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GS500 Belladonna: Live 2.5 starsBelladonna: Live 2.5 starsBelladonna: Live 2.5 stars
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Belladonna: Live

Belladonna: Live

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
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Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Belladonna: Live overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna: Live Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Belladonna: Live Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Belladonna: Live Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna: Live Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Belladonna: Live DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna: Live A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  4/18/2010
***A Special Long Noel Review***

“Don’t call it a comeback!”
L.L. Cool J

Belladonna: Live (2010)
THEMES: Live, Compilation, Internet-To-DVD, Previously Unreleased, Solo, Masturbation, Ass Obsession, Anal, Lesbian, Roleplay, Gonzo
Starring: Belladonna, Sarah Blake, Rebecca Linares, Katy Carson & Dade Murphy (cameo)
Produced & Directed by: Belladonna

No, I’m not back doing reviews. I’ve said before unless something spontaneous came out, I’d review it. Frankly, I am so done with pornography, I cannot stand the thought of going into video stores, let alone writing another review. But Belladonna announced her indefinite retirement in late 2009, but she still knows how to grab attention like no other. The Awakening of Sasha Grey is finally being released and I’ve longed for the day when Belladonna would release a DVD full of her solo acts (which still has yet to arrive). But this is a collection of some of her favorite live shows shot for her website, which is finally released on DVD, thank goodness. Some have already seen these scenes… those who are willing to pay an extensive amount of money to join her website. For those who aren’t willing to do that for whatever reason, these scenes are finally available to the entire public. There are six scenes and the BTS footage is included into each scene, instead of them being separated into a special feature for this 2DVD set.

Belladonna & Katy Carson (Summer, 2009)
Katy Carson is a mildly cute BBW who Belladonna has a nice time with. This is a very soft and cuddly girl/girl scene, which includes a lot of smooching, some ass obsession and cunnilingus. In the BTS footage, they both are interviewed and give their thoughts on ass smelling fetishes, bestiality and the introduction of Katy Carson. This scene was nothing more than a filler, which lasted for 62 minutes. I found myself using the FFWD button a lot, because Belladonna has done better lesbian sex scenes. Nothing remarkable occurs.

Belladonna & Rebecca Linares (Summer, 2007)
This 91 minute scene was shot right after the release of Iodinegirl (aka Belladonna’s Rape Fantasy, as I’d call it, which also starred Rebecca Linares). The scene starts with Rebecca speaking Spanish and Belladonna translating. Similar to the previous scene, it’s a very soft one, with few mild BDSM acts, which includes slapping, lots of booty shots (although Rebecca’s scene in Iodinegirl had more ass obsession), a strap-on comes in… Rebecca has Belladonna ride it, then Belladonna straps it on her mouth and knee, having Rebecca ride it and there’s lots of analingus at the start of the scene. Although this scene was better than the last, I have seen better lesbian sex scenes from Belladonna and Jake Malone.

Belladonna: “We’re Gonna Do This Gonzo Style!” (Winter, 2009)
This solo scene drives me crazy. Belladonna’s in a bathroom, sporting a long dark-haired wig, playing all in her ass and deep in her ass. She smells it, tastes it, humps the bathroom toilet, shows her pale, white and beautiful butt cheeks so much, placing toys in her pussy and ass, her ass ends up really greasy from the KY and tub water all on her booty. This scene is very ass obsessed, anal oriented and very dirty, just the way I love it. Yes, I love Belladonna’s solo scenes, if you couldn’t tell. There’s a very hot sequence where lube slowly drips out of Belladonna’s slightly open rectum with the action being shot from underneath, as she’s playing in her pussy. A real flawless victory lasting for 45 minutes. Damn, why can’t we see a DVD for all of Belladonna’s solo scenes?!

Belladonna: “Ass Olives & A Facial” (Spring, 2004)
My favorite scene in the entire damn DVD. This scene is 6 years old and was shot probably right before Belladonna was pregnant. She’s in the bathroom, sporting booty shorts and a top, humping the bathtub handle, and you cannot believe what happens next. She does a lot of booty dances, booty shaking with a lot of ass obsession put into the scene, arching her back like Krysti Lynn. She pulls out a Care Bear doll, stuffing it’s face in her panties, having the Care Bear smell her pussy and butt hole as Belladonna acts like a ventriloquist, having the Care Bear sounding terrified amid her sitting on it’s face and smelling her body. She plays with a few toys, wipes her pussy and her ass crack, pulls out a tub of green olives and stuffs several of them up her asshole, shitting them out, smelling them and eating the olives! The entire time, Belladonna does a country-gal southern accent, which sounds corny at times. Towards the end, she sucks Dade Murphy’s dick and he busts on her face, as it’s being shot POV style. This scene was brilliant and one of the three flawless victories this DVD has to offer. While it’s one of the three greatest scenes (out of six), this was my favorite scene, which lasted for nearly around an hour!

Belladonna & Sarah Blake (Summer, 2007)
I was bored with this scene, but some would love it. I wasn’t feeling it. In fact, the first 60 seconds were the highlight to me. We see Belladonna’s and Sarah Blake’s booty shown, as they sport some thronged jumpsuits, which probably influenced Jay Sin for his Anal Acrobats 3 flick. Remember the scene with Tory Lane & Ariel X? Sarah Blake is fucking beautiful and they both freak each other out. It was a very slow and cuddly scene. Unnecessarily long, too. There is nothing intense about this scene at all. Nothing remarkable happens at all, with the exception of the first 60 seconds.

Belladonna: On the Stripper Pole (Summer, 2009)
Another brilliant Belladonna solo and her most recent scene for this DVD. Belladonna strips on a stripper pole for a very long time, flexing like an acrobat. Her panties are ripped from her butt part and she shows a lot of her ass before and after it gets reamed out and played in by toys, including a vibrator. The cameraman (Dade Murphy, I suppose) gives her a hand, spanking her booty really red. She does a lot of nasty things in this scene, but this couldn’t top the nastiness in her other two solo scenes at all. She’s looking beautiful as ever, like always and toward the end, Dade Murphy has to masturbate and bust a nut because she’s so hot. His nut winds up right next to her pussyhole, damn near impregnating her. In the BTS footage, she discusses the industry, her insanity-ridden scene in Dark Meat 3 with Rico Strong & Prince Yahshua and the fans who loved Dark Meat 3, so on and so forth. Another flawless victory and the third best scene in the disc.

Note that there’s no photo gallery on this DVD. What the hell kind of DVD doesn’t have a photo gallery?! There’s 3 trailers for Dark Meat 3, No Warning 4 (two Belladonna masterpieces) and Hell’s Belles. The movie it 6 hours and 10 minutes, with the BTS footage included in every scene. Filmographies are included only for Belladonna and Rebecca Linares. While I’m damn happy there are 3 trailers for 3 newer Belladonna movies, this DVD isn’t loaded at all. I guess it’s because the movie is so long. The a/v quality is great, but the DVD is very light on the extras.

I expected a lot out of Belladonna: Live and it was a mixed bag. It’s not a bad movie at all, in fact it was quite entertaining. But the three lesbian scenes were really tame, watered-down and weak as hell, especially in comparison to her masterpiece flicks, such as Fetish Fanatic, Fetish Fanatic 4, No Warning, No Warning 2 and No Warning 4. The three lesbian scenes were soft as Dove soap, but the three solo scenes were flawless Godsends and I loved every minute of all three solo scenes. I just wish that there were more solo scenes in this movie or that Belladonna would release a compilation in the future of every solo scene she has ever done from 2004 to 2009. This is a very nice movie to have for die-hard Belladonna fans, like myself. But if you’re picky like myself, only own a small collection of DVDs and like the nasty shit, like Fetish Fanatic 4 and No Warning or even the roughness of No Warning 4 and her upcoming Fetish Fanatic 8 (or if you’re looking for one or two of Belladonna’s greatest works), you may want to rent this first and see if it’s right for you and maybe look elsewhere. This movie was close to only getting a 4-star review from me, but It's Belladonna. Plus, it's a much better movie than Belladonna's Fucking Girls 4 and even Belladonna's Fetish Fanatic 5 (although both movies had better lesbian sex than here). Believe that. Three flawless victories out of six scenes isn’t very good, but these three solo scenes are strong as fuck, especially scenes like Ass Olives & A Facial and We’re Gonna Do This Gonzo Style. Belladonna proves again why she’s the greatest and why she will be truly missed! I truly hope she releases a double or triple DVD set in the future of all of her solo scenes.

RATING: 90.6% - Highly recommended.

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