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Best By Private 65: Anal Madness

Best By Private 65: Anal Madness

Studio: Private
Category:  Anal , Compilation , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Best By Private 65: Anal Madness:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Best By Private 65: Anal Madness overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Best By Private 65: Anal Madness Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Best By Private 65: Anal Madness Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Best By Private 65: Anal Madness Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Best By Private 65: Anal Madness Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best By Private 65: Anal Madness DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Best By Private 65: Anal Madness A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  4/15/2005
Best by Private: Anal Madness

Initial Thoughts: Although I've seen more than my share of them, I'm normaly not that big a fan of compilation titles, however, Private with thier "Private Life Of..." series, puts out in my view the best compilations in the biz, and are making me a fan of compilations, that, and I was fairly happy with another Best by Private disc I saw a while back, so I decided to give this one a try. It's solid, but unspectacular, with Monica Sweetheart and Katsumi leading the cast, and several other top flight ladies, the cast is pretty strong but it's missing a fair number of top Private girls too. There are a few very good scenes, and a couple so so ordeals, the material is as old as 11 years, and only as new as 2 years old, so despite the fact that this was released just a few weeks ago, some will think this material is a bit dated, but it does give a good look throughout the past decade or so of Private's anal scenes. It's only a 2 hour plus compilation, and the extras are lackluster at best, but it's a fair effort and worth a look if you haven't seen much from the catalog.

Technical Considerations: The actual scene specifics vary greatly with all sorts of age and directors placing parameters on thier quality. Generally though it's all on the good side and picture quality and sound are clear and crisp, the editing is occasionally a bit here and there as things jump around sometimes, but the disc is well done. The menu's are well put together and easy to use, although I personally think the font on the text is horrible and while it may not be a big thing, if you have a smaller TV, I imagine it may be difficult to read some of the type.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Monica Sweetheart and Tony De Sergio, Steve Hooper from "Sluts in the Sun"

Duration: 17:24 mins

Position Chronology: Outside on a patio, teasing, interview, stripping, teasing, crawling, she sucks and jerks both guys, doggy vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl vag, spoon vag, Tony fingers her pussy while she sucks Steve, missionary vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl anal/BJ, reverse cowgirl double penetration, ATM/PTM, cowgirl double penetration, ATM, facials.

Scene Thoughts: There may be no hotter thing on earth, than Monica Sweetheart glistening with sweat out in the sun. Monica looks stellar as she teases the two guys in deck chairs. This scene was shot with a home movie kind of feel to it and there are mulitple shots with the camera edging in view to enhance the fact. Monica puts on a great show in this scene, she is super cute and bubbly and is one of the big reasons this disc is worth watching. Chemistry is decent and it's a fun and lighthearted feel to the scene, a decent double facial for Monica and she smiles and relishes the mess as the sun glistens off her body. Hot stuff.

Scene 2: Sarah O'neal and Gabriel Montoya from "Trust No One"

Duration: 12:11 mins

Position Chronology: Solo anal dildoing, solo toy DP, missionary anal, reverse cowgirl anal, doggy anal, solo vag dildo, facial, bj cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Sarah is one hot Brunette, and she has this very hot kind of sultry attitude to this scene. Good energetic sex, not the greatest of chemistry though, but a pretty good little quicky fuck after Sarah gets caught while she is double penetrating her tight little holes. So So facial.

Scene 3: Patricia Diamond, Kyra and Chocky Ice from " Alpine Sex"

Duration: 18:26 mins

Position Chronology: Out on the slopes, girls stroke him, BJ from Patricia, BJ, from Kyra, stripping, Kyra gets doggy anal, ATOGM from Patricia, doggy anal for Kyra, reverse cowgirl anal for Patricia, ATOGM for Kyra, girls kiss, raised leg missionary anal for Kyra, ATOGM for Patricia, both girls suck his cock, facial for Patricia, BJ cleanup from both girls. girls kiss.

Scene Thoughts: You don't see too many scenes in the snow, and that's sad really, but luckily we have one here, and after some scenic skiing in the alps, the three stop on a big log and decide to take a little break for sex. Much of the scene the girls have atleast part of thier clothes on which is hot, the chemistry and energy are decent but not spectacular, and the facial was pretty meager. Good sites though and both girls were very sexy and put in a decent effort and sealed things with a cum covered kiss.

Scene 4: Channone, Monikat, and Jean Yves Lecastel, Stan from "The Tower"

Duration: 15:10 mins

Position Chronology: BJs, guys get a few quick licks on the girls pussies, Monikat gets it doggy vag on the couch, Channone gets missionary vag, cowgirl vag for Monikat, reverse cowgirl vag for Channone, Channone gets eaten out by Monikat who is getting fucked spoon vag, Channone blows guy, reverse cowgirl anal for Monikat, Channone gets doggy anal, reverse cowgirl double penetration for Monikat, cowgirl DP for Channone while she licks Monikat, Monikat sucks Stan, channone rever cowgirl anal then cowgirl anal, girls share BJ with Channone getting reverse cowgirl anal, Stan cums on Channone's face, Jean Yves facials both girls, BJ cleanup from both girls.

Scene Thoughts: A bit of a blast from the past with this one, but a good scene, Channone is just a sweet looking knockout, and Monikat puts in a strong effort with plenty of energy, they take about 14 seconds to get to know one another before the screwing begins, but that's the beauty of porn, the girls just get down to sucking some schlong. The scene feels kind of like many of those middle nineties half assed porn scenes though, there are times when things are just kind of ho hum, but there are a few moments of some genuine good energy too, and the facials are hotly shot as Channone gets gooed and the girls grovel on some cum covered cock, not a bad scene.

Scene 5: Katsumi and Alex Sanders from "A Woman's Ass is A Beautiful Thing"

Duration: 24:33 mins

Position Chronology: Pink outfit, posing and teasing on the stairs, BJ, kissing, deepthroat, standing doggy anal, doggy anal, sideways anal,reverse cowgirl anal, BJ, face fucking, piledriver anal, missionary anal, piledriver anal, anal gaping, he fingers her ass, he cums in her asshole, she finger feeds herself some cum.

Scene Thoughts: This was a suprisingly hot scene, Katsumi puts on a very hot tease in a very sexy pink vinyl outfit on the stairs, and she slowly walks and crawls up them and then puts on a bit of a display of her flexiblity, her and Alex have pretty good chemistry together, and both work up a bit of a sweat as they fuck each other hard on the couch, good anal action and a good load in Katsumi's ass, this is one of those scenes that start to show off her potential, and considering how great and nasty she can be with a whole group of guys and whatever she gets thrown at her, it was a great showing in a more intimate scene.

Scene 6: Lea De Mae, Jane Darling and Micky Blue, Ramon Nomar from "Snow Sluts"

Duration: 14:35 mins

Position Chronology: Outdoors, kissing, teasing, Jane - Tit play, Lea give head, stripping, kissing, Jane gets titfucked, both girls give head, indoors, girs kiss each others tits, Lea gets missionary vag, girls team up for BJ, PTOGM from Jane, doggy vag for Jane, reverse cowgirl vag for Lea, Jane does PTOGM, side by side doggy anal for both girls, sideways anal for Lea, spoon anal for Jane, each girl gets a facial, the girls kiss and give some post cum head.

Scene Thoughts: This is the first Lea De Mae scene I have seen since her sad and untimely passing, and it still bothers me a bit, but on the plus side of things, this is a fantastic scene to remember her beauty and on screen sexual abilities. Her and Jane look just unbelievable and ultra sexy out on a patio when the action starts, and thier soft sexy bodies are soon exposed and the thier breasts get played with to thier greatest abilities. The energy in this scene is very good, and there is quite a bit of chemistry between the girls and their partners, and thier not afraid to get into it with each other a bit too. Very good facial for Jane, and a good scene.

Scene 7: Janet, Silvia Lancome and Andrea Maranti from "Private Reality 24: Sex Addicts"

Duration: 21:31 mins

Position Chronology: The girls partially strip him, shared blowjob, kissing, tease for the camera, reverse cowgirl vag for Janet, Silvia gets snacked on, Silvia licks Janet's pussy, cowgirl vag for Janet, Silvia rides Andrea's face, standing doggy vag, doggy anal, double stacked girls, doggy anal for both, Leather swing, Janet gets missionary anal in the swing, Silvia eats her out in sixty nine, and does ATOGM. He pulls out and jerks off on Silvia's face and Janet's pussy.

Scene Thoughts: Andrea is a reporter and the girls drag him into this dark kind of dungeon like room, sort of like a torture room, but just another one of those dark sex room deals you see all over European clubs. Anyway, the lighting is dark, the camera work is difficult to tell which girl is getting what at times, but the energy is decent, and the chemistry is not too bad either, although things seem a little too drawn out at times. A pretty good scene though overall with a pretty hot facial for Silvia on top of Janet in the swing.

Scene 8: Dita and David Perry from "Anal Revenge"

Duration: 14:21 mins

Position Chronology: In a bedroom, kissing, breast sucking, he strips her, he licks her ass and gives her finger PTM, she sucks his cock, spoon vag, anal fingering, spoon anal, anal cowgirl, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Pretty much a wam, bam, thank you mam, kind of scene here, they come together on the bed, and go right to it, decent chemistry in this one, the energy kind of comes and goes, but a pretty good effort, and Dita is pretty much the idea of a monster titted blonde, good gooey facial to finish off the scene, Dita relishes it and sucks his cock a little post man batter pasting.

Scene 9: Judith Grant and Jean Yves Lecastel from "Profession: Porn Actress"

Duration: 9:07 mins

Position Chronology: Doctor's office, vaginal exam, he fingers her pussy and fingers her ass, missionary anal, he licks and fondles her tits, doggy vag, doggy anal, reverse cowgirl anal, standing doggy vag, titfucking, BJ, she strokes him off all over neck and face.

Scene Thoughts: Judith goes in to the doctor's office and gets an exam before the doc takes things a bit further and shoves his cock up her ass. They move through a lot of positions in a very short amount of time, and there is some stylized editing showing Judith licking her lips during much of the scene that gets rather aggrevating, the scene is pretty much a hump and pump until the man chowder starts flying all over the exam room, and mainly onto Judith's neck. Decent scene but a bit of a weak ending to the disc.

Extra Stuff

Cast: Private biographies for each of the ladies in on the disc

Photobook: Pics from the various scenes

Trailers: "Anal Madness", "The Private Life of Stacy Silver", Private Penthouse Greatest Moments 2", "XXX 7". Castings X 38", "Millionare", "

Other Extras: Production Notes and Private Info

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

As compilations go, this really was a pretty decent disc, but it always gets me a bit when titles are called "Best of" or along those lines, and yeah some of these scenes are pretty good, but thier not a best of anal action from Private, in some cases some of these stars even had better scenes for Private, so in those regards, I am a bit frustrated, but if your looking for some Private style sex, and you like things geared towards anal, this one is pretty good, it's worth a rental anyway, I would say take it from there. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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