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edsa Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy 3.5 starsBest By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy 3.5 starsBest By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy 3.5 stars
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Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy

Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best By Private: 3x1 Three Girls on One Guy A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  1/7/2003
3 x 1: Three Girls On One Guy
Various directors
Amanda, Anastasia, Angel, Barbara, Brigitta, Carmen Sky, Clarisse, Eva Black, Eva Falk, Katja Kean, Loureen Kiss, Megan, Mercedes, Timea, Michelle Wild, Nora, Peggy Sue, Sharone, Sophie Evans, Suzanna, Wanda Curtis, Toni Ribas, Nick Lang, David Perry, Andrew Youngman, Elone
Running time:
1hr 31mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

It's self-explanatory really - every scene in this Private compilation features three girls in action with one lucky fellow. Again, I am left wondering if this really does represent "The Best" that Private can offer on the subject, but still, there's plenty to enjoy, and no little to frustrate, in a collection that many men and will find innately appealing…

Sophie Evans, Michelle Wild, Loureen Kiss from Eternal Ecstasy. Director: Kovi
While I can only applaud the imagination behind this scene, equally I can only decry the execution. Perhaps it's a combination of the garish "fetish" stylings and accompanying PVC outfits, the overdone make up that ruins the natural beauty of three superb, curvaceous women, and the frequently detached filming on this bizarre set, hung with old bicycles, that lends the whole scene a cold, heartless ambience. Perhaps it's the ludicrous sight of Ribas pedalling a bike contraption that operates dildos that Michelle and Loureen inanely toy with, Michelle grinding and then very briefly being vaginally penetrated by the one at the front, Loureen sucking the one at the rear. Oh yes, welcome to the wacky world of Kovi. On the drawing board, perhaps a great idea, but in practice, well, I'm sorry, but this just doesn't do anything for me at all. In fact, it's just rather laughable.

Some sex does actually occur - Sophie sucks Toni before he screws Michelle, Sophie rides a saddle-mounted dildo while Loureen continues to pointlessly suck a dildo. She eventually is helped by Sophie to take an anal ride on Toni's dick, and at least Senor Ribas manages to inject a modicum of energy into the proceedings. Some close ups of Michelle's dildo play and Sophie's predicted anal enjoyment almost retrieve the situation, and of course there are always Michelle's tits to admire if nothing else, but as slo-mo action captures Toni's come shot, spunk that's passed from Sophie to the others, I couldn't help wonder how so much talent could be used to create so little. Just in case you're in any doubt, I did not particularly enjoy this scene!

Nora, Suzanna, Timea
from Tatiana 3. Director: Pierre Woodman

Two brunettes and one blonde use their extremely enticing curves to tempt Andrew Youngman's princely character to join them for a skinny dip with sex in the shallows of a serene lake. As with almost the entire Tatiana trilogy, the girls are gorgeous (lots of lovely boobs and bums to ogle), the pastoral location is superb and the whole thing looks delightful. My only misgiving is that while this is indeed a fine fantasy situation for a gentleman, the sex lacks the kind of verve I like to see, though the action does get anal as Andy works his way through the charming trio and each girl gets it in the bottom (though that's beside the point). Otherwise, it's pleasant enough to imagine oneself spearing these beauties' bottoms, and beautiful bottoms they are, in such a spot on a summer's day, and not even having to worry about the midges!

Wanda Curtis, Barbara, Megan from Lethal Information. Director: Kovi
David Perry surely doesn't deserve to be the lucky man taking this sexy trio, all topless and in black nylons, for a spin in a horse and carriage, even if Wanda doesn't look at her best. She gives David a BJ while the blonde twosome in the back (slim and sexy Barbara Rose getting to grips with "Megan", AKA Jennifer Red, here a blonde) get into some "lesbian" licks. In a paddock I'm sure is the same as big busty Laura's hot scene with Perry in Big Natural Tits 4, the horses are led off and David begins the action in earnest with missionary anal for Megan, then he gets into Barbara's bum too. While there is some girl-girl action, Kovi struggles to really keep everyone involved, the camerawork isn't the best and there's some break up down the left of the picture too, just for good measure. Okay, I am being a little harsh and at least Mr Kovacs keeps the action moving, through reverse cowgirl for the ever-eager Wanda to a come shot on her face that drips on the other's faces too. I guess that it is another slight waste of talent - Barbara's buck-toothed but captivating charms are best displayed in Perversion of Barbara - and though pretty much all the sex is anal, this is a strangely weak scene in a way.

Amanda, Mercedes, Angel from From Behind is OK. Directors: Andrew Youngman/John Walton
Nick Lang and pretty brunette Mercedes pay leggy blonde Amanda to dance in a club, her pretty but trashy looks accentuated by a spangly, strappy stripper costume. Angel, who you may recall from an odd scene in Beautiful Girls 3, is also on hand and her kissing with Nick starts the ball rolling. Mercedes fishes out his cock for a blowjob. Having this very cute, slim and perky duo working over his tool brings Nick to a state of moderate arousal rather than uncontained excitement, and so it goes as he takes Angel over a bar stool.

Amanda sidles over to get into some unconvincing girly play with Mercedes, AKA Gina, another Clark alumnus. For some reason, Amanda (who I saw most recently in Orgy World, though I am sure she's more well travelled than that) reminds me too much of Jill Kelly for me to get worked up about her tanned curves, but credit where credit is due, her reverse cowgirl anal fuck is the best part of the scene, though the preceding anal with Mercedes is okay too. Nick shares his come between Mercedes and Angel to finish. It's pleasant enough, though from the scenes I've seen, Youngman and Walton seem to settle for "pleasant" all too easily. If they want to make their mark as directors, maybe it's time to try "distinctive", "striking", and "memorable". Sure, few in this business achieve it, but let's hope the boys give it more of a go - they have ready access to fabulous talent!

Clarisse, Eva Falk, Carmen Shy from Sins. Director: Nic Cramer
The rather cute brunette Clarisse and the slightly older, bespectacled Eva, both in lingerie and black stockings, help Carmen out of her bathtub. It takes mere seconds of a teasing display of lush female curves before Elone feels he has to join in with their play. The mood is one of genteel degeneracy, of which I heartily approve, but the sex that follows never really captivates. The girls take turns to blow Elone; Clarisse spreads her sumptuous stockinged thighs and squats her shaven twat on his dick. The other two paw and kiss her slim form as she rides. Eva and Carmen are taken similarly and the pace picks up a touch with doggy sex for Eva and then Clarisse. Spoons with Eva could be anal, it's hard to see really, and then Elone shares his load with Clarisse and Eva to no great effect.

Brigitta, Anastasia, Katja Kean
from Fatal Orchid. Director: Pierre Woodman

This memorable bedroom scene opens with the gloriously buxom Anastasia (AKA Bolivia Samsonite) and Brigitta, brunette and blonde, looking gorgeous kissing while they use dangerous-looking metal toys on the blindfolded Katja Kean's pussy and anus. Andrew Youngman emerges into picture as the lucky chap who manfully ploughs his way through three sizzling sirens. There are a number of things stacked against this scene - dubbing, bland music, cheap coloured lighting and overly choreographed sex from one position to the next - but my god, these girls are just so luscious it's pointless fighting it! There are beautiful bums and boobs and stocking clad legs everywhere you look, so it's eminently watchable from that perspective - I can buy into this fantasy quite readily, to put it mildly. Sure, the pace could definitely be more frantic and the mood more abandoned, but the appealing combinations (girl-girl, daisy chain, anal of course) on show are so delightful, and the conclusion, with Katja still blindfolded as the girls kneel to receive Andrew's come on their hot mouths, so pleasurable, well, I can't help but love it. And as an added bonus, it's a rare chance to see Anastasia performing anal sex (reverse cowgirl as it happens).

Eva Black, Peggy Sue, Sharone from Indiana Mack. Director: Kovi
This sexy trio use their hot figures to revive "castaway" Nick Lang in some hot spot - their massage has him pitching a tent in his sarong. Sharone, that utterly lovely curvy brunette creature (you know, AKA Szilvia and the rest) sucks his prick and is aided in this by the even curvier Eva Black (AKA Mercedes etc, etc) while dusky, and would you believe it, curvy Peggy Sue squats on Nick's face. Interestingly enough, Sharone has very little make up on and yet still looks like surely one of the prettiest girls to do porn - although I generally hate that stupid "camera staring" stuff Kovi and Adamo go for, I'll make an exception here as Sharone captivates the camera on more than one occasion with smouldering glances.

Sharone it is, then, who is taken first, in spoons, with Peggy Sue slurping her juices from Nick's cock. Then it's to a sexual daisy chain - Eva, who is licked by Peggy Sue, who is fucked by Nick, licks Sharone. Peggy Sue gets right into licking Eva as Nick barrels into Peggy's twat. There's no surprise that Eva ends up taking it in the ass, her full tits heaving as she bounces her superb figure on Nick's knob, while Sharone rather sexily rubs her pussy on his leg. The sex does get quite heated before Nick unloads on Sharone's tongue and there's some lovely spunky kissing among the three girls to finish an enjoyable scene.

This isn't a bad selection at all, given the fine procession of lovely girls catering to a very male fantasy situation. The scenes aren't of even quality, and there's a case for buying the original movies (like Fatal Orchid or Tatiana 3) instead of this compilation. Private collectors will doubtless have these already, so again the comp works best as a taster for newcomers. However, I suppose it's a general flaw of the compilation format that scenes, shorn of their original context, seem to be missing something (which could possibly explain Sophie, Toni and co.'s behaviour in the first scene) but in this case I did get the feeling one or two scenes that I'd seen before seemed shorter than I recall. Only minor complaints, really, although I can't condone editing of any sort. Yet more important to me is that the sex isn't quite as hot and physical as I prefer and two or three scenes barely rise above lukewarm. Still, I am sure there's a ready market for a compilation on this subject - just be aware that 3x1 doesn't quite live up to its promise.

DVD Comments

Standard Private fare, really - mainly good picture quality, slick menus, modest extras (pictures, cast & movie information, trailers, DVD-Rom catalogue) and decent language options. A tidy package as expected.

Footnote on the scene from Eternal Ecstasy
It was of interest to me to actually see this scene, whether I enjoyed it or not, because this scene was deemed to merit 5 minutes of cuts from its UK release (crassly retitled as "Satanic Sex", the unfortunate result of Private inexplicably licensing their products to a distributor of questionable repute), cuts justified by UK film censor The BBFC on these grounds, and I quote: "Cut required to sight of woman being penetrated by a dildo on the end of a long pole which has the potential to cause harm."

A wonderful example of how these po-faced guardians of public morality lack the common sense, not to mention humour, to realise this scene is just so funny, just so plain daft as to render the idea of viewers actually copying this and injuring themselves absolutely ludicrous (and if they did do it, and were harmed, it's their choice and they probably bloody well deserve it anyway - just kidding, but you see the point).

For example, as one might imagine, a huge cock stuffed in a tight asshole does have the potential to cause harm, but they don't censor that, nor do they consistently censor potentially harmful, or indeed violent behaviour, in mainstream movies (well, they do censor it sometimes, but their logic on this is just as woolly and is an epic tale in itself). We are free to decide for ourselves. Bear in mind that in the UK this film is theoretically only available in licensed sex shops open to adults only - in this case, the censor is censoring to "protect" adults, not children. Again, I think I'd like the choice, as an adult, to decide for myself. Besides, in the privacy of our free British bedrooms there aren't any sanctimonious film censors springing from the wardrobe to warn us about the potential harm of sticking that object in there! Mind you, given they spend their days watching over our viewing material, it wouldn't surprise me to find they spend their nights in voyeuristic pursuits…and what was that rustling in the wardrobe just then?

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