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Below the Decks

Below the Decks

Studio: Street Corner Studios
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Netguy's ratings for Below the Decks:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Below the Decks overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Below the Decks Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Below the Decks Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Below the Decks Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Below the Decks Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Below the Decks DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Below the Decks A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  12/15/2005

“Below the Decks” is a mildly entertaining fuck flick from Blade Thompson. Somewhere in middle America is where our story unfolds when a couple of graduates, Sam Crockett and Kevin Kramer, arrive back at one of their homes and begin discussing their futures. They both look a bit old to be graduates but that’s beside the point. It turns out that Sam’s leaving his buddy to join the navy while Kevin is set to work at the local steel mill. The lighting seems a bit off and there was a second or two where the picture was out of focus. Before they set off on their new endeavors Sam plants a kiss on his buddy and before you know it their clothes have come off and Kevin is down on his knees working over Sam’s cock. I’m sorry but neither seem to be aging well and even with Kevin doing his best Sam doesn’t appear to get very hard. Sam gets Kevin on the couch and rims his shaved hole before sticking his big cock inside of him. Sam gives his friend a pretty good ass pounding as Kevin begs to get fucked from behind. He finally turns over and their fucking continues fast and furious. As Kevin’s face is pushed up against the couch and Sam ramming him, he shoots a huge load with his cock pushed between his legs, and we even get a nice dose of it in slow motion. Sam pulls out and cums all over Kevin’s ass, they get cleaned up and dressed and before Sam leaves he asks Kevin to write him, with which he responds, “everyday”.

Now on a sub, Sam reads his first letter from Kevin, who asks for him to write when he gets his first leave. Down below Peter Bishop is jerking himself off to a bunch of pinups on the wall when in walk two shipmates, Paul Morgan and newcomer Dirk Adams. Paul’s sporting a beard and isn’t as clean cut as I’ve seen him. Paul tells him he needs to clean up as they have inspection but Peter just wants to get off and tells him to come suck his tool. Paul quickly lathers up Peter’s cock with some saliva, goes down on him a bit, and then works his way over to his ass. He licks him a bit and fingers him, while Peter is sucking Dirks erect cock. Dirk’s a young, dark haired, cutie and hope to see more of him in the future that’s for sure. Paul continues rimming Peter who’s rather soft at the moment but continues working on Dirk with his mouth. Dirk and Paul switch positions and Dirk tries to get Peter aroused with his mouth but it just isn’t happening which makes Dirk lose his erection. Dirk perks back up when Peter gets on his knees and services both him and Paul. The threesome culminates with Peter on his back and Paul and Dirk take turns fucking him. Paul’s still a great performer and sure knows how to fuck. Dirk should get some good pointers from him. Paul lies down and Peter sits on top of him and rides him face to face. You don’t actually see the penetration but at one point they make it appear that while Peter rides him, Dirk is fucking him too, but I don’t think so. Peter gets taken from behind some more with both of them fucking the shit out of him hard and fast. As Paul rams him Dirk jerks off onto Peter’s back and then Paul pulls out and shoots like a geyser all over his back. Again a nice shot in slow motion. Peter I guess came while he was being fucked but didn’t get a good shot. Also missed that you really didn’t see much of Dirk’s cute face or body as much as I would have liked. It was a pretty decent threesome though.

While Sam I shaving a cute, blond, Jason Nikas walks in after finding Sam’s letter and confronts him. Jason asks what he’ll do for not reporting him and Sam replies, “let me show you”, and drops to his knees to suck on his big cock. They switch positions before Jason asks to be fucked like Sam fucks his man at home. Jason bends over the urnila and reveals his nice ass that’s just begging to have a cock in it. Sam obliges and fucks him from behind, and then Jason gets on the floor and and throws his legs up and as he gets fucked some more jerks off onto the front of his uniform. Sam fucks him a bit more then pulls out only to finish himself off with some more white cream onto the sailor.

As Brent Williams swabs the deck Eric Evans begins to reprimand him for being there and before you know it Brent’s swabbing a cock. These two hairy men really seemed to be having a good time of it. They take turns blowing one another each trying to outdo the other and doing fine jobs. Brent eventually bends over and leans against the wall as Eric finger fucks him before stretching his hole wide open with his cock. With Eric fucking him from behind Brent jerks off and we see the shot from underneath as he lets his cum drip down below. Some more slow motion shots as well and then its Eric’s turn. He pulls out and with cock ring in tow tightening up his balls till their about to explode he shoots all over Brents back.

It ends with Sam writing to Kevin as he sits on the toilet and tells him what they experienced was completely natural and he’d see him soon.

Originally from 1997 it’s a bit rough around the edges with some cheesy sets (notice the portholes of the sub), and maybe not top notch lighting or camera work, but its an ok film. The best scene was with Sam and Kevin and the threesome but all of them felt a bit short, in fact the whole film did. And the action overall I would say was lukewarm to moderately hot. The DVD includes 5 trailers, chapter selection, gallery and a nice cum shot quick access.

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