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wizzerbud Behind the Secret Door 3.5 starsBehind the Secret Door 3.5 starsBehind the Secret Door 3.5 stars
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Behind the Secret Door

Behind the Secret Door

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Behind the Secret Door:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Behind the Secret Door overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Behind the Secret Door Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Behind the Secret Door Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Behind the Secret Door Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Behind the Secret Door Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Behind the Secret Door DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Behind the Secret Door A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  6/4/2006
BEHIND THE SECRET DOOR has two things going against it: weak direction and an unattractive cast. The star is Ty Hudson whom to call homely were to compliment. Neither the face nor the chunky hirsute body are appealing. Unfortunately he’s in nearly every scene. We see him in front of his computer watching porn (what he’s watching seems more enticing than what we are) or he’s on the phone calling someone to come over, or he’s opening his front door (the secret door).

We begin with Ty at the computer and then we cut away to Brad Benton painting a canvas. (Is this what Ty’s watching or what?) Brad has a technique that would have made Jackson Pollock proud. He’s smearing the paint on with his fingers and then blowing bubbles onto it. John Marcus (old enough to be Brad’s daddy) comes a-knockin’. Brad jumps off the table and they fly together as though driven by a power stronger than love—lust. Soon both are naked. Brad—I’m sorry to say—is getting a bit plump. Too much pizza and beer I suspect. Gone is that slim youthful figure. This is not to say that brad is now unattractive. He’s still an attractive morsel. John on the other hand looks like the chairman of the board at Exxon. Perhaps he’s Brad’s art patron. He sucks on Brad’s toes before sucking on Brad’s dick. Brad also sucks on John’s smaller appendage and fucks him. Then John fucks Brad. In neither instance do we see the cock enter the ass, which for me cuts their heat quotient in half.

Back to Ty at his computer he makes a phone call and invites some one over. Two people arrive however Nick Capra and Danny Lopez. After the preliminary cocksucking, Nick inserts a red Popsicle-like dildo on a stick up Ty’s hairy hole. Danny then shoves a black one studded with balls up the same place. Nick then fucks Ty. ( It seemed quite Danny next rides Ty’s cock. Once again in neither instance WE DO NOT SEE THE COCK ENTER THE ASS. IT’S MEDIAS FUCK AGAIN! (In addition to the “pussy boy” references I couldn’t help but wonder what a performer the stature of Nick Capra was doing in this piece of Schlock. )

With Ty back at the computer and then on the phone we cut abruptly to Brady Martin getting a blowjob from Mark Galfione. Brady has a rather nice hairless build. Mark is slender with graying temples. He too is no “boy”. Popping up on screen like a character from “Bewitched” Ty asks Brady what he’s brought home for him. He then watches as Brady inserts an enormous faux cock up Mark’s slender ass. Ty assists both in jacking off.

It’s the old computer and phone bit from Ty and we cut to Branden Star, a young Latino poolboy, rinsing his net in the swimming pool. He’s supposed to be picking up debris but as there is no debris he’s just swishing his net through the water. It’s what you would expect if Butterfly McQueen’s Prissy were your pool cleaner. Two really big brutes emerge for a swim: Dillon Press and Ben Campezi. Big Dillon has a shaved head. Ben has a cock that veers west in the middle as he’s facing north. Dillon strips Branden and, after a few slurps on the kid’s pretty feet, fucks him. (Hey, we actually see Dillon’s dick going into Branden’s butt!) But wait! Suddenly—is it? Yes, it is. Danny Lopez is there too. Now Ben can fuck Branden (despite the curved cock) and Dillon can fuck Danny. (Isn’t that nice?) Old Ty sits in a chair and pounds his pud as Dillon and Ben pound the boys.

Yet (oh, joy) there’s another scene. A good-looking guy in a police uniform who is known only by the unique name “Matthew” comes in to be fucked by Ty. The handsome Matthew deserves better.

I really want every porn film I watch to be great. Otherwise I’m just wasting my time. Time that could be better spent skinning cats.
Well now I’ve seen what was behind the secret door. And I’ve come to the conclusion it was a secret better kept.

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