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Beverly Hills 9021-Ho

Beverly Hills 9021-Ho

Studio: Celestial Productions
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Starring: ,
Released on: 
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DenverDon's ratings for Beverly Hills 9021-Ho:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beverly Hills 9021-Ho overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beverly Hills 9021-Ho Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Beverly Hills 9021-Ho Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Beverly Hills 9021-Ho Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Beverly Hills 9021-Ho Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Beverly Hills 9021-Ho DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beverly Hills 9021-Ho A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by DenverDon  on  7/4/2002
Review of: Beverly Hills 9021-ho!: Episode 1

By: DenverDon

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Picture Quality: Mixed. Excellent at first and then downhill.

DVD Extras: Photo gallery, three trailers and nothing else. Could have been much better.

Run Time: 2:04

Director: Stoney Curtis

Studio: Celestial

Compilation: No

Condoms: No

Date of Production: 12-Oct-01

Themes: Anal, Couples, Straight, Clowning

Stars: Brooke Lane, Jesse, Jewels, Jody Moore, Misty, Sophie Evans, Craig Moore, Hershel Savage, Lee Stone, Pat Myne, Slim Shady, The Duke (non Sex), Tony Ribas

Scene 1 – Brooke Lane, Sophie Evans, Tony Ribas
Brooke Lane is supposed to be a Beverly Hills little rich bitch that will soon marry a wealthy local. She has led everyone to believe she is pure, and possibly still a virgin. Brooke is with Sophie and Tony who are some European ‘visitors’, but the visitors are setting her up with a hidden camera to ‘catch’ her on tape and give proof that Brooke is not such an innocent. The ‘visitors’ bring Brooke into a living room where all three sit on a sofa, and then they try to persuade Brooke to join in with them for some sexual fun. After some verbal banter, Brooke decides to join in because “she has some sexual fantasies that she would like to satisfy before she marries that …”. Brooke dives into the activity, lowering herself over Tony’s face to be eaten as Sophie starts a blowjob. Brooke shortly joins Sophie and both girls work on his cock with their mouths. Brooke does a fair job as she tongues Sophie’s pussy, does a reverse cowgirl, gets fucked by Tony doggy style, plays with a dildo as the ‘visitors’ fuck, and gets fingered in the ass by Tony. But it is Sophie that really dominates the scene with her usual enthusiasm for sex. Tony plunges into Sophie’s butt and during an ATM, Sophie clearly states “how good his cock tastes when it comes from her ass”. When Tony is back in her butt Sophie tells Brooke “that it is so much fun to get fucked in the ass”. Sophie changes to a reverse cowgirl, still keeping Tony’s shaft sliding in her backside, and she gleefully does another ATM. The scene finishes with Tony giving a facial to both girls as they kneel in front of him. Then Brooke jumps up, grabs a towel and her fur coat and says she must go, as she dashes naked from the room. The whole scene of course is captured on the hidden camera and Tony and Sophie congratulate each other on the setup.

There was an audio track but it stayed in the background and didn’t interfere with the dialogue. The camera work was good, the images sharp and clear, and the lighting was done well enough that nothing was hidden in shadows. A good scene, particularly with the heat generated by Sophie.

Scene 2 – Misty, Jessie, Lee Stone
Lee, the future husband of Brooke, receives the tape made from scene one showing his fiancé fucking. Stoney advises him to go with the flow, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Lee hires two professional girls to salve his ego, but only Misty is delivered by ‘the Duke’. This is also Misty’s first time. Lee begins his ‘therapy’ session with Misty, licking and fingering her pussy and butthole. Misty starts a blowjob on Lee’s tool and suddenly Jesse shows up, apologizing for being late and joins in on delivering the blowjob. Jessie essentially takes control of the scene at this point with her usual ‘I love sex’ demeanor. Jessie has Lee fuck her pussy missionary style, and when Lee pulls out of Jessie so she can suck him, she states “my pussy tastes good” as she orally cleans it for him. Lee and the girls go through a few different positions in the next few minutes with Misty reverse cowgirl while Jessie straddles Lee’s face, Jessie cowgirl while Misty does the straddling, and then Lee fucking Misty doggy style while Misty works her mouth and tongue between Jessie’s thighs. Jessie gets the camera’s (Stoney’s) attention to say that she wants to get fucked in the ass. Lee, being the gentleman that he is, is willing to oblige. Jessie kneels on all fours and Lee starts in her pussy for a few strokes and then stretches Jessie’s tight little sphincter for her. Jessie wants a taste of it and during the ATM states “my ass tastes as good as my pussy”. They change to an anal reverse cowgirl, Lee into Jessie, and Jessie continues to display her pleasure to be on the receiving end. The scene closes with both girls kneeling to receive the facial splattering from Lee.

There was no audio track in this scene. The camera work was good showing all the action clearly, and the lighting was excellent. No shadows obscured the view. Another good scene, especially after Jessie appeared to anchor the action.

Scene 3 – Jody Moore, Craig Moore, Slim Shady (non sex)
Slim wants to repay Craig for and ‘earlier’ job and arranges a present for Craig at his house. Craig finds Jody Moore by the poolside. Jody looks superb in her red fishnet dress and even better when she removes it. Jody is thrilled when she pulls Craig’s pants down to find a big cock. Jody gives Craig a blowjob, which he then reciprocates as she lies on the lounge chair. During the banter, Jody asks Craig to bite her clit, which he does eliciting a strong response. Craig plows doggy style in her pussy, and Jody wants to taste his cock and then they change to cowgirl position. Jody says she wants it in the ass and Craig is more than willing to comply with her request. Jody lies on the lounge chair, pulling her legs back to her shoulders to give Craig complete, open access to her treasures. Craig happily stuffs her colon for her. They change to an anal reverse cowgirl, and Jody wants to taste his cock again. They start an ATM, and it suddenly changes to the finish cum shot in her mouth and on her face.

There was no audio track in this scene. The camera work was decent, but the lighting was a problem. It was shot outdoors and there were several areas of shadowing that prevented the camera from getting a clear image.

Scene 4 – Layla Jade, Slim Shady
Slim meets Layla in Rodeo Drive where she is shopping and invites her back to his place for perhaps some lunch and relaxing. Back at his place the food, of course, never appears. Layla starts by giving Slim a blowjob and commenting on his pierced dick. Slim reciprocates by bending over and tongue plowing her pink furrow and then working his fingers inside her. Slim moves between Layla’s legs as she sits in an outdoor chair to bury his cock in her pussy. Layla asks to suck his cock so she can taste her pussy juices. Interestingly, the piercing stud in Slim’s cock that Layla commented on has now disappeared. (???) They continue screwing in a doggy position and then Layla asks to be fucked in the ass. Slim is more than happy to satisfy her request and plugs his cock in her butt. In her inimitable, trademark filthy chatter, Layla tells how much she likes getting ‘fucked in her filthy shitter’. Layla wants to taste his cock, does an ATM and then they change to an anal reverse cowgirl to continue. Slim lays Layla on her side and in the spoon position continues to stretch her sphincter. It’s not very long before Slim finishes the scene, shooting in Layla’s mouth and on her face.

There was no audio track in this scene. Camera work was decent, but again it was shot outdoors and the lighting was a problem with shadows interfering with clean, clear shots of the action.

Scene 5 – Jewels, Hershel Savage, Pat Myne
Hershel runs a pie shop and delivers a pie to Jewels who is having a party the next day. They are also friends and they sit to talk. Jewels comments about a large crack in the pie crust and Hershel says he imagined it to be like a pussy since it was a peach pie, and peach pie is supposed to taste like a pussy. This sort of sets up the tone for the scene, Jewels is cracking up with laughter and asks Hershel to pull his cock out and push it in the pie. He does and then has Jewels lick the pie filling from his cock. Pat shows up with a cherry pie and now the cherry pie is used on cock and in Jewels ass crack. At this point the scene really isn’t trying to create any heat and everyone seems to be just clowning for the camera. (Stoney Curtis even pokes his face around in front of the camera) The tone has been ruined, and even with an anal reverse cowgirl on Hershel, and Pat plowing her sphincter doggy style doesn’t really salvage the scene. Additionally, the dialogue from Hershel and Pat really don’t add anything to the scene. The scene finishes with Jewel taking both loads of cum in her mouth and on her face.

Summary: This is a film that started with a lot of promise and went downhill. The first two scenes were very good, the third and fourth were hampered with poorer lighting, and the last scene was a clowning bust. (It was like watching ‘home videos’, but with fucking going on.)

On the positive side, the dialogue/chatter came across as genuine and natural from the dominant woman in each scene and added to the scene. Sophie Evans came across as herself in her scene, as did Jessie and Jody Moore in theirs, and I don’t think anyone could successfully imitate Layla Jade’s style of filthy talk. It works for Layla and would be fake from anyone else.

Note: If, or when, episode 2 comes out I would have to think twice before jumping to acquire it. If it follows on from the last scene it wouldn’t be worth it. If it follows on from the first two scenes, it could be very hot.

Raincoat factor – Medium to Medium High depending on the scene.

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