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Beyond the Call Of Booty 3

Beyond the Call Of Booty 3

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Beyond the Call Of Booty 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beyond the Call Of Booty 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/20/2009
Ok fellow porn fans time to have a look at the newest release from Erik Everhard and it has another fine cast of hotties so let's waste no time and get to a few highlights.

Dakoda Brookes & Katya:

Erik likes to have a little setup for his scenes and this one's pretty simple. You have Jimmy dropping by with Erik opening the door still in full on party mode, he's holding a few brewskies in his hands and he's got the shades on too, maybe to hide the bloodshot eyes from being up all night. There's a maid service over at that moment cleaning up from the festivities, we have two 'cleaning ladies' over so I'm thinking Erik's gonna work off those beer calories momentarily. Naturally the ladies are dressed scantily in lace, skimpy outfits and we're seeing some serious ass cleavage here. There's some harmless flirting of course and this gets everyone hot'n'bothered so something needs to be done. So the girls drop their feather dusters and the garbage to tackle another project, getting Erik hard and having a little fun in the process. The girls do a good job working over his cock then Erik gets to get behind to taste those behinds and the girls kiss briefly. The fucking does a good job of emphasizing the booties, floor shots when he's banging their coochies while they're sitting on stools, good cowgirls too, doggie with some P2OGM too. Solid fucking on both women leads to Erik's load tucked inside Dakoda's mouth with the young lady sharing the spoils soon after. A very good start to this one.

Savannah Stern:

This one opens with a good slow moving shot of Savannah walking, she's above us but you can see some fine cleavage and she's got on frayed Daisy Dukes so she's looking very hot. Savannah makes her way downstairs and the camera follows her, when we get our first ass shot you see how the jean shorts are ripped so you see good ass but then Savannah takes them all the way off so you see it all. The boobies come out next and she gets that ass wet too so she's hittin all the buttons just right. Some good long looks at Savannah's ass here and can't say I minded one bit and don't think you will either. Moving inside the action comes to real time, no more slo-mo, and Savannah's topless but has the shorts back on as Erik's admiring eyes look on from behind the lense. Miss Stern starts working in those bedroom eyes too when Erik's shot finds them and it's a slow walk back up the stairs for our girl, I think Erik will follow. He does turning over the camera duties and he's soon face deep in Savannah's ass leading to much moaning and pretty loudly from her. No bj here, he's to horyn and goes to banging her standing up right then and there, the thighs can be heard crystal clear smacking into her ass cheeks. Savannah does get some dick in her mouth, though, doing P2M and they hit a few more positions too eventually ending up in the bedroom. Doggie was quite forceful from Erik and there's a little mish too before he stands over Savannah's mouth to drop the load, another good one which she greedily takes in. I'd say another very good scene.

Jessica Lynn:

The final scene on the first disc opens with Jessica in bed, you see one breast shown. The doorbell then rings causing her to wake up. She goes to answer putting on a slinky little robe but under it she's topless and only a pair of white shorts on. Erik's come by at the request of 'Roxy', seems she had a girl flake on a scene so she needs someone and Jessica's the lucky gal. Jessica isn't to enthusiastic about doing it but she will and heads upstairs to try and get presentable. Erik goes for some juice but we're taking upstairs where Jessica's getting in the shower, oh yeah. Great floor shot as we see the robe and shorts come off and then it's into the shower and I love a sexy woman in a shower, all the water cascading down and well we shall see what else might develop. It's a rather warm shower too as the windows fog up pretty quick making it harder to see what she's doing but you still manage to make most of it out. Jessica puts on a sexy outfit but Erik's like we have to go outside for a short time, don't you think the soccer moms might say a few words, lol. So Jessica decides to take Erik up to the bedroom to put on a show and that's just fine by me as we get more great ass shots of this young lady. Jessica's working hard to impress Erik so he'll let her wear this outside-- by taking it off and playing with herself, you know distract him with sex and he won't say anything then, great strategy. Erik then turns over the camera so he can move in to sample that booty, like a guy willing to dive into his work head on as we're seeing here, talk about Dedication!!There is extensive pussy/ass licking from Erik including Jessica moving that ass over his face, now I'm totally down with that kind of action. They hit several positions which show off both her ass and those nice tits. For the pop we have Jessica shaking that ass slowly as Erik drops his load on it, now about that outfit, lol. Ok now it's on to disc two for more sex.

Memphis Monroe:

We open the second disc with a busty babe and I do mean a busty babe, Memphis has the total package and I'll enjoy watching this one get unwrapped. How funny too as we open the scene with Erik taping up a big package and I swear I hadn't seen this before typing those first words out, haha. There's a knocking at the front door and Jimmy's here to pick that big thing up, it's got some fragile merchandise in it, hehe. Jimmy does manage to pick it up and knowing Memphis is in there I have to give Jimmy props for lifting it all the way but then he drops it, ouch! Well Jimmy manages to get it up again and the package is delivered to Mr. Pete. I like how they've expertly taped over the Fed Ex on the box, no product plugs in porn, lol. Pete doesn't open it up right away and we get some whimsical music played as he observes the package until finally plucking up the courage to open it and out pops Memphis. This girl doesn't waste anytime moving in to smother Pete's face-- he was expecting a computer and monitor but instead got this busty babe, I think he'll accept this package don't you. Memphis does a good job with the tease slowly working out of her outfit while Pete works up a boner watching. Soon there's some very nice blowjob action being lensed plus the fucking-- reverse was very very good with those titties bouncing. Erik then comes by to make sure the package got there ok, what a friend. This, of course, gives Memphis two cocks to play with which I'm sure made her happy. Erik gets worked into the scene seemlessly and we're soon having a great time suckin'n'fucking with Memphis and the boys. The trio end up the bedroom for the last part of the scene which closes with the guys splashing good loads down upon her face.

Riley Rey:

The scene here opens in an almost dreamlike state with an all white backdrop and Riley front and center striding towards us. The surroundings become more in focus as she keeps walking, the living room and furniture come into focus but our center of attention never stops being Riley as her body begins to be shown off, some nice up close shots do this. You get the slow walk up stairs shot which is perfect for admiring her ass and from what I'm seeing there's lots to like plus the slo-mo manner in which it was shot was great too. Ok the music stops and Erik keeps the focus right on that tush, going floor level too which is totally the way to do it. Riley then gets nekkid and hops onto the bed, opening up the legs to stroke that coochie-- this of course brings Erik to the brink so the camera is turned over and he smoothly moves in for a taste. A little bit of cock sucking from Riley then before he slides in for mish with a change to spoon after a few thrusts. Erik gets in a few more licks in between positions which take us to cowgirl next-- a good ass is a thing to admire so enjoy the close views here. They bang it out in cowgirl for a nice long time before switching over to reverse. A few more positions and we're treated to a very good open mouth pop with cleanup.

Asa Akira:

The finale scene opens much like the last one on disc one with Asa in bed and she looks so peaceful when we first see her, the white sheets nearly up to her face. She slowly starts to wake, I saw a hint of a smile on her face so perhaps she's living out the last few seconds of a good dream. Well she rises up and you can see she's naked but Asa wraps herself in the sheets until she can put on some peach colored lingerie bottoms-- great ass shots here too fans as she does this, up close and personal. Asa also puts on a bra with the same type color as her thong, the crystal clear pictures are definitely showing her in a fantastic light. The slinky robe is even utilized again, same one too I bet that Jessica wore. Asa heads downstairs for some nourishment but the fridge doesn't have the one thing I bet she needs, a big hard cock but some brown eggs just might do the trick in the meantime so she fries up one. Ok Erik then comes in as she's making breakfast, he's already ate but she hasn't so she needs something, lol. Erik still has a bit of an appetite, he's thinking rump roast so Asa offers up a tease shot of her ass and you just know Erik's going to be diving in shortly. The tease continues as we abandon the kitchen setting. Asa amps up the tease and she really shows off that body from the tits to her ass, fingers doing a little diddling to the coochie for good measure, Erik doesn't stand a chance. That face is soon buried deep between those marvelous cheeks and Asa keeps him there too for a minute or two savoring her essence. Once Erik is temporarily satisfied we get Asa working over his cock. The fucking must go on for a good twenty minutes or so as they hit all the positions some twice, maybe three times, lol, until Erik's ready to explode, a final good load dropped right over her mouth with Asa giving excellent cleanup.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was another solid effort from Erik & co. I'd say Asa, Memphis, Dakoda/ Katya led the way but there's plenty of hot ass shots to please the ass fan in your family. Don't recall any anal here but it wasn't a big loss as the cowgirl shot in vag is just as good for the most part, Erik had good loads too and Pete in his lone scene brought it too. Extras here included photos, cast list, the pops repeated and finally some BTS, thirty minutes on the nose so take a look. Well worth a purchase for fans of Erik's work, it's everything you're used to save for the lack of anal sex.

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