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Belladonna's Fuck Face

Belladonna's Fuck Face

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Belladonna's Fuck Face:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Belladonna's Fuck Face overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna's Fuck Face Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Belladonna's Fuck Face Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Belladonna's Fuck Face Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna's Fuck Face Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Belladonna's Fuck Face DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna's Fuck Face A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/5/2010
Hello fans got one here from Belladonna and it's all about blowjobs. We have a multiple girls in each scene and they're here for a face fucking competition so this makes me believe this will not be a sensual bj flick and I already figured that going in with Belladonna being the director. Looking at the pics and then the opening credits I do indeed see the girls doing their level best to make that cock disappear down their throats so if you're a fan of blowjobs where the girls give that balls to the wall effort then read on.

Katie St. Ives, Kaci Starr & Bella Moretti:

So we start off with three girls who come in in short succession introducing themselves and also offering up what they see as their techniques for bj that will serve them well in this face fucking competition. Nicely the girls are topless as they say hi and give us the lowdown. You also see the girls with numbers painted on their chests, their # in the big competition. Nice clear pic and we begin with Katie going down first. The other girls look on close by and offer up some good natured jabs at Katie or whoever's sucking dick-- you know that's the best you got, take him deeper, those sort of sweet nothings. After each has had a go the girls all descend on the dick which belongs to Mick Blue. From the early going I'd say Katie seemed the top but they all do quite well in making Mick's dick disappear. They don't forget the balls either-- try one sucking and the other two with a ball each!! After a spirited competition we get the pop, Mick doesn't spread it around though giving Bella most of his load then the girls all lean in to cleanup. Perhaps Mick was giving who he saw as the best bj'er the load. You decide.

Adrianna Nicole, Bobbi Starr & Charlotte Vale:

The girls here keep up the same pattern as in scene one, introducing themselves before giving us their best BJ techniques. Adrianna's more into the smelling and then Bobbi comes on just so chipper and cute-- then she gets so nasty in her scenes!! Last up was Charlotte who likes the submissive aspect of the bj, big fucking cocks are her thing so she's most welcome alongside the other two. So there the girls are ready and we get to it with Adrianna up first. Bella calls her in and Adrianna's all over that dick and indeed she's smelling it from balls to head. You wanna see a cock disappear I'd say Adrianna's a girl who you'd be happy to see down below. Of course Bobbi and Charlotte see it different, lol. Still enjoying the clear picture and we see the other two girls close in, I think they sense Adrianna might be closing this one out before it starts so she's pulled off so the other two can get in there. Papa Steve Holmes is supplying the lumber here, liked it that Bobbi and Charlotte kissed a little while waiting their turn. Bobbi does some great gagging here and she too enjoys the nuts! Charlotte then gives her best, doing some dick slapping to the face, then everyone gets in there with Charlotte being nasty licking man ass--ewwwww!! Steve does his best to try and include everyone but Adrianna and Bobbi just seemed to want it more and Charlotte was so good in letting them push her around a bit in fighting for Steve's dick. This scene sees the load shared by all three. Some great oral work here from everyone but Adrianna leads the way.

Charley Chase, Lexi Belle & Andy San Dimas:

So the next trio hits the screen with Charley being up first, I was instantly mesmorized by those wonderous tits and then she lists her fave things about bj's-- passion, fave activity, practice and pays attention. Ok she can suck my cock anyday, those are great attributes! We move on to Lexi Belle who is just so damn cute, those bouncing boobies-- I didn't really follow what she said, lol, so bubbly too! Andy then comes on and not sure I'm sold on the hair being kept down by the head band but the look grew on me as she kept talking. Andy's very sloppy in her bj's and she likes to work the cock with her hands. Ball licking and basically pigging out on cock, she's also most welcome! This might be my fave trio so far overall before they start. Charley's up first and she's all over that cock, some fantastic face fucking with the other two cruising up for a closer look. The dirty talk of the two down to Charley was amusing to listen to, Charley kept it all out and made Mr. Pete dick her own. Lexi moves in for her chance and it's hard to get past the perve teen appeal but I managed to watch and not go to fanboi! Pete uses the curls in her hair that were created to help push Lexi down a little further on his shaft, she didn't seem to mind! Damn when Andy gets a go she pounces on Pete's dick, I was afraid for him she was so hard and fast in taking his cock in. Talk about gack,gack gack-- you get that and then some from Miss San Dimas. Balls to the wall just about covers this stellar effort. The trio then get to move in as one to service Pete who was smart and leaned back against a wall to hold himself up. This was probably the best trio of bj girls for all around effort from each. I will say though when it comes time for the pop Pete let us down, not the best load but he does his best to give all three something to taste.

Missy Stone, Alexa Jordan, & Lexi Belle :

We keep right on trucking with Missy coming on and she's like Lexi in that teen appeal but then she goes all ballastic, loved it!! Watch and listen as she gives the lowdown on how she's gonna kick ass. Alexa comes on next but she just can't measure up to that blow off we just got from Missy, still she gives it a go. Cute little Lexi is back for seconds but she's impersonating Bella, lol. The girls are all rah rah as they push Missy in and she gets right to it though she's a little slower with her pace than what we've seen so far. Not that I minded much but that starts to change with some gagging from Missy. The other girls get in closer, check out Missy reaching a hand to cup Lexi's throat-- stop talking perhaps, lol. Alexa then gets in there and she was sucking pretty fast'n'furious style- even saw her tongue dipping out licking the shaft as she bobbed up and down. So Bella, lol, I mean Lexi gets a go and she's still got that teen thing working but you can easily forget it here mostly due to the hard face fucking she experiences! By scenes end it's clear all the girls know how to gag. The love gets spread out pretty good here closing another good scene.

Kimberly Kane, Chayse Evans & Misty Stone:

We meet another eager group of girls, Chayse gives us several reasons that you'll like, Kimberly plays the AVN award winner card and then we get to meet Misty Stone who is most confident-- Black Poetry she calls it!! By now you know what to expect, Kimberly dives in and the other two don't wait long before moving in close to tell her just how bad she is, lol. Lots of loud dirty talk here-- not enough spit, how come you're not playing with the balls. Some giggling too, these ladies are enjoying themselves. The guy doesn't really get a chance to talk, these girls are definitely the most vocal so far, the noise seemed to stay at a high level. Misty seemed to go a little slower when she got in there, tuning out the other girls as they screamed at her. Misty was making love to this cock and I was enjoying her Black Poetry! The girls then get close together as we go from mouth to mouth, some good face fucking here for all. James Deen manages a pretty good load that gets spread from mouth to mouth, some cum kissing too after.

Kimora Klein & AnnMarie Rios:

We arrive to the last scene which has only two girls. Kimora's big technique is she has no tonsils so deep throating shouldn't be a problem. AnnMarie then comes on looking very cute and doesn't seem to mind sucking cock anywhere! Bella comes on for one last pep talk for the girls and Kimora dives in and AnnMarie gets a birdseye view but doesn't really say much as opposed to the last scene where the girls were quite vocal. Though putting your hand up to your mouth giving us the yawn sign didn't say much for what Ann thought of Kimora's technique, she looked bored, lol. Kimora for her part kept trucking, her eyes were almost closed as she diligently worked that dick, some good deep throating. Ann gets down for her turn, wipes the spit off from the previous girl, don't want to touch that!! Then she pounces and there was definitely more movement from Ann and she looks up to Jerry more with those eyes so have to say I was favoring her in this competition between the two. The girls then get to share and Ann tries to bring out more passion from Kimora and it seemed to work some, better deep throating and the talking got a little louder too. Jerry spread the load to both ladies faces to close this dvd out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, lots of dick sucking my friends. So who won, you can decide that for yourself. Adrianna, Andy, Charley, and Katie were some of the bigger standouts for me but you have plenty of hotness here to enjoy when it comes to girls sucking dick.You have a cumshot recap option on the main menu. As for other extras there is a cast list and also some BTS as well, just over 16 minutes worth. Well worth a buy if you're into harder edged blowjobs from lots of girls. Every scene here featured three save for the finale, well worth it for the blowjob fan. Lexi Bell Twice!!!

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