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Joe Shaver Behind the Secret Door 2.5 starsBehind the Secret Door 2.5 starsBehind the Secret Door 2.5 stars
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Behind the Secret Door

Behind the Secret Door

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Behind the Secret Door:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Behind the Secret Door overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Behind the Secret Door Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Behind the Secret Door Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Behind the Secret Door Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Behind the Secret Door Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Behind the Secret Door DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Behind the Secret Door A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  4/8/2006
I was maybe halfway through the 105-minute Behind the Screen Door from Oh Man Studios before I realized where the title came from. Scenes did not flow with each other nor did any sort of script. People arriving at the house where the action takes place come thru the front door which happens to be red and is the secret door. Don't worry--the sex is better than the script writing. Despite all of that, there are several hot men offering up some hot activity. Ty Hudson, one of the hot hunky studs on the box cover is the featured star of this flick and appears in 4 of the 5 scenes.

The film opens with Ty coming home and sitting down at his computer to watch some porn. We also see Brad Benton painting and blowing bubbles. Yes, it looks as silly as it sounds. John Marcus appears to be scouting the place as if he is ready to rob it. However, all he is doing is working his way around to the area Brad is in. He walks into the room, and within seconds he and Brad are all over each other kissing, groping, etc. Bradís clothes come off first and thus John is down sucking his dick. His mouth is all over Bradís lower half body sucking his dick as well as Bradís toes. This scene will make the foot fetish folks happy. Brad gets Johnís clothes off and gives his cock a quick sucking. The sucking returns with John sucking Brad in numerous positions. The action between these two moves around in different positions. They even do some brief thigh fucking with Bradís dick wedged up between Johnís legs. They go thru some mutual fucking with Brad fucking John both doggy style as well as missionary. They flip and John does the same to Brad, although Brad throws in some reverse cowboy riding. With Johnís cock still up in Bradís hole, Brad blows his wad. Itís hard to tell if John really cums as it is such a small load. It looked more like pre-cum.

Ty is still watching his porn and rubbing himself when he makes a phone call requesting some trick he had met come over for a small party. Doorbell rings and in walks Nick Capra and Danny Lopez. They join Ty in the room and in no time they get busy. Nick is on his knees working over Tyís dick while Danny services Tyís muscular pecs. The three go thru every position via sucking and fucking imaginable. One sucking one while he sucks another; one fucking one while he rims another, one rimming one while he rims another; etc, etc. These three put on one hell of a hot performance. The scene must have taken a long time to film given all the changes but their intensity never lets up. At one point Nick pulls out this dildo on a stick and shoves it up Tyís hole. He pulls it out at one point for some ass to mouth action (gross!!). He and Danny also take a lick from it after it comes out of Tyís ass. They also shove some other indescribable toy up into Tyís ass. When you have a couple of hard dicks available, I donít understand the use of dildos, but I think Oh Man looks to satisfy every fetish. Nick keeps calling the masculine stud, Ty, ďpussy boyĒ. Although Ty bottoms, he is no pussy. As a finish, Danny rides Tyís dick and spits out a few drops for a cum shot. Nick and Ty straddle Danny to bust out a couple of cum shots on him.

By now, we have been treated to two incredibly hot scenes and you have to wonder when the momentum will die. It happens in the third scene. Ty is coming home again and popping some porn into his computer. He makes a phone call like before and the scene changes to Brady Martin and Mark Galfione making out. I really like Brady but am not familiar with Mark. Brady has a beefy muscular frame whereas Mark is more athletic built. They do some brief kissing and Mark moves to sucking Brady. This sucking goes on for a while and Brady never can get a hard on. TJ Paris, the director, should have moved to something else instead of continuing with this boring feat. Brady has a thick dick but it stayed limp. Mark kept sucking, but it didnít get hard. Why didnít he have Mark work Bradyís muscular pecs or have Brady suck Markóanything but watching this? Brady picks up a huge dildo and starts working it in Markís ass in a doggy style fashion. Ty appears out of nowhere and starts stroking Brady and Markís dicks. Ty is such a performer you almost feel as though he is touching you when you watch him. The scene changes and Ty is sucking Brady and has his thick piece of meat hard. Brady starts fucking Mark doggy style and then moves to some missionary with Mark sucking Ty at the same time. This scene really gets tarnished as they attempted to go with natural lighting and the shadows are covering so much. You canít really get good shots of Bradyís muscle butt pumping away when he fucks and Mark is pretty much blacked out. The choice for natural lighting was not a good one. The panned out body shots are pointless as the close-ups are all that is clear. They finish fucking and Mark and Brady sit back on the couch to stroke their cocks for their cumshot. Its really a shame to have three hot studs like this and the scene messed up by poor lighting and maybe Brady not being into Mark.

Ty comes home and invites another guy over. The scene changes and Branden Star is outside cleaning the pool. Ty opens the door and tells whoever is at the door to come on in. This is the first time the secret door is mentioned. Apparently this door that the tricks come over to the house through is the red ďsecret doorĒ referenced in the title. Ben Campezi and Dillon Press come out to the pool naked. Ben already has a hardon. They instruct Branden to stop what he is doing and to come over and suck them. Branden is the lone twink of this video. Both Ben and Dillon are big muscular guys with Dillon having a few tattoos. Branden kneels down between the two and starts sucking. The blowjobs leave a lot to be desired as Branden looks bored and Dillon canít get hard. Ben is working Branden trying to keep things somewhat interesting. Branden in new in the business so I am not sure if this is his first porn performance. Dillon does some cock sucking here along with Branden. Itís a shame that with this less than exciting performance TJ couldnít have spiced it up by maybe having some muscle exploration given Ben and Dillonsís great physiques. Ty welcomes someone in and Danny Lopez appears with the three guys and Ty sits off to the side stroking his dick and rubbing on himself. Dillon breaks off with Danny and Ben pairs off with Branden. Branden and Danny bottom for their partners in both doggy style and missionary positions. They are all four crowded on a chaise lounge chair. Dillon is the only one of the four that initiates any kissing. Once they finish fucking Dillon shoots first followed by Ben. Danny doesnít shoot (even after his pitiful cumshot earlier) and I really canít tell if Branden shoots as some cum shows up on his chest but we never see his dick. For all we know he came and the camera failed to move to catch it or, most likely, someone off camera squirted some lotion or something on his chest to make it appear he shot a load.

In the final scene, Ty comes home (again). This script lacked any imagination. He is back at his computer; however, this time he is chatting online requesting his chat buddy come over and bring his deepest secrets. (Deepest secrets???WTF???) Mathew shows up in a sort of police uniform. Ty gets Mathewís clothes off to reveal a hot tight muscular body. He is still soft but Ty gets him hard quick. I love it when they start out soft and get hard during the scene instead of already being hard when their dick comes out. Ty is a master of cock sucking. If anyone should appear more than once I am glad it is Ty. He is an incredible performer. Mathew sucks Ty and Tyís yellow bikini underneath his pants looks out of place in the leather regalia he is wearing. Mathew rims Ty and Ty rims Mathew. It is a 20-minute scene and Ty is rimming Mathew for 6 of them. Ty fucks Mathew doggy style. I have to give props to the camera people for the great shots of Tyís ass while he fucks Mathew. Ty has kept up his intensity in everything he has done in this video. The scene ends with Ty blowing a thick load. Mathew follows with his own cumshot; however, the camera caught it at a distance so itís really hard to give much description on it.

Extras in the video include trailers from 5 videos, a Cumshot Gallery, Behind the Scenes footage, Deleted Footage, and a Photo Gallery.

Despite the lack of imagination of a script and some bad camera work at times, this video is hot. I give more credit to the performers than I do to the directing. Ty Hudson is an awesome performer who really makes this video what it is. It has a diverse cast that brings a lot of energy to the film. Just like any video, this one has those times when things could be better but itís still one you would want to watch more than once or twice. Its one you would want for your library instead of just a rental unit.

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