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astroknight Best Of Stocking Secrets 4.5 starsBest Of Stocking Secrets 4.5 starsBest Of Stocking Secrets 4.5 stars
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Best Of Stocking Secrets

Best Of Stocking Secrets

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Compilation , Fetish
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Best Of Stocking Secrets:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Best Of Stocking Secrets overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Best Of Stocking Secrets Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Best Of Stocking Secrets Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Best Of Stocking Secrets Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Best Of Stocking Secrets Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best Of Stocking Secrets DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Best Of Stocking Secrets A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  7/23/2005
Director: Kira Eggers
Camera: ?
Genre: Solo, Stocking fetish, Compilation
Release: 4/05
Notes: Widescreen in 2 scenes

This was my first experience with this series so I didn't know what to expect. I don't normally watch softcore stuff but was eager to see what this one offered because of the beautiful cast.


Best of Stocking Secrets

Sensual Jana Cova grazes her silken legs together and unclasps her garters before dipping her hand beneath the softness of her stockings. A delicate hand shimmers underneath the sheer fabric; the goddess then allowing her hand to wander over her tender regions. She undresses and continues to explore her body with curious hands, cautiously gliding along her femininity. Slinking around on the bed, the goddess finally blows us a kiss.

Ending her conversation with her boyfriend, Penny Flame hangs up the phone. Suddenly, she notices us and her dark doe eyes glance up. "O, its you!" she exclaims and then the goddess draws attention to her sexual bodywear and hosiery. Penny meets with Vanity in the mirror and once again draws attention to her nylons, asking us how we like it, asking us what she should do to herself next. The goddess strips nude and feels her supple flesh, finally bidding us goodbye.

The delicate flower, Terri Summers, slips her boobs out of her lingerie and then traverses the soft plains and hills of her body with smooth hands. She smiles warmly, her glossy lips curling upwards, cordial regard beaming through her eyes. Then the goddess continues to tease, sensually slinking into her white pantyhose. The material clings to her tightly as she shows it off from every angle. Peeling it back down, she releases the smoothness of her bum.

A dazzling vision in lilac, Kira Eggers opens her voluptuous legs, her pink honey snatch naughtily peeking from her fishnets. She kneads her fleshy boobs in between her fingers and then the goddess playfully begins to tug at her pussy hair. "I know you like that," Kira teases and then throws her hips seductively to the sides. She peels her fishnets up and down her body, repeatedly unveiling her rounded bum and the deep angles of her V.

Jelena Jensen coyly peers over her shoulder as our eyes drink in the loveliness of a shapely back. Her bum parts in the middle by her toasty white thong, the folds of flesh perkily jutting. The goddess strokes her nylon laden legs, tantalizing, and then slowly undoes her brassiere. The nipples stand at attention as she gently grazes them with a feathery touch. Seating herself backwards on a chair, her bum spills out over its edge. The lovely goddess then slides off her thong and then the stockings, laying back on the rug in a passive position.

Our eyes move up and down the Tall Goddess, settling for a moment on her precious face as she teases us about how sexy she feels in her lingerie. One by one, she undoes her garter clasps and one by one she reveals her teardrop boobs. "Time for me to take my panties off," the goddess purrs. Then she plucks a silver dildo off the couch and gently slides it along her tender slit. Off come the stockings and in goes the glistening dildo, deep into the moist tunnel of her desire. Softly the goddess moans, a delicate creature so lovely, so content in her arousal.

In her bookworm spectacles, Tiger Lily glances down at us as we stare up along her legs. She plays with her panties, shifting them around on her hips, and then tantalizes with her finger by tracing the back seam of her stockings. Then the goddess pulls her panties to the side, stroking her pink slit. "You want to see my secret?" she asks and pulls her thong all the way down to reveal the V-shaped garden of her pussy fleece. She continues to play with herself and begins to shudder in her throes of passion.

We join Bella Starr as she's hanging up the phone. She eyes us as she moves her hands along her shapely figure, fingers dancing along the smoothness of her tummy. Reclining on the bed, the goddess spreads her thighs to reveal the pink satiny undergarments. Ass pointed to us, she wiggles her hips and slides out of her skirt.

"I just finished a long, hard workout," the goddess Lonnie Waters tells us in her honey sweet voice. Eyes shining underneath the shadow of her visor, she watches us as we watch her feel up the contours of her bust. She raises her arms to pull off her shirt, her gorgeous boobs upturned and plump like juicy strawberries. Pushing her panties down around her thighs, she spins around to flaunt the roundness of her bum. The goddess pulls at it so her pussy peeks out from beneath and then she peels off her socks before pouring bottled water over her body.         

Justine Jolie pulls her foot up to her mouth so she can suck on her pointed heel. Off come the shoes, the goddess showing off her stocking covered feet. She props one leg up on the railing so we can look up at her from underneath. Then she undresses some more and rips her pantyhose apart at the crotch. Diddling herself, the goddess pulls her feet back to her mouth one by one so she can suck her toes. She takes out a purple colored dong and slowly fucks herself in doggy. Reaching the climax of her desire, she stands up and walks up the flight of stairs.  


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The movie gets off to a slow start. I was a bit worried after the first few scenes because I barely saw any skin. It's strange though- the movie gradually gets better and this change is almost perfectly gradual too. The last two scenes with Lonnie and Justine definitely steal the show with the Tall Goddess scene being another favorite. 

There isn't much masturbation here- I was surprised at this. But if you can get over this fact, the movie works quite effectively. The music is great and harmonizes with the beautiful visuals. There's lots of generous stocking and shoe shots. The lingerie is impeccably sexy, the women look like goddesses.... and the camerawork captures it all perfectly.

This movie is 2 hours of teasing. It's not something that I recommend stroking to (unless you are a pure stocking/lingerie fetishist) but in all fairness I don't think that this is the movie's primary purpose. If you want to appreciate and admire the wonders of the female anatomy, get this movie. I really doubt anything else does it all so well.           




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