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Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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MLyons's ratings for Between the Sheets:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Between the Sheets overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Between the Sheets Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Between the Sheets Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Between the Sheets Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Between the Sheets Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Between the Sheets DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Between the Sheets A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  10/28/2005
Between the Sheets

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Brad Armstrong

Kaylani Lei, Lezley Zen, Charmane Star, Kirsten Price, Brad Armstrong, Tommy Gun, Chris Evans, Steven St. Croix, Barrett Blade.


All male-female scenes have condoms.

Running Time of Main Feature
1 Hr. 29 Mins.

Female Orgasms

Kaylani Lei fans who want to see a lot of her, and want to see her looking her best.

Those looking for an involved story, or harder edged sex acts.

There's been an unfortunate derth of Kaylani Lei features coming out of Wicked of late. Thankfully, this one might just be what the doctor ordered to alleviate my Kaylani withdrawal symptoms. Although, it's not uncommon for Kaylani to look better on the box than she usually performs in the bed. ::sigh:: It's not like she doesn't have the potential, and no one makes eye contact while sucking a cock quite like Kaylani does, but still--somehow her performances never quite live up to what I hope they will be. At any rate, Kaylani is featured in four out of the six scenes on this disc. I figure that on numbers alone, I'm going to find something here I like--even if it's only getting pleasure out of looking at her. And hey--I'm good with that.

The first thing to mention is that this isn't so much a feature, as it is a string of vignettes held together by a voice over narrative. As far as context goes, this is basically a story about Kaylani's search for Mister Right, and several different Mister Wrongs she finds along the way. That's pretty much the gist of it.


Scene 1 - Kaylani Lei & Chris Evans

This is Chris Evans and Kaylani Lei on a bed. I could bore you with the minutia of it, but when it comes down to it, this scene is just Kaylani doing what Kaylani does best--that is: being Kaylani. I mean, she's just so my type, and so beautifully presented that I can't help but get excited at the mere prospect of watching her have sex. What I wouldn't give to be in Chris' shoes as she rests her hands on his chest and bounces on top of him in the cowgirl position. Alas. If you like Kaylani, this is another of her scenes to add to the checklist. And if you don't like her, well it's just another Kaylani scene to avoid, I guess. Chris spreads a nice load on Kaylani's beautiful ass to finish it all off.


Scene 2 - Charmane Star & Brad Armstrong

Speaking of breathtakingly gorgeous Asian girls, here's another one. Charmane Star is one of those too-pretty-for-porn girls who's been around a while and really made a name for herself. This certainly isn't as nasty as she's ever gotten, but damn is it a beautifully produced scene. They progress through the normal sequence of positions, and even some not so normal ones (a half-pile driver where Brad really takes his time alternately fucking into her with his cock, and then finger banging her unbelievable pussy). It's an absolutely beautiful scene from an aesthetic point of view--especially if you have any fondness for Charmane's unquestionable assets. Brad closes the scene by coming on Charmane's tongue.


Scene 3 - Kaylani Lei & Tommy Gun

It's more Kaylani, this time with Tommy Gun, in a relatively average but nonetheless beautifully shot scene. Kaylani's in a great pair of sexy high heels that she wears throughout, and they transition through some pussy licking, cocksucking, spoon, and reverse cowgirl before Tommy finishes himself off onto Kaylani's pretty mouth. It's not the best scene ever, or anything, but once again, if you like Kaylani, she looks as good as she ever has here.


Scene 4 - Kaylani Lei & Lezley Zen

The two sexy sweeties go at it in a bathroom, but you know... with Wicked it's rarely as nasty as it sounds. This is no exception, but even still, Kaylani is gorgeous, and the girls put on a good, hammy show of it. There are no toys, just a lot of licking and fingering. Girl-girl isn't my thing, so I don't have much more to say than that.


Scene 5 - Kirsten Price & Barrett Blade

Kirsten is a great lookin' hard-bodied brunette turned dishwater blonde who wears a black fishnetty top, a purple pleated miniskirt, and a pair of sexy black platform heels. Yummy. She's going to fuck a bad boy in the form of Barrett Blade. There's a nice twist in this scene in that we actually get to see "bad boy" Barrett put on the condom before he takes her in the cowgirl position. It's so much better than having it magically appear if you ask me. She also gets some doggy attention, and she looks particularly great with her legs all splayed out in a sort of twisted up missionary. Finally, Barrett delivers a pretty darn good facial to cap off this energetic and sexy scene. It's probably the best scene on the disc as far as my taste for harder edged sex goes.


Scene 6 - Kaylani Lei & Steven St. Croix

Kaylani decides to stop looking for love, and lo and behold she runs into Steven St. Croix. They go on some dates, and spend time together in a courting montage. Before long, they're both in Kaylani's bed together doin' the wild thaing. There's a really great and messy pussy licking sequence here that quite handily turned me on, thank'y'ver'much. It's short and showy, but somehow it works, and Kaylani's beautiful pussy is drool soaked by the end of it. They go through some gentle fucking in doggy, cowgirl, and missionary before Steven spreads a substantial amount of cum all over Kaylani's gorgeous tummy and chest. It goes without saying at this point how good this all looks, but it also sort of goes without saying how... lifeless it all seems. Ah well. I like Kaylani enough that the trade off is well worth it. You might feel differently.



All Access: The Making of Between The Sheets:  26 Mins. More footage of the pretty girls, and some behind the scenes fun.
Bonus Sex Scene with Kaylani Lei, Charmane Star & Brad Armstrong from Eye of the Beholder: 7 Mins. Seven Minutes?! You've got to be kidding me! This is basically a blowjob where Kaylani and Charmane sort of magically switch places in the middle of the action. I'm sure there's some context here that explains what's happening, but I've never seen Eye of the Beholder so I wouldn't know. All I do know is that seven minutes is pretty darn skimpy for a sex scene. I know, I know. It's just a bonus scene. Anyway, Brad ends it by coming on Kaylani's chin.
Trailers: The Collector, One Man's Obsession, Road Trixxx, Shameless, Secrets of the Velvet Ring, Wicked Sex Party #7.
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The girls in this movie are outrageously gorgeous, and what's more, they are beautifully shot as well. That alone makes this one at least worth a look. The lighting is superb, the production values, excellent, and the wardrobe is absolutely beautiful. The added bonus for Kaylani fans is that she is featured in four of the six scenes on the disc. Although Kaylani isn't the most amazing performer I've seen by any stretch of the imagination, she's still more than worth watching in my opinion. Beyond that, Charmane looks as good as she ever has, and her scene with Brad is quite breathtaking from an aesthtic point of view. In terms of energy and well, just good old fashion nasty-factor, my favorite scene on the disc was Kirsten's. It certainly doesn't come anywhere near the crazed intensity of today's gonzo--and I have to admit, in many ways that's a good thing--but it still has an edge that I can appreciate, and once again, Kirsten looks fuckin' yummy.

I know I must sound like a broken record with all this "Wicked looks great, but don't expect much passion" diatribe that I keep harping on, but well... it's true. Wicked makes some GREAT lookin' stuff, and that's why I keep coming back to them. I wish they were a little more adventurous and loose with the sexual escapades, but I suppose that's the price you pay for catering to a bigger, and somewhat more shame-oriented audience than the more brutal gonzo crowd. Ah well. As long as girls like Kaylani, Charmane and Kirsten keep being presented like this, I'll keep watchin'. And besides, sometimes Wicked can surprise you with a real ringer of a sex scene. That didn't necessarily happen here, but hey--you can't expect them to hit a home run every time, right?

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