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Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl)

Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl)

Studio: Playgirl
Category:  Couples
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Comet Man's ratings for Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Behind Closed Doors (Playgirl) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  2/25/2008
This is a set of fantasy scenes in typical Playgirl style with guys who look better than average and no anal/DP sex, and condom usage.

Scene 1
In the first scene a girl (good looking brunette w/ dyed dark red hair with slight butt bruise) agrees to pose nude for a male artist to draw. She's wearing only a garter belt (no stockings) after she removes her robe. She "thanks" him afterwards for the drawing.
They kiss for a while, he licks her pussy, she pulls his pants off (he's not wearing underwear) and returns the favor. She mounts him in CG on the park pench, then he jerks himself off on her breasts while she sits on the park bench (would have been better if she did that). The scene ends with him sitting on a bench drawing in the buff.
Video is ok for the lighting conditions (somewhat harsh sunlight in background).

Scene 2
A pretty green eyed brunette with a big lower back tattoo wearing a tight pair of jeans and tank top is the receptionist in a body shop. She brings the owner lunch and pretends to be interested as he shows her the big engine he's working on. Of course, she's more interested in his muscular arms. They kiss for a while, she gets groped through her pants, then loses her top, loses her pants (she's not wearing shoes?), gets eaten out on a board on a car lift, then returns the favor, does RCG on him while he's sitting on the lift, then missionary until he pulls out and comes on her stomach with help from his hand (would have been better w/ hers again but she does massage it afterwards).

Scene 3
In a industrial factory area, a well muscled guy is chained up without a shirt on as he gets fondled by a nice looking pale brunette girl with nice body (real boobs) in a leather jumpsuit/shorts. She takes him off the chains, then quickly gets out of her outfit (only keeping boots on) so he can lick her, then she undoes his pants to return the favor, then gets missionary on a table, then doggy with one leg on the table until he comes (jerking off on her back), then she chains him back up by his hands and leaves.
The video was far too fuzzy. I know it's supposed to be a dream sequence, but it's DVD and we want to see stuff clearly, not through a thick layer of vaseline on the lens or or smoke or whatever they did to make it looks fuzzy :-P

Scene 4
A girl is doing her laundry at a dimly lit laundromat (how often is a laundromat so dim that you can only see colored lighting?). She's a brunette with a nice body w/ fake boobs, and bellybutton ring. The guy is muscular but older (Randy West?) and is not wearing a shirt. She kisses him (too much of her weird facial expressions), gets her shirt taken off, then she pulls off his pants so she can lick him. He puts her up on the washing machines so he can return the favor (she's only wearing high heels), licks her legs, then goes to missionary, then standing doggy until he jerks off on her butt and kisses her.

Scene 5
A couple wakes up in bed on a weekend (the guy is muscular with a big arm tattoo; the girl is a blond who's somewhat older looking). He heads off to the large standup shower and she comes over and strips in front of him to show him her body (nice but boobs are fake), then she joins him in the shower. He licks her in the shower with one leg up, then licks her asshole (unusual for playgirl), then she returns the favor while he's sitting down in the shower, then she does RCG (he's wearing a condom) until he comes (he jerks off on her thigh).
Nice heat in this scene.

Scene 6
A girl (Haley Paige) wearing a summer top and miniskirt breaks down in her Lexus RX300 and needs a jumpstart from the tow truck driver after a few guys laugh at her as they pass by. She thanks the the truck driver (muscular w/ arm tattoo) before the jump start by kissing him and pulling off his shirt. He brings her over to the back of his tow truck, pulls her top down to lick her breasts, then pulls her dress up to lick her. She pulls his pants down to return the favor, then goes to missionary (Haley looks a little chubby here) without her shoes on and the guy is wearing a condom; he jerks off on her stomach and then she wakes up as the real tow truck driver shows up(turns out it's a daydream).

Scene 7
A muscular guy is shaving in the bathroom as his girl drives home in an old stingray corvette (she's playing with a stick shift and fantasizing). The girl is wearing a flower print white long dress and has long dark red dyed hair (the video gets hazy again for the "dream" effect); she's older and has an ok body (with fake boobs and bellybutton ring and butt&stomach tattoos which are mostly hidden by the camera). She brings him to bed, takes his shirt off an licks him down, then he takes his clothes off and does the same to her (she's only wearing panties and her high heels), then goes missionary with a condom, then continues while holding her ankles together, then doggy, then jerks off on her back.
This girl probably the hardest pounding of the movie but there was too much fake moaning by the girl.

Company profile, promo, Photo Gallery, Solo masturbation scene w/ Alexander, Bonus scene with Reno (soccer player guy gets interviewed by blond female reporter who ends up getting missionary and CG on the logger room's bench), Behind the scenes of "First Vacation" w/ Niko (not from this disc).

Other Comments:
Can't bypass FBI antipiracy warning at start, even in PowerDVD.
While it's ok to do "dream" special effects, I think it was a bit overdone in this movie. The girls also need to help the guys come instead of the guys jerking off or they should just have sex until he does.

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