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Belle: Sophia Santi

Belle: Sophia Santi

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Belle: Sophia Santi:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Belle: Sophia Santi overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Belle: Sophia Santi Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Belle: Sophia Santi Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Belle: Sophia Santi Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Belle: Sophia Santi Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Belle: Sophia Santi DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belle: Sophia Santi A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/24/2009
Alright fans time to check in with Celeste at Digital Playground and she's got a new one out though it features Sophia Santi in a prominent role and I don't think she's been with Digital for at least a year. Regardless I've enjoyed Miss Santi's charms a lot in the past and don't mind at all there being more material in the vault with her. Plus you add in the likes of Kimberly Kane, Karlie Montana, Samantha Ryan and Lindsey Meadows you should have a lot to see. So let's hit a few highlights.

Sophia Santi, Karlie Montana, & Tiffany Brookes:

we open with a three girl party so yeah Celeste is kickin' this one off with a bang. Sophia is praying here and gets her wish as two hotties show up to play so her prayers were answered. You also have Sophia's wrists tied together in front of her with red tape restricting her movements somewhat. Tiffany and Karlie show up on each side, each sportin' a strap on and Sophia is off and running sucking on each- another tease for us who long to see Sophia taking on the real deal. Thankfully we get the tape removed from her wrists allowing Sophia to use her hands when gripping those fake cocks and shoving them in her mouth. The titties come out too and Miss Santi's been blessed with an incredible natural set of tata's. Sophia gives head so hard her eye makeup runs. Sophia also does some dick riding here too, nice how we keep Sophia the sole center of attention the entire time. Karlie and Tiffany say a few words here and there but no mistaking this scene's all about Sophia.

Kimberly Kane:

Up next is one of the more solid performers working in the biz today, one I should add I've been lucky enough to see perform live, doing Roxy DeVille no less!! Well here we have Kimberly eyeing Tommy Gunn as he's taking a wizz and she's got a riding crop in her hand and the facial expression on her face doesn't bode well for Tommy, lol. As he leaves the restroom and attempts to enter the next room we get Kimberly coming up from behind and using the riding crop to push him to the floor-- he left the toilet seat up again, oh no, he's had it!! The verbal abuse starts but it's all said with love and caring. Tommy doesn't try to fight her rage and lets it play out, who knows it might turn around for his favor if he plays it right. Kimberly rides his back a little, more verbal taunts but then we get a lick of the ear from Kimberly so perhaps she's softening just a little. Tommy is allowed to turn over and yeah it starts getting better as Kimberly works his cock back out, starts playing with it and eventually slips her mouth over the head and things are definitely looking up for Tommy. The two then run through a good series of fuck shots, doggie, reverse and we end with a nice facial for Kimberly. But he better learn to not leave the seat up, who knows what might happen next time!

Sophia & Samantha Ryan:

On we go and it's back to Sophia who's dressed all in black, the boobs are already on display which rocked and we have a little self checking out as she's putting lipstick on while gazing at herself. Samantha then enters a fake penis in each hand and has a seat, smacking Sophia with the fake schlongs. Sophia then plops on top of Samantha and the two engage in pleasantries! The ladies each get a dick to play with and have fun thrusting them in their respective mouths, gagging if they can. Samantha does a little boob sucking but it could've lasted much longer but they seemed addicted to those fake cocks either sucking on them or pushing them up between Sophia's great natural boobies. Samantha then moves down to sample her friends pussy which is neatly uncovered, the black mesh was torn easily allowing access and Miss Ryan is immediate to add the toys too. We get a nice shot with Sophia stradling a leg on each arm of the chair and Samantha is under thrusting a toy inside the pussy-- it would've been so much better had Sophia been riding her friends face but that's not the type of scene being shot. Samantha does lean up to lick a little but again the toy usage was far more here than just regular oral. The ladies were so hot, it's just a shame they placed such an emphasis on the toy play and neglected the oral sex and kissing which can be a very important part of any g/g scene. But what's shot here was good and the ladies did seem to enjoy each other a lot so that's that.

Kimberly Kole:

The next scene opens with Kimberly lying in bed talking to a girlfriend on her cell while Jerry stands in the doorway watching and the outfit Kimberly's got on is very suggestive and I know Jerry had intentions which start coming out when he sits down and starts fondling Kimberly's body, even as she talks. She shoos him away for the time being but he'll be back! Sure enough it's mere seconds before he returns with a glass toy no less but nothing happens with it just yet. Instead the phone's put down and the two start making out, the boobs come out too with Jerry doing a nice job moving down to suck on them. He doesn't waste much time, damn, moving down quickly to sample her pussy lips which are nice'n'wet and we're given a great closeup for the licking. The toy is finally used to say hello to her pussy but Jerry is cool staying near for a few more licks. Awesome doggie pose shot with Jerry leaning in to lick her ass as well as slide the toy back in her coochie. Time for Kimberly to have some fun and Jerry's cock is soon thrust in her face with our girl moving in to engulf it. Nice side view used here too, the picture so clear you won't miss a thing. The duo work through a few positions until Jerry's ready to nut which he does just above her pussy.

Sophia & Angie Savage:

We come to the last scene featuring Sophia and it begins with Miss Santi along with Angie each blowing bubbles. Nice, the bathtub is in the center of the room in the floor no less. The bubbles float in the air as the two engage in flirtatious chatter. A cool sounding beat then comes on as the girls enjoy their bubble play. Sophia likes to blow stuff-- again more dick tease as she says the bigger the better, lol. Well the two stop with the bubbles and start on each other and we get the bath used as it's filled with suds which are used to coat each girls chest, nice wetness covering titties! The girls then kiss a little as well as caress over the other. They have way to much fun with the suds which coat them as well as the floor surrounding the tub. There's a little more kissing as well as some good intense pussy fingering from Angie who then gets the favor returned from Sophia. The fingering was great but sadly no real oral to follow up on that so again an opportunity lost though this might have been the best of Sophia's scenes mainly due to the water play.

Lindsey Meadows:

The last scene opens with Lindsey in the backyard doing a little jump rope play and we get Tony DeSergio observing, of course it's a perve vibe they're going for as he watches this cute young girl play! Naturally they work in a bend over shot from Lindsey and this has Tony's mouth all open in lust and he's playing with his jeans too, you perve!! I think Tony went to fantasy land as he's wakened back to reality suddenly by Lindsey knocking on the glass and going ewww as she sees him playing with the jeans. Well she's not that perved out as the next shot has us in the bedroom, Lindsey on the bed in a doggie pose and completely naked as Tony circles behind to dive in and taste that pussy/ ass he was just dreaming about. Lindsey has the ass arched up perfectly as Tony savors the moment, sniffing around before carefully moving in. Miss Meadows gets in on the fun too engulfing Tony's cock and anyone who's watched Lindsey knows she can shower a dick with much love as she does here. The sex was solid too with no doubt about it cowgirl being the best shot, almost grinding here was Lindsey on his cock. Tony closes out dropping the best load of the dvd in Lindsey's mouth, she plays with it some before we close out. Yeah this girl can bring it and she closes this dvd out in grand style.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was another good one from Celeste and I found myself enjoying the b/g scenes much more here especially the finale with Lindsey Meadows who just rocked it bigtime with Tony DeSergio. Sophia Santi fans have plenty to enjoy in this one too as she is shot in three full scenes with a nice variety of costar too. Lots of fake dick playing in those scenes too and if you're into Sophia sucking cock well this is about as close as you'll likely to get and I rather say she enjoyed it too as the visuals continually bore out. Solid pictures too made this an enjoyable viewing experience so definitely worth a rental for the action captured. Extras do include some BTS, about 10 minutes worth so have a look see.

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