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Best of Colt 1 & 2, The

Best of Colt 1 & 2, The

Studio: Buck Shot
Category:  Gay

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joeblow69's ratings for Best of Colt 1 & 2, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Best of Colt 1 & 2, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Best of Colt 1 & 2, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Best of Colt 1 & 2, The Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Best of Colt 1 & 2, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Best of Colt 1 & 2, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best of Colt 1 & 2, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best of Colt 1 & 2, The A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  1/23/2001
Sometimes I think I was born at the wrong time. I didn’t turn 18 until until 1992, and by then, porn had pretty much turned all condom. So, for the past few years, I’ve been delving back into the porno vaults, trying to get a glimpse at what I missed. Finding good pre-condom movies turned out to be pretty easy. Finding good pre-condom DVDs, however, has been an exercise in futility.

So when I finally got my hands on the Best of COLT parts 1 & 2, I whispered a short prayer to the Lord above and pleaded for some hot pre- condom action. Miraculously, the big guy came through! Not only did He deliver well-lit bareback sex and oral cumshots, but He also filled the scenes with the kind of big beefy guys that make my loins quiver! The video quality is a little lacking, but I guess there are limits even to His power.

The Best of COLT is a compilation of sex scenes, which look like they were originally shot on 16mm film back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. There are no original sounds (grunts and groans) in any of the scenes, just your basic cheesy porn music. About ¾ of the scenes have anal sex, but it is almost never the focus of the scene. There aren’t any of the gynecological in/out penetration close-ups that you see so much in modern porn. For some reason, this made the fuck- sessions seem even more erotic to me. There are 11 scenes total, with each one running about 10 minutes.

Killer and Butch
Two big muscular guys (a blond and a brunette) take a break from working on their Harley and throw back some beers. They spend some time running their hands all over each other’s bodies before the sucking begins. Eventually, the blond gets fucked, though I didn’t see any actual penetration, so who knows? Still, a very hot scene.

Gym Nasties
This beginning of this scene cracked me up… one of the guys is jumping rope, but his shorts are way too short, and his wiener is flapping up and down all over the place. The guy working out next to him notices this, and sneaks on over to get a hand on the situation. The fuck for a while, (still, no real close-ups) then one of the guys jerks them both off to climax.

Coming to the End
Rocco is busy lathering himself up in the shower while Nick lounges right outside reading a magazine. Both are built, mustached, and have large cocks. They suck each other for quite a while, but just when I thought this was going to be an all-oral scene, one of the guys throws his legs up in the air and gets porked. The scene ends with Nick’s big uncut cock splooging all over Rocco’s wide-open mouth. Nice!

Playing with Danger
An ultra-butch cop stops by Jack’s house to use his phone, but Jack distracts the copper by fondling his nightstick. The two quickly get naked and start getting nasty. The cop sure is packing some heat! Damn! Jack gets a little over- excited and blows his load early on, but it’s okay, since the cop catches it on his tongue! The hot copper then jacks off and blows his load all over his own face. This is the first of the oral-only scenes.

The Big Box
Julio (the only black guy on this DVD) stops by a plush mansion to deliver a big box. No one answers the door, so he sneaks into the backyard where he finds the owner naked by the pool, jacking off. Julio has a nice furry ass, and Lars seems to really enjoy lapping it up. After a little cock sucking, Lars ends up getting his ass slammed with that big black.

After the fifth scene, you get sent back to the main menu, where you need to manually start up Volume 2. It would have been nice if the first scene from Volume 2 started automatically after the last scene of Volume 1. Oh well.

The Long Rangers
Two rangers head out into the wild to find a nice spot to get cozy. God, I love a man in uniform! Most of the action here is oral, but we do get a little bit of anal entry near the end. Each guy cums twice, with one of those cumshots landing directly on a ranger’s mouth. Hot!

Ok, the setup for this scene is pretty corny. Two guys break into someone’s house and decide to all-oral party on their couch. I’ll cut them some slack, though, since they both have HUGE cocks. This is what I love about this flick: no one closes their mouths when they are getting cum on. One of these prowlers has his mouth open as wide as he can, trying to catch every drop of cum. You just don’t see that sort of cumhungry behavior anymore.

Sun Strokes
Two guys make out in a hammock out in the sun. Even though the credits say otherwise, one of them is 80’s superstar J.W. King! After the requisite sucking and rimming, J.W. fucks his buddy then the two jack off.

One More Time
Mark and Rocco are outside sunbathing when Mark reaches over and starts massing Rocco’s arm. This is another of the big-cock-all-oral-fest scenes. Rocco’s uncut monster is truly magnificent! Mark only manages to taste a few drops of Rocco’s cumshots, but does his best to clean up that cum-covered cock with his tongue.

Military Pass
A rich foreigner picks up a hunky military hitchhiker and takes him back to his mansion. The hitchhiker is very thankful for the hospitality, and repays him the only way he can… with a nice stiff dick up his ass!

Hard at work
In the final scene, a white collar guy takes a break from working at home to invite his gardener in for a drink. The gardener can take a hint, and whips out his boss’s cock. Whoa! That has got to be the longest dick I have ever seen on a white man! Talk about your two fisters! Too bad this is another all-oral scene… I would have loved to see the gardener try to take that python up his ass!

So there you have it. Eleven hot scenes of real men having real sex. Make no mistakes; there are no twinkie boys here. These are all older, manly- men, with great big man-sized cocks. Some of the hairdos, mustaches, and outfits are decidedly retro, but I am more than willing to put up with that as long as I can see big muscly guys fucking bareback. And The Best of COLT Parts 1 & 2 delivers that in spades. I can’t wait to see parts 3 through 6!

DVD courtesy of Colt Studio

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