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Best Of T-Girls, The
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Best Of T-Girls, The

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Compilation , Transsexual
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Drewcifer's ratings for Best Of T-Girls, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Best Of T-Girls, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Best Of T-Girls, The Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Best Of T-Girls, The Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Best Of T-Girls, The Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Best Of T-Girls, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best Of T-Girls, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best Of T-Girls, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Drewcifer  on  3/16/2009
I never know what I'm going to get with tranny porn unfortunately it is often loaded with condoms galore, unshaven assholes and Frankenstein like performers who cant get an erection or ejaculate. This release is a mixed bag there is some bad sex, thankfully no condoms, and at least 1 ugly performer. But there is also some good sex, and kinky variation for those looking for more hardcore tranny porn. Not for the casual viewer of tranny porners there is a fair amount of very hardcore guy-guy sex, including full kissing between men. Which is perfectly fine for some-even expected-but for others may be crossing the line into gay porn. Just so were all on the same page before I begin my review. Extras include a 7 minute behind the scenes, a cumshot recap, photo gallery and website promo. Audio/Video is pretty good-no complaints really. Anabolic is a pretty solid studio in this regard. Hardcore tranny lovers will most likely enjoy this while the casual viewer may not.

Scene Breakdown:

Scene 1 stars Kayla Coxxx (tranny) & Roxy Jezel , and opens with a lot of corny dialogue from Kayla pretending to interview Roxy who’s sitting next to her using a dildo as a pretend microphone. Kayla is one of those trannies you like until she opens her mouth and speaks. Cut to stud sitting on the couch, and Kayla goes down on him while he makes out with Roxy. Then they take turns going down on him. Then the stud and Roxy do a standing 69, while Kayla eats out the stud’s ass. Then they switch to a beautiful doggy fuck (great camera close-ups here) while Kayla goes to the rear and licks his ass. They switch to reverse cowgirl while Kayla does pretty much nothing. After some literal complaining by Kayla for cock, Roxy sits on the stud’s face and Kayla licks off her pussy juice on his cock before climbing atop cowgirl to get fucked in the ass. Kayla switches to reverse cowgirl and then does ATM. Cut to Roxy on top cowgirl and getting it in her ass, with Kayla doing ATM periodically. Then Kayla leans back missionary and takes it up the ass, while the stud fingers Roxy’s perfect pussy. Then Roxy and Kayla get in doggy positions while the stud takes turns drilling their asses. Then Roxy straps on a cock and fucks Kayla in the ass and sucks her cock, while the stud shoves his cock in Kayla’s mouth. Kayla then blows her load mostly over her own belly but partially into Roxy’s mouth, while getting fucked by the stud doggy. The stud pulls out and blows a nice load on both their faces, ending the scene. This could have been an amazing scene, but unfortunately the chemistry between the stud and Roxy is so great that it feels as though Kayla is a 3rd wheel throughout most of this scene; I can’t blame the stud Roxy is grade A fuck material-look for more of her-HOT! 3.5 Stars.

Scene 2 stars Lala, an amazingly beautiful tranny, that you would swear is a woman until she pops out her big dick. The scene opens with Lala teasing and stripping for the camera, and then cuts to her sucking (POV style) the camera man’s cock. She gives pretty good head before the scene cuts to her getting fucked doggy-HOT stuff here. They switch briefly to reverse cowgirl, and then back to doggy again. Then they switch to spoon position, and then back to doggy, before cutting to him cumming (a terrific load) over her open mouth, and the scene fades out. As beautiful as Lala is and a joy to see her fucked in the ass good, there is actual little substance here. The positions are brief and always fall back to doggy, and she never ejaculates or even gets hard for that matter. Poor direction on the behalf of the director. 3 stars.

Scene 3 stars Diana, a cute but “elfy” looking tranny with a big dick. The scene opens with her briefly playing with her junk, and then she finds the stud who is hard and ready for her. She gives some awesome head including licking & sucking his balls, and then does titty-fucking too. The stud doesn’t waste any time and turns her around to fuck her ass standing. She does ATM and then sits on his cock reverse cowgirl for a great ass fucking. She does more ATM and then switches to missionary anal. Then it’s his turn; he lies on his back and takes it missionary up the ass while jerking on his cock. Then they switch to him fucking her from behind standing again. Cut to her jacking and sucking his dick until her blows a small but healthy load everywhere except her mouth. She sucks off his dick and the scene ends. Good scene here, with solid fucking. The chemistry is not as great as I would like it to be between performers, and I would have like to see her cum or even cream pie, but alas, there is nothing. 3.8 stars.

Scene 4 stars Isis, a raven haired (Latina) tranny who starts things off by teasing & stripping for the camera and eventually finds the stud, who she pulls down his pants and slides his cock into her mouth. She gives a great but brief blowjob to before climbing aboard for a reverse cowgirl fucking. She does ATM and then they switch to doggy, and then spoon position, before she does more ATM, and they switch to missionary, where he pumps her ass hard. He pulls out and cums what looks like a few tiny drops of sperm from his cock, and the scene ends. Not really great chemistry here, the sex is not really convincing, and Isis didn’t cum and the stud had a disappointing load at the end. Skip it, 2.5 stars.

Scene 5 stars Danielle Foxx, and 2 studs (!), and things start off with a brief verbal introduction before stud #1 start sucking her limp dick, while stud#2 sucks on her tits. They then take turns bobbing up and down on her now hard cock, and then end up sharing it together in a double blow job. Then she fucks stud # 2 in the ass doggy, while stud #1 does ATM. Then stud #2 climbs aboard for cowgirl fucking while he makes out with stud #1. They switch to missionary, and stud #1 sits on stud#2’s face. Then she fucks stud#1 doggy while he sucked stud#2’s cock. She switches to missionary with stud#1 while stud#2 sucks on his dick and alternates with ATM with Danielle’s dick. Then they switch to reverse cowgirl with stud#1 while stud#2 sucks his cock. Then stud #2 takes hi turn at reverse cowgirl on Danielle’s cock while still sucking stud#1’s dick. Then stud#1 fucks stud#2 doggy, while poor Danielle strokes on her own cock in the corner-lame! Then she decides to fuck stud#1 in the ass while he is fucking #2’s ass, so you have a real pile-on-HOT! Cut to both stud’s jerking off over Danielle, until they each blow a modest but decent load onto her tits; and then she jerks off a small load onto stud#2 tongue. Then the 2 studs start making out and what seems like ignoring poor Danielle-the star of this scene, and the scene fades out. This could’ve been an awesome scene, but fell flat on it’s face because the 2 studs were more into each other than the tranny, whose scene this was supposed to be. They also moved a scene from tranny sex into a completely different genre altogether-guy-guy sex-which there is nothing wrong with, but not the genre we’re supposed to be watching here. 2 stars.

Scene 6 stars Yasmin Lee & Nakita Coxxx, the scene opens with or “friend” Kayla Coxxx (she is really annoying) opening this scene with more crappy dialogue by speaking into her dildo “microphone” and introducing Yasmin (who is very pretty) and Nakita (hit every branch of the ugly tranny tree as she fell from it), and things get started when the 2 studs enter and start blowing their cocks. Then Yasmin starts fucking stud#1 in the ass, while Nakita can’t seem to get hard and blows stud#2. Yasmin & stud#1 do ATM and switch to reverse cowgirl while Nakita and stud#2 seem to have seriously given up and walked out of the scene. Stud#1 does more ATM and rims Yasmin’s asshole, and then takes it missionary. Stud#2 and Nakita are now back on the scene, and he’s giving it to her doggy; then they switch to reverse cowgirl. Then stud#1 sucks Nakita’s dick while taking it doggy from Jasmine. Then stud#2 fucks Nakita in the pile driver position. While Jasmine does the same to stud#1. Nakita does ATM, and then fucks reverse cowgirl while stud#1 sucks her dick. Then Nakita does ATM, and then lets Jasmine fuck stud#2 in the ass until stud#2 comes over and dumps his cum all over stud#1 and Nakita. Then Jasmine blows her load all over stud#2’s face and the scene ends. Jasmine is clearly the star of this scene, and it would have been much better if it was just her and a stud or even the 2 of them. Poor direction, poor chemistry between everyone except Jasmine. 1.5 stars.

Bottom Line: Not for casual viewers of tranny porn, this disc has a lot of guy-guy action; rent or buy if you’re a hardcore tranny fan, suffers from some poor direction.

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