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Belladonna: Dark Meat 3

Belladonna: Dark Meat 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Belladonna: Dark Meat 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Belladonna: Dark Meat 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/19/2009
Hello porn fans, thought I'd take a look at this new one from Belladonna and she's brought along some friends too and they all want to play hard with some black cock!! I wouldn't expect anything less than super hard action from this talented lady and I won't doubt she brings out good strong performances from the ladies cast alongside her, so let's hit some highlights.


Why not lead off with a scene featuring yourself, get this party rollin in the fashion you wish it to play out. Ahh I think the scenes will have titles and even better they show you the performers listed right there, quite helpful. This scene here is called The Secretary and will feature our girl along with Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong. Bella looks very good in her short blond hair, the top is good and the glasses were a great finishing touch. Seems she's not quite doing the job that Prince is paying her for so she's going to need a reminder. I thought before he set in on her that Bella was doing a terrific job of ignoring his repeated verbal utterances-- trust me when you see the footage. Well move on to her being reminded of what happens when the boss has a bad day-- his cock comes out and Bella does a fantastic job of working it over-- hmmmm could this have been her plan all along, piss off the boss and suck his cock!!

This woman is an oral master and fans of the hardcore aggressive nuts to the maxx bj should relish her work here plus she begins to work in the dirty talk too. Prince works in some quick asshole licking, damn that is a fine ass before we get the sex. Good upside down shot at one point with Prince holding her up, letting her dangle while he munches her kittie from above. Well Prince has brought in reinforcements to really bring home the point to Bella so she gets two hard black cocks to play with, again right up this talented girls alley. Classic in between the cocks blowjob, gagging, balls, Bella gets it all working here. The guys give it to her verbally too throughout and she eats it up just like her cock and ass eats up their cocks. Lots of hardcore action here to please the Bella fan in your family. We end with two good loads for Miss Bella to enjoy, damn I'd not seen Bella work in awhile and it felt really good to watch her play again!

April Flores:

I'd say the girls now have a tough act to follow but it sure will be fun trying. This scene here is called The Polisher and features Miss Flores trying not to mess up the shoes of Mr. C.J. Wright. I think CJ's in a bad mood here as he doesn't seem to cordial as April tries to do her work but then he spots the fine cleavage she's sporting and the tone starts to change a little, just a little. I love the line where she says I'm done polishing, do you need anything else polished while I'm down here!! CJ gets into it asking her to unbutton the shirt and we get some fine in close boob sucking. April then gets to polish something else, namely CJ's long schlong and she works into it nice'n'slow. Lots of fine oral work here from April including playing with the balls, side view was used nicely here too. We get her nekked then save for the socks and heels, she squats over CJ's face allowing him to lick away at her cookie while she goes back to sucking him off. For fans of the BBW look I'd say Aprils perfect with those big huge titties and her big bottom! Some fine visuals here when she's rocking on his cock back and forth, ass towards us. You get some titty fucking to along with the shots in doggie and mish. CJ works out a good load to April's tongue with excellent cleanup from her, now was this her tip for the shoe shine!

Charlotte Vale:

Alright we move on and it's back to The Secretary but this time it's Charlotte trying to get a job and it's CJ who is offering one, not sure if she's got the heart to do it so can Charlotte change his mind! Miss Vale makes her case, she loves serving someone, doing whatever it is they want, she loves to see the customer happy. This seems to work for CJ but he's going to need more and it involves Charlotte putting a book on her head and walking around then getting on the floor for a little crawl action, lol. CJ then asks out of the blue if she likes being fucked in the ass and she answers in the affrimative. CJ then requires her to keep the book balanced on her head while he moves around touching her-- jeez job interviews are so different today. We start to see more of Charlotte revealed, the book's taken off her head and we start to work into the sex fun. The tits come out, ahh pierced nipples and we then get a fine full on ass view and yeah that ass will look quite good taking cock. CJ then whips out his piece and lets Charlotte work on a little Dicktation! Miss Vale shows no troubles working in that dick. Her hair is then let down so you know CJ's about to bring it which he does in several positions and yes her ass is taken to task, it's up to snuff so I think she's in good stead for getting the job position. Charlotte is down for some A2M too which is only sealing the deal. She ends up taking a pretty good pop over mouth with cleanup, now she might have to come back for a second interview, lol.

Chavon Taylor:

Our last scene on disc one opens with Chavon coming in and damn she's is one hot babe in her skin tight black business outfit, the skirt and jacket very complimentary to her figure. Ok the title for this scene is The Assistant and along with Chavon we have Nat Turnher. Our girl's brought out a slick suit for Nat to try on and she eyes him as he tries on the ensemble she's brought out for him. I should also say the glasses were a nice touch for Chavon too. Hmm it seems the pants are a bit short for Nat so he gives everything back to Chavon to take back. She's sorry for the mix up and wants to make it up but how! Chavon starts by letting her hair down, the jacket comes up, the glasses come off and she does a sexy little dance in front of Nat-- this seems to work as he lets her get down and let his cock out. Some very nice head here from Miss Taylor and we get some great boob cleavage worked in too, can't wait to see those fine puppies released though. That wait's a short one and we soon get Nat thrusting that cock in pretty aggressively as her titties dance below. Oh sweet we get the tilt the head off the couch and the guy straddles her to skull fuck her shot worked in,the boobs still dancing. They work through a good variety of shots for the fucking, P2M from Chavon and she's tested in her ass too, reverse was most special. Nat manages to dot both eyes with splooge when he cums. Not a bad closer, now it's on to disc two. Before swtiching discs you should note Bella's got extras for the first disc on it so check them out from 40 minutes of BTS to the pops repeated, ok now you can switch over!

Krissy Leigh:

Alright we're off and running on the second disc and the title here is The Maid and it features Krissy along with Rico Strong. They open with Krissy going upstairs, picking up some pants when a wallet falls out. The temptation proves to strong for her and she picks it up and even takes the cash out. Well Rico is walking up as she's doing this so Krissy's cold busted with the loot. Rico's not all bad though with her and even lets her work her way back into his good graces. She doesn't object when his hands start checking out her pussy, she lies on the bed doing a wide open leg spread to give Rico full access. Rico takes advantage burying his face in her cookie and we get some good close views of that. There's some titty sucking too from Rico leading to a good lean in shot and dick engulfing from Krissy. Now for the sex you have a fantastic doggie shot, she's got her ass spread wide open for Rico to plunder that coochie, Rico pipes in with the dirty talk and a few ass spanks for good measure. Rico then goes back to the good looking mish shot we had earlier and now instead of licking pussy he's drilling it and there's even some ass fucking here too for Krissy. The anal is worked in a few good shots, cowgirl, reverse with A2M from Krissy and they end with Rico popping to her face/ glasses.

Jessie Star:

Ok we move on to another scene and Jessie's upset with Rico not wanting to wear a suit to go out with her. This is " The Publicist" and Jessie wants her man to look professional when he goes out for public consumption. Rico just wants to be Rico and this seems at odds with what Jessie thinks he needs-- he's the man paying the bills so who do you think's gonna win out. Rico then starts in on Jessie and how she's looking here, her outfit has him looking at her in lets just say sexual ways. Jessie wants the suit on him and he's aggreeable to wearing one but she's going to have to persuade him, hmmmm how can she possibly do that, lol. Jessie allows Rico to give her body a good once over which includes a face burying session in her ass. Jessie then starts in sealing the deal dropping down to take on as much of Rico's cock as she can, her eye makeup is running in no time due to the hard face fucking we see. The sex is solid too, liked Rico holding her up while she's in cowgirl, they get a good floor view to show this. By scenes end her eye makeup is all over, she takes a good facial to wrap it up and to boot Rico says no suit, lol.

Dana DeArmond:

We have one final scene to enjoy and there should be a lot to enjoy with the lovely Dana DeArmond working the stick and she's paired up with Rico who's doing it one more time in a scene entitled, The Accountant. It was funny watching Dana acting all meek like when she gets Rico's attention, she only wants a moment of his time to go over some tax stuff. She couldn't help but notice how wealthy he is, lol, and she wants to get her hands on some of it, haha, Actually she wants to help him make sure he stays that way in this struggling global economy. The truth comes out, she wants a raise and Rico then lets her know that his other employees like Jessie who we just saw do a little something something on the side which make their worth more to him. Dana gets the hint and knows now what she'll have to do and anyone who's watched a Dana DeArmond scene knows she's totally down with that. Rico sets about feeling up Dana and her willingness to do what it takes to earn those extra bucks. They are soon in the bedroom and Dana's lips are firmly wrapped around Rico's long cock, working the magic to make him rock hard. Rico then gets a little me time with that ass, spanking it and then kissing around her ass/ pussy-- this makes Dana giggle a little, I liked that. We return to the dick sucking and damn she gets into it, the eyes water, the makeup runs and the drool spills off the shaft she takes him in real aggressive like. Rico then gets to lay the pipe to Dana and she can take a pounding with the best of them-- both vag and anal here which should be no shocker to anyone. Liked that they worked in piledriver here too. Dana's allowed to work the pop out herself which she does with some good cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this second disc was obviously shorter with only three scenes but there was plenty of action here with the Dana DeArmond scene being the big highlight to cumclude the dvd. The extras here were fine with over an hour of BTS to check out and you have pics too. There's a cast list but if you watched the scenes from the start you'd already know that info but it's still a fine extra which I hope other companies would include more often. I missed Bella on this side but thankfully we have that amazing scene from disc one which was her first b/g in like 6 months they determine, it's been longer for a g/g scene but maybe she's done one since this movie was shot. For fans of Bella's work I think this will be a good addition. You have lots of good strong cock sucking, the camera work presented the ladies well and they receive some strong pops to close their scenes with so all in all a solid job and I hope it's not so long until my next time watching Bella fuck, she's a keeper!

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