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Bi Naturals

Bi Naturals

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Bisexual
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Bi Naturals:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bi Naturals overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bi Naturals Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Bi Naturals Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Bi Naturals Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Bi Naturals Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Bi Naturals DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bi Naturals A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  3/12/2006
As I view more and more of these bi-sexual films from this studio where the guys are a lot more attractive than the gals, I’ve begun to realize that they are just the thing for closeted gays or those who don’t want the clerk in the video store to think they want to watch a gay film. Bi-Naturals is just such a film.

It begins with Jerry Zikes wandering though the park. (I just watched Jerry—then called Jerod—in a gay film MUSCLE INN which I would have posted in a review but found it wasn’t listed anywhere. Pity, as it was a pretty good film.) Anyway, Jerry/Jerod meets up with a curly haired blond, Lucky Lucas, and a somewhat skinny girl with straight hair, Joanna Chandler. Lucky invites Jerry to join them and he and Jerry immediately compliment one another on their bodies. (See what I mean?) Lucky suggests the three of them go somewhere and have sex. Crossing the railroad tracks, they find a spot near a fence that seems suitable. As Jerry and Lucky starts kissing, Joanna fishes Jerry’s stiff dick out of his pants and starts sucking, proving yet again that girls don’t give as good head as guys. Lucky then takes over sucking Jerry’s cock, proving yet again that guys give better head than girls. Joanna takes over and sucks both guys’ cocks, but seems to much prefer Jerry’s. Jerry now goes down on Lucky as Joanna watches. I hope she’s learning something. She takes over as Jerry and Lucky kiss (Neither of these guys kiss the girl.) Jerry sits on the fence bringing his cock in line with Lucky’s mouth. Lucky swallows it down. But we cut quickly to Lucky tonguing Joanna’s twat as Joanna has once again monopolized Jerry’s cock. However Lucky very soon returns to Jerry’s cock. We now cut to Jerry fucking Joanna as Lucky admires Jerry’s ass. In a quick cut we find Jerry now fucking Lucky. This fuck goes on much longer as Jerry fucks Lucky first doggy and then in the missionary position. Joanna is now relegated to the status of fag hag. Lucky begs Jerry to fuck him harder. Jerry cums on Lucky’s belly. Lucky cums in Joanna’s mouth. She sucks him clean.

Blond Michaela Putz (good thing she’s not a guy with that last name) is taking pictures in the woods as handsome Cliff Calhoun passes by. He runs into muscular Rocky Summers, who is a regular in these films. They go back to join Michaela who takes a photo of Rocky’s cock. Cliff and Michaela kiss while Cliff starts feeling up Rocky. Rocky strips Cliff. Michaela strips, revealing a hairless pussy which Cliff licks as Michaela sucks Rocky’ rampant rod. Rocky then feeds his cock to Cliff as Michaela vainly tries to get Cliff hard. Suddenly Cliff’s shirt has reappeared on him. (What's with the editing?) Rocky fucks Michaela doggy style as Cliff watches. But then Cliff is on all fours—his butt beside Michaela’s—awaiting his turn. Rocky pulls out of Michaela’s pussy and drives into Cliff’s anus. They eventually fuck sidesaddle as well. (In these films the guys always fuck the guys longer than they do the gals.) The boys lie side by side to jack off. Michaela gives Rocky a helping hand. Cliff is on his own.

Another photographer (Martini) is also a German tourist trying to find a particular street. (It’s kind of odd she’s trying to find a street in the middle of the woods, but hey—she’s blond.) Roger Ventura, a very cute young man with longish hair, and Ion, a not-so-cute brunet with short hair, join her. They try to get her to understand English. (Yes, English! Even though their accents sound like Bela Lugosi on a bad day.) They pull up her blouse to reveal her tits and she gets them to open their pants and fish out their dicks. (There's no language barrier now.) She first sucks Ion and then Roger. Roger gives head to Ion. Then Martini takes over, but soon Ion is back on Roger’s maypole. Both Roger and Ion seem to enjoy this best. Roger fucks Martini and then fucks Ion. Roger and Ion seem to enjoy this best, too.

The last scene is neither “natural” (i.e. outdoors) nor bisexual. But you’re not going to mind, as—oddly enough—it’s probably the hottest scene in the film. Dark-haired Tatiana Cubes arrives home with her bicycle. A kindly neighbor, the very handsome Paolo Michael, helps her take it upstairs. Tatiana must be an airline stewardess as she asks Paolo if he wants coffee, tea, or her. He takes the latter. She sucks his cock, and he fucks her. But—wait! After he’s fucked Tatiana, she puts on a huge ribbed black strap-on dildo and—with Paolo in the doggy position—fucks Paolo. She also gives him a good reaming in the missionary position (very hot this!). Finally Paolo sits down on the black monster and rides up and down. (I hope there's one of these where Paolo takes the real thing, but this was good.)

This is one of the best of the series and whether you are a gay guy—in or out of the closet—truly bisexual, or just straight-curious you’ll want to check this one out. Gals will like it, too.

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