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Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers

Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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baskkk2003's ratings for Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by baskkk2003  on  10/11/2005
Review of ‘Cum Suckers’

'Cum Suckers' is a cumshot compilation from Private, with selections ranging across a number of Private directors and stars. Apparently the directors were asked to nominate some of their own favourite moments for inclusion.

The movie is arranged in five 'scenes', each one comprising sequences from several films. The source of every sequence is given in the film's 'Production Notes', together with the identities of the stars, but where the source is a 'short' rather than a feature film only the title of the vignette is given - not the title of the DVD.

Each sequence is about three minutes long, comprising edited highlights of the original scene with sex in various positions before the cumshot itself. Thus the viewer has the chance to get a good look at each girl and acquire 'a sense of her' before she is blasted with cum. There are plenty of DPs on offer, pussy fucking and anal, and in most cases the grand climax is a facial.

I'd recommend this compilation, even if you already own a number of the Private films from which the sequences are sourced. Seeing them all edited together like this is a heady experience, and the film gains an arousing momentum.

It was good to see 'Cum Suckers' following soon after 'Blowjob Mania', another Private compilation. Some viewers may have been disappointed by the relative lack of climaxes in 'Blowjob Mania', or misunderstood where the emphasis of that particular compilation lies. The clips in 'Blowjob Mania' are often confined to sequences of girls giving good head, leaving that as an end in itself, without cutting forward to the cumshot as well. This is all well and good - at least as far as I am concerned - but in the case of 'Cum Suckers' there is cum aplenty and no mistake, for that's what this compilation is all about!

Since 'Cum Suckers' Private has launched a new range, 'Cum On My Face', in which all the material is original rather than a compilation of past triumphs. This new series is more firmly based in the American genre of short blowjob / cumshot scenes.

An earlier reviewer of 'Cum Suckers' has commented that he wishes there was more readily available information on the DVD to help ID all the European starlets. Hopefully the following scene-by-scene notes will be of use. The IDs are based on the text in the disc’s 'Production Notes', but they also draw from my own familiarity with Private material as a committed but independent fan.

Scene 1

'Funky Fetish Horror Show'

Vanda, Barbara and Leslie Taylor perform in a fantasy warehose, lit with blue neon and disco strobe. They're wearing exotic fetish costumes and make-up. Barbara's cyber-dollybird image is slutty and goes well alongside Vanda's more tender, refined look. There's some nice tongue action from both girls. Vanda assists Leslie as he wanks off into Barbara's face. The girls take it in turn to wink directly at the camera before the fade-out.

‘Amanda's Diary: 4'

There's lots of flowing blonde hair in this sequence, featuring Cassandra Wild and Monique Covet. The intensity of Max Cortes' pleasure really comes across as these sex
goddesses coax the cum from his balls.

'Trust No One'

Starlet Sarah is wearing black, thigh-high boots. Gabriel Montoya plugs her in the ass in three different positions before giving her a facial. Sarah's blowjob technique includes use of her teeth on the bell-end and a long post-cumshot suck.

'Sex Shot'

A classic sequence from Antonio Adamo, with all the trademark features of his style. It's the one where Elone fucks Laura Angel in a simulated downpour of rain. Highlights include the shots of Laura's smooth, ample haunches and her rogered arse, the post-cumshot play of her wicked tongue, and her devilishly filthy looks to the camera.

'Pleasure Island'

Soffia Gently is fucked on a boat by Tony De Sergio. Their moans of pleasure combine with the relaxing sounds of birds singing and the waves lapping against the boat. Soffia has had her pubic hair shaved into a stylish little 'V' motif above her pussy. Tony acquits himself well with a nice sloppy discharge on her face.

'Riviera 2'

Ian Scott enjoys the gorgeous Henriette Blonde in a variety of positions, including some tight anal. Just before the cumshot there's a cut to a nearby butterfly frenziedly fluttering its colourful wings. This becomes a symbol of the sexual climax - the moment of ecstasy just before an ejaculation - and it's a typical stylish touch by Pierre Woodman. The clip is rich in colour - Ian's cream looks great against Henriette's lightly tanned skin, her piercing blue eyes and her strawberry blonde hair.

'In The Arms Of Evil'

Time for a scene of poolside pleasure with Mandy Bright, Jodie Moore, Philippe Dean and Alberto Rey. Mandy looks particularly ravishing in this one. A range of positions are sampled, including Mandy's DP. This is another Antonio Adamo serving, and we are treated to rhythmic alternations between skip-frame, slow-mo sequences and sequences shown in real time. The cumshot composition is arranged with artistic flair. Mandy and Jodie are back-to-back as each one works her guy off and gets a facial; then as the studs withdraw the girls turn to face each other and have a post-cumshot smooch, their left tits mashing together. Alberto Rey's spray-gun speciality is seen from different angles.

'Kruger Park'

Foxy Russian brunette Diane is more than woman enough to take on Akim, Jean Yves Lecastel and Richard Langin all at once. She gives each guy a warm look, as if inviting him to give it his best shot before he unloads over her pretty face. The sequence moves apace, set to a chirpy, comic mamba track.


Michelle Wild relishes a DP, courtesy of Steve Hooper and Ian Scott. She takes a serious splashing from both guys, with the cum trickling down her face. I think she swallows some spunk as well, in between the two ejaculations. It's just a pity that she's wearing an unconvincing ginger wig.

Scene 2

'Riviera 3'

Zoltan, Victor, Andor and Daniel are all rock-hard and ready, leaving blonde Katy and raven-haired Monica with two cocks each to enjoy. Monica is a fleshy girl with huge, swinging breasts. Her violet eye-shadow is striking against the jet black of her hair, and her overall image puts me in mind of a pornstar look typical of the seventies. Each girl gets cummed on twice. The most amusing cumshot is the first, where a bead of jism lands on the tip of Katy's nose. The fourth cumshot is a good one, too: at the last moment, the guy reaches out to hold Monica's head firmly in place so he can be sure of his aim and spurt into her mouth...


Myli, Kyra and Julia have fun sharing (i) a blue strap-on dildo and (ii) Ian Scott. Ian jerks off into Myli's wide-open mouth while Kyra and Julia wait below. Myli takes her time to suck every last drop of cum from Ian's swollen cock before slowly descending to her friends and releasing the jism from her mouth onto their faces. The scene fades out with the girls enjoying some very sticky kissing.

'Riviera 3'

Carla and Sharon Bright bring Pascal St. James to a shattering climax. Pierre Woodman fully exploits the sexy contrast in looks between dusky Carla and the blonde Sharon by having the girls press their faces together for the finale. Pascal spurts a fountain of cum high over the girls' heads and Sharon gets some of the jism in her mouth. Cheek-to-cheek, the girls lap away at the wet bell-end in front of them and look up at the camera saucily. One of the lights used for the scene is violet - a subtle effect which works well on this occasion, contributing a chintzy charm to the action rather than bathing everything in gaudy colour.

'Sex Experiment'

The original scene from which this sequence is sourced is well worth looking at in its entirety - i.e. on 'The Sex Experiment' DVD - because the context is very sexy indeed. Mandy Bright and Nikita play uniformed prison wardens who release George Uhl and Frank Gun from their cells in order to dominate them. Mandy's performance as a cock-hungry dominatrix in the build-up of the scene is breathtaking, but 'Cum Suckers' picks up the action from the point where she's applying a nasty deep throat to her captive man. The girls lose their kinky uniforms as the sequence progresses and they get properly fucked. The finale involves each girl receiving a generous spray to the mouth, and Antonio Adamo makes the most of these cumshots by using slo-mo in his customary langourous style.

'The Angry Lover'

This sequence begins with a close-up of Toni Ribas literally ripping off Jodie Moore's knickers. He bundles her around and manhandles her in a way which makes this frisky blonde smile and laugh out loud. A particularly impressive position is the one where Toni is standing up and Jodie has her thighs clamped around his head - she sucks on his cock while upside down! When he finally cums on her face, the jism decorates her cheeks like tear stains. She deep throats his still-stiff cock while he tugs at her long blonde hair.

'Exotic Illusions'

This is a superlative orgy sequence from Pierre Woodman, featuring a bevy of sweet young girls who all work hard to bring James Brossman, Alberto Rey, Arpad and Karl Ben to the summit of sexual joy. The girls fuck in an exciting range of positions before we get to the cumshots. First up is Denisa: she receives a facial spray courtesy of Alberto.
The camera pans across to James Brossman, who is reclining in a chair while Kristina rides his cock, face to the viewer. Kristina is a hot little chick with layered blonde hair who rather reminds me of Britney Spears. While Kristina is bouncing her butt up and down on James's cock, she's getting her right nipple sucked by Lisa Pinelli, and the delectable Erika is sitting between James's parted thighs and flicking her tongue around his balls. The three girls suddenly draw back and arrange themselves so that their faces are all close around James's cock, while he jerks himself off to a spectacular orgasm. Kristina is on the left, Erika is in the middle and Lisa is on the right.

At precisely the moment when Kristina chooses to look up at James with a dirty little half-smile, he splatters her cheek with a torrent of thick cum, causing her to close her eyes tight and gasp with surprise. A millisecond later he fires another streak of cum against Erika's face, hitting the girl with such force that the load bounces off her at amazing speed and flies away, to land somewhere out-of-frame. A fraction of a second more, and James fires round three in Lisa's direction, leaving a trail of cum up and down her face and in her hair.

James hasn't finished yet, though: he carries on hosing the girls, arcing his spurting cock in front of their pretty faces. The final bead is a direct hit on Erika's cheek at the very instant that she's choosing to lean forward to start sucking on the cock. The other two girls join in, with Kristina ensuring that she, too, gives James's tool a good post-cumshot guzzle, while Lisa laps away at his balls and at the root of his prick with her very eager tongue. Wow!

There's more to come. A guy lies on his back while Sunny Blue crouches over him to bring him off in her mouth. Katalin straddles his chest and leans forward to fellate a second guy standing upright in front of her. The camera zooms in on Sunny at work. She is jerking off the outstretched guy with an easy, rapid rhythm and flicking her tongue around his bell-end. Sunny's golden hair brushes against Katalin's swaying bum and falls down to the guy's belly. He spurts into her mouth. Like a good girl, Sunny keeps up an enthusiastic pace until she's lapped up every last drop of cum.

Woodman cuts to a high-angle close-up on Katalin's face as she finishes off the final guy. Katalin has the good looks typical of an Hungarian beauty: light blue eyes, pale skin and jetblack hair. The guy spurts over her tongue and she then takes her time to suck him clean. She glances up at him a few times, steadily, to monitor the effect she's having on him, then she switches her gaze towards us. Her eyes narrow in an expression of smiling friendliness as the scene fades out.


Mercedes and Nacho Vidal star in this scene from one of Antonio Adamo's best ever Private-Penthouse movies. The sequence begins with some extreme close-ups of Mercedes running her mouth over Nacho's cock and gazing at the camera with her beautiful brown eyes. She does a cowgirl then takes it in the butt in the doggy position. The cumshot is a no-hands special, with Nacho's monster cock twitching against Mecedes' open mouth as he spurts his thick cum. Adamo milks the post-cumshot play for all it's worth. He indulges some slow-motion, close-up coverage of Mercedes' cum-splashed tits, and he zeroes in on her lips, all wet with goo at the corners, as she wraps them around Nacho's spent member for a last, long suck. The entire sequence moves in a slow, sensual rhythm, and every aspect of the production is masterly.

'Exotic Illusions 2'

James Brossman and Mashruka make out on a boulder by the sea-shore. (The 'Cum Suckers' Production Notes erroneously identify this girl as Melody Kord.) Mashruka is a sun-kissed, blue-eyed, long-haired blonde, and it's a joy to watch James fuck this eighteen-year-old in the ass and in her pussy. The cumshot is a facial with Mashruka squatting in front of James on the boulder. What James does to Mashruka's pretty face has to be seen to be believed! It's like watching a master chef squeeze icing on a birthday cake. James layers huge dollops of cum all over her cheek. The thick creamy trails cover her face in a maze, and big blobs of jism begin to roll off her chin! If 'Cum Suckers' is intended to showcase some of Private's best ever cumshots, then I'd nominate James Brossman as the all-time King of Cum!

'The Bride Wore Black'

The late Lea De Mae stars with David Perry in a scene from a Frank Thring movie. The scene has all the features of Frank Thring at his best. Lea De Mae was an expert performer with oodles of on-screen charisma, and watching this sequence now serves only to remind us how much she is missed.

Scene 3

'The Matador' #3

Kathy is fucked in the backyard on a sunny day. Her hair is plaited in pig-tails and these are tied with pretty pink bands. The sequence is from a Jean-Yves Lecastel 'Matador' movie, so before the pop-shot we're treated to a zoom-in on the girl's gaping anus and a close-up of a tight dp. David Perry sprinkles Kathy's face with his spunk and the droplets sparkle in the sunlight. Jean-Pierre Armand allows the girl plenty of time to suck David clean before guiding her head in his own direction and shooting his cum on her face and in her mouth.


This tropical beach scene has a picture-postcard quality. Elza Brown is a sun-kissed, wind-swept blonde who brings Sebastian Barrio to an orgasm against a background of palm trees, white sand and blue sea. The sequence is notable for the long and loving attention Elza gives Sebastian after he has shot his load. Their repeated kissing is especially romantic.

'Private XXX' #9

Antonio Adamo serves up this scene as a 'white trash / black splash' fantasy. Dolly Golden definitely has a dolly-bird look - her golden hair is dramatically styled in sweeping ringlets - and the brown of her eye shadow and the pencil line around her lipstick matches nicely the colour of Joachim's huge cock. Joachim unloads over Dolly's tongue and chin and she fixes her gaze on the camera throughout her follow-up to the cumshot.

'The Matador' #3

More anal antics from Jean-Yves Lecastel. Robert Rosenberg fingers Suzi Nero's butt while he screws her in the doggy position. Then he lies back in a wheelbarrow and fucks Suzi in the ass while she throws back her legs and bounces up and down on him in the reverse cowgirl position. She waggles her cunt around in front of the camera for a horny close-up. Blades of grass from within the wheelbarrow stick to the underside of her buttocks and around her orifices. Robert cums on her face and then she turns to the camera and says something sexy but incomprehensible. (The line is something similar to "I lurve to fuck for Private", which occasionally girls used to purr at the end of their scenes in the 'Private Stories' series.)

'Hell, Whores And High Heels'

Nataly Dune, Georgette, Layla, Robert Rosenberg, Kevin Long and Tony De Sergio appear in a sequence lashed together from Tanya Hyde's flashy fetish number, 'The Sub, The Dom And The Sodomized'. This sequence showcases all the best features of Ms. Hyde's 'industrial' style (although 'she' is actually a 'he'!) The black-metal bondage apparatus is the centrepiece of a minimalist set, and the rack to which Layla is bound is particularly impressive. While it's true that the performers are dressed outrageously, their costumes are the sort you might actually see worn in fetish clubs (as opposed to the freakish, never-never land style of fetish-wear and make-up preferred by Kovi). The fast-and-furious synth music sounds like a Depeche Mode backing track on speed (think 'People Are People'); it matches the pace of the editing but races over the eeriely distorted moans of sexual pleasure which form the scene's other audio track. The scene is a 'skip-frame' one, and this lends it a heady, erotic intensity. There's a fresh and exciting unpredictability to Tanya Hyde's sex scenes, but the inevitable conclusion is a series of pop-shots. Nataly Dune is subjected to a veritable shower of jism. There's a nice bit where Georgette, having taken a load to the face, turns to lick a stray dollop of cum from her outstretched arm, smiling briefly at the camera as she does so. The guy who spurts over Layla's face has to be careful to keep his cock clear of her spikey collar!

'Coconut Holiday'

Alessandro del Mar directs two young brunettes in a tropical beach scene with Philip Dean. Philip fucks Lucy Lee in the ass while Jennifer Dark kisses Lucy and rubs her pussy for her. The girls both stroke Philip's prick until he reaches a climax, and then they lick and suck him clean. Philip's emission is as creamy as the surf breaking behind him. I find it hard to get past any sequence with Lucy Lee in it, even a clip, as she is so hot!

'Private XXX' #7

Christine, wearing stockings and suspenders, gets a DP from Leslie Taylor and Mike Foster on the bathroom floor. They coat her face in cum, but some of her red lipstick gets smeared over her chin and on Leslie's wet cock!

'Hell, Whores and High Heels'

This second sequence from Tanya Hyde's fetish flick is another formidable entry. It's taken from a scene called 'Medical Madness', and the props used include a surgical bed and other hospital accessories (scary!). Kevin Long and Tony De Sergio are the cum donars. Monique Covet stuffs the end of a thick plastic tube in Georgette's cunt and gets fucked in the butt before sharing a facial with Nataly Dune. Georgette is wearing pink fishnets and black PVC. She positions her head between Nataly's thighs. Nataly sticks out her butt and one of the guys splatters cum all over her her pussy. The goo trickles down to Georgette's face and Georgette plays with it, flicking at trails of cum with her tongue and taking in a mouthful of spunk before letting it foam out between her lips. Georgette glances at the camera with a brief smile and a saucy shrug of the eyebrow, proud of her expertise as a 'cum sucker'. She really does live up to the title of this compilation!

'Body Shock'

Mandy Bright is 'all woman', a full-bodied blonde with strong features and a voracious appetite for cum. She shares this scene with Franco Roccaforte and Zenza Raggi. Romagnoli enhances the scene with coloured disco lights and dry ice, and the dominant colours are gold and green. He plays the camera all over Mandy as if fascinated by her beauty, and he provides a number of extreme close-ups. Mandy has enchanting eyes: her false eyelashes and her heavy blue eye-shadow fit the 'disco look' in a retro sort of way, but without detracting from the hypnotic effect of her gaze. The music, too, has a trancelike quality, and the overall mix is designed to induce a porno stupor. Again, a variety of scenes is sampled (including a DP) before we get to the cumshots. Mandy fondles her big tits while Franco and Zenza jerk off either side of her face. Zenza is first up; he spurts a generous helping over her mouth, chin and breasts. Romagnoli introduces slow motion to extend the interval between this cumshot and the second one. Mandy rubs the cum into her tits and licks her sticky fingers before turning her attention to Franco. Her face is very wet by the time she squashes her mouth against Franco's big balls. She waggles her tongue at him and excites him into a shattering climax. One of Franco's trails of cum describes a perfect arc from the bridge of Mandy's nose, across her eyelid and down her cheek, while another long trail dangles from her chin. She worries the slit at the tip of his cock with an exquisite tongue action, then she wraps her glistening lips around his whole helmet. Hot!

Scene 4

'Sex Club'

Goldie is an amazonian beauty dressed in gleaming black latex fetish wear. Rich Handsom fucks her and cums on her face. He has a long, flexible cock which looks great in her gob after he has shot his load.

'Anal Garden'

Veteran stud Jean Pierre Armand penetrates Daniella Rush anally before Dominica Leoni whips his cock out of Daniella's ass and brings him off all over her own mouth and tongue. Pierre's grunting leaves us in no doubt that he's having a whale of a time!

'Irresistible Silvie'

This is a sequence from Silvia Saint's breakthrough movie with Private... and Silvie(a) is "irresistible" indeed! Her Barbie-doll blonde image contrasts well with the saturnine good looks of Katerina Martinez, the other girl in the scene. There's a cool bit in the build-up where Silvia straddles Tony Toscany's leg and grinds her pussy against him, while the statuesque Katerina is busy sucking him off. The girls manoeuvre either side of Tony and blow him to a messy climax. Despite some clunking use of slow motion at the end, and the irritating strains of lounge jazz in the background, Silvia comes across as a hot chick who definitely had all the qualities of a superstar in the making.

'Anal Agency'

The generously-endowed Krystal De Boor turns in a sweaty performance in this fast-moving sequence with Robert Rosenberg and Juliano Ferrez. Krystal energetically enjoys the benefit of both enormous pricks, rocking along as if in time to the raunchy guitar riff on the music track. She has a feisty smile, curling slightly to one side; and she flashes her light-grey eyes to good effect. She shoots sexy side-glances up at the studs, cocking a brow in recognition of the generous loads of cum with which they pay her tribute. This scene has a damp-haired, 'real sex' energy to it.

'Anal Revenge'

David Perry rams trim blonde Nomi up the ass on a chaise in a tasteful room brightly lit with natural light. The angled shots of David's big prick pumping the girl's shapely firm butt look as pretty as a picture. There's a close up on her extended oral play with his spent cock and cum.


David Perry pours Jane Darling a generous serving of 'house white' in this scene shot outdoors in a vineyard. Having drenched Jane's mouth with cum David moves in for a big sloppy kiss, and then he adds to the sticky mess by crushing a bunch of grapes over their smooching faces.

'Gigolo 2'

Russian babe Joy enjoys champagne and sex with her chauffeur Roberto Malone in a countryside lay-by. This one is an absolute classic. Joy only ever did a few scenes with Private, but her hearty, enthusiastic performances are unforgettable. Positioned in front of their silver Rolls Royce, Joy pours champers on her chauffeur's cock and vigorously jerks him off all over her face. The birds twittering contentedly in the background provide an aural counterpoint to the gurgling mirth of this cavorting couple.

'Anal Garden'

Daniella Rush has a feminine sense of delicacy about her - which makes it all the more thrilling to see her take on four monster cocks by herself. The lucky studs do Daniella in her pussy and ass before taking it in turns to shoot their jism over her face.

'Sex Club'

For me, Vanda (Vitus) is one of the most beautiful models ever to appear in Private movies, so it's a sheer delight to watch her take two facial deposits in this lovingly-shot, soft-focus sequence by Frank Thring. I adore Vanda's costume, too; a sort of 'Wonder Woman' outfit, with star-spangled red boots, a silver bodice, silver gloves and a silver collar. John Walton and Frank Gun spurt jism all over Vanda's gorgeous features, and she accepts their offerings with typical, consummate cool.

Scene 5

'Anal Revenge'

David Perry fucks Dita then cums over her mouth and chin. Dita has perfect 'blowjob' lips and eminently squeezable melons.

'Free Riders, Throbbing Choppers'

Mercedes fucks two cops, Alberto Rey and Manuel, who have parked up their patrol car in a country road. She's a bad girl in a leather jacket, and there are definite shades of 'Motorhead' in the rock guitar soundtrack: she may not be the 'Ace of Spades', but she's definitely ace at sucking cock! Manuel's streaks of cum reach from the corner of Mercedes' mouth to her hairline, and Alberto Rey performs his impressive trick of achieving two orgasms in close succession. Behind the trees is a busy road, and we can just make out the traffic zooming by as the scene reaches its climax.


Bea's beautiful form is all slick with oil as she fucks David Perry and Franco Roccaforte beside an indoor swimming pool. The colour contrast between the marine blue of the surroundings and the tanned and brown skin tones of the copulating performers is pleasant on the eye. The two studs make an incredibly gooey mess all over Bea's fresh face.

'Sex Portrait'

Mercedes looks great in black boots and stockings. Roly Reeves and David Perry DP her and then they each shoot a handsome load over her face. Mercedes' chin trickles with cum and she takes her time, sucking each cock for all it's worth. This is a nice sequence with which to end this cum-drenched compilation!

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