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LSBReviews Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 4 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 2 4 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 2 4 stars
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Beyond the Call Of Booty 2

Beyond the Call Of Booty 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Beyond the Call Of Booty 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beyond the Call Of Booty 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/3/2008
Ok fans time to ring in the new year with the first review and it's an Erik Everhard title that just came out last week, celebrating the female booty and we've got a fine array of asses here too from Annette Schwarz to Hannah West to Jenny Hendrix so sit back and relax as the Hate Plow takes us on a ride where all the booty goes above and beyond the call.

Annette Schwarz:

Up first is one of the faves for most hardcore gonzo fans, Annette is willing it seems to try anything though I don't suspect she'll be overly nasty here. We open with Jimmy and Pete sitting lazily enjoying some brews talking about the previous night's party when Everhard shows up, the labels are conveniently missing on the bottles, lol. The guys shoot the proverbial shit for a time when they're disturbed by the door. It's Annette selling her Whore Scout cookies, lol. The guys of course buy some but then want that extra flavor only found between Annette's German Ass!! She actually plays it a bit shy here which is so unlike what I've seen from her before, she did it good too. But then she starts fellating one of the beer bottles and I felt better, lol, that is so like Annette. We slowly start to see more of her body including that ass and Pete's not a shy one burying his face right up in that tush. Pete then wants to clean out that ass and what better thing to use than the beer so that's poured right down into her ass, nicely the shot's focused right on it as Pete lets the liquid fill her up, then she splooges it all out, cool shot. Then it's on to more fun times as Annette does it to her own ass, this time in mish with the beer squirting out almost as soon as she pours it in. Annette then does what she does so well, give a hardcore blowjob to not one but two cocks as Everhard gets in the mix. Solid camera work from Jimmy working in the good angles on Annette's bod including more booty time and naturally the guys dp her and the energy is there too just as you'd expect from this sexy German fraulein. After taking her fill of cock from the guys they each drop a load onto her face, she's laughing some too but it's not at their loads those were solid.

Adriana Amante:

We open the second scene outside with Adriana in a skin tight barely visible pink bikini and she's poolside in shades catching some sun. I was happy she took the shades off so quickly, she's got great eyes and there's some banter with Erik and this young hottie as he's checking her out with the camera. Turning so her ass is facing us Adriana works in some baby lotion over those cheeks. Ok the talking stops as a musical interlude takes over and we get more tease of Adriana, great side view of her ass arching up. Pretty good fuck me eyes too from Adriana when the shot finds her face. The scene eventually makes it inside with Erik following right behind-- the shot too is focused right on her behind which is quite impressive, the extreme floor angle really shows this off. Erik then gets Adriana onto a rather large bed and Mr. Romance is right there munching bigtime on Adriana's asscrack. She's good with a pickle tickle to his cock including deep throating. Lots of ass friendly shots too from spoon where her ass is facing out towards us to cowgirl which rocked bigtime. After a couple boob friendly positions in mish and reverse Erik goes back to drilling Adriana from behind. Erik leaves a solid load mostly to her outstretched tongue, some cleanup, overall a fine scene the clear picture made sure you didn't miss a thing.

Hannah West:

The next scene opens with a car pulling up and it's Pete arriving while inside you have Erik and Jimmy hanging out. They shoot the shit about a hooker Pete scored the night before, it wasn't a pleasant experience either, lol. While Pete's sleeping the hangover off Jimmy and Erik decide to help him out scoring him a Grade A choice HO, lol. So Hannah gets the call and she's soon at the house-- she's here to do a little cleanup, hence the maid like outfit Hannah's sportin. Erik gives the 411 to Hannah on Pete's bad experience so she's going to make sure he's taken care of, I suspect Erik might get in there too, lol. So off she goes after collecting her fee and Pete's still slumbering as she finds him on the bed. It's not long until she's firmly perched over Pete's face and he's a licking machine along with several strong spanks to her pretty butt. The two have some playful banter too just before Hannah takes on Pete's cock, she even slaps it a few times to make up for those hard ass spanks. Real nice cock sucking too here as Hannah climbs all the way on top of Pete. Doggie and cowgirl looked real good, she even keeps the maid's outfit on, it looks real good in reverse anal-- it's here that Erik and Jimmy crash the party, Hannah doesn't mind the extra meat at all taking on Everhard with ease. There's solid dp action in both cowgirl and reverse. Pete blasts off first with the help of Hannah into her mouth, a little cleanup then it's ME time with Erik who pounds her hard for about a minute before dropping his load, a bit in her mouth and the rest on Hannah's face-- more solid cleanup too after. She's like you will call me again and with that kind of service I bet they will, good work from Hannah here. Now it's on to disc two.

Mariah Milano:

This second disc gets underway with some law breaking, lol. Our fine officer's pulled over someone and he's not wearing a seatbelt. But it's his lucky day as she's called away to crash a porn set that's nearby and Mariah's definitely dressed to fit in at one of those, tits practically hanging out, she's got the cop shades on so that's good. We cut to Jimmy and Erik at the house setting up-- it's a house which makes him nervous, the neighbors hate that porno's shot there. Erik goes outside to get the camera's and that's when the LAPD shows up, lol. The boys panic but eventually they have to open the door, Jimmy's sent out front to lie their way out of this, hehe. Mariah gives them the business about not having a permit, she's good at it, lol. At least she takes the shades off so we can see her eyes, then the discussion turns to how another cop thought she'd be good at porn. Turning around we see that Mariah's pants were ripped in all the right places and yeah I think she'd be pretty good at taking on cock so Everhard decides to give Mariah a try! We eventually get her topless, no hat and having a seat as she envelops Everhard's cock, doing pretty good for the fuzz I might add. Loved the side angle shot for the opening doggie, that ass was smoking hot and Erik drills her cooch pretty good here. Mariah's got this great spent look on her face by scenes end, the hair disheveled, a bit of cowgirl and pop to the mouth with cleanup. I'd say this officer has a future if she wants to cross the blue line!!

Jada Fire & Misti Love:

Sweet we get some two girl action here. Before we get to that, though, we watch Jimmy dipping into Erik's candy stash and dipping into it a lot, so much so he's got a ring of chocolate going around his mouth, he's a messy eater! That's a lot of chocolate, lol, and naturally Jimmy starts to feel a little jazzed, Erik shows up and oops the candy was for his Mom, lol. Erik's upset for sure and the guys discuss the matter, Erik has to replace this chocolate and Jimmy knows where they can score some. They head off to the Chocolate Factory-- it's a place no one knows about, so how did Jimmy find it, hehe. Strangely the place looks like a house but hey the guys head up to it and Jada opens up and yep they have lots of chocolate there but not the candy type! Erik is pleased nonetheless and they go inside, Jada's looking good in her pink robe and who do we find lying on the pool table in some lingerie but Misti Love. Jada disrobes and she's not wearing much either as Erik checks them both out with the camera, both possess fine booty's and I think this is the kind of chocolate he won't mind substituting for the candy kind! The girls direct Erik over to a couch and the trio are soon going at it, nice ass licking from Misti while Jada's engulfing Erik's tool, Misti gets some too just as Erik goes in to blast Jada's cooch doggiestyle. Jimmy goes floor level when Misti climbs on in cowgirl and the girls also get in some fine fucking with those tits facing out to us, I particularly liked Misti's rack. Jada does some anal in cowgirl, then we get a double doggie stack with Everhard going from pussy to pussy! Misti then takes the load in her mouth, quickly sharing with Jada as they twirl tongues. I think I know where to get some really good candy now!

Jenny Hendrix:

We end this one in fine style, finding Jenny in a garage hitting a punching bag- yeah she punches like a girl, hehe, but hey those shorts were skin tight. Jimmy's the dude behind the lense for the chat and we get some good shots of Jenny worked in as they talk, eventually as you would hope her ass is shown off and the ground shots were pretty effective here. Jenny works in a couple devices, a small butt plug followed by a couple anal beads, more good closeups too as she does this. Everhard then comes in, I think the two are having some sort of boxing bout but they never lace the gloves up once he sees her ass!! Erik munches on it nicely until it's time for Jenny to suck cock which she does quite well. The closeups were still there so if you enjoy some close in head you get that here. The doggie action was really good, that ass spread from cheek to cheek as Erik drills her pussy, it's ok to blow your load when they get to cowgirl, it's that good. While riding in reverse you get a smooth transition from pussy to ass and she rides a little longer in reverse, some A2M too, then it's ass fucking from behind leading to spoon with Jenny on her side ass facing us. The load's dripped down onto her face and there are a couple cum bubbles blown by Miss Hendrix before they fade out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well it's another fine outting by Everhard and co. The hotties were just that hot and the butts were most pleasing too, led by Jenny and I thought Mariah had a pretty hot ass too. Hannah on disc one stood out to me doing some dp action with Pete and Erik while Annette in her girl scout outfit was almost to much in a good way. Extras include a popshot revisit, photo gallery, a few trailers and yes some BTS as well. If you're at all a fan of good looking asses and also of Erik's work this is one you'll be checking out for sure, it's solid from start to finish.

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