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Bella Loves Jenna

Bella Loves Jenna

Studio: Club Jenna
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Bella Loves Jenna:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bella Loves Jenna overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bella Loves Jenna Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bella Loves Jenna Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bella Loves Jenna Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bella Loves Jenna Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bella Loves Jenna DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bella Loves Jenna A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/14/2004
Well fresh from chatting with Jenna the other night I decided to give this title the ole once over. It has two big name stars going for it with Jenna and Bella. You also have the ultra hot Monica Sweetheart making this a power trio of babes to look forward to watching. This is unlike any Jenna Jameson movie I've seen and whether or not that's good or bad for you I suggest you keep watching to find out.

The Premise:

First off you get a long title sequence where the lengthy cast is listed all the while disturbing images flash on the screen. This movie does have a plot which may or may not confuse you! As far as I could tell Jenna has led a rough life as her parents died on her quite young but it was months before this was discovered so young Jenna was forced to eat her parents in order to survive. This naturally fucks her head all up causing a life of institutionalization and while locked up it seems she snacked some more on living people leading to the opening sequence where she's being led down the hall. Picture the airplane hanger sequence in Silence of the Lambs and that's how she looked complete with the Hannibal Lecter mask- Sweet! You will see the makeup people did a fabulous job on her and actually throughout the movie the girls looked hot when they were supposed to and like Jenna her they looked bad when that was appropriate. So let's delve into this story ok!

The Lowdown:

Anyway, Jenna's being led to her execution for these past crimes, oh yeah Randy Spears does some incredible dialogue sequences throughout the film which explain the plot much better than I can,hehe. You will also see a cool effect used with Randy that's explained in the dvd's commentary with Justin and Jenna. Back to the story and once she's in the death chamber and strapped into Ole Sparky you get your first taste of Jenna's dual realities. She thinks the people surrounding her in the chamber are acutally Nazi torturers who want some vital information they say Jenna posseses. Seems Jenna has a knack for bringing the dead back to life and with her gorgeous body led by that cute as a dimple face I can see why the dead would rise!! Anyway, their torture methods cause her to retreat further into her mind and that's where we witness the first and best scene of the dvd. It starts with Jenna pushing a gurney down a long dank, darkly lit hallway and oh yeah she's being accompanied by Dirty Harry who's quite the small man as he is able to ride a tricycle. This character Harry is actually more vital to the story than I even thought at this time of the dvd but that's jumping ahead.

Well the action takes a bit of time to get going as Jenna tries a few things before giving the kiss of life to Bella with the effect being cool and not real fake looking. You do get other effects with the lights, and the gurney is lit underneath Bella which helps when Jenna leans down for some highly erotic pussy licking. As we learn in the commentary they only had about 25 minutes to shoot this whole scene so the girls just went for it and the resulting no toy scene is higly passionate with kissing, lots of fingering to the pussy/ ass, and even some fisting though we don't see that but I thought for one split second there I did see Jenna's fist in Bella's pussy! Both girls were highly turned on by the other so this scene was more like having hot sex at home with someone you care about so g/g fans should enjoy this, I did!

The scene ends and we got back to the Nazi's barrading Jenna for the vita linfo and this causes her to retreat back in so we quickly get our second scene featuring the lovely Monica Sweetheart. Jenna is almost doll like, her wordsd, in her Nurses uniform and you watch as Anthony Hardwood looking almost ghoul like getting to eat out the hot Czech girls pussy. The views of that as well as Monica's blowjob were very good, the side shots from ground level were truly outstanding I thought. Jenna is pretty much a bystander for the scene, boy would I have loved to see her dive in for a taste of Monica's pussy!! She does get involved somewhat fingering Monica's ass though Jenna thought she was in her pussy at the time but she said nothing to Monica when she did notice and Monica being the pro she is just kept going! The sex was pretty good as well, just watch her ride his cock in RCA!! Dirty Harry appears in the scene as well looking all creepy and you have to watch as he jerks off to the sex but Jenna couldn't look as she tells us. This guy is a real life friend so she couldn't watch as he yanked his crank and personally I didn't want to watch either,lol. Monica is fucked long and hard and we get a decent facial to end the scene.

The next stop back to the death chamber which I guess is our reality but does Jenna know what's really going , I don't know myself at this point. We are then drawn back to the Nazi reality and you see Jenna's face thrust in a pale of water-- picture the opening sequence from the last James Bond and you get the same hear so a hot view under the water! This causes her to retreat once more so we get our next scene where Jenna's clad only in a white blood splattered apron. There is a dead body lying atop the autopsy table and you see the patient is all bald on the top of his head. Well Jenna starts doing whatever she has to do to revivie this guy. Let's just say her moves get sexier as we go along, and oh yeah Harry is here as well sporting that Nurses uniform Jenna wore in the last scene and they have him sit in a baby crib and suck on a bottle, huh! Anyway, the views of Jenna's naked body get better and better eventually leading to her ass being squarely over Justin's face. You see his eyes pop open, I know mine would, and the eyes look just like the vampire eyes from the tv movie Salems Lot! There is a cool 69 shot with Justin eating Jenna out and she sucks on his cock. The sex was real hot as you see doggie, mish, and a fabulous reverse cowgirl gets shot from floor level. Jenna takes a very nice facial to end the scene. That is one thing I've always liked about Jenna. Even though she hasn't done anal on film she has always been great about taking spunk to her face also doing some very sexy cleanup!

Next you are taken back to the Nazi reality where they threaten to kill her teddy bear unless she cooperates so this finally leads to Jenna aggreeing to help them out. This leads to the next scene as more torture is seen and here we are in some kind of industrial workplace. Nacho is using some equipment causing lots of sparks when Bella comes up to him with Harry in the background. Nacho and Bella then get busy starting their own sparks with some passionate kissing as well as some ass grabbing. Nacho just has to get a taste so his head is buried in her ass! A hot 69 leads to some pussy fingering and cock sucking. The sex had a rough edge to it and these two have such a history together the scene really rocked. Check out the hard gagging she does, this Bella is a sexual dynamo!! I really thought the ground level view of the doggie anal looked hot and check them out doing mish anal atop what appeared to be a boiler. A good pop is soon dropped into her mouth and Bella does awesome cleanup.

Well we are visited by Randy Spears once again so listen closely as he speaks as more plot points are covered! This leads to quite the extended tease sequence where Jenna wearing a long black wig tempts us with her body with Hary clearly visible in the background. We go quickly through the Nazi reality to the Death Chamber where the switch is thrown and Jenna starts to fry. We see several image on tv screens surrounding her all saying or showing disturbing things. This then takes us to Jenna in front of a piano and in the background a large cross appears on the wall. Through a cute edit you see Jenna divided into 3 Jenna, perhaps representing the 3 realities we've seen in this dvd? Well Jenna does some more caressing over her soft skin, you'll notice her makeup has become runny. Harry walks in a begins playing the piano and Jenna begins to intensify her masturbation efforts as he's playing. You get one close image of her breasts which I really loved but in the background you also see Harry is now jerking off once more.

Next we move to TT Boy dressed in some medical grear come in this same room, Jenna is gone, and while one girl lies on the piano bench he brings in another who is also not awake. Mya is the first girl TT tries to revive stuffing his cock in her mouth and eventually she's awake and they turn their sites on Julie Taylor. TT even does some pussy licking before a nice mish is shot and there's some g/g interplay. The girls share sucking on his cock and Julie's hot ass is shown off in a power thrusting doggie. There is some P2OGM from both girls as Mya's also fucked doggiestyle. The girls share the pop as well as the cleanup. We are then taken back to Jenna in the electric chair, guess this is her life draining away. Harry waves his hand and Jenna's able to get up and she suddenly has a gun and she uses it to shoot at the tv's around her before running out of the room also shooting one of the doctors who was there, and ole Harry just stands there watching. Jenna is then treated one last happy image with her family, Veronica Hart plays Mom before the tv in the kitchen lets us know she's actually about to die. Flash back to the death chair where actually Jenna never left the chair and you see she is freshly dead. Randy gives us one last bit of dialogue and then there's the big TWIST!! It's actually Harry who's sitting in the chair and it's actually been him all along creating these realities with Jenna being him I guess!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was an interesting dvd to watch and repeated viewings should help you understand the plot better if you want to!! I'm interested more in the sex and if I'd want to watch that again and I'd say the g/g scene with Jenna and Bella would require lots and lots of viewings!! The other scenes were pretty good but the dark lighting while vital to the story took away some from my enjoyment, still you had good work from Monica, Jenna, and Bella!! Extra wise I ran into some problems trying to play two extras one of which was a Blooper/ Deleted scenes so I recommend checking that out anyway as I'm sure there are some funny bits plus there might be some hard bit of action you'll enjoy. If I get another copy I will watch this bit as well as the Meet Harry extra which also wouldn't play for me and I'll get back to you!! There is a fetish menu which offers, blowjobs, cowgirl, cumshots, doggie, mish, and pussy eating. On the main menu go to the audio selection and choose the commentary option to hear a cool track with Jenna and Justin discussing the movie. So would I recommend this dvd, I say yes as a rental at first for those not sure but upon viewing you may think a purchase is in order. I know I'd like to keep this one in my collection if nothing else for the hot scene with Jenna and Bella. I am curious to see what Jenna does next!

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