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Belladonna: No Warning 2

Belladonna: No Warning 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
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Long Noel's ratings for Belladonna: No Warning 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Belladonna: No Warning 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna: No Warning 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Belladonna: No Warning 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Belladonna: No Warning 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna: No Warning 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Belladonna: No Warning 2 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna: No Warning 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  2/27/2008
*A Bonus Long Noel Review*

Belladonna: No Warning 2 (2006)
Themes: Lesbian (All Girl), Gangbang, Anal, Rough Sex, Ass Obsession, BDSM
Starring: Belladonna, Delilah Strong, Missy Monroe, Roxy Jezel, Sophie Dee, Jayna Oso, Kami Andrews, Naudia Nice, Brenya, Lexi Bardot, Ariel Alexis & Tory Lane
Produced and directed by: Belladonna

I saw the first “No Warning” after it came out and I liked it a lot. I mean, it wasn’t like “Fetish Fanatic 1” (which was Belladonna’s best lesbian flick), but I guess I could say it’s one of Belladonna’s five greatest lesbian flicks. I wasn’t expecting very much, but I was shocked at how good this was. And I’m usually not into all-girl releases (unless they are from Belladonna or something from the “Buttslammers” series).

The sex in this flick is pretty extreme and rough in many areas. This is absolutely not for everybody, even lesbians who like soft, cuddly girl-on-girl action. Certain people get a hold of this video, they will assume the women in this video are sick in the head, or they’ll feel white women are sick and nasty!

The first scene is actually the greatest lesbian sex scene I have ever seen in my fucking life. It was so hard, intense and dark (when I say “dark”, I mean nasty and pretty unsettling in some areas). Belladonna & Delilah Strong (a sexy motherfucker who’s gotten thicker over the years) are in a messy bathroom, sniffing cocaine. Missy Monroe catches them and Belladonna advises her to get the fuck out. Because Missy is nosy, Belladonna & Delilah take advantage of her and make her their bitch. They strip her clothes off and they aren’t nice about it, either. They all get busy with her, making Missy eat their pussies and assholes, bending her over and shoving all kinds of objects up her ass & pussy without remorse. Please believe, this isn’t reminiscent to any Christoph Clark “Euro Hardball” flick. It’s a whole lot rougher than that. When they put objects inside of Missy’s body, they don’t take no time pushing them in or pulling them out. They are very rough with her and surprisingly, Missy can handle it. This three-way includes a lot of face sitting, pussy-eating, analingus, dildo use and rough sex, which includes innuendos of humiliation and domination. There’s a lot of simulated raping going on in this scene and Missy Monroe looks uncomfortable some of the time but Bella & Delilah just keep pushing her over the edge! This is enough to make some people want to crack the fucking disc.

The second scene includes Belladonna & Jayna Oso. This scene includes my favorite theme: Ass Obsession! This scene includes feet play, titty sucking, face sitting and nasty anal fucking and raw anal play. Although I can’t stand feet play (and don’t understand people’s obsessions with feet), this is another hype scene that I’ve enjoyed!

The third scene can put you in a state of believing that this is all about a young female athlete being violated and corrupted by rival team members in a locker room. The woman being violated is Kami Andrews (who I have no interest in at all). Three females (Belladonna, Brenya & Lexi Bardot) get her butt naked and pin her to a bench and they all gang up on her. Belladonna sucks her toes while the other women plays rough with her titties and goes to work on her pussy with their tongues and hands. Soon, they get her on all fours and ride her like a pony girl (which turned me on, seeing one naked girl on top of Kami’s naked ass, riding her like a Shetland pony). Kami gets a D.P. from two sets of dildos and Belladonna drops her drawers and makes Kami eat her ass (face sitting) while the other two females dildo the fuck out of her. Soon, they’ll bend her over a toilet to fuck her with a “black mamba” (hmmm) and it ends with everybody eating each other. You just can’t get enough of all of this scattered poon and booty in this scene. Although I am no fan of Kami Andrews at all, I loved this scene as much as I did the previous two!

Scene five includes Belladonna & a “sista” named Ariel Alexis. Ariel is nice-looking, but she’s no Janet Jacme, Pinky, Diana Devoe or Ayana Angel. I think she looks a lot better than Vanessa Blue and Jada Fire. Anyhow, she plays as a secretary for Belladonna. Belladonna, unhappy with how Ariel does shit, strips Ariel’s pants down and gets busy all in her pussy and big, black ass! There’s some intimacy in here only because they kiss, but Belladonna dominates Ariel because she has her get on all fours on Bella’s desk and fucks her with strap-ons and dildos. This scene has a lot of doggy style fucking from Belladonna and deep throats. I’m not saying this scene wasn’t hot, because it was tight in some areas. But it probably would have been a lot hotter if this was done the other way around. You got me?

The finale stars Roxy Jezel (a flexible cutie who has been “destroyed” by a number of people in her sex scenes, most remarkably by Rocco) and Tory Lane. This scene is reminiscent to the finale in the first “No Warning”. Roxy is smuggled into a dirty restroom bound in a bag by Tory. Tory rips her drawers off with her teeth, gags her mouth and plays with her pussy. Once Roxy is out the bag, the two of them get into a physical fight and Tory decides to get tougher on her little ass. There’s a lot of raw anal play, including ass to mouth. Roxy sucks on a butt plug that’s been in her ass and at some point, it sounds as if she’s crying. This is a complete turn-off to many. But, you should expect this already, because this is a rough-ass flick. This scene contains a lot of rough sex, face sitting, oral sex and hardcore anal play, just like most of the other scenes in this flick!

The fourth scene starring Sophie Dee, Belladonna & Naudia Nice is the weakest. It’s just horrible! I’m not a big fan of Sophie Dee, but she was totally wasted in her scene. She wasn’t into what she was doing, which is playing a submissive sex slave for two dominant lesbian bitches. I could tell she really wasn’t feeling this. I mean, it’s really not Sophie Dee’s style. Again, the fifth scene with Belladonna & Ariel Alexis would have been much if Ariel was fucking Belladonna, instead of Belladonna fucking Ariel, or if they were switching. This flick is extremely rough and even for those who like rough shit will be turned off by some of the faces these females make out of discomfort and will be disgusted by hearing Roxy crying (or pretending as if she is) while she’s doing some A2M! The flick is called “No Warning”, but I am warning your ass. This might not be for you. Then again, you might enjoy it. Oh and again, I am not a fan of Kami Andrews.

The a/v quality is very good, but watery in some areas. This 2DVD set is loaded with some behind-the-scenes footage, a few trailers for other Belladonna flicks, 6 photo galleries (for each scene), filmographies and 75 minutes worth of extra fucking.

Although I felt that Belladonna’s greatest ‘all girl’ flick is “Fetish Fanatic 1”, I highly recommend “No Warning 2”. This is actually the dirtiest, sleaziest, filthiest, roughest girl-on-girl flick I have ever seen. Although I wouldn’t give this flick a 5-star rating, this one is just as hype as “Fetish Fanatic 1”. As much as I would like to say that it doesn’t get better than this, the only problem is that I can’t watch this flick all the way through, thanks to the fourth and fifth scenes. If I hadn’t said it before, this happens to be the second greatest lesbian/girls-fucking-girls flick from Belladonna and is also one of the five greatest ‘all-girl’ pornos I’ve ever seen. I’ve also enjoyed this much more than the first “No Warning”. This flick is also rougher, dirtier and sexier than the first “No Warning”. I mean, this is that "top vs. bottom", "You're my bitch tonight!" kinda lesbian fucking. And you will hear the women calling eachother "bitches" a lot. Men, if you like girl-on-girl porn and rent/own this video, it may not be a good idea to share with with your girlfriend or wife. It will scare the shit out of her, guaranteed!

Although the title states there’s “No Warning”, I warn you that this flick is really hot, but it’s really extreme, rough, dirty and very sordid in a lot of areas, especially the first, third and sixth scenes. My personal favorite scenes are the first three scenes, plus the finale! Even if you haven’t seen a Belladonna lesbian flick, this one could be a great starter. But again, I have to warn you that the shit you’ll see in this flick is extreme and will make you feel like you’re watching a sick lesbian-version of a Max Hardcore flick. It’s almost as hard as Jake Malone’s “Fuck Slaves” series (you won‘t see women getting the shit slapped out of them). This flick is strong without being “sick” like “Do Not Disturb”, “My Ass is Haunted” or “Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 2” (which are three Belladonna flicks I choose to stay away from. I don’t want to see pregnant women getting their fuck on, I don’t want to see nuns getting fucked and I don’t care for seeing baseball bats being rammed up anybody’s asshole)! I liked this flick much more than “Fetish Fanatic 4” & “Fetish Fanatic 5”, which I also recommend (but doubt if I’ll review). If you’ve passed this one up, it’s time to stop that shit and check this one out. Whether or not it’s worth owning? Well, you have to be the judge of that. It may be too hard-ass for you or it may be just right!

RATING: 91.1% [LOL - This is the same exact rating I gave "Fuck Slaves"!]
BOTTOM LINE: Please, either check it out or own it!

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