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Christian Dark Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 3.5 starsBelladonna's Odd Jobs 4 3.5 starsBelladonna's Odd Jobs 4 3.5 stars
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Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4

Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foot/Leg Fetish , Handjobs , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Drewcifer's ratings for Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Drewcifer  on  4/4/2009
Scene Breakdown:

Scene 1 stars Crissy Moon, and begins with her In the shower wearing a ridiculous (Strawberry Shortcake styled) shower cap that she keeps on for far too long. She teases the camera wit her pussy and ass up against the glass, and then finally gets out to lube up her feet (I’m not joking). The stud awaits her in the bathroom with a big hard-on and she proceeds to give him a foot job. Then she gives him a terrific blowjob, and then alternating between blowjob/footjob (and sucking her own toes). She jacks off his cock until he blows a full picture perfect load onto her feet, toes and hands, ending the scene. Considering there’s no penetration, this is a hot scene. I really would’ve liked to see her clean off his cum by sucking her toes, but there are other performers who do that later on the disc. 3 stars.

Scene 2 stars Brianna Love, and begins with her walking in front of us (dressed in hot lingerie) and into the stud whom she blindfolds, and then begins to give him a beautiful blowjob. Then she used her feet to jack him off and alternates between her feet and her mouth (and sometimes both at once)-wow! Then he stands and she give him a 5 star slobbery blowjob, then she tugs on his cock until he deposits a very nice load into her open mouth. She rubs his load over her face, and then the scene fades out. For those who like wet, slobbery, gagging blowjobs, this is the scene for you-great stuff. It could have lasted longer, and I would’ve liked to see her get her pussy eaten. 4 stars.

Scene 3 stars Katja Kassan, and opens with her in a hot pink exercise outfit and the stud enters supposedly trying to train her to get her gluts in shape, but ends up sitting down and letting her unzip his pants for a blowjob, which she gives very, very well. Then she wraps her feet around his cock and jacks on it for awhile. Then she slips off her clothes and rubs her clit while jacking off his cock with her feet (now that’s talent). But the moment is all too brief and she goes back to blowing his cock and then gives him a tug job until he blows a thick full load onto her white knuckles still wrapped around his dick, and the scene ends. The ingredients were here for greatness, but it never really hits its mark for me, 3 stars.

Scene 4 stars August, and opens with her jiggling her delicious tanned tits for the camera. She continues to tease the camera with her pussy and ass, and even talking dirty. She spreads her pussy wide for us, and then sits back unto the couch where she finger bangs it, and then produces a dildo which she shoves so needfully into her snatch and licks clean. Great camera work, with lots of beautiful close-up penetration action, but then the scene ends abruptly with her jacking off the dildo (which incidentally, looks nothing like a penis)and then she sucks on it, saying it “tastes good” as though it had cum in some imaginary world. I was a little disappointed to discover this scene is jus a solo masturbation scene; I kept waiting for the stud or even some foot action here and it never comes, just like me when I watched this scene. 2 ½ stars.

Scene 5 stars Bobbi Starr, a gorgeous brunette, and begins with her in pretty pink lingerie and heels teasing the camera and talking dirty to us. She sucks her fingers and plays with her pink puffy nipples before putting her toes into her mouth-HOT. And just when I thought this scene was about to go solo, enter the stud who allegedly just returned home from Iraq(?)-lame! Bobbi is seriously rabid for the cock, and she rips his clothes off and starts licking and biting his face-wow! She pulls out his dick and devours it like it’s her last meal on earth. Then she tugs on his cock and uses her feet to tug on him. She alternates and used both her feet and mouth to service his cock in a symphony of oral pleasure. He stands up and fucks her mouth until he pops a decent load unto her feet and toes, which she eagerly licks off like its ice cream, ending the scene. This scene has the best of everything you will find in this release. Bobbi literally made my balls swell up the size of a grapefruit with cum and turn dark blue, because I wanted to see her get the dick she so desperately needed here-and she doesn’t. But within the context and premise of this disc this scene is 5 stars, don’t miss it.

Scene 6 stars Kimberly Kane, a hot German-looking blonde, and the scene begins with her dangling her feet toward the camera as she sits above on a balcony. She comes down from her perch and finds the stud with a massive hard-on, and which she goes straight to town on with a beautiful blowjob. Then she climbs on top and they 69 for a while-HOT. Then she alternated with her feet jacking him off and blowing him. He fucks her mouth for awhile and then they briefly resume the 69 position. Then she gets on her knees in front of him and gives him a conventional blowjob; they kiss deeply, and then she resumes jacking him off with her feet while he finger bangs her pussy. She climbs back on top, and they 69 some more (he actually fucks her stationary mouth) until he squirts his load, ending the scene. This is as close to penetration sex anyone’s gonna get on this release, and the energy between the 2 is top notch. 3 Stars.

Scene 7 stars Marie Love, a cute black woman wearing hot pink leg warmers, and the most color toe nails I’ve ever seen, begins the scene by rubbing her feet on the stud’s still clothed crotch. She unzips his pants and fondles his cock all with her feet-wow! Then she pops him into her mouth while rubbing his balls with her feet. Then she does some really nice deep throat ( this is definitely a 5 star blowjob) before she sucks on her own toes and then slides his cock in her mouth at the same time (I didn’t know this was possible). Then he fucks her feet frontwards and back, before she goes back to devouring his dick. He pulls her panties aside and pumps out a beautiful full load onto her feet, which she partially licks off, and the scene ends. Diehard foot fans are gonna spooge for sure in this scene; again within the context and premise of this release this scene is 4 ½ stars.

Scene 8 stars Sammie Rhodes, a beautiful California blonde, and she starts things off with talking to the camera, asking to “suck your cock”, but when she does she goes down on a bright purple dildo (I was hoping it would be a real cock) and goes to town on it. Then she brings her delicious little toes to her mouth and licks and sucks on them and talks dirty to the camera-HOT stuff here. Then she squats in the “M” position and rubs her clit like she’s trying to start a fire-until she cums and squirts. Then she stands up above a staircase and pees a stream-yes pees, she’s not even rubbing her clit now. Then she goes back to the dildo, fucking it in her pussy as she squats over it. Then she sits and pumps it hard inside it her, taking it out only to throat fuck it. Then she stands and puts one leg up against the wall and finger fucks her asshole for the camera, and then tastes it-Wow! She spread her asshole apart with her 2 hands and tastes them again before sliding the purple dildo into her ass and rubbing her clit frantically. I think she actually cums here-HOT. She pulls it out of her ass and straight into her mouth for a good taste. She then plays with the dildo with her feet and then motions for the camera to follow her down to the bathroom, where she climbs unto the rims of the bathtub and squirts what looks like milk out of her ass. She fingers it and tastes it repeatedly (I think this is supposed to be a simulated cream pie from her dildo). And the scene abruptly ends. Solo or not I think this is one of my favorite scenes on this disc, if not the favorite. 5 stars easily-don’t miss it!

Scene 9 stars Belladonna (who apparently is the architect of this release) begins the scene by cradling the stud’s cock between her feet for the camera, she slaps it around with her feet before sliding it into her mouth (and still jacking it up and down-amazing!) She gives an excellent, sloppy wet blowjob using her spit like lube for her feet on the cock, before finally using her hands and mouth combination. Then she turns around and teases us with a rear view of her pussy and ass while she tugs on the cock. She alternates between hands, feet, and mouth pumping that cock until he finally pops a beautiful full load out the top of his cock. She meticulously puts the cum on her toes and feet, wraps them around the cock and puts all them into her mouth at once-Wow! After sucking up most of the cum, the scene ends. Not very creative, but still producing the best damned footjob I’ve ever seen. Within the context of this disc, 4stars.

Bottom Line: Blow-job fans and foot fetishists will be very pleased with this release, but all others I will believe will want to rent this before plinking down any cash to buy it. This is really your cup of tea or it isn’t…Not for casual foot porn fans.

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