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bono-ONE Being With Juli Ashton 4 starsBeing With Juli Ashton 4 starsBeing With Juli Ashton 4 stars
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Being With Juli Ashton

Being With Juli Ashton

Studio: VCA
Category:  Comedy , Interactive
Directed by: ,
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dumblonde's ratings for Being With Juli Ashton:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Being With Juli Ashton overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Being With Juli Ashton Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Being With Juli Ashton Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Being With Juli Ashton Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Being With Juli Ashton Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Being With Juli Ashton DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Being With Juli Ashton A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by dumblonde  on  7/24/2002
Directors: Wit Maverick and Veronica Hart
Writer: Wisdom Maverick
Videographer: Barry Wood
Running length: 3 hrs
DOP: 06/2000

Female cast: Juli Ashton, Chloe, Charlie Angel, Tina Tyler, Dee, Shawna Sexton, Bridgette Kerkove

Male cast: Steve Hatcher, Evan Stone, Mickey G, Lexington Steele, Devin Wolf, Ron Jeremy, Wit Maverick (non sex)

Audio/Video: As in most VCA features, top notch. The special effects were especially well done, as good as you'll see in mainstream, and the sets were varied with lots of visual interest. Some of the menus are a little slow to load, but nothing too annoying.
The audio was perfect. In fact, I don't remember hearing any annoying porn music. If there was any, it stayed in the background, and the Fantasex gives you the option to toggle music on or off.

Photo gallery
Star bios
Interactive cast menus
Animated chapter menus
Auto start/repeat
Sex On Demand - takes you right to it
Alternate angles
Alternate POV
Alternate endings
Multiple story lines - and that's just the feature
Choose boy or girl sex
Slow & Romantic
Hot & Driving
Loud & Nasty

* * * * * *
Speed start
Auto play
Advanced play

Condoms: Yes, in every case. However, just as in White Lightning, there is no effort to hide them. Indeed, they almost make a point of showing them being put on or taken off, and it's not nearly as objectionable. I'm still not sure why this is, but I found it kind of a turn on, and I'm a very un pc condom hater.

The Movie:

My nominations for Best Lines:

Tina Tyler "NEVER touch the boss's buttplugs"
Chloe " I can't believe Juli Ashton is sucking my big black dick! Wait a minute...."
Devin Wolf "I told you, I don't do anal"
Steve Hatcher "I think I'm getting wet!"

This is a hilarious take-off on the movie Being John Malkovich, and as you can tell from the above lines, the premise of people being able to project themselves into the body of another was just MADE for porn.

I only wish I had discovered it sooner, but it was just what I needed to take me out of the summer porn doldrums, and renewed my faith that not all porn has to be numbingly similar or serious.

Steve Hatcher plays a hapless pornographer wannabe. One day at the studio he discovers a box of buttplugs that when touched, transport him through time and space into the body of whoever is having sex with porn star Juli Ashton at the time.

Juli and Charlie Angel have the first sex scene. Oral, toys, dildo jamming & rimming.

Ron Jeremy & Shawna Sexton are pornographer Steve's first sex scene, which he messes up by forgetting to put the tape in the camera.

Devin Wolf, who plays Juli's co-star in the porn movie, gives her more than he intended to when Steve takes over the drilling.

Tina Tyler & Dee put on a good show for Steve in the studio office, and made him just sit there and watch.

When he portals into Bridgette Kerkove [insert joke here] and experiences sex from the feminine perspective I was literally rolling on the floor! She had been fooling around with Juli, but then Juli's personal assistant (played by none other than Wit Maverick) calls her away. When Evan Stone saunters in looking horny and especially menacing, things really get crazy. Evan unzips, telling Steve (Bridgette) to "Come here and suck my cock" which he does, and quite well I might add. Steve does his best to service Evan, and even submits to his first anal piledriver from the bottom's point of view. By the time Evan squirts his squid all over Bridgette's silicone casabas, let's just say that Steve has a deeper appreciation for the female experience.

Another great scene is when Steve brings his wife Chloe to the studio after hours and they both get transported into Mickey G and Lexington Steele, who are with Juli in a hot tub. Steve seems a little put out that his wife has a bigger dick than he does. Chloe however, really enjoys it, and I think this is the first DP that I've enjoyed watching.
Steve and Chloe each want to do Juli again, and later ask her which one she would choose, before the blistering finish to the feature.

But wait! I enjoyed the movie so much, I almost forgot the whole Fantasex part. As in Touch Me, not only is this virtual sex aspect in addition to the feature, it also hasn't forgotten us females. Unfortunately, it has forgotten that the majority of females are heterosexuals, but it's porn, what can you expect? Offering the choice of having sex with Juli as a boy or girl is at least different, and in keeping with the theme of the movie.

Male Cumshot/Female Orgasm Totals: To be honest I lost count, mainly because the females were getting off just as much as the males, plus the body switching, then of course there's Chloe. In the Fantasex part, you or Juli can cum over and over and over, so suffice to say that it was a frickin cumfest, therefore not an issue.

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