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bono-ONE Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 4 starsBelladonna: Dark Meat 3 4 starsBelladonna: Dark Meat 3 4 stars
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Belladonna: Dark Meat 3

Belladonna: Dark Meat 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Belladonna: Dark Meat 3:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  3/23/2009
Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3 (2009)
THEMES: Interracial, Anal, Big Cocks, Rough Sex, Sexual Slavery, Domination, BBW
Starring: Belladonna, April Flores, Charlotte Vale, Dana DeArmond, Jesse Star, Krissy Leigh, Chavon Taylor, Nat Turnher, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong & C.J. Wright
Produced & Directed by: Belladonna

Here it is. My review for Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3; one of my favorite pornographic series. But this won’t be my final review. I have 1-3 more films to review and then, I am done reviewing movies, period. I own the first Dark Meat, which was a purely fun and marvelous flick. I gave it a 4-star rating by mistake, believe that! The second one dealt with themes of mild cuckoldry and humiliation of white women’s husbands, making them watch their wives get fucked and drink urine, etc. The scenes with Gianna & Aurora Snow were so brilliant in there! Now, this one deals with successful, occupation-oriented white women (secretaries, assistants, teachers, maids, etc.) who become willing sex slaves for successful, corporate black men. So, unlike the previous two, this one deals with more rougher sex and themes of sexual slavery, domination and control. So, let’s see what’s up…

As I was watching this, I just knew this flick was gonna be another masterpiece from Belladonna. Belladonna’s scene with Prince Yahshua & Rico Strong is legendary! These two men are businessmen and Belladonna is their secretary. She fucks up on the job and they ”punish” her by fucking the live evil out of her. I mean, the sex is this scene is intensely dominant and the sex is borderline violent. It’s very rough without it being degrading. There’s lots of slaps, shit talking, yelling and screaming, brutal flesh marks, control and some very hard fucking. But there’s not a lot of anal at all. Rico Strong gets in her ass for a minute and this is 30 minutes after the scene starts. I’m like, what’s taking so long for her to get it in there? She did an enema in the BTS footage, before the scene! There’s also double-vaginal, too. This is some seriously brutal, Justin Slayer Black Pipe Layers type of shit! April Flores?? Ehh… No thanks, I’m straight. She’s not a bad looking female but she’s too overweight for my liking, with rolls on her belly. But that’s some of what C.J. Wright likes. Wesley Pipes, too! C.J. Wright is a director at Justin Slayer International and he’s done a few BBW flicks. I’m not saying the scene was unwatchable. The sex was very raunchy and fantastic at times but it’s nothing I’d watch over and over again. Regardless, C.J. could handle her big self! Damn, I wish it was April Flowers! But she’s retired, last time I checked. Where was Aline at during the making of this flick, with her fine-ass?! But I’ll say this: Sexually, this scene with April Flores was better than Georgia Peach’s scene with Brian Pumper in the first Dark Meat! My first time seeing Charlotte Vale was in here and she lights my pilot light and turns me on so tough. I seriously believe she will be as desired and celebrated as someone like Sasha Grey or Bobbi Starr! I see it in her! She crawls around with a book on her head and C.J. Wright is a teacher or professor, I guess. Her dress gets lifted up and guess what? She has no panties on, with her ass poked out in doggystyle. C.J. smacks it, they undress, he bends her over a table and eats her ass and she gives him one of the best blowjobs I’ve seen in porno. Although the sex isn’t too intense, C.J. really gives her the dick in various positions, most notably doggystyle and cowgirl. Charlotte Vale is such a pretty thing to look at constantly. She then invited C.J. to rough her up anally and this is when the sex gets rougher and she can handle it, too. The anal sex is also gutbucket (a term I personally use for “explicitly nasty” and there are times where he mistakenly pops out, which is too much for some people to handle. Like “How can someone take all that abuse in the ass like that?!” Chavon Taylor is a busty Latina who is an assistant, she seduces Nat, does some spicy dancing for him before she strips. At first, the sex is kind of slow, but after a while, it gets energetic and Nat gets all in her ass in various positions. She does ATM, but after awhile, the sex gets right back slow toward the end. It’s a better scene than I thought it would be.

The second disc starts with Krissy Leigh, who is a maid, caught trying to steal money from Rico Strong. He deals with her for that. Damn, that woman has a real juicy booty! Rico lifts her skirt, spanks all on her ass, eating her pussy and fucks her good. The sex in this scene is slow, but it’s so good. Rico eats her ass out and gets in her ass, in various positions. This scene is very intimate and nasty, but there is nothing rough about this scene, but it’s so brilliant. Jesse Star is very nice looking. Yet with the makeup she’s wearing, it seems as if she’s trying to attend an Ozzy Osbourne concert and shit. She’s a publicist and Rico gives her the fuck of her life, in various positions. The sex is dominant and there are times when he covers her mouth with his open hand whenever she gets loud and at times, she alerts him that she cannot breath. There’s no anal. So, while it’s a dominant scene, again, it’s nothing degrading at all. And finally, the seventh and final scene with Dana DeArmond is here. She plays as an employee asking Rico, her employer, for a raise. Instead, he gives her some seriously intimate and rough sex. The scene is pretty lengthy, Rico whispers shit in her ears, he puts a belt around her neck and pulling it, like she’s on a leash, fucking the shit out of her with his big dick. She takes it in her ass in various positions and when he eats her out, he goes back and forth from her ass to her vagina. She wears glasses for most of the scene, although at one point, she takes them off but puts them back on. For the last 5 minutes or so, she masturbates him and sucks him and eats his come.

This fully-loaded 2DVD set contains the film split up in two parts. The movie is shot in anamorphic widescreen and is 4 hrs. and 15 mins. The BTS footage around 1 hr. and 45 mins. The BTS footage is very funny. Prince Yahshua & Rico Strong, they call themselves “The Dream Team” and shit. The BTS footage with Belladonna and Krissy Leigh is fabulous. There’s the usual cast info, photo galleries and only 3 Belladonna trailers for Butthole Whores 2, Girl Train, & Discovering Alexis Texas. Only 3 trailers? I wish Belladonna would put more trailers on her DVDs and trailers for more newer flicks. Butthole Whores 2 was fabulous and honestly, I liked it much better than the 3rd one, although I gave the 3rd one a higher rating!

Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3 is so much better than I thought it would be. It’s in the same league as the first one and so much better than the second one. This is versatile interracial fun that’s not degrading, not one bit. The only thing missing is some white women using the N word, which happens a lot in those Blackzilla flicks, from Hush Hush Entertainment. There’s not a whole lot of grudge-filled power-fucking and you’ll only see that kind of fucking in the scenes with Belladonna, Jesse Star & Dana DeArmond. Every other scene is just intimate and energetic. So, this flick is another masterpiece from Belladonna! The only flaw this flick has is April Flores. There is some very brief anal for Belladonna, which only lasts for under 2 or 3 minutes. Bobbi Starr got that same brief booty treatment in Dark Meat 2. But I’m not complaining because that scene was fierce enough. No anal for April Flores or Jesse Star, either. My favorite scenes are those for Belladonna, Charlotte Vale, Krissy Leigh, Jesse Star & Dana DeArmond. Chavon Taylor’s scene is acceptable, but there’s nothing mind-blowing about her scene with Nat. Basically because the tease sequence was almost nonexistent. Five flawless victories out of seven??!! This bad boy is a keeper and I know I will have to add this to my library. Unlike Dark Meat 2, this flick was more fulfilling, there was more put into it, there were more scenes and the DVD packaging was a lot better and had more special features! I’d say own this entire series. But if you had to pick one… uhh… Decide between either part one or part three. This flick is also better than many of her recent releases, such as Butthole Whores 3 and Cock Happy 2. This flick is a motherfucker!

OVERALL RATING: 97.3% - Own it immediately!

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