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Best By Private 25: Latex Sex

Best By Private 25: Latex Sex

Studio: Private
Category:  Compilation , Fetish , Foreign , Straight
Directed by: , ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Best By Private 25: Latex Sex:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Best By Private 25: Latex Sex overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Best By Private 25: Latex Sex Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Best By Private 25: Latex Sex Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Best By Private 25: Latex Sex Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Best By Private 25: Latex Sex Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Best By Private 25: Latex Sex DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Best By Private 25: Latex Sex A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/7/2001

Running Time: 90 min.(cover states 100 min.)

Production Date: 2001

Directors: Tanya Hyde, Pierre Woodman, and Frank Thring,

Cast: Monique Covet, Dora Venter, Sheila Scott, Tony De Sergio, Mike Foster, Bettina, Demia Moore, Brenda Logan, Philippe Soine, Julia Taylor, Frank Gunn, Suzanne, Sylvia Rampling, Edina, Carole, Sebastian Barrio, Alberto Rey, Nataly Dune, Georgette, Kevin Long, Cassandra Wilde, Fovea, Christine, Mercedes, Czilla, Gili Sky, Fernanda Diaz, John Walton, and Leslie Taylor

Initial Expectations: Itís the best of some of Privateís fetish sex scenes, so I have very high expectations.

Initial Reaction: If you like fetishwear and rougher sex, youíre going to love this!

Who Should Watch It : Fans of fetishwear and rougher sex

Who Should Avoid It: Vivid fans

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with Private, the audio and video are very good. The audio is very well balanced and occasionally varies on purpose. There is a little dubbing, but it normally isnít that noticeable. The video is almost as good but has a couple soft focus problems and shows some slight grain.

Music: The music varies with the scenes, as one would expect from a compilation feature, but is normally a lot edgier than normal porn music. The balance varies depending on the scene and almost always works well.

Menus: The menus, like the rest of the DVD, have a definite edge. Theyíre loud and colorful and seem perfect for the DVD.

The Feature: Latex Sex collects six of Privateís best scenes from their Pirate line. Leading into each scene is a short screen normally telling what feature it came from, who directed it, and who the women in the scene are. Itís a very simple thing that most companies for some reason canít seem to figure out. Unfortunately, Iím not familiar with most of the cast, so I canít give a completely detailed review. Thanks to the cast bios Iím pretty sure of most of the cast, but there may be a couple errors.

Monique Covet and Nataly Dune are listed as start things out in Medical Madness , a scene from Tanya Hydeís Hell, Whores, and High Heels , although the credits list Monique Covet, Dora Venter, Sheila Scott, Tony De Sergio, and Mike Foster. Dora starts out dressed in a latex nurses costume showing off her obvious implants, and brings her patient back from near death as she masturbates. His cock rises to attention, which she immediately gives a little tender loving care using her mouth, pussy, and ass. Next, Monique, also in latex and with implants, wheels in a patient dressed in latex whoís wearing a gas mask. She makes him watch as she works over a pink dildo and then comes over to suck him off. They switch around so she can brace herself against the wheelchair as he fucks both her holes. Once again, the scene shifts, this time with Monique and another blonde using a large toy as a doctor, who used to be in latex fucking Monique, walks around behind them. The girls go back and forth, and the first nurse joins in as well as another doctor and nurse, making it hard to keep track of whoís who in the scene. Itís kind of like watching a porno done MTV style while on a major sugar rush. Itís the first scene Iíve seen from Tanya Hyde, and it definitely has me looking for more from her. The scene is finished with a pop on a pussy dripping down into another girlís mouth as well her going up to lick it off and Monique and another girl sharing a pop, sucking a little out at the end. Itís an extremely hot scene and one that might put some people in the hospital just watching it.

Next up is Pierre Woodmanís Tame me But Donít Hurt Me from Triple X Files #12 . Bettina, Demia Moore, and Henriett are listed in the feature, but Bettina, Demia Moore, Brenda Logan, and Philippe Soine listed in the credits. As usual, there isnít much of a translation for the scene, but instead a narrator telling whatís happening. Of the three girls, all of them are in fetishwear with Bettina in a studded outfit while another is wearing a cat mask and some other fetishwear. Demia is let out of the cage and worked over by the others with strap ons as well as whips. After they DP her with large strap-ons, they put her back in a cage and bring Philippe Soine out of a box who they also work over. His portion of the scene is closer to what most people expect from Private. Thereís some good lesbian action and a lot of ass fucking. After heís done fucking their asses he goes over to Demia, still locked in the cage and has her suck him off until he launches his population pudding on her face. Itís another very well done scene, but the feel is much different from the previous scene.

Frank Thring finally checks into Latex Sex with a scene from Rubber Kiss with Julia Taylor and Frank Gunn. Both Julia and Frank start out dressed fully in latex, as one would expect, but in a different twist, she bites into an orange and then squeezes it all over his chest and cock, licking up the juice afterwards. I couldnít help but think of the time that could be saved in high school health classes with features like this. Look kids, itís nutrition and sex ed all in one! After Julia makes sure heís clean, she lays back and lets his tongue work on her pussy before he fucks it. Julia rides him reverse cowgirl before having him spoon her ass and fuck it reverse cowgirl. There are some nice variations thrown into the reverse cowgirl that make the scene seem fairly unique. Finally, Julia has Frank cum on a piece of fruit and then eats the fruit. Itís a really different way to end the scene and fits in quite well. Although this scene isnít as rough or done as differently as some of the other scenes, itís just unique enough while also remaining comfortable to most people, that it works as a great scene.

Pierre Woodman checks in again with a scene from Superfuckers 2 involving Suzanne, Sylvia Rampling, Edina, Carole, Sebastian Barrio, and Alberto Rey. Suzanne trains in Carole, a new slave in this scene that fell for her the moment she saw Mistress Suzanne. The new slave is hung with her hands shackled above her while many other female slaves are in a short cage behind her and several male slaves line the walls. Mistress Suzanne works her way around the room, frequently slapping her crop against the bars, and rewards whichever slave she feels deserves it. The new slave is lowered down where the male start training her in as Mistress Suzanne watches them fuck her pussy and ass. Some of the other female slaves are also allowed to interact with the male slaves, and suck his cock through the hole in their gas masks before he fucks them. The guys finish off the scene by blowing their loads on the female slavesí gas masks, which Carole lick off. Itís a much darker scene again and may scare off some newcummers who have just started to watch some fetish sex scenes. That isnít to say that it isnít hot or well done, of course. Itís just much darker than what they may be used to.

Tanya Hyde returns next with a scene called Nasty Nurses from Tanya Hydeís Rubberfuckers Rule with Dora Venter, Monique Covet, and Sheila Scott listed in the feature, but Monique Covet, Nataly Dune, Georgette, Kevin Long, and Tony De Sergio listed in the credits. Once again, itís probably a very different feel from what youíre used to in porn, but the style doesnít have the MTV feel of the previous scene. Two guys, who look like they might be morticians, start out by unzipping the bag around Georgette, pulling her out a little, and then probing her pussy and ass with their fingers and a toy before getting a little more personal. Only one guy gets a blowjob and the other starts fucking her pussy right away with a DP soon to follow. As with the previous scene from Ms. Hyde, it switches before thereís a pop to another scene, this time with nurse Monique Covet eating out Nataly Dune. After a little natural oral sex, the girls play extra safe by putting condoms on a double headed dildo that they use to its full potential. Monique gets a little more toy action before Nataly disappears and is replaced by two guys in latex masks, one of whom had a sleeve on his cock with several colored nubbins. At first I thought his cock was pierced several times, and I tell you, I almost fell out of my chair in shock. Nataly reappears a couple minutes later, and takes one of the guys who appeared to stretch out both of her holes. Itís a good scene, but Monique really shies away from the cumshot at the end of the scene. I couldnít tell if she was laughing a little or shaking out of fear of getting some in her eye. Nataly doesnít have that problem and takes the spray on her stomach. Itís a very good scene, but I didnít care for it quite as much as the first scene from Ms. Hyde.

The orgy scene from Frank Thringís Fetish Therapy finishes things out. Itís a great cast here including the amazing Cassandra Wilde as well as Fovea, Christine, Mercedes, Czilla, Gili Sky, Fernanda Diaz, John Walton, Mike Foster, Leslie Taylor, and Kevin Long. Itís a very good group scene with plenty of interaction between the groups as well as switching back and forth between the groups. The only one who doesnít participate much is Mercedes, who supervises the orgy while masturbating. Once again, there isnít any heavy domination as in Pierre Woodmanís scenes, instead itís tamer with much of the cast in fetishwear. Itís still a very hot scene and an extremely well done group scene.

If youíre looking for some great fetish sex, Latex Sex is a great place to look. There are two scenes each from Tanya Hyde, Pierre Woodman, and Frank Thring with several different styles between them. It ranges from a fairly tame scene with the couple in fetishwear to dark scenes that are almost sure to make some newcummers squirm in uneasiness. Itís a great blend of styles and makes Latex Sex a true best of collection.

Extras: As usual, Private includes a trailer for the feature as well as trailers for The Final Truth, Riviera 2, Matador 5, XXX 14, and Eternal Ecstasy . Bios are also included for Bettina, Carole, Cassandra Wilde, Christine, Demia Moore, Dora Venter, Georgette, Gili Sky, Julia Taylor, Mercedes, Monique Covet, Sheila Scott, and Suzanne. As usual, thereís a little personal information, a couple stills, and a list of the starís other Private credits. The photo book includes about thirty eight full screen photos, all of which look very good. The production notes tell a little about the scenes, mostly what feature they came from and where the feature was shot.

Themes: Straight, fetishwear, anal, toys, group, lesbian, rimming (female > female), B&D, inter-racial, DP, spanking, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, Latex Sex can be found online for between $18 and $28 with most stores offering it for about $23. If youíre a fan of fetishwear or Privateís Pirate , you need this one on your shelf. The sex is amazing, and Private still included their normal extras as well as their usual well done transfer.

Note to Private: Itís nice to see that some companies can figure out how to make a great compilation. It would have been better if you were able to keep the cast straight. Between the cast listings during the feature, during the end credits, and in the production notes, there were sometimes three different cast listings for one scene! For a company thatís well known for itís technical qualities and care about the final product, I was really disappointed to find confusion like this.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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