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Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3

Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foot/Leg Fetish , Handjobs , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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ai no corrida's ratings for Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  12/2/2008
Odd Jobs 3
Girls: Belladonna, Brianna Love, Alexis Texas, Sandra Romain, August, Ashley Blue and Bobbi Starr.
Guys: Tony T., Steve Taylor, Rico Strong and Nat Turnher
Runtime: 2hrs 5min

Part three in the ongoing foot-friendly series from Belladonna and her gaggle of like-minded ladies, in which the action is strictly oral or toe-oriented,
save the occasional toy and darting or wiggling finger (hint hint)! Let's go for a walk...

[1] Belladonna and Brianna Love (with Tony T.)
Belladonna and Brianna Love intertwine their toes together in a round of foreplay, leading Bella down between Brianna's thighs, lapping up her shorn
triangle and switching between her clit and strongest toe. Ass up in the air, Brianna offers Bella her lovely ass for a good nibbling, along with a tidy bit of
slapping. Tony T. joins the party, with Brianna taking hold of his dong between her lips, with Bella attending to his balls. The girls switch off their
strokabilities with their mouths, all while Tony takes a few opportunities to grab each girl's hair, forcing himself onto them, face-fuck style.
Soon Bella is incorporating Brianna's big toe into her already stuffed mouth, licking both of her feet right before Tony chokes her throat with his hands.
Brianna takes a similar turn, though her hands save her from being too roughed up. A few foot kisses between the girls lead to Tony's shucking away between
their toes with his peen, along with more choking and face-fucking (Bella) and more oral play (Brianna), this time on a nearby couch. Standing once again,
Tony forms a canoe with each of the girls' heels, slip sliding into a hand self-delivery of his wad across Brianna's open mouth, a few thin jolts that fall toward
Bella's big toe, sufficiently nestled at the corner of Brianna's lips. The ladies do the post-drip swap across each other's toes, and so it goes. While the length
of the efforts here by both Bella and Brianna are deliciously fluffy, Tony's forceful manner was a turn-off, though Bella seemed more content with his
mannerisms than her girl partner. Tony, at one point, almost felt like a third wheel, but the girls more than survive what he offers up.

[2] Alexis Texas (with Tony T.)
Alexis Texas, done up with glittery eyelids, a torn t-shirt, shorts and white striped knee-high socks, kicks a soccer ball around with Tony, further fueling
a tease that bubbles out from her curvaceous features. At one point, Alexis hugs the sphere between her thighs, as if it had no other natural place to ever be.
Woosh! After Tony sniffs closer, she takes off her top and sinks to her knees to blow him, jiggling her ass as she bobs back and forth. Undies off, the two
crawl into 69, and Alexis continues her shaking as she muffles Tony's breath with the kiss of her crotch. Light smacking dots the oncoming section of
catch and release tongue jobbery, with Tony bending over to grapple that fine ass for himself. Alexis lets her hands do the walking on and off, even allowing
Tony to dip his wang from above, slightly more forceful than before. Lying back on the floor, she lifts her feet to form a bun for Tony's dog, ankles in his
hands, her titties bouncing as she smiles his way. Tony drops a thin spray across Alexis' tummy (with a fine streak down the inside of her thigh), and she
dabs a few spots for a few tastes of white runny wellness. Alexis actually doesn't have to do too much to break Tony off (though it may seem so, time-wise),
and seeing her shimmy and shake as she performed left me goggly-eyed, along with her good-natured way.

[3] Sandra Romain (with Steve Taylor)
Sandra Romain nudges herself close to the camera for a wonderful amount of tease, wiggling her metallic burgundy toes out the tips of her clear plexi heels.
She drags those berries across the tiles of the bathroom floor and up to the naked Steve, bringing them down as she flutters out a swift-handed style upon
his attentive rung. Sandra classically throats him, pushing her nostrils against his arch and spitting out enough for a few more effortless turns, winking
her hands around the head of his cock and filling the room with echoes of gnarled animal sounds in the meantime. She whispers into the base of Steve's
exclamation point as she nails it further down her humming tunnel, most of which, sadly, becomes unintelligible due to poor audio and the sheer
speed of her wordflow (stunning, to say the least). As she brings him closer to the edge, Sandra's voice becomes more muffled as she focuses on her knobbery
at hand, falling backward for a good toe tapping against Steve's jimmy in a sultry slide. He finally pops off his winnings between the ridges of her toes,
which she lifts and spreads out in a gooey web, right before tickling up a bit for a taste. Quick as it may be, Sandra's scene embodies her greatest traits,
accented with her constant flow of voracious vocal mannerisms and her particular penchant for bombast. Gone, but definitely not forgotten, not ever!

[4] August (with Rico Strong)
Daydreaming while doing the dishes, August peels off her yellow rubber gloves and begins playing with a banana. With the peel still on, she grips and
gestures the fruit against her mouth, driving it down to her tonsils soon after, peel off. The scene dissolves, carrying with it August, but this time felling her lips
around Rico's noir knob. The frequency of her rubbings, by hand, along with her passing tongue goes by hungrily, and Rico sets her across the countertop
for a foot job, slapping his prick against August's tits in the turning. Back on the floor, Rico holds and hammers into August's face-fuck style, serving her
sweaty and spit-soaked face with a dose directly applied to her tongue. Dripping the ivory down her cheeks, the scene backs up into fantasy, with August
smearing a worn banana across her face, still pulsing and licking it with heady joy. While it seemed brief (and, well, it was), the scene buzzed along with gusto,
even if I wasn't too keen on August's brand of huff and puff; warm, but not quite scalding hot.

[5] Bobbi Starr (with Nat Turnher)
Bobbi Starr appears clad in rainbow legwarmers and a blue jumper, nails painted silver and her cheeks dusted with glitter as the poms of her hair
wiggle as she does a few routines atop the arms of an iron walkway. At the end stands Nat, upon whom Bobbi kneels before and courses her
digits along his ebony dough, rising it up for a tongue and palm twisting. Bobbi smushes her lips against the base of his shaft in deep throat, keeping
the spit flowing at an even keel as she keeps a wide-eyed watch toward her partner's downward glances. Moving to the couch, she slips out of her suit
and mashes her feet against Nat's rod, leaning over to cup her palms around and blow, finally kneading out an intermingled stream of throat
salve and hot white cream, squeezing the tip down to the last drop. With a wild look on her face, Bobbi licks her fingers and massages the spread
across her tongue. Seeing Bobbi cavort atop the set of iron stairs, as well as Nat's obelisk, was joyous to see, though the final fade-out promise of
"now will you fuck me?" she whispers to Nat was like a punch to the gut (the good kind!), but away from the goals of a foot fetish title - at least this one!
Still, Bobbi is superfine as always!

[6] Ashley Blue (with Steve Taylor)
"I wanna be a legend," Ashley Blue ekes out as she's handling Steve Taylor's cock and balls, playing into a strange 4th wall game via the comeback kid starlet
(herself, wink!) to his established porn producer/writer in need of inspiration. Another actual porn journalist (initials GP) plays the snapshot taker, hidden
among the flight of stairs as the action goes down. Leading them into the room, Ashley is straight with her aspirations ("fetish work"), and her alone time with
Steve begins with her trademarked fist-in-mouth move (where the spit comes from), soon folding her spiked heels in a seated position on the floor. Shoeless,
Ashley rubs her arches against Steve's reed and vacillates between her palm-assisted oral (more spit) and those toes of hers. A dollop of choking down later,
Steve is brought to liquify with Ashley's gripped hands, coaxing a climactic trail that surfaces atop her knuckles. Though the scene is brief enough, the set-up
was a touch hokey, almost enough to eclipse Ashley's actual performance, which is fine and well as usual. Sometimes you just wanna see someone get blown!

[7] Brianna Love (solo)
A conclusive solo scene with Brianna Love begins with her lip-licking via a vibrator, teasing herself before increasing the toil inside her pussy, at first in spread
and onto a knelt doggy-style spell, hands rubbing furiously as she jolts away at herself. With her underwear pulled down to her calf and an flame-shelled
pair of black elevator heels arching up her feet, Brianna situates herself on a toilet and plugs away, causing a few fine streams of squirt to spurt out as she
shells the toy for key moments during her self-love. Undoing her toes from the slavery of those heels, she wades them across the little pool atop the tiles,
gracefully glazing her toes before settling down on a cleaner space, licking the drip from her puppies. On the floor, Brianna gnashes her heels together around
the vibrator, spitting across its head before lying on her side for a bit of backward jutting into her pussy. Spread again, she diddles herself while entertaining
the toy with her arches in the air, partying her thick skins in more spit and sucking on her toes into a final fade-out. A delightful segment, savory in bathroom
and squirt play, and Brianna makes the most of it. It would have been nice, however, to have had a gent to help her along with her fountain, though her buttons
all seem to be pushed just right.

In the Behind the Scenes section (40+ min), Bella chats with Tony and Brianna, does a pre/post check-in with Alexis, interviews a kneeling Sandra,
witnesses Ashley peeing into a porcelain sink's head, finally wiping the squirt-laden tiles beneath a toilet-perched, masturbating Brianna. Three trailers
(Fetish Fanatic 5, Manhandled 2 and Dark Meat) turned in at four to five minutes each, along with a clickable Photo Gallery, Cast List, Bio and
Filmographies, and a Cum Shot Recap (5+ min) set it all in stone.

[In Conclusion]
Though I do love just about all of Belladonna's work, Odd Jobs 3 may leave some in the cold with the attention to foot play, though most, if not all,
of the participants are quite focused enough to pull it off. The real draw here is Brianna's scenes, both with Bella and by herself, the former being the lengthiest
and most durable on the disc. Sandra and Bobbi are exquisite in their own rights as well, though their sessions are moderately quick in comparison. Alexis does
make the most of her scene with Tony, who, unfortunately, is a choke-happy broken spoke in an otherwise cheerful set of performances (two of them?!).
Both August and Ashley do try their best, as well, but the odds seem to be against them, mostly due to the manner of set-up holding their work at an odd
standstill (the case of the would-be-auteur and the banana). If you can overlook the flaws, it's all quite sniffable enough for a rental. ::sniff::

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