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morbidthoughts Beyond the Call Of Booty 3.5 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 3.5 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 3.5 stars
bono-ONE Beyond the Call Of Booty 4 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 4 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 4 stars
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Beyond the Call Of Booty

Beyond the Call Of Booty

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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LSBReviews's ratings for Beyond the Call Of Booty:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Beyond the Call Of Booty overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Beyond the Call Of Booty Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Beyond the Call Of Booty Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Beyond the Call Of Booty DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beyond the Call Of Booty A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  4/11/2007
Beyond The Call Of Booty
Produced 02/07 Jules Jordan Video (
Disc One: 122 minutes
Disc Two: 120 minutes

Directed by: Erik Everhard

Starring Disc One: Jamie James, Fanny, Sarah, Cody Lane, Toni Ribas, Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard.

Starring Disc Two: Carmen Kinsley, Devon Lee, Paulina James, Lindsay Meadows, Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard.

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Beyond The Call Of Booty is a two disc set containing four hours of footage featuring six sex scenes. Disc one contains the scenes of Jamie James, Fanny, Sarah and Cody Lane. Disc two stars Carmen, Devon, Paulina, Lindsay and all the special features. Erik Everhard is the films director and he also performs in every scene. The cast includes Fanny and Sarah, whom I'm guessing are a couple of European girls or possibly Canadians. The film also stars a French Canadian beauty named Jamie James and a very sexy and attractive 35 year old blonde named Devon Lee. Four of the girls (Cody, Jamie, Fanny and Devon) have anal sex in their scenes and most perform "ass to mouth" oral sex (only Devon doesn't). Two of the girls (Cody and Devon) are also double penetrated. There's some anal gaping in Jamie's scene. All of the girls, except Lindsay, take facials. Cody swallows cum from both her partners. Paulina shares Erik's cum with Lindsay, who swallows and then licks cum off of Paulina's face. Toni Ribas fingers Fanny's pussy and makes her squirt. There's some g/g oral sex between Fanny and Sarah, and Lindsay with Paulina (no toys). The sex is hot and all the girls excited me, especially Jamie, Cody, Lindsay and Carmen. I personally would have liked to have seen more swallowing and/or a couple of cream pies, but that's just me. The Special Features include Cumshot Recap, BTS, Photo Gallery, Cast List, Trailers and Websites. *No Condoms were used in this film.

Disc One
Scene One: Jamie James and Erik Everhard.
Jamie (23 from Montreal) is a very pretty and sexy brunette with shoulder length hair and breasts that are large and I'm guessing enhanced. She has on a white blouse with a denim skirt and heels. Jamie enters a French adult shop where she buys a DVD from Erik and takes it into a private room to watch it. Jamie masturbates while fantasizing about herself in sexy lingerie. We then see Jamie get on a bed wearing a sea foam colored bra with matching panties, matching garter, matching stockings and heels. Erik soon is on the bed licking her pussy and asshole. Jamie sucks on and strokes Erik's cock (her panties and bra have been removed). Erik fucks Jamie's tits. They fuck in a few positions (doggie, cowgirl, missionary, spoon, reverse cowgirl). Erik fucks Jamie's ass in the spoon position as she fingers her pussy. They have more vaginal cowgirl style sex before Erik moves his cock into her ass. Erik pulls his cock briefly out of Jamie's ass for a few anal gape shots. He fucks her ass doggie style with more anal gaping. Jamie sucks his cock "ass to mouth". Jamie is sucking and stroking Erik's cock. She jerks Erik off as he cums on her tongue, chin and chest (she lets his cum drip off her tongue and out of her mouth). Jamie very briefly licks, sucks and strokes his cock. The frames change back to Jamie masturbating in her private room. Erik knocks on the door and enters to tell Jamie that the store is closing. She gets up and leaves.

Scene Two: Fanny, Sarah, Toni Ribas and Erik Everhard.
Both are very pretty and sexy girls with nice bodies and natural breasts (Fanny's tits are bigger). Sarah (the brunette with blonde highlights) is blindfolded and is wearing a black leather vest that zippers in front, black leather shorts and heels. Fanny (the blonde) is wearing a black leather bra with matching shorts and black boots. Fanny lowers Sarah's black leather shorts to lick and finger Sarah's pussy. Fanny drools saliva that flows down like a river over Sarah's asshole and pussy. Fanny drips hot wax onto Sarah's butt cheeks while she spanks her a few times. Fanny leads a blindfolded Sarah upstairs by her hair. First Fanny pairs up with Erik and Sarah with Toni as the girls suck cock (Fanny also gives Toni some head). Fanny sucks on Erik's balls and deep throats him (Sarah's blindfold is removed). Erik fucks Fanny's tits. Erik lowers Fanny's shorts and performs some oral sex on her while Sarah is bending over to blow Toni. Toni and Sarah start fucking as do Erik and Fanny. They fuck in a couple of different positions with both girls sucking cock PTM. The men switch partners as the fucking and sucking continues. Toni fingers Fanny's pussy and makes her squirt. Erik fucks Sarah's pussy doggie style and cowgirl while Toni and Fanny are having anal sex in a couple of positions. Toni clubs Fanny's face with his cock. Fanny sucks Toni's cock ATM and deep. Erik continues fucking Sarah's pussy while Toni and Fanny have more anal sex. Fanny briefly sucks on Erik's cock from Sarah's pussy before they switch partners again. Erik is fucking Fanny's pussy while Toni does the same with Sarah. Both girls suck on Toni's cock before Fanny jerks him off as he cums on Sarah's face. Sarah gives Toni some head after he cums while Erik is fucking Fanny's pussy. Erik pulls out so Fanny can jerk him off as he cums on her tongue. She sucks his cock while also using his cock to wipe his cum on her face. Both girls give their partners head. The girls kiss. Fanny wipes some cum on her chest using her fingers.

Scene Three: Cody Lane, Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard.
Cody is a very pretty and sexy brunette with long dark hair, a nice round butt and large natural breasts. Cody is wearing sunglasses, a black sweater with a white shirt underneath, a black skirt and heels (Cody soon changes into sexier clothes). Cody shows up at Mr. Pete's house looking to sell some adult novelties. She shows Mr. Pete what she has to sell. Cody offers to model some of what she has. She puts a blindfold over Mr. Pete before she goes to change her clothes. Cody comes back wearing a skimpy black leather outfit with black fishnet stockings and black boots. She teases Mr. Pete and she sits on his face while he's still wearing the blindfold. He try's sticking his face between her butt cheeks with her shorts on before softly biting her ass. Cody blows Mr. Pete (deep throating included). He grabs and swats her tits. Mr. Pete lowers Cody's shorts and rips a hole in the crotch area of her stockings so he can start fucking her.pussy in a few positions. She sucks cock from her pussy. Cody blows both Mr. Pete and Erik as they sit next to each other on couches (more deep throating and she strokes both cocks in her hands). The men take turns fucking Cody while she blows the other guy. Both Mr. Pete and Erik also take turns fucking Cody in her ass. Cody sucks cock ATM and is double penetrated. Mr. Pete jerks off and cums weakly on Cody's tongue. Cody shows the camera the cum on her tongue before she swallows. Cody wants more. Erik strokes his cock as he cums nicely on Cody's tongue and face. Erik uses his cock to push some cum into Cody's mouth that she swallows. Cody eats a drop of cum off of Erik's cock. *Mr. Pete gets a little rough with Cody during the scene, ie, biting her butt, squeezing and swatting her tits, and spanking her several times.

Disc Two
Scene Four: Carmen Kinsley and Erik Everhard.
Carmen is a very pretty, sexy and naturally busty blonde. She is dressed as a sexy cable girl with an orange hard hat on her head, orange vest, tight blue shorts, blue and white bra and heels. Carmen shows up to fix Erik's cable. He follows her upstairs where she teases him. Erik licks her pussy and asshole as he sticks his face between her ass cheeks. Carmen takes out Erik's cock so they can pleasure each other orally in the "69" position. They fuck on a bed in a few positions. Carmen sucks cock "pussy to mouth" a few times during the scene. Erik is fucking Carmen doggie style when he pulls out to jerk off and cum on her tongue and face (some cum hangs from her chin). Carmen very briefly gives a few sucks on the head of his cock.

Scene Five: Devon Lee, Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard
Devon (35) is a very pretty and sexy blonde with large "man made" breasts. She's wearing a blue sweat suit that covers a tight white one piece leotard (bodysuit), blue leg warmers and sneakers. Devon is Mr. Pete's personal trainer and she has come over to his house to help him work out (Erik is already there). Erik films her butt as they do some stretching exercises. After a few minutes Devon squats down and sits on Mr. Pete's face. She moves her ass over his crotch. Mr. Pete licks her asshole and pussy as she briefly takes out his cock and strokes it. He sucks on her tits and has her taste his finger from her pussy. Devon sucks on and strokes Mr. Pete's cock. He fucks her doggie style and she sucks his cock "pussy to mouth" before she begins sucking on and stroking both cocks. Erik fucks her pussy doggie style as she blows Mr. Pete. Devon sucks on Erik's cock PTM while Mr. Pete fucks her pussy doggie style. Mr. Pete receives a handjob from Devon as she rides Erik cowgirl. She blows Erik while riding Mr. Pete cowgirl (Mr. Pete spanks her butt and he fingers her asshole). The men continue fucking Devon in different positions. Erik inserts his thumb in her ass while he fucks her pussy doggie style. Mr. Pete fingers her pussy hard and fast, but doesn't make her squirt. Devon has anal reverse cowgirl sex with Mr. Pete while she sucks on Erik's cock. Erik plays with her clit before sliding his cock into Devon's pussy to double penetrate her (Erik rubs her clit some more with his fingers). Devon is dp'd in a couple of positions with only Mr. Pete fucking her anally. She blows Erik while Mr. Pete fucks her ass in the spoon position. Erik fucks her pussy doggie style. Devon sucks on Mr. Pete's cock (no ATM) while her left hand strokes Erik's cock. Devon is jerking Mr. Pete off as he cums on her face (maybe a little in her open mouth). There's a break in the film and we now see Mr. Pete fucking Devon's pussy in the missionary position (Devon has cleaned up after the cumshot.). Mr. Pete pulls out to cum into her open mouth and on her face as he strokes his cock. Devon is licking the shaft of his cock. Erik next jerks off and deposits a few drops of cum on her face. Devon eyes the camera as she lets cum drip from her mouth onto her chest.

Scene Six: Paulina James, Lindsay Meadows and Erik Everhard.
Both are very pretty and sexy brunettes. Paulina is wearing a sexy blue halter top with matching mini shorts and heels. Lindsay is wearing a white shirt, dark pants, dark thong panties and heels. Paulina comes over to Lindsay's house for a photo shoot, but Lindsay first calls Erik to come over. Lindsay photographs Paulina outdoors and in a pool. The girls begin kissing, touching and semi undressing. Paulina fingers and tastes Lindsay's pussy. Lindsay then returns the favor. Erik shows up, undresses and gets in the pool where both girls suck on his cock. He licks Paulina's pussy while Lindsay blows him. Erik also licks Lindsay's pussy while she licks Paulina's pussy. Erik fucks both pussy's outdoors and inside of Lindsay's house (most of the sex is indoors). The girls are both fucked in a few different positions. They both suck his cock PTM more than once during the scene. Erik briefly performs more oral sex on the girls which includes him licking their assholes. Lindsay deep throats Erik after he pulls his cock out of Paulina's pussy. There's also some more g/g oral sex. Paulina is under Lindsay in the "69" position while Erik is fucking Lindsay doggie style. Erik pulls out of Lindsay to cum into Paulina's open mouth and on her face as he strokes his cock. The girls share his cum as they kiss. Lindsay swallows and licks off a little more cum from Paulina's face.

Special Features
Cumshot Recap - Replays the cumshots from all six scenes (10:44).

Behind The Scenes - Carmen with cum on her face after her scene as she poses for some stills. Jamie cleaning up after her scene. Devon fully dressed on a couch. Devon in her white bodysuit doing some exercises with Mr. Pete. Some sex footage from Devon's scene. Lindsay trying on clothes. A nude Lindsay outdoors smoking a cigarette while she chats with Jimmy (the cameraman) about football. Lindsay is dressed as she briefly hangs upside down from a pole and chats with Erik. Lindsay and Paulina outdoors and indoors. Cody undressing and putting on stockings as she clowns around with Erik and Mr. Pete. Cody stops her sex scene to go to the bathroom. Cody pouring some lube on Mr. Pete's cock before he fucks her anally (Cody seems to be in some discomfort). Cody applying lube to herself and she shakes her tits. More sex footage with Cody (37:50).

Photo Gallery - Dozens of still photos that include the girls posing alone and hardcore photos from their sex scenes.

Cast List - Matches each girls name to her scene number.

Trailers - Jailbait 3, A Sperm Load A Day, Canadian Beaver 2.

Websites -,

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