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Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex

Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex

Studio: Private
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best By Private 34: Lesbian Sex A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/17/2002
Lesbian sex is one of my favorite things to watch and Private has put together a compilation of several gorgeous women doing just that, fulfilling their sapphic lust. There are many beauties in this dvd to view so finding something to stroke to shouldn't be to hard,lol. So let's dive in shall we!!!

Our first scene comes from Exotic Illusions, a feature directed by Pierre Woodman. The ladies featured here are Yasmine who has nice long flowing black hair and Sunny Blue who has blond hair and some nice pert tits. This is an outdoor scene and we come upon the two ladies as they are about to share a passionate kiss. They are both wearing nice outfits which are soon gone as they continue to swap tongues. There are two guys watching nearby as the two ladies go for a swim and we get some nice guitar mood music played which adds to the scene as the two continue to passionately kiss. Soon we get a nice close up shot as Yasmine buries her tongue in Sunny's bush. The waterfall in the background is a very nice touch from Director Woodman. Yasmine moves up so Sunny can taste her own juices from her tongue and Yasmine continues to stimulate Sunny's pussy with her fingers. Yasmine then returns for some more pussy licking for a brief time and then we switch to Sunny burying her face in Yasmine's pussy. Woodman gives us some nice close up shots of Yasmine's face as she moans her pleasure. Again the scenery is a very nice touch here and the scene ends with a fadeaway as you continue to hear Sunny pleasure Yasmine. This was a very good scene featuring lofs of kissing and great oral done by both ladies. No toys were seen and I really felt there was genuine passion between the two women, so great job.

The next scene comes from a Tanya Hyde directed film called Twisted Dreams and it stars three ladies, Cassandra Wild, Stephani, and Sophie Evans. We begin the scene with Cassandra and Stephani waling towards a vintage car and we see they are wearing some leather outfits. The two get in the car and light up. Cassandra does a little touchy feely on Stephani's legs and then we get some fingering of Steph's pussy. Stephani stands up just outside the car and spreads her legs wide open to give Cassandra full access to her pussy. Finally Cassandra opens her legs so Stephani can get a taste and she dives right in. Then we see Sophie walk up and she gets in the spirit getting in the back seat and starts fingering herself. We see our first toy as Sophie breaks it out and starts using it on her inviting slit. We then get all three in the back seat and both Stephani and Cassandra pry open Sophie's legs and continue the toy usage. Sophie then gets a chain hooked up to her neck and Cassandra leads her out of the car. Stephani and Sophie then get in a 69 and do a brief pussy licking before Cassandra walks up wearing a black strap on and she enters Sophie in doggy anal. We see Stephani furiously masturbating in the car and then we get separate shots of all three in solo stroke action. This wasn't a really impressive scene for me, just not enough oral or kissing and to much toy usage so any passion was gone.

The next scene comes from China Box an Atonio Adamo directed film and it stars Barbarella and Sydnee. The ladies have apparently been enjoying a lite workout and now are taking a "break" to workout on each other. We see them making eyes at each other and doing some touchy feely on their breasts and pussies. This finger exploration lasts quite awhile with each girl pleasuring the other. We finally get to see some pussy licking as Barbarella tastes Sydnee briefly. We move then to a close up shot of Sydnee parting Barbarella's pussy lips with her tongue. This is how pussy licking should be shot, nice slow licks with your tongue. We cut then to Barbarella standing in what looks like a pool and she does some brief oral on Sydnee. Next we see some more great oral from Sydnee to Barbarella who caresses her breasts as Sydnee licks her slit. This was a pretty good scene which featured excellent work from Sydnee.

Our next scene comes from a Kovi directed film, Brides & Bitches, and features Maria and the ultra hot Michelle Wild. We begin the scene with Maria rubbing lotion on Michelle's gorgeous backside and she also gets in some breast squeezing. The two share a passionate kiss before Maria goes back to rubbing the lotion in. She turns Michelle over rub some lotion on her spectacular tits and she gets in some nipple sucks and some more kissing. We move then to Michelle licking Maria's pussy and she attacks her pussy with her flicking tongue. Michelle then moves up so Maria can suck on those two lovely melons of hers and Maria just goes off licking those titties!!!! We next see Maria using a blue toy on Michelle's pussy. We get a great view of Michelle's breasts as Maria slides the toy into her pussy. Next we see Michelle using a long toy to anally penetrate Maria. Michelle squeezes her own breasts as she rams the toy in and out. We even see Michelle put the toy between her major league hooters and titty fuck Maria in the ass, that was a creative use for a toy don't you think!!! The two share some kisses to close out the scene. It was geat to see Michelle but the long toy usage killed a bit of the passion for me.

The next scene comes from another Kovi directed film, Intrigue and Pleasure, and it stars Petra Short and Samantha. The scene begins with the two engaged in some great kissing and they are each caressing the other on their shoulders and breasts. We also get some nice kissing on necks and ears. We then see Petra pull down Samantha's black bra and she starts sucking on those lovely breasts. Some more kissing leads to Samantha pullind down Petra's red top and sucking on her lovely nipples. Samantha then pulls off Petra's red thong and begins lapping away at her pussy. Petra has a great look of pleasure on her face as Samantha licks her pussy. The two share some more passionate kisses before Petra goes down on Samantha who lustfully gazes at the camera. This oral is much to brief before we cut to Samantha riding Petra in reverse cowgirl. I wish they had let Petra lick pussy longer before breaking out the toy. We next see Samantha nailing Petra in doggy with the strap on. The scene fades away in this position. Again a very nice scene until the toys showed up.

We move on to a scene from the Antonio Adamo film High Level Sex and it stars Lea Martini and Katyana. As the scene begins both girls do a lot of posing and rubbing over their bodies. We hear some soft music play in the background as the two ladies tease us. The camera travels all around each woman as they caress their breasts and softly finger their pussies. Soon we see Katyana move over and spread Lea's legs and she kisses her way up Lea's long legs until she reaches her pussy. Katyana licks pussy while Lea caresses her breasts in extasy The two come together to share a kiss and then Lea gets up and she gets behind Katyana to eat her from behind. A little to much looking to the camera, just focus on pleasuring your partner and I will enjoy the scene so much more. We then see a purple toy used to penetrate Katyana but you couldn't tell by her facial expression. This toy is then used to penetrate both pussies at the same time but I got no feeling of real passion from either girl, kinda looked like they were going through the motions.

The next scene comes from a Frank Thring film, Women on Top, and it stars Judith Grant and Clioe. Both girls are stacked and we begin with some gentle breast caressing from both girls. Soon Clioe bends over to sample those lovely breasts with her tongue and then Judith returns the favor. This already made me forget the last scene. We then get a nice long shot of Clioe squeezing Judith's breasts before we switch to a ground level looking up as she plays with Judith's ass. Then we go to some oral from Clioe and this shot of Clioe licking pussy with the pool in the foreground was very well filmed. Clioe uses both her fingers and tongue in tandem to pleasure Judith. We move then to some oral from Judith who licks slowly up and down Clioe's inviting slit. We then see some anal beads used on Judith and she softly moans her enjoyment. The two then share a passionate kiss to close thise well shot scene out.

Our last scene comes from Anal Psycho Analysis, a Jean Yves Lecastel film and the two lovelies featured are Anais and Gina Blonde. The scene starts with the two making out in bed and this looked great although the lighting was a it darker than I would have liked. The two share several passionate kisses before Gina kisses her way down to Anais's pussy. We get to see some great pussy licking here and it lasts a nice long time and we see Anais caress her breasts and moan as she is pleasured. Next we see Anais pull off Gina's thong and she licks her pussy in the doggy position. We move then to some more oral from Gina to Anais except Anais has her legs spread wide open and our view is just wonderful to see Gina lap up Anais's pussy juices. We then get the same position so Anais can lick Gina. After some great pussy licking Anais crawls up and the two share some nice kisses to close out one of the best lesbian scenes I have seen in quite awhile and again, NO TOYS!!!!! The extras for this disc include two bonus scenes so anyone looking for some pretty good lesbian sex should pick this one up.

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