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Joe Shaver Beyond Paradise 3.5 starsBeyond Paradise 3.5 starsBeyond Paradise 3.5 stars
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Beyond Paradise

Beyond Paradise

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay

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Netguy's ratings for Beyond Paradise:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Beyond Paradise overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Beyond Paradise Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Beyond Paradise Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Beyond Paradise Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Beyond Paradise Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Beyond Paradise DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beyond Paradise A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  1/5/2006
Although I can’t tell you what anyone is saying throughout, like the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And here we might get two thousand!

It opens with a beefy, dark-haired stud that is sitting home, obviously bored, and makes a phone call, presumably to an escort, or at least a hot friend. The friend arrives and it’s not long before our lead drops his robe, revealing some nice tattoos and a nice, smooth body. He drops to his knees and services our young stud that’s got a pretty large cock. He doesn’t get sucked for very long before they move to the couch and the younger guy sits and our lead sits on top of him, riding his cock and emitting moans of pleasure. They continue fucking while the lead bends over a table. Our young stud keeps up the pace shoving his big dick in and out, getting that ass all nice and moist. They put the table to use when they fuck some more on top of it on their sides and it eventually ends with them back on the couch and the “john” taking it from behind. It’s not all that extremely passionate but the young guy can sure drive it on home that’s for sure! They get off at the end with the younger guy standing and jerking off on his tricks chest, not much, and then the lead shoots. He doesn’t cum much either and wasn’t all that hard. Before fading out the “john” writes out a check to his hustler and they say goodbye.

There seems to be a pattern here, an older guy with a younger one. Hmmm, maybe that’s “Beyond Paradise”? The next scene I really enjoyed when an older, unshaven, guy gets approached by his lover while he’s freshening up in the bathroom. The younger lover in contrast is light and fairly slender, but boy does he have a cock! It’s big and thick and looks delicious! The older guy goes down on his young partner swallowing up every inch until they switch positions. Unfortunately, daddy doesn’t seem too aroused, so his young partner quickly gives up and let’s himself get serviced some more. As he gets sucked he looks into the camera and you just want to melt, imagining you’re sucking his huge piece of meat! Needless to say, daddy bends over the sink and gets rammed by that huge thing. Plenty of moans and groans as they fuck continue to fuck all over the place, while the younger guy sits on the toilet and lets his lover ride him, on his knees, and even while the younger guys on top but fucking him from the top down! It ends with the young guy sitting on top of the vanity and as he jerks off his older lover cums first and shoots down the side of his leg. The younger guy lets out some really loud moans before shooting his own juicy load.

The next two seem a bit more comparable in age and it features another phone call to an escort. It’s a young, scrappy twink who makes the call. Even before he can almost set the phone down there’s a knock at the door and a pretty boy has arrived. The escort quickly goes to work on his client and gets his dick nice and hard. These guys are pretty cute and seem to enjoy every moment, and inch for that matter. The escort too has a distinctive look to him, dark features, and sultry eyes. The client gets what he paid for as he gets a nice blow job and some rimming to his hairy hole. You don’t see a whole lot of the escort but they continue as he sits on top, taking only a portion of his client’s cock into his tight ass. The escort works up a sweat as he tries to take it all but seems to wince with each thrust; meanwhile you know the client is just begging to push it in as hard as he can. It seemed to get awkward as they tried to fuck on their sides, and not until they began to do it doggy style did the young client really begin to shine. He goes to town on that ass, pushing in as much as he could, his own ass as round and firm as can be! It ends with the young client kneeling in front of the escort and shooting onto his chest, his white jizz standing out against the tan escort. The escort doesn’t get off and seems to quibble a bit about the pay before he leaves. The scene was pretty mediocre at best.

The last scene involves the three on the cover, and the cover doesn’t do any of them justice. As the cover boy and the twink with black hair, I’ll call him “red” for his suit, lounge poolside they make conversation with a dark-skinned landscaper, and before you know it all three are sucking each other silly. The dark-skinned guy and “red” go down on cover boy first and then the dark-skinned guy gets serviced by the other two. The dark-skinned guy has a fucking monster of a cock! It might be me but I think it’s the biggest one yet! It’s fucking huge! As he sits on a porch railing the cover boy is blowing red while he sucks the landscaper. I don’t know how he did it but “red” gets fucked on his side by the dark-skinned guy and “red” continues sucking on the cute cover boy who’s kneeling in front of him. This by far is the hottest scene. All three are cute, hung, and have some great asses! The fucking continues but this time cover boy gets fucked by “red” while kneeling, as the other guy kneels in front. “Red” sits atop cover boy and takes his nice cock for a ride while the dark-skinned slaps his meat across “reds” face and shoves it into his mouth. Unfortunately “Red” keeps his hand over his own cock the whole time he rides up and down, obviously not hard. After having had enough riding, he kneels and lets his two buddies jerk off across his chest. I could only imagine what was going to shoot out of that big, black cock. Cover boy shoots a minor load first, then “Red” does a bit better, and finally…what? I almost missed it! The well hung guy barely came! Damn! Oh well, the three kiss and walk away and the film comes to an end.

A bonus scene involves the pretty boy/escort from scene three and a new, young stud that’s tall, attractive, and has a thick, uncut cock. Oh, pretty much all these guys are uncut. Anyway, the pretty boy gives the other one some nice head, licking the tip, and wrapping his lips around that thick slab. He sucks for a bit and then slips a condom onto his partner before he sits on top face to face. Lots more moaning from the pretty boy as the other guy tries to penetrate him. He only manages to get a partial dick up there. Pretty boy isn’t much of a performer and needs to practice up on getting fucked that’s for sure! They fuck in various positions until finally we get a decent “money shot” from the young stud who shoots a real nice load across pretty boy’s face! Pretty boy just lies there letting the man juice drip from his cheek and then it fades out. It looked like another scene almost came on but then jumped back to the menu.

Although it features a pretty hot, young and hung cast, the overall mood is just a bit above lukewarm really. Some of the guys were just mildly hard and the “money shots” were fairly tame. It managed to pick up a bit of heat at the end but by then it was a bit too little too late. The DVD contains scene selections, the bonus scene, and a photo gallery consisting of various stills from five other titles.

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