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Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx

Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Compilation
Directed by:
Starring: , ,
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LSBReviews's ratings for Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna Vs Tiffany Mynx A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  5/15/2007
Belladonna vs Tiffany Mynx
Produced 12/06 Jules Jordan Video (
Disc One: 170 minutes
Disc Two: 119 minutes

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Starring Disc One: Belladonna, Tiffany Mynx, Gina Lynn, Jules Jordan, Sean Michaels, Erik Everhard, Pat Myne, Jay Ashley and Travis Knight.

Starring Disc Two: Tiffany Mynx, Belladonna, Jules Jordan, Mr. Pete, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Alberto Rey, Mark Wood, Brian Pumper, Frank Gun, Brett Rockman (Bret Rockman), Scott Lyons and one unknown dude.

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Belladonna vs. Tiffany Mynx is a two disc compilation of some of the hottest sex scenes starring these two huge adult film stars. Disc one contains three scenes with Belladonna and two with Tiffany Mynx. Disc two contains three Tiffany Mynx scenes, one Belladonna scene, and all of the films special features. Every scene, except one, contains oral, vaginal and anal sex. The one exception is from Feeding Frenzy 4 in which Tiffany Mynx performs oral sex only with her four male partners. Some highlights from Belladonna's scenes include her taking multiple toys in her ass at the same time and also two cocks in her ass at the same time (DAP). Belladonna is double penetrated, triple penetrated, she performs deep throat, ATM and has girl/girl sex with Gina Lynn. Belladonna's asshole is gaped and filled with semen. Belladonna swallows cum from a glass after it dripped out of her ass, plus she takes one very nice facial cumshot from Jules Jordan. Tiffany Mynx performs deep throat and ATM. Tiffany is double penetrated, triple penetrated and has interracial sex in two of her scenes. Tiffany gives Jules a brief foojob. Tiffany takes facial cumshots and swallows multiple loads of cum. Both girls look great, have dynamite figures, and dress in sexy outfits. All nine scenes are hot and worth watching. The special features include Cumshots, Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery, Cast List, Biography, Trailers and Websites. *No Condoms were used in this film.

Disc One
Scene One: Belladonna and Jules Jordan.
From Weapons of Ass Destruction. Belladonna is a very cute, sexy and busty brunette with long dark hair and a small gap between her upper two front teeth. She has on a long sleeve white top, white shorts, white fishnet stockings and white heels. Belladonna teases the camera. Jules briefly tongues her pussy and asshole (her fishnet stockings are ripped open by her crotch). Jules inserts multiple toys into her ass during the scene and has her taste the toys ATM (she has three toys in her ass at the same time at one point). Jules and Belladonna fuck in several positions. They have both vaginal and anal sex. Belladonna sucks on Jules's cock deep "ass to mouth". Belladonna is masturbating whiles Jules fucks her ass doggie style. He cums inside of Belladonna's ass and holds a glass under her asshole to catch his cum as it drips out. Jules pours the cum into Belladonna's open mouth. She almost gags once before swallowing. Belladonna sucks on Jules's cock and she licks the inside of the glass.

Scene Two: Tiffany Mynx and Sean Michaels.
From Once You Go Black 2. Tiffany is a very attractive, sexy and busty woman with long red (auburn) colored hair and a nicely tanned body that includes bikini lines. She has on a black long sleeve fishnet top, black leather skirt that only covers her in front, ankle high black fishnet stockings and heels. Tiffany teases the camera. by spreading open her butt cheeks and touching herself as she moves around and crawls in a house. Sean enters and the two touch each other before she begins sucking on his big black cock. She strokes his cock in her hand while he helps to remove her skirt. Sean fucks Tiffany's pussy doggie style and missionary (her fishnet top is removed). Sean moves his cock into Tiffany's ass in the missionary position while she uses a small vibrator on her clit. Tiffany sucks his cock ATM. Sean also fucks Tiffany's ass doggie style. She removes her heels and ankle high stockings before riding Sean's cock in her ass cowgirl style. She performs more ATM. Sean fucks her pussy doggie style and pulls out to jerk off and cum on her face and tongue. Tiffany licks Sean's balls as he continues stroking his cock. Sean then shoots a little more cum onto Tiffany's face up around her closed left eye. She briefly strokes and sucks on his cock (cum on her tongue is visible). She pushes some cum out of her mouth and onto her face while sucking on Sean's cock.

Scene Three: Belladonna, Erik Everhard, Pat Myne and Jay Ashley.
From Ass Worship 2. Belladonna has on a pink top, white shorts, pink thong panties and heels. She teases the camera by shaking her tits and ass (her top and shorts are quickly removed). Belladonna inserts two butt plugs into her ass. She no longer has her panties on as Erik licks her pussy with the butt plugs still in her ass. Belladonna starts sucking cock while Erik fucks her pussy doggie style. She sucks on the two butt plugs when they're removed from her ass. Belladonna's pussy is also fucked in the missionary position while she gives head (she takes a cock deep in her mouth). Belladonna's ass is fucked in the missionary position (some gaping). She performs ATM and more deep throat.. Belladonna is double penetrated in a few positions and also triple penetrated (a cock in her pussy, ass and mouth at the same time). Belladonna takes two cocks in her ass at the same time (DAP) while sucking on a cock. She performs more ATM. The men take turns fucking Belladonna's ass before cumming on, and into, her gaping asshole. There's a break in the film between each guy. Two of the men cum and stick their cocks back inside of Belladonna's ass. There's another break in the film as she sits up to let cum drip out of her ass onto the carpet (she cum farts).

Scene Four: Tiffany Mynx and Jules Jordan.
From Ass Worship 5. Tiffany is wearing a very sexy white fishnet dress with pink thong panties and heels as she leads her slave out of a closet using a dog's leash. She teases and talks dirty to him. Jules has his face under Tiffany's pussy while he licks it. Tiffany softly licks and spits on Jules's cock before she turns to grind his cock with the crack of her ass (like a lap dance). Jules sits up to tongue her asshole while she bends over to suck on his cock ('69" position). Tiffany wraps a studded cock ring around Jules's cock before she sucks on it (some deep throating). Jules swats her butt cheeks before using baby oil on her ass. He fucks the crack of her ass (her panties are lowered). Jules fucks Tiffany's pussy doggie style. He moves his cock into her ass. They have anal doggie style and missionary sex. Tiffany sucks cock ATM. She removes her fishnet dress while walking to another part of the house where she rides Jules's cock in her ass cowgirl style. She performs more ATM. Tiffany goes into the kitchen and sits on a stool as Jules fucks her ass from behind. Tiffany spits on the bottom of her feet before she gives Jules a brief footjob. Jules jerks off and shoots cum onto Tiffany's face, hair and chest. Her feet briefly rub his cock. Jules continues jerking off and cums a little more on her face. Her feet are wrapped around his cock as she sucks on it.

Scene Five: Belladonna, Gina Lynn and Travis Knight.
From Gina Lynn's Darkside. Gina is a very sexy, beautiful blonde with long hair, a killer body and large "man made" tits. Belladonna's hair is a lighter brown in this scene (she is wearing a black fishnet belly shirt with black leather mini shorts and heels). Gina is lying on a lounge chair blindfolded wearing a black fishnet belly shirt with black fishnet stockings that cut off above her knee and heels (there are pink straps around Gina's wrists that are attached to a chain and there is also a chain that goes across her stomach). The scene includes girl/girl and boy/girl oral sex. Gina sucks on Travis's balls. Belladonna deep throats Travis. Hot wax is poured onto Gina's breasts and body. Travis fucks Gina's tits and her mouth. The blindfold and chains are removed from Gina. The three continue pleasuring each other in different positions. Travis fucks both girls vaginally, but only Belladonna is fucked anally. Gina sucks cock ATM. Gina also drools into Belladonna's gaping asshole just before Travis reinserts his cock in her ass. Travis pulls out of Belladonna's ass to jerk off and cum on Gina's tongue and face, and onto Belladonna's upper butt cheeks. Gina briefly sucks on Travis's cock before she lets cum spill out of her mouth onto Belladonna's asshole and pussy. Travis fucks Belladonna's ass some more while the girls briefly flick their tongues together. Both give Travis a little more head (Belladonna deep throats him). The girls kiss. Gina licks and spits on Belladonna's wet asshole.

Disc Two
Scene Six: Tiffany Mynx, Mr. Pete, Alberto Rey, Arnold Schwarzenpecker and Mark Wood.
From Weapons of Ass Destruction 3. She is wearing a black leather jacket with white pin stripes, matching pants, black thong panties and heels (she is also wearing glasses). Tiffany walks around, sits and begins rubbing her crotch. The four nude men enter and put their hands all over her. Her glasses and clothes are removed as Tiffany begins giving oral sex (Alberto tongues her asshole while he finger fucks her pussy). The men start taking turns sliding their cocks in her pussy doggie style while she continues giving the others head. She walks over to a staircase where the men take turns fucking her pussy standing doggie style (no oral). Tiffany then continues upstairs where the sucking and fucking resumes. Tiffany reaches back to finger her asshole. She heads up more stairs to a huge bedroom where the men begin fucking Tiffany anally while she sucks cock. The men double penetrate and triple penetrate Tiffany. Tiffany performs some ATM. She tells Mr. Pete to "fuck my ass" while he's sodomizing her in the spoon position. Tiffany gives the men some head from her knees. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into Tiffany's open mouth (some cum lands on her face and chest). Tiffany pushes cum into her mouth. She holds the cum in her mouth, blows cum bubbles and gargles before swallowing all the cum together. **There were only four men in the scene, but there were five cumshots, so either one dude came twice, or some guy who wasn't in the scene stepped in just to cum. Tiffany gives her partners a little more oral attention until the scene ends.

Scene Seven: Belladonna and Jules Jordan.
From Ass Worship 1. Belladonna is wearing a black bikini top with pink fishnet stockings and heels (the stockings are cut open by her crotch). She spreads open her butt cheeks and shows off her tits as Jules films her outdoors on a sunny day. The scene moves indoors where Jules tongues her asshole and pussy. Belladonna returns the favor by sucking on his cock and deep throating him. Jules fucks Belladonna's pussy doggie style and missionary. He inserts a butt plug in her ass and resumes fucking her pussy doggie style. Jules uses a few different sex toys to insert into Belladonna's ass (one at a time, no double anal). Jules removes the toys and begins using his cock to fuck Belladonna's ass in a couple of different positions. She sucks on his cock ATM a few times during the scene. Jules jerks off and shoots a nice load of cum all over Belladonna's face (some cum lands inside of her mouth). She spits the cum out onto her chin before sucking on Jules's cock.

Scene Eight: Tiffany Mynx, Brian Pumper and Frank Gun.
From Flesh Hunter 8. Tiffany is wearing a sheer, light blue, long sleeve, belly shirt with silver shorts and heels. She lowers her shorts to show off her fine ass. Tiffany inserts a large syringe with milky fluid in it into her asshole. She removes the syringe and squirts the milky fluid out of her asshole (some of the fluid hits the camera lens). Tiffany licks the fluid off of the camera lens and then repeats the process of squirting again from her ass. Tiffany licks up some of the fluid off of the floor and furniture. She fills the syringe and her ass for a third time and squirts again. Tiffany heads upstairs to a large room where the men finally join her. Frank pours some baby oil on her ass before he fingers her asshole while she sucks on Brian's black cock. Frank inserts a clear butt plug into Tiffany's asshole. Tiffany blows both her partners (deep throating included). Frank fucks her pussy doggie style while she continues blowing Brian (the butt plug remains in her ass and is even used by Frank to fuck her ass). The men switch places. Brian removes the butt plug from Tiffany's ass and puts it in her mouth to suck on. Brian fucks Tiffany's ass with his cock and he pulls out a couple of times for some anal gape shots. Tiffany sucks on Brian's cock ATM while Frank fucks her ass. Tiffany is double penetrated in a couple of positions. She is on her knees sucking and stroking on both cocks. Brian starts jerking off as he gets ready to cum on Tiffany's tongue and chin (some cum lands on her left breast). Tiffany briefly sucks on Brian's cock. Tiffany uses her hand to stroke Frank off as he cums on her face and into her open mouth. Tiffany shows the camera the cum in her mouth. Some cum spills out of her mouth before she swallows. Tiffany gives a quick suck on each cock.

Scene Nine: Tiffany Mynx, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Brett Rockman, Scott Lyons and another guy.
From Feeding Frenzy 4. Tiffany is wearing a black leather bra, black leather pants and heels (the pants don't cover her ass). She immediately joins her four male partners and squats to begin sucking cock. Tiffany makes eye contact with her partners and sometimes the camera while giving head. She strokes and sucks on each cock. Tiffany does some ball licking and sucking. Tiffany moves onto her back to suck cock and have her tits fucked. Her mouth is fucked and she performs some deep throat. Tiffany gives each guy some one on one oral attention. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into Tiffany's open mouth and on her chin (some cum drips onto her chest). Tiffany swallows all four loads together. She gives each guy some head until the scene ends.

Special Features
Cumshots - Replays all the cumshots from both discs (17:48).

Behind The Scenes - There's some edited footage, but it appears most of the sex footage is just being replayed from the film (42::36).

Photo Gallery - Dozens of still photos of the girls posing alone and hardcore stills from their sex scenes.

Cast List - Matches each girls name with her scene number.

Biography - A few paragraphs about Jules Jordan.

Trailers - Slut Puppies 2, Weapons of Ass Destruction 5, Breast Worship, Ass Worship 9, Feeding Frenzy 8 and Black Owned.

Websites -,,

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