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Beyond Perfect

Beyond Perfect

Studio: Buck Shot
Category:  Gay
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sydguy's ratings for Beyond Perfect:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beyond Perfect overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beyond Perfect Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Beyond Perfect Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Beyond Perfect Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Beyond Perfect Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Beyond Perfect DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beyond Perfect A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by sydguy  on  1/30/2007

This is a DVD with a decent plot that doesn’t get in the way of some hot sex. Larry (Brad Patton) and Ron (Jason Kingsley) have found their ‘perfect’ 3-year relationship is getting stale, so they visit a couples counselor, well played by veteran director and former professional actor Joe Gage, in a non-sexual role. First they relate how they met in a sex club, then their separate adventures. Then they meet their new neighbors, who introduce them to the joys of versatility. In the final scene, Larry and Ron realize they can save their relationship by giving up their cherries to each other.

Scene 1

Larry returns home to find Ron fucking someone else in their bedroom. So it’s off to see counselor Gage, who asks them how they met. They proceed to give different versions of how it was love at first sight for both of them, when their eyes met across a crowded sex club.

According to Larry, the action in the sex club started off with two threesomes engaged in oral pleasure: in the foreground are handsome, lightly bearded Chad Thomas, toned Danny Lopez and cute blonde newcomer Andy North. In the background are skinny Jason Crew, dark-haired newcomer Andy Briggs, and veteran Marcus Iron. Crew and Iron are energetic deep-throaters. Eventually, Thomas wanders over to join the other group and Crew does the same, leading to constantly shifting groupings of the six performers. Meanwhile Larry and Ron watch everything: horny, but ambivalent about being there, as they would each prefer to be at home curled up in the arms of a lover. After about 15 minutes during which everyone has sucked or rimmed almost everyone else, North, Briggs and Iron jerk themselves to climax and then leave.

In Ron’s version of events, the sex had progressed to anal by the time he arrived. The remaining threesome consists of Crew, Thomas and Lopez. The cocky and energetic Crew dominates the scene, first pounding the vocal Lopez, and then quickly pushing him aside so he can plough Thomas. Then, just as quickly, Crew dismounts and offers his ass to Thomas. Crew cums, then the others cum on him.

Throughout this scene, various voyeurs in the sex club look on but don’t seem to get very excited by what’s happening around them, which tends to dampen the sexual tension. At the end, Ron and Larry kiss, go home and have the best sex of their lives.

Scene 2

After some time, the sex between Ron and Larry has cooled and they decide to try a threesome, but can’t find a third guy they can agree on. While out shopping together, Larry wanders off with pale, bland, Marc Sterling and they have sex on a construction site. Larry refuses to kiss his pick-up, and the sex remains impersonal and somewhat cool throughout.

Sterling sucks Patton’s mammoth endowment as best he can, then Patton half-heartedly sucks and rims Sterling before fucking him in three positions. Sterling grimaces a lot (which is understandable given what his ass has to accommodate) until Patton fucks him to climax, then Patton jerks off on him.

Scene 3

Larry isn’t the only one cheating. Ron also wanders off with Brad Benton, who has no muscle tone but is vocal, tactile and a strong performer. They have sex in a garage, and there is lots of kissing, smiling and sexy talk before and during the oral and anal action. Kingsley fucks Benton in three positions on the car, until Benton cums while being fucked, and then jerks Kingsley off. The fucking in each position is short and never quite takes off into the stratosphere, but the scene has much of the chemistry that the previous one lacked.

Scene 4

Ron is getting close to ending the relationship when new neighbor Mike invites them both over. The rather uptight couple is shocked to discover that Mike (strawberry blond Pete Ross) lives in a permanent three-some with Chick (toned Justin Gemini) and Dirk (boyish Timmy Thomas). All five end up on the king-size bed where the three-some (who love an audience) proceed to have sex with each other while Larry and Ron watch and masturbate. Again, the boys are ambivalent: they politely decline to join in the sex, but stick around until the end and don’t seem to mind it when the three guys have sex literally on top of them. Although their non-participation is important for the plot, they look stunned for most of the scene, which reduces the excitement level.

The sex starts with some good oral action by Ross and Gemini, but Thomas is a weak sucker and can’t service more than the tip of Ross’ pierced dick. The anal action whizzes by in a series of short scenes, with all three performers fucking and getting fucked in about five minutes. The scene ends with everyone jerking off over Ross until he cums.

Scene 5

After three months of therapy, the counselor finally uncovers the real issue in the couple’s relationship: both think that real men don’t get fucked. So the counselor has the two start making love on his office desk, then encourages them to try fingering each other, and gives them each a glass butt plug to wear as they walk home.

Back home on the balcony, the butt plugs come out and Kingsley (who has bottomed regularly on film) easily mounts Patton’s monster meat. Then Kingsley goes inside and lies on the floor so Patton can mount him. This is not Patton’s on-screen deflowering (which occurred in ‘Heaven to Hell’) but he takes it very slowly. They then proceed to take turns fucking and getting fucked in two other positions. The fucking increases in pace and intensity throughout the scene and when Patton says “That feels so good” you can believe him. Finally, in the ultimate sign of submission, Patton lies on the floor and spreads his legs so that Kingsley can fuck him missionary. Kingsley jerks him off to a vocal and explosive orgasm, after which Patton can only say “Wow” – viewers will agree, and this scene should be given to all porn directors as an example of how to end a fucking scene. Patton then fucks Kingsley briefly until he cums. The film ends with a return visit to the counselor.


The production values are high, with good audio and video quality. There are only five chapter selections. The bonus features include: (i) a slide show of the actors and various scenes; (ii) a behind-the-scenes segment, including some funny outtakes; and (iii) previews for other Buckshot films: “LeatherBound” and “Buckleroos” Parts I and II. If you want, you can also watch the entire film again, with interesting commentary from the director, producer and Brad Patton.


In a plot-based porn film, the danger is that a complicated plot will get in the way of the sex, or the acting will be so woeful that you wonder why they bothered with a plot at all. The director, Jerry Douglas, avoids both traps by keeping the plot short and simple, and confining the acting mostly to the three leads, who do a decent job of it.

The film well illustrates its two themes: ‘real’ men can get fucked, and being versatile can be a lot of fun. Of the 10 performers who engage in anal sex, every one gets fucked and 7 of them also top. That alone makes the film a rarity in a sea of routine porn films where performers are rigidly classified as either Tops or Bottoms.

It is a shame that, having broken the mould in that way, the film is otherwise unadventurous. The two leads have great bodies but most of the rest of the cast are average. Only one performer (Jason Kingsley) has much chest hair and only one looks vaguely ethnic or exotic (Danny Lopez). Brad Patton’s dick and body are undoubtedly impressive, but I disliked his unnatural tan and his lack of body hair (including shaved armpits). We get only the regulation one cum shot per performer per scene.

Still, much of the sex is hot (if not scorching) and if you love watching men who can take it just as well as they give it, this is definitely the film for you.

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