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Best Of Jason Ridge, The

Best Of Jason Ridge, The

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Best Of Jason Ridge, The:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Best Of Jason Ridge, The overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Best Of Jason Ridge, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Best Of Jason Ridge, The Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Best Of Jason Ridge, The Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Best Of Jason Ridge, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best Of Jason Ridge, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best Of Jason Ridge, The A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  4/23/2005
When Jason Ridge won last year’s Gay VN Award for best newcomer, it was no surprise to those of us who had seen his films. Not pretty-boy handsome nor built like the proverbial brick shithouse, Jason has that mystical quality that makes for film stars. The camera loves him and when he is in a scene he is the one you watch. Some have said he reminds them of Ben Affleck (I don’t think so.). Since I just finished watching the Turner Classic Movies Anthony Quinn Festival, I thought on re-viewing his scenes that he reminded me of the young Quinn. The truth is, he looks like Jason Ridge. He has a quiet charisma and he’s damned sexy. Seeing his first time on film again, a solo from RED DEVIL SOLOS: CHICAGO one knows why Jett Blakk, director and founder of Red Devil Entertainment, snatched him up to be put under contract for future films. Jason takes him time; he strokes his dick slowly and sensuously, driving the viewer wild. At one point we see a close-up of his ass that makes one want to go up and mount the TV.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. THE BEST OF JASON RIDGE is a compilation of some of the scenes he has done for Red Devil plus a never-before-seen encounter with the legendary Chad Hunt and his monster cock. The scenes are interspersed with an interview conducted by Jason Sechrest who was new to me. Sechrest is an ebullient spiky-haired young man who operates a Website devoted to porn stars of both sexes. Although he’s a bit much at times, his extrovertish personality serves as a sharp contrast to Ridge’s shy, retiring one. A quality that makes Ridge even more attractive. In his opening interview we learn that this Tampa native who left at an early age for Chicago, saw his first gay porn film at an age when he shouldn’t and knew he was gay even earlier. It was in Chicago, of course, that he first met Jett Blakk. His first time on film (the solo mentioned earlier) follows.

From a supporting role in the company’s first full-length film which is not included here (Red Devil makes films, not videos) Jason quickly graduated to star billing in their next venture, NASTY NASTY, in which he played a dual role of a good and bad twin. We see two excerpts from this film, a hot t-room scene with Paul Johnson and a cleverly edited scene in which it appears that Jason is having sex with himself. The Johnson-Ridge scene begins with a passionate kiss followed by Paul dropping to his knees to suck down Jason’s cock When it’s Jason’s turn he pulls down Paul’s briefs and the big dick springs out. Jason goes to work on it until it’s time for him to get fucked. As Jason leans over the bathroom sink, Paul enters him. Jason’s own cock is rock-hard as Paul penetrates him. Then as Jason sits on the sink, Paul sits on Jason. Paul dismounts only to mount Jason in the missionary position. The flip-flop continues with Paul now lying on the sink and Jason plowing him. Paul shoots his load while Jason is still fucking him. It’s a wild sex scene, that contrasts beautifully with the romantic flip-flop from CANVAS that follows.

In this excerpt from CANVAS (an exceptionally fine film incidentally) Jason is paired with Rob Romoni. Their scene takes place on the floor. It’s the reverse of the Johnson-Ridge coupling in that this one is languorous and tender. Jason is the first to give head. Is he good at it? Yes. When both are naked, Jason lies atop Romoni for some deep kissing. When it’s Rob’s turn to suck dick he gives as good as he got. He then turns his attention to Jason’s enticing ass, running his tongue right in there.

“Trust me?” Rob asks.
“Yes,” Jason replies. Then seeing Rob with the condom, he hesitates, “I don’t know.”
So Rob puts the condom on Jason and sits down on his dick. Later Rob—on his knees, leans over the coffee table for Jason to enter him in that position. Having now lost his initial reluctance, Jason lies on his back and allows Rob to enter him. It concludes with them lying side-by-side jacking each other off.

After a discussion of Jason’s award as Best Newcomer and his disappointment in not wining Best Actor we see the scene where Jason playing both the good and evil twin had sex with himself in NASTY NASTY. Thanks to knowledgeable direction, expert editing, and the stunt dick and ass of Danny Rhymes (another hot performer) the scene is a delight.

The next scene is the one that’s never been seen before: Jason Ridge meets the colossal cock of Chad Hunt. “I had to practice with it,” Jason tells Sechrest. Both are naked on a bed as the scene opens. Chad is on his knees. Jason is lying on his stomach; Chad’s monster cock is in his mouth. The camera angle giving us a tantalizing view of Jason’s pleasing ass (does anyone in porn have a more beautiful one?) indicates to us where Chad’s cock is going to end up. Meanwhile Jason is trying to take it orally. As Chad now lies back and the camera moves to a position above his head, the cock looks even more enormous. My god, but it’s a big dick! It’s never looked bigger on film. Jett Blakk knows just how to photograph it. Jason’s mouth must stretch to accommodate the giant. Jason turns around and presents his ass to it. As Chad runs the huge member up and down Jason’s crack, we think what a small hole for such a large cock. Chad lubes the hole with his tongue as Jason continues to lube Chad’s cock by sucking as much of it as is humanly possible. Before the inevitable however, Jason stands by the bed allowing Chad to suck his cock awhile. The time has come. Jason is in the doggy position on the bed as Chad slowly enters him.

“OH, fuck!” Jason exclaims. Yes, Jason, that’s exactly what he’s doing.
“OH, YEAH!” he calls out when Chad has entered him completely.
Changing positions, Jason prepares to sit down on the monument. Down he goes, bit by bit, until it’s all in and his buns are resting on Chad’s pelvis. It’s in the following sidesaddle position that Chad really drives his cock home. Jason’s cock is stiff as his ass is filled with the plunging reamer, and this normally shy boy has never been this vocal in a fuck scene previously. When Jason cums, Chad is drilling him in the missionary position. Chad’s own load is worthy of that great cock.

Sechrest now decides to end the film and interview with the series of questions posed to performers at the Actor’s Studio: what’s your favorite sound, etc. It will amuse you as to what Jason’s lest favorite word is, a word he utters with extreme disgust. (Suffice it to say, we will not be seeing this performer cross over to straight porn or even venture into a bisexual one.)

It’s often a misnomer to call anything The Best of, but even though Jason has now expanded his career to work with other studios (something this viewer hoped would happen) it is quite true that his best work to date has been done with Jett Blakk and Red Devil. If you are not familiar with this actor and studio, this is an excellent introduction to this talented performer and certainly to Red Devil and their ambitious films. (Check them out if you haven’t.) If you are a Jason Ridge fan it’s a must. And, in any event, the scene with Jason and Chad is sufficient reason to shell out those bucks.

In one of the interview segments Jason stated his desire to move his film career from porn into the mainstream. In this bigoted age where bible pounders seem to fear fags more than they fear their god and totally pervert the Christian message it would seem the odds are against him. Nevertheless, we hope he may.

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