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morbidthoughts Beyond the Call Of Booty 3.5 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 3.5 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 3.5 stars
LSBReviews Beyond the Call Of Booty 4.5 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 4.5 starsBeyond the Call Of Booty 4.5 stars
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Beyond the Call Of Booty

Beyond the Call Of Booty

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Beyond the Call Of Booty:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beyond the Call Of Booty overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Beyond the Call Of Booty Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Beyond the Call Of Booty Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Beyond the Call Of Booty Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Beyond the Call Of Booty DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beyond the Call Of Booty A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/9/2007
Ok fans fresh from another trip to pornoland I'm ready to check out some new porn, this one the latest from the Hate Plow himself Erik Everhard who just the other day I saw tag team Maya Hills with the german Sasha so lots of cock for that young girl for you fans to check out in a couple months. Here we get lots and lots of hot juicy booty, so much booty in fact it's beyond the call of booty!! Some of the hot ass you'll be wanking to here include Paulina James, Lindsey Meadows, Cody Lane, and Carmen Kinsley but wait there's more as they always say. You can count on some hard charging anal for some of these girls and basic balls to the walls sex once Erik and Co. hit the scene. Let's hit some highlights.

Jamie James:

Ok our first scene takes us to a porno shop where in steps one pretty lady looking for a bit of smut to peruse. Nicely she's wearing a short skirt so you get those vital underskirt perve shots and you can also surmise she picks out an Erik title to watch, This Butts 4U which BTW is an excellent choice for you viewers if you've not seen it. Erik himself is helming the counter so he knows right where the dvd is and soon Jamie's into the booth which is quite spacious for a porno booth, nice chair, hell they even have a roll of paper towels right there handy for the cleanup!! Jamie is looking good too fans and you can't see much as her tits are covered by a white t-shirt but the round mounds inside are poking through nicely and I already mentioned the nice skirt.

Well she starts watching the dvd, must be the Rita Faltoyano/ Julia Bond scene as that causes Jamie here to begin stroking her bald pussy-- nice no panties and the hands trace over the outline of her good sized breasts under her shirt. She starts leaning back closing the eyes and bingo we get the shimmering picture indicating a dream sequence and we get Jamie back in the video store wearing a different outfit, shorter skirt, mesh stockings. We go back and forth on this shot of her stroking her pussy and then back to Jamie in the store. That great ass starts to get shown off more and more and you know Erik loved being on the floor shooting up at this choice piece of tush. We get one more shot change with Jamie now in a room wearing some really nice aqua colored lingerie and now the picture is fully clear, no more dreamlike edges. She's on the bed and showing off that incredible body, holy shit you talk about the golden arches, well this girls got a similar tasty view with the arch going in her ass! Erik turns over the camera duties and dives in right between those gorgeous ass cheeks. He's a locomotive licking up that ass and I really dig the view of the guy or even better a girls face buried deep in an ass crack licking tush, nothing finer.

Erik then flips Jamie over to dive in for a good pussy eating then we have Jamie sitting up and soon the hate plow's being engulfed by this pretty brunette. Lots of good tongue action and our cameraguy get the shot in tight with you also getting the pulled out view also. The ground shot slightly from the side was probably the shot I liked best here. Before the pipe laying begins Erik has one last round of ass licking causing some hot purring from Jamie. Sexwise you see doggie, cowgirl-- oh yes that ass cheeks are fantabulous!! There's also mish, spoon--both vag and anal here, then it's back to cowgirl which was a great choice as now her ass is being plugged. They finish off with some doggie anal thrashing and a little bit of knob polishing from Jamie before drops his load on her tongue. A very good start.

Fanny & Sarah:

This next scene starts off with some moody lighting and the music also fits this vibe I was getting. There are two girls and one starts off blindfolded and face down on the marble floor while the other plays with the ass sticking up in the air doing some fingerbanging and licking the ass also. The action was fairly aggressive with the color going in and out between the black & white and full color shots. Ahh we get some hot candle wax dripped down on Sarah's ass leaving a lot of white dots. The shot then changes and we have someone watching from afar and then we get the girls making their way up the winding stairs presumably to his location. Sarah still has the blindfold on and she's made to go down on her knees and Fanny soon joins her opening up her submissive's top to suck on those titties adn then kiss around her neck. They work in some good booty shots too of Sarah and then the girls are joined by Erik and Toni Ribas. Fanny and Sarah each take on a schlong going right into the aggressive knob polishing.

Everyone stays pretty close here allowing the girls access to both cocks and the guys also get to check out each hottie. The blindfold is finally lifted off letting Sarah fully see and we get more great ass shots too as she stands up, bends over and engulfs Toni's cock while nearby Erik's got the cock on overdrive sliding between Fanny's tits. These group scenes can be tricky sometimes making you think you're missing something if the groups are to far apart but here we keep them pretty tightly bunched so the camera doesn't have far to move to take in what the other duo is up to and you see plenty going on between both groups. Good sex in vag, ass eating by Mr. Everhard, some P2OGM, like I said the foursome stays pretty tight. As you can guess there's lot of butt sex too with even some squirting mixed in for good measure. I should also say I thought the lighting here was real good the action was more than adequately lit and the we good shots upclose and then panning back for the broader perspective so good technical's here from my pov. Fanny jerks one pop out to Sarah's face who gives some cleanup then the second load is all for Fanny as she takes Erik's pop in her mouth letting it dribble onto her chin and the girls end with some cum kissing which is always a romantic way to wrap things up.

Cody Lane:

Ok on we go and this scene here begins with Erik at his keyboard while outside we have Cody walking up the the house and knocking. Erik hears this and goes to see who's at the door, well he's most pleased to see this dark haired hottie waiting. She's here to show off some toys to Mr. Pete who left his card recently at her shop. Erik wakes up the lucky bastard and we have Cody coming in and the two have a seat in the living room with Cody then showing off a few toys and outfits. Pete likes one and she offers to go and change so she can model it. Before leaving,though, she puts a blindfold on Pete and the picture does the twirly thing indicating a time movement forward and in walks Cody wearing a very tight piece of black latex along with some black fishnets over her thick thighs. She is very friendly too with Pete kissing him and then it's a butt smash to his face and Pete relishes having that thick booty rubbed over his face. Cody turns around to squat over his face and I'd rather her pussy be in view but I do like the thought here of the guy being smothered by a hot piece of ass. Pete then is allowed up only to get behind Cody and again bury his face deep in her ass taking in that sexy aroma of latex and female ass!

Well Cody's a nice saleslady so she gives Pete some loving kissing around his thighs, then pulling the boxers down and letting his cock out and that rod is quickly snapped up by this lovely girl. The head here is aggressive without going to an extreme, still nice deep throating by Cody but without the near puking which can often be the tag team parter if the girl's to far out. Cody finally lets Pete see the proceedings lifting up the blindfold and we also get our first shots of her tits which are very nice and big. Cody gets to lick at her nipples but it's brief and Pete adds in a couple titty slaps with his hand. Ok the action then really starts to heat up, off come the latex shorts, the fishnets are ripped and Pete gets behind Cody and the pipe laying commences with some reverse after Pete slides his tubesteak between her cheeks for a few seconds. The tits do some great rotating as she rides him here then we change to a semi standing doggie followed by the more traditional version-- here we get Erik walking in on the fun. Well his cock is soon out and the guys are being fellated nicely by Miss Lane who also gets her kittie furiously stroked to orgasm by Pete. Cody does a bit more knob polishing to the fellas before the action resumes in cowgirl and damn what a hot floor shot we get, smoking hot view of Cody's ass. As you can guess there is more than enough anal sex which soon gets going in spoon, doggie, reverse dp and we end with the pops decorating her face/ tongue and there's good cleanup from Cody. Hell I don't like sex toys all that much but if this is how they are demonstrated then I'm ready right now to book my first appointment!! This ends the first disc so let's pop in that second one and see what else Erik & co. have in store.

Carmen Kinsley:

We start this scene with Jimmy having some problems with the cable, damn it gotta have the tv going so they call out for some repair help and who shows up but this nice piece of blond hottness. The daisy dukes are hot and she's wearing the roadside coat with the obvious lines so she's visible in the dark,lol, and the hat too was pure roadside help gear so a repair outfit but I've not seen any cable repair person looking like this one and if I knew this is what would come I'd be calling with more complaints on my service too. Carmen quickly finds the problem, the breakers bad so the guys help her find it so she can get to the heart of the matter. We follow along for those perve ass shots and then Carmen checks out the breaker while we are checking her out. She says she's got it, meaning the problem's solved and Erik states she's got it too and you know what he means right!! Erik offers a tour of the rest of the house to make sure no other "breakers" need fixing but I can imagine at least one breaker which might need some attention. Off they go upstairs, again great ass shots as we follow behind, then Carmen finds a chair which when sitting on spreads the ass out nicely with a bit of shaking added in by our blond hottie. She pulls the coat down a bit allowing the ample cleavage she's got to spill out, love the white lace bra she's got on and we get even more ass tease by Erik which is totally fine by me, how about you! Erik then gets a feel for those tits as well as that ample bottom.

Carmen then amps up the action just a bit pulling those shorts off and on at first before leaving them down around her thighs so we really get to drink in that ass in all it's glory and that is one nice piece of ass too folks, probably the best booty we've seen so far, though Cody's up there. Well all pretense is set aside once Erik buries his face deep in Carmen's ass crack and this is some fine ass eating too fans while Carmen busies herself caressing those beautiful mounds on her chest. We then get the shot I really like with Carmen fully sitting on Erik's face allowing no breath, only pussy/ ass eating to be done with a little added ass rubbing over the hate plows face, gotta love it. Carmen finally works out Erik's 'breaker' making sure it's in working order and she finds it to be very much so. Sexwise you get a good doggie with Carmen's ass opened up to the camera and she does a nice job with the dirty talk too along with a little P2M. Oh yes cowgirl then follows and the jiggling ass shots were just terrific. The two then work through mish, reverse, doggie and finally a load is dropped on Carmen's face with some cleanup too, guess that breaker is fully functional!!

Devon Lee:

On we go and the next scene has Erik dropping by on Mr. Pete who is busy in the kitchen taking stock of his workout vitamins. I think he's waiting for a personal trainer to also stop by and Erik's going to hang out for awhile until she arrives. Well it's not long until Devon shows up and she's going to try her best to give Pete a good workout and the two head into the spacious living room. Carmen's got on a nice blue workout outfit and the top is soon gone revealing a tight white outfit underneath, the bottoms then go leaving only that tight piece of white attire on Devon who is sporting one nice tush as Eriks' camera shows. They start out with some bend over stretches which lets us oogle that ass some more and Devon is kind enough to do the bend over shot for us a couple times. Devon then gets in a doggie pose to fully extend those legs and Pete's now slightly behind her so he's getting that hot ass shot we've been appreciating. Carmen then grips some light dumbells for some squatting and this nearly sends Pete over the edge as he's really oogling that ass, and he asks for one more demonstration and this time he's lying flat on his back allowing that ass to come inches from his face when she almost hits the floor. Finally we get the wall breached and she fully sits on Pete's face and he is smothered for a good 10-15 seconds breathing in her aroma before finally he's allowed to move just a bit and then it's back down with her ass smashing his face back down.

Pete then pulls the material aside just a bit letting her asshole and pussy lips to become available for licking and he's all over those holes while Devon reaches in to stroke his cock. The two then sit up with Pete pulling her tits out, sucking them while also diddling her pussy and Devon licks the fingers clean. Miss Lee then engages in some good knob polishing followed by sex in a standing doggie, a second cock coming in courtesy of Mr. Everhard and she works both schlongs over before the action resumes. You see more doggie, cowgirl-- great floor shots once more and then some good reverse anal with Devon gagging herself on Erik's cock above. We do get some dp action in cowgirl before they wrap up with spoon anal, some double blowjob action and the pops which are shot right to her face. I think everyone got a good hard workout which is all you can ask from your personal trainer, can I schedule some one on one time with Devon now, think I need it!

Lindsey Meadows & Paulina James:

Ok we wrap this two disc affair with this two girl party. We get Paulina arriving to start wearing a nice tight black outfit, those workout pants hug her sexy ass. Lindsey is the photographer here and she lets this sexy brunette in and the two begin picking outfits right away for the shoot. Paulina has a fave she wants to wear and Lindsey leaves her to it while she goes to make sure the location is ready for shooting, and she also calls up Erik to let him know about this hot piece of ass she's about to shoot in case he'd be interested in shooting her too at a later date. Well you don't need to ask Erik twice so we know he's on the way but first we get some g/g time. Paulina's put on this nice tight sky blue outfit and the two head outside for some shots and I must say Paulina was smoking hot. Lindsey does a good job with the photographer speak as she asks for various poses and the music too adds a nice touch of sexiness to the proceedings. Out come the tits which are modest but as I've seen totally lickable even by Paulina herself and finally the ass gets shown off and that is one fine ass and along with Lindsey's I'd say the best two booties though again Carmen and Cody are way up there too, lots of hot ass in this one fans. Paulina then gets in the pool for some hot shots and this gets Lindsey in close for some hair touch ups and Paulina can't resist reaching out for a feel of her own and the two begin making out, yes!!! A photographer must get to know their subject as closely as possible when needed and this was one of those times and we get nice kissing, boob sucking, hell Lindsey's in the pool with her clothes still on!! They standup for some good booty worship from Paulina to Lindsey and you see just how hot Miss Meadows' tush is as Paulina strokes it and then dives in for some eating! Paulina then hops on the pool's edge and Lindsey dives in to eat her pussy out and there were a few shadows right at the pussy but that's to be expected with the sunlight here but I still loved the whole vibe the scene had going so this wasn't a bad thing.

The girls really seem to be clicking too which is always key and of course now is when Erik chooses to show up right when the girls are all hot and bothered! He's got great timing wouldn't you say and the girls are more than happy to see him and his clothes are off in like 5 seconds and in the pool he goes. The ladies take turns on his cock as well as giving us some nice dual licking which any guy can tell you feels terrific-- not that I'd know mind you!! Erik gets to eat a little pussy too and the sex starts in the pool too with Lindsey being boned doggiestyle while she's busy eating out Paulina's kittie. The action then heads inside onto a spacious couch and Erik first munches on Paulina's pussy before slipping his meat inside and the pace is strong from the get go and you'd expect nothing less from Mr. Everhard. A good train develops when he's banging Paulina from behind and she's eating out Lindsey! You get some very good floor shots in cowgirl before the girls get side by side in doggie for Everhard to bang them out, then it's mish to Lindsey while Paulina's sitting on her face, more cowgirl, then a 69 with Paulina on the bottom and it's hear we get the pullout and the load dropped right in Miss James's mouth and the girls do a little cumswapping/ kissing to wrap up the best scene by far of the disc.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another strong one from Erik, perhaps not as full on aggressive as he's done in the past which was fine by me, I like either style but this one a little bit more. The girls are all great in this one led by Jamie, Cody, Carmen, and finally Paulina/ Lindsey who make a great anchor scene on the second disc. Six strong sex scenes isn't easy to pull off but Erik's done it with the extras consisting of a cumshot repeat, a photo gallery, cast list if you need that and yes some BTS which I'd definitely check out. As with most Everhard titles this one goes right to the strong recommendation for buy category and fans of hard action should be very pleased with the efforts here, strong sex, good cock sucking, and the pops were good too.

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