was all done, Randy thanked everyone for their participation for the end.

Extras for this video included website info, a photo gallery and trailers from numerous videos in the US Male library.

The production of this video was great. They did an excellent job in casting it with 10 hot performers who were ready and willing to jump in there to make a smoking video. If I were to think of things I think could have made the video perfect, it would have been more kissing among the cast and more attention to the upper torsos. There was no attention to these guys hot pecs and very little toward the women’s tits. The kissing pretty much ended after the initial ten minutes. I would have also preferred less close up shots. With the exception of the final long drawn out group scene, the sexual momentum never let up and there was no limp dicks hanging around. This video is not a rental unit. It is one you want for your library.

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