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Belladonna: No Warning 4

Belladonna: No Warning 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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Long Noel's ratings for Belladonna: No Warning 4:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Belladonna: No Warning 4 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna: No Warning 4 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Belladonna: No Warning 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Belladonna: No Warning 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna: No Warning 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Belladonna: No Warning 4 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna: No Warning 4 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  7/16/2009
Belladonna: No Warning 4 (2009)
THEMES: Lesbian, All Girl, Ass Obsession, Anal, Sexual Slavery, Rough Sex, BDSM, Toys
Starring: Dana DeArmond, Adrianna Nicole, Bobbi Starr, Charlotte Vale, Aiden Starr, Kirra Lynne, Sinn Sage, Annabella Lee, Harmony Rose, Chelsie Rae and Belladonna (cameo)
Directed by: Belladonna

I’ve been wanting to see this one for awhile now. Although Belladonna really doesn’t star in the movie at all and this is the first time this has ever happened. I’m like… What kind of Belladonna movie doesn’t star Belladonna? She was about to refrain from starring in Dark Meat 3, which would have been bad. After seeing Fetish Fanatic 4 (THE essential girl/girl movie in the history of pornography), it made me want to see this some more and more Belladonna works. Next, I plan on checking out Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 4 (which looks pretty fuckin’ delicious) and I’m just about through with pornography! No Warning is one of Belladonna’s most intense and rough series dedicated to tough bitches fucking hard, playing rough and abusing eachother by any means necessary. It’s full of perversion, trash talk, female domination and anal abuse, minus trifling anal gapes that you would see in something like Gapeman! The second one in the series was a classic, unlike the first one. Yet again, Belladonna’s greatest g/g flicks are the first and especially the fourth installment of the Fetish Fanatic series. I know this one may wind up being the roughest in the series. And with a beautifully flawless female cast, which I adore so much. Because I love Charlotte Vale, Dana DeArmond, Adrianna Nicole, Bobbi Starr and Kirra Lynne!

Charlotte Vale & Sinn Sage
The first scene stars Charlotte Vale (Mr. Butt Fetish, Fetish Fuck Dolls), as Sinn Sage’s bitch. Sinn Sage (Bitchcraft 2) yanks Charlotte in a bathroom, where she consistently slaps the shit out of Charlotte, bends her over the bathtub and spanks her ass red, wipes her ass on Charlotte’s face in a standing face sitting session, spits in her mouth, chokes her until she turns red and even punches the poor girl in the stomach several times! Sinn puts on a strap-on and fucks the shit out of Charlotte Vale, in doggystyle more than any other position. She takes it in her butt and coochie and Sinn is just merciless on this poor girl! This is the second time I’ve seen Charlotte Vale roughed up in a movie. When Sinn is through, she pushes a toy in Charlotte’s butt as she’s bent over with her head in a toilet. This is a rough scene, although I have seen rougher in No Warning 2 (the scene with Belladonna, Delilah Strong & Missy Monroe) and Fetish Fanatic 4 (the scene with Sandra Romain & Belladonna). Not many can endure watching a girl get punched in the stomach like this. I’m sure Sasha Grey would have enjoyed this kind of shit. Something about a girl fucking another girl in the ass with a strap-on makes me high. Especially if the camera is focusing on the two girls’ booties!

Adrianna Nicole & Kirra Lynne
I never thought I’d see this, but Kirra Lynne (Pretty Sloppy, The Ass Spread) is Adrianna Nicole’s bitch. Adrianna slaps her, spits on her, spanks her ass, rubs Kirra’s face in a pool of spit on a staircase, bends her over, puts her in a headlock and really controls over her! Kirra Lynne is a bigger woman than Adrianna and more feistier, so I thought it would be the other way around. But then again, Adrianna isn’t as soft and juicy like Kirra Lynne is. This scene had major themes of domination without it being violent. Instead, it’s just nasty, catty and bootylicious. Adrianna fucks Kirra with a strap-on doggystyle, up the butt. All you see is Kirra’s jiggly booty and Adrianna’s torso dominating Kirra’s. There’s also lots of spit and analingus. Adrianna takes the strap-on off so Kirra can lick all in her nasty booty! Then, a toy goes up Adrianna’s butt. The same kind that was used in her ass in Gapeman (a movie that I doubt I ever want to see again, because it was so disturbing and trifling as fuck). Then it goes from there to Kirra’s butt. I’m like “Damn, girl. Do you know where that thing has been at?!” Then, it’s Adrianna’s turn to get dominated. Kirra gets to sit her big butt on Adrianna’s face. Kirra Lynne’s booty is so fragile, precious and juicy like uncut chicken breast, it makes you wanna turn it into a monument, it’s so good!

Dana DeArmond & Aiden Starr
Aiden Starr (Bitchcraft 2, Girl Train) is the boss and Dana DeArmond is her beeoytch! Dana is defenseless as Aiden bends her over, mercilessly and violently slapping and jacking her fingers up Dana’s butt, as Aiden holds Dana’s hands behind her back. Dana falls to the floor and all we see is Aiden giving Dana’s booty a hard time. Aiden tells Dana she isn’t interested in anything but her booty. So, she lubes her booty up and then a thick-ass dildo, trying to ram it up her ass after she farts. Aiden puts her titty in Dana’s gaping asshole. Aiden goes back to fucking her ass and I didn’t know Aiden could have so much energy, but she really reams Dana out. Aiden has Dana put her hand in her mouth to gag herself because she’s so loud! Aiden even has her snort like a pig and put her fingers in her nostrils as she snorts. Dana holds her booty open in front of the camera, where she farts, gapes, massaging and exposing her booty hole. More anal fucking for Dana and A2M. Aiden does acrobats, sucking her own strap-on after Dana makes Aiden come. Then, the unthinkable happens! Dana brings Aiden a plastic baseball bat and lubes it up with her saliva. Then it goes up Dana’s ass! This is the type of shit that was the norm in some older Belladonna flicks, such as Fetish Fanatic and the Fucking Girls series. The thought of it is extremely bizarre, but it’s not overused and out of pocket in this scene at all. Dana gags herself as she screams with the bat up her ass! When the bat comes out, she squirms like crazy and Aiden beats her with it. Then Aiden fucks her throat with the strap-on and talks shit to Dana as mascara runs down her face. The scene concludes with foot play.

Sinn Sage & Annabella Lee
Sinn Sage has found another bitch to mistreat and it’s Annabella Lee. Annabella Lee is on a leash, crawling and barking like a dog as Sinn orders her to do. She gets spanked and ordered to smell Sinn’s booty as she’s wiggling her juicy booty. There’s a lot of focus on the girls’ buttocks as Annabella crawls and Sinn struts while she walks. They tongue kiss, Annabella breaths like a puppy and eats Sinn’s pussy. Annabella’s titties get pinched like crazy, then she lays on a couch where she’s spat on several times and played with. Annabella arches in doggystyle position, awaiting Sinn, who’s putting on a strap-on. Annabella sucks it and gets fucked in doggystyle with it. Annabella… This girl is real vocal and orgasmic and Sinn is just as violent and merciless with this poor girl as she was with Charlotte Vale, earlier in this flick. Sinn Sage is really fucking this girl up with her rhythm! They do missionary and Sinn tries to go in her butt, but the strap-on is too big and her ass is too tight. So, Sinn puts a smaller orange plug in her ass and works her butt muscles. Then, Sinn gets behind her and the picture freezes up. All we’re left with is the imagination of the strap-on going in her ass and Annabella making loud muffled screams as Sinn punches in her ass (or not) and Sinn laughing diabolically with joy! A flawless victory, this scene is very much on the rough side and may disgust some people. Be warned!

Harmony Rose & Chelsie Rae
Let it be known that I am not a huge fan of Harmony Rose. Though she’s pretty, most of the scenes that I have seen her in are anything but remarkable, with the exception of her scene with Amber Rayne in Fuck Slaves and her scene with Phoenix Marie in Gape Lovers 3. She doesn’t seem like the type who could be a great submissive. She’s usually the HBIC (head bitch in charge), even in her scenes with the guys because she’s not versatile at all. She fucks the shit out of Chelsie Rae with a strap-on and Chelsie can really endure and ride the “dick”. Harmony takes a flogger and beats Chelsie with it. Harmony is a real nice shit talker and she sits on Chelsie’s face, giving her a face sitting session with all her booty meat showing. This happens to be the highest point of this scene. Harmony eats her out, plunging Chelsie’s coochie with a dildo. Chelsie eats Harmony’s ass and spits on her. Harmony didn’t think that was respectful, so she flogs Chelsie’s ass, doggystyle and kicks her out the bed.

Bobbi Starr
Bobbi Starr plays as two different types of people. Bobbi Starr stars as a gothic, dominating, control freak bitch (looking as beautiful as ever with a blonde wig on) who verbally abuses and degrades a helpless woman, also played by Bobbi Starr, who is completely naked with a collar around her neck (looking battered and clueless, with dark hair). This is the type of alter-ego, mind-game type of shit that you saw in Fight Club, that confused the hell out of you. I still don’t see how Brad Pitt wasn’t in the movie at all. That’s the type of crazy, twisted shit this scene is on. One of the Bobbi’s may not even exist. It could just be a fantasy pent up on one’s mind. Anyway, I’ll separate them by calling them Goth Bobbi and Helpless Bobbi. Goth Bobbi pulls Helpless Bobbi in a bathroom. Goth Bobbi pulls her panties down, sitting on a toilet and pissing in it. She tells Helpless Bobbi not to worry, saying “I won’t come in your eye!” Goth pisses all on the toilet seat purposely and tells Helpless to lick all the piss off the toilet seat and she does it! Goth stands over Helpless, ordering Helpless to sit on the toilet and Goth puts her dirty panties over Helpless’ head and Helpless smells and licks the dirty drawers and Goth slaps her. Goth offers her some chopsticks and rubber bands and helpless pops herself with them. Tying rubber bands on the chopsticks, she uses them to pinch her titty nipples. Goth orders Helpless to masturbate and she does it. This happens while Goth calls her all sorts of names. Helpless pokes herself with the chopsticks also. Helpless goes on her knees, going in circles like Goth tells her to. Then, she’s ordered to fuck herself some more in the butt with a toy. Goth orders her to fuck herself harder with the toy and she does it. Goth has Helpless open her butt hole up and she gapes. Goth puts her foot on Helpless’ face, but when the camera shows Helpless Bobbi, her own foot is planted on her face instead of Goth’s foot. Goth slaps the shit out of Helpless, but when we see Helpless, she slaps herself. Goth degrades her verbally, telling her she’s horrible, ugly and this-that. The scene concludes with Goth spitting on Helpless! Another flawless victory, but you have been warned!

The first disc contains the entire movie (which is 3 hrs. and 3 mins.) and only three Belladonna trailers (Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 2, Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 5 and Discovering Alexis Texas). The flick is shot in anamorphic widescreen. The second disc has BTS footage, which lasts as long as the film itself (which also shows Kirra Lynne’s black boyfriend, whose face is pixilated to protect his identity), a photo gallery and cast info. Belladonna’s DVDs aren’t as fully loaded as they used to be and I’m almost sick of seeing the same old trailers in her newer DVDs. Two out of three of the trailers… They’re in most of her DVDs now and we should be treated to seeing to new trailers for her newer movies. I’m sick of that Discovering Alexis Texas trailer, I don’t know what to do! The a/v quality is excellent and again, Belladonna has the reversible DVD covers that I love!

Before I continue, let me say this… Belladonna does not star in this movie at all. After every scene, you see her dressed up in latex gear, with the picture being distorted and it’s like these are possible sneak peeks for her upcoming Fetish Fanatic 7, where she’s dressed as a nurse in latex, either playing in her pussy, spitting out of her mouth and licking her lips with a bondage mask on, as she did beautifully in The Fashionistas or running from something.

I haven’t seen the third part in this series, but this is the best one in the entire series. As a film by itself, it’s equally marvelous as the first Fetish Fanatic. Yet, I still believe that Fetish Fanatic 4 is THE essential and the greatest girl/girl movie ever made. Although most girl/girl shit doesn’t do jack shit for me, Belladonna’s movies are the greatest and her work is severely needed as she brought life back into a genre that was as good as dead at one point. Belladonna saved this genre and so did Jake Malone, with his Bitchcraft series! No Warning 4 isn’t a mixed bag at all. Every scene is rough and every woman is pushed to her limit. This is a vital porno for people who enjoy sexual violence in their pornography. It’s very rough, but it’s not as versatile and kinky as the first two in the series. This is a flick you can damn-near watch entirely without skipping scenes and pressing the FFWD button a lot, unlike the first two No Warning movies. The only flaw in this entire flick is the fifth scene with Harmony Rose & Chelsie Rae; a scene that I gave only 11 points out of 15 to. A scene that is nothing more than a short and replaceable filler.

Replay/Stroke Value: 88% - Medium high.
OVERALL RATING: 97% - Own it immediately!

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