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Bella's Perversions 2

Bella's Perversions 2

Studio: Sineplex
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Bella's Perversions 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Bella's Perversions 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Bella's Perversions 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Bella's Perversions 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bella's Perversions 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bella's Perversions 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bella's Perversions 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bella's Perversions 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  3/22/2004

When looking at a All-Girl film, there are certain things that I really look for such as kissing, finger play(anal/vaginal),licking, rimming, sexy outfits, spitting, good interaction(look like they are enjoying themselves), and proper use of toys. Things that I dont like are: strap-ons and excessive use of toys.

Bella did a good job with her first installment, so based on that I am expecting a good flick, not to mention the cast. Especially Jana Cova!

The film is presented in the standard 1:33 ratio and is pretty crisp. The audio is clear and well balanced.

Toys,rimming,anal play,pussy licking,strap-ons,pussy shaving

(Avy Scott,Boo,Holly,Bella)
Things start out with all the girls getting on a big bed. Boo is dressed up like a bunny, and the rest are in their undies and bras, well holly has a black shirt on. They start to kiss and touch one another. Holly begins to look and play with Boo's pussy and ass, while Bella and Avy get friendly. Bella begins to finger Avy's pussy and ass but soon turn their attention to Boo. After a bit of pussy play with Boo, the girls turn their attention to Holly. Holly is on her back while bella is shoving a giant black cock in her pussy, and Avy is touching/kissing/fingering her ass(Boo leaves the bed..where? well don't know).After Bella gets done with using the toy, she starts to finger Holly Vigorously, and Holly definately gets off..hehe.Bella gets Holly and Avy on top of one another so that their asses are in the air, and starts to tongue their ass and pussies, while that is going on Boo comes back, this time without the bunny outfit but sporting red undies which she soon takes off and then the girls start to play with Avy.Avy is on her back, while Bella sucks on her nice large tits and Boo is using a blue see through dildo on her pussy.After a bit of that, Bella gets Avy on all fours for a bit of deep tongue in ass action(she really goes to work burrying her face in her cheeks and slapping her ass) while Boo and Holly play with Bella's behind.Next Bella and Holly get into a bit of ass fucking with a double ended dildo while Avy and Boo are rubbing and fingering their pussies.This goes on for a bit, then Bella removes the end which was in Hollys ass and begins to lick it clean and then gives it to Boo for a taste.Bella gets up to take out a giant rubber toy that sports four balls(each getting bigger and bigger) molded into it with a handle(this thing is long!!)Bella takes all but the last ball in her ass, which is really impressive.The scene cuts and we then see Avy eating out Holly with the camera fixed on Avy's sweet pucker and continues to do so, slowly moving to Boo which is pussy grinding with Bella.Avy continues to eat out holly and finger her as well, but soon begins to pussy grind her, while Boo fucks Bells with her thigh.Once they all get done grinding, thigh fucking and jiggling their boobs,Bella starts to fuck Boo with a strap on from behind.They move from reverse cowgirl/cowgirl/missionary while Holly licks Avy's pussy.Soon Bella takes off the strap on and they begin to ravish Avy.She gets her pussy licked,sucked and slurped on by Holly and Bella, while Boo sucks on her tits.The scene ends with all of the girls laying on top of one another smiling!

Overall this scene was HOT. I really liked the way they all interacted and seemed to really love what they were doing. My only complaint is there should have been a bit more rimming and ass play.

This scene starts off with Bella ringing Boo's door bell(aparently to massage).Boo answers the door with a snobby attitude(highlight of the acting)and they make their way into the living room where there is a massaging table.Bella begins to rub Boo, primarly her ass cheeks.Bella spreads and her ass, and soon runs her fingers up and down her crack.Bella takes off Boo's underwear and gets Boo to stick her ass in the air which Bella begins to play with her pussy by kissing and pulling on her lips.Bella soon turns her attention to her asshole by briefly tonguing it.Bella spanks Boo's cheeks a bit as well as jiggling them.Boo gets on her back so that Bella can play with her pussy and boobs a bit.There is some brief kissing before Bella gets to licking her pussy and finger it.Boo begins with the "oh fuck,yes,oh fuck",while Bella lets her taste her pussy juices.Bella then takes out a buttplug and takes off her panties, which she sticks in Boo's mouth.Bella begins to fuck her in the pussy with the buttplug, while lifting Boo's legs up to lick her asshole a bit.Bella pulls out the toy and has Boo suck on it.The scene cuts and we see Bella on her back on the table while Boo sucks on the buttplug on top of Bella's pussy.This doesn't last for long because Boo starts to burry the buttplug in Bella's pussy.Boo is jamming that thing in Bella's pussy like no tomorrow, and really get's Bella off!Bella begins to fuck Boo some more with a new toy(blue see through dick)on her back.Bella pulls it out after Boo cums, sticking it her mouth, and the camera zooms in to Boo's pussy while Bella shows us her cum.Bella sneaks around the table to get a HUGE toy with a fist on the end and trys to stick it in Boo's ass, but Boo is like Hell NO!After a bit of sucking on the fist from the two,Boo sticks it in Bella's pussy.She doesn't fuck Bella with it for long because Boo gets on top of Bella for a bit of grinding/humping/choking and some pussy fingering, which then leads to Boo sitting on Bella's face getting her pussy snacked on.The scene ends with Bella finger fucking Boo and then the two of them sharing Boo's juices.

Overall this scene was okay.It had some nice shots of Boo's ass shaking and wiggling, as well as some humor.They both seemed to enjoy themselves which is always a plus!

(Britney Foster,Malorie,Bella)
I've always thought that sex being filmed in a gym is really sexy, and this scene delivers just that.I'm not too familiar with Malorie but she sports a nice round ass,large natural tits, and a pretty face.She's not as thin as Bella and Britney, but is stil sexy.Bella sees the girls and walks over to them.She starts to instruct them in a variety of excercises,but in the process is pulling off their bottoms checking out their assests!After a bit of excercises and some ass looks, Bella and Britney start to rub and lick Malorie's pussy.Malorie pulls out her natural big breasts from her shirt and starts fondling them.Bella and Britney turn Malorie over and starts to spread her beautiful ass open.Bella starts to lick her asshole(oh what a feast)and then Britney starts to take over,which then leads to some fingering of her pussy and ass rubbing.Britney gets behing Malorie,licking and tonguing her ass,while Bella pulls out a rubber cock.She gives it to Malorie to suck while Britney warms up her pussy.Bella begins to fuck Malorie with the toy wile licking her ass with Britney slapping and wiggling her cheeks.Malorie and Bella begin to fuck Britney's ass with a buttplug while Britney uses a little vibrator on her clit.Bella pulls out the buttplug from Britney's ass sticking it in her mouth, while Malorie straddles Britney's face with her pussy.We get a nice camera shot of Malories breats,while Bella finger fucks Britney's pussy letting her taste it a bit.Soon Bella lays on her back while Britney fingers her pussy and Malorie smothers bella's face with her ass.The girls continue to play with Bella's pussy for a bit, but then move over to a bench where Malorie is on her back getting her pussy fucked by a weird looking blue toy while she licks Bella's pussy.After tasting her own juices, Malorie sticks the toy into Bella's pussy pushing it in and out while Britney sucks on Bella's clit.Malorie and Britney get on their knees fingering and licking Bella's twat while she's standing.This moves into them kissing one another then to them choking one another while licking their pussies and that ends the scene.

Overall this scene is pretty well done. I don't have any complaints other than that it should have been longer because Malories ass is sooo HOT!

(Bunny Luv,Bella)
Many people that I know don't like Bunny Luv, but I adore her. She's got a great set of tits, a nice ass, and great lips.With that being said let's move on!!This scene starts off with Bella and Bunny kissing and groping their tits in a bath tub(a very nice one I might add).Bella gets up and sits on an edge squeezing out some shaving gel around her pussy.Lathering the gel up so that it gets all creamy, Bunny starts to shave bella carefully with a razor.She doesn't shave her bald,just trimming her up a bit.They switch roles, and Bella starts to shave Bunny.While Bella's trimming Bunny up,Bunny is caressing herself with the shaving gel rubbing her tits and tummy(oh god, was this hot).Lying down into the water and wraping her legs around Bella,Bunny starts to finger her pussy, pulling her lips apart and having Bella do the same.Bella then turns Bunny around so that Bella can tongue Bunny's ass from behind.We get a nice close up of Bella sticking her tongue in Bunny's sweet asshole!Unfortunately this doesn't last that long and Bella gets her pussy sucked and finger fucked by Bunny.Bunny licks Bella's pussy a bit longer, then moves to tonguing and licking her asshole while playing with her pussy from behind.Bunny keeps licking her ass,spreading it,and even sticking her tits in her ass, before lubing up a red buttplug.Bunny begins to fuck Bella in her ass with it from behind.Bella's ass warms to it rather quickly,and seems to be really getting off from it!!Bella then takes out a rubber cock, fucking Bunny while she's standing up.We get some nice shots of Bunny's tits too!Not to long into it,Bella starts to fuck Bunny with the rubber cock from behind and licking her ass as well.Pulling the cock out she gives it to Bunny to clean a bit.Those nice lips of hers goes right to work,slowly licking and sucking it(she's so fucking hot).Bella then takes out a purple dildo and begins to fuck Bunny's pussy.Bunny pulls her ass back so we can get a great shot of everything.Bella cleans it off, then Bunny starts to finger Bella some more, with a bit more ass tonguing.Bella fucks Bunny a bit more with the rubber cock before the scene ends with them kissing.

Overall this scene is great.I really didn't see anything I didn't like in this scene other than Bella should have tongued Bunny's ass a bit more, but then again I don't think I could ever get enough of that!

(Jana Cova,Bella)
This is the last scene and it's a smoker!Jana is sooo fucking hot!!She's wearing a blue top with white stars and the same colored bottoms.Bella is wearing a purple top and bottom.It starts off with Bella and Jana roller skating outdoors.The two roll their way inside with a great shot of their asses.Bella starts rubbing and sniffing Jana's pussy.She lets Jana smell herself a few times as well, though Jana seems a little weird about walk over to a couch, and Bella starts to suck and lick one of Jana's perfectly grown tits.She then works her way down to Jana's pussy smelling and fingering it while Jana squeezes her tits.Bella takes off Jana's bottoms and begins to fuck her with them.Turning Jana over on her side,Bella begins to spread and wiggle Jana's ass as well as sniff it.Bella then proceeds to open up Jana's ass licking and tounguing it while playing with her pussy.Soon Bella starts to fuck Jana's pussy with a silver dildo.Jana takes over after a bit,and Bella sucks/licks, and plays with her tits, even rubbing and tasting her asshole with her finger.Coming from behind,Bella licks and tongues Jana's pussy and asshole.Jana eventually pulls out a blue see through double ended toy and fucks Bella's pussy a bit before sucking on it,then fucking Bella from behind with it.Jana then pulls out a buttplug and fucks Bella's ass with it.Pulling the buttplug out,Jana lets Bella suck on it a bit.They both stand up and walk over to a giant mirror where Jana continues to fuck Bella's ass with the buttplug.We get some great shots of it being pulled in and out of her ass.Bella soon sucks on the toy cleaning it from her ass juices.The two begin to masturbate to one another.Bella then starts to lick and eat Jana's ass again.They pull out the double ended dildo again,this time they both have it in their pussies fucking it.The scene ends with them rubbing against their boobs.

Overall this scene rocked.I don't have any complaints with this scene, however it would have been nice to see Jana get something shoved in her ass!

There is a behind the scenes featurette which is pretty cool,biographies,fetish menu,photo gallery,and teasers(no limits 2,chasin tail 2,enjoy vol.2).

This was a fantastic video. It was better than the first, blowing it out of the water. I thought every scene in the film was good, though the second was probably the weakest.I would say that if you are into girl/girl sex, then this one is a definate buy. Now if only there were more All Girl porns like this!!!!

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