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Best By Private 38: Castings

Best By Private 38: Castings

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Foreign
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-lunacy-'s ratings for Best By Private 38: Castings:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Best By Private 38: Castings overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Best By Private 38: Castings Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Best By Private 38: Castings Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Best By Private 38: Castings Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Best By Private 38: Castings Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Best By Private 38: Castings DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best By Private 38: Castings A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by -lunacy-  on  3/7/2003

The Best Castings by Private

Stephani Steel
Judith Fox





At First Glance

Ehhh, another compilation, I got burned last time. But I'll give it a spin and see what it is...

The Basics

-The Best Castings by Private
-Genre: Straight-Casting interviews coupled with first scenes
-6 Chapters, 6 interviews followed by the girls first scenes

Heat-8 of 10
Acting-8 of 10
Looks-9 of 10
Raincoat factor-0
Overall Value- $19.75

     "Private invites you to enjoy a selection of the best of "Castings". This is a special compilation featuring the most exciting scenes from the director Pierre Woodman. Here you will find out secrets from the porno stars, their first sexual experiences and their fantasies"

Courtesy of Private

The Run Down

This was a compilation of the "best" casting call's from Pierre Woodman's collection. We meet 6 girls, each of which has been invited to a hotel room; she is then asked to thumb thru a porno mag and tell us what she likes, doesn't like, what her sexual experiences are and eventually strip for the camera and stick her ass in the air so we can all see her gems. From here we cut into scenes that they've done.

This was amusing and arousing and I really liked it. It was amusing because some of the girls were almost shy about stripping or said no I would never do that and then in the following scene they were doing it. It was arousing because there was build up, you knew sooner or later you were going to see her in action.

The casting calls were sometimes a little awkward but all of the scenes selected were hot hot hot.

Scene 1
First we meet Meridian in September of 1998 in Budapest. She is Czech and although we're supposed to think her name is Meridian she introduces herself as Latvana. She is 21, has long bleach blonde hair and a very cute face. She was one of the shy ones, she took off one piece of clothing at a time saying, more...more?

Her scene is from The Club and is a 9 heat wise. We get Vaginal, Anal, BJ's, Facials, DP and MMF action.    

Heat 9 of 10

Scene 2
Next is Stephani Steel in April of 1998 .She introduces herself as Aniko, is Hungarian and 19 years old. She has long straight dark hair and very round cornflower blue eyes. To my taste she's too thin, she has a scorpion tattoo on her hip and a belly button ring. In her interview she say's no, she doesn't like girls. No, she's never done anything perverted. As she starts to strip there seems to be a big wad of toilet paper stuck to her pussy but as things progressed I realized it was a tampon. Ehh..what can you do?

Her scene's are from Sex Shot and Tanya Hydes Twisted Dreams. Never done anything perverded huh? Private soon remidies that. She's in a M on F M on F scene where everyone's having anal, then into DP and facials. From there we go to Twisted Dreams where she's a nun...

Heat 8 of 10

Scene 3
Meet Aya, she's a 19 year old Russian girl in Moscow in April of 1999. She has long dyed red hair, she's very slender and has a nasty dark spot on her front tooth. She says she doesn't like to suck cock and has never swallowed, is not interested in girls and anal...NO way!

Aya's scene is from Riveria 2,  she gets eaten by another girl, gets anal from a guy and ends with a facial in which she sucks him clean afterward and swaps cum with the second girl. Wow, no way huh? I see.

Heat 8 of 10

Scene 4
Tavalia, a New Zealander living in Barcelona. She's 24 and we meet her in Paris in Novermber of 1998. She has shoulder lengh dark hair, very dark eyes and olive skin. In my opinion she is masculine and unattractive. She say's "I don't care, I do it all, I like it all." As she undresses her body redeems her face, she has incredible tits and ass although she also is too thin.

Tavalia's scene is also from Tanya Hydes Twisted dreams and features her eating out another chick, fucking a guy in a wheelchair and a facial.

Heat 7 of 10

Scene 5
Hello Wanda, or is it Vanda...? WandaVanda is a 24 year old Hungarian in Budapest in March of 1996. She has short red bobbed hair and very pretty dark eyes. She sports very perky breasts, an incredible ass. Add her to the list of being too thin, I can see her collar bone in relief.

Wanda's scene is fromThat'S Life and features vaginal, anal and finishes with a facial.

Heat 7 of 10

Scene 6
And last but certainly not least we meet Judith in Budapest, March of 1998. She in Hungarian, 18 years old and practices gymnastics. (drool) Judith is very reluctant to strip, from the conversation I gathered that she had been thru this process the year before and was kind of grouchy about having to do it again. However, I'm glad she gave in, she has a stellar body. She says she likes quickies and wouldn't consider anal, it's disgusting.

Judith's scene is from Madness 2 and features Judith masturbating and fantasizing about blowing 2 guys at the same time and taking facials.

Heat 8 of 10

So as you can see we get a nice variety of tease and please and the heat factor never falls below a 7, which for me is more than sufficient if you get my drift. ;-)


  • Scene Selection
    Stephani Steel
    Judith Fox
    Active clips from each girls scene
  • Language Selection
  • Subtitles
    Netherlands (?)
    Russian (?)
  • Extra Materials
    very classy, well done, 1 minute trailer for the DVD
    Static 2 page bio for each actress detailing nationality, age, sign, hobbies etc and a listing of movies they've done.
    40+ production shots, very well done
    Film Notes
    Details where each scene in the compilation came from.
    Thank you Private! What a fantastic idea.
    Other Titles
    Static screen with 5 other Private DVD's

    Extra Scene 1
    Pierre speaks to Eva thru a translator in French during which time she looks less than thrilled and at one point picks up her things and leaves. Finally after 15 minutes she starts taking off her clothes. She stands in front of the camera nude, looking uncomfortable, kneels on the bed so we can see her ass and pussy for all of 30 seconds and bye bye, that's all folks. Lot's of build up, no pay off.

    Extra Scene 2
    Demia Moor
    Here at least we have translation. She introduces herself as Kata (oops, I thought her name was supposed to be Demia?). She is 19, from Budapest. Pierre chats with her about her sexual experiences, has her flip thru a porn mag and asks her what she likes. After almost 7 minutes she strips, sticks her ass in the air and again, that's all folks.

    I liked the idea of extra scenes, and I guess the point was that not everyone makes the grade and not all casting calls go well but this was rather dull and I think should have been dropped as an extra.

My Overall Impression

Bravo, this is certainly one of the better compilations I've seen to date. I appreciated the attention to detail in the menu's and the humor of the casting calls. Aside from one I found all of the girls beautiful and enjoyed watching them.

I was not pleased with the DVD cover as it lists and shows Cassandra Wild and Nikky Blond neither of which are to be found in the compilation, nor is Angelica who is listed. But overall, that's a minor.

What it's Worth & Where to Find it

$19.75, Price Search for Castings

Have fun, be safe.

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