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astroknight Beauty And The Bitch 5 starsBeauty And The Bitch 5 starsBeauty And The Bitch 5 stars
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Beauty And The Bitch

Beauty And The Bitch

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Emahevul's ratings for Beauty And The Bitch:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Beauty And The Bitch overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Beauty And The Bitch Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Beauty And The Bitch Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Beauty And The Bitch Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Beauty And The Bitch Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Beauty And The Bitch DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beauty And The Bitch A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Emahevul  on  11/4/2001
Synopsis : A spoiled rich bitch offends the wrong old man and is flung into a macabre dimension ruled by a giant gatekeeper and magical guide. As a young man desperately searches for her in another time, she must face a host of demonic beings, including two gunfighters from hell and a bevy of sinful sensual creatures.

SCENE 1: Rich slut Nicole Sheridan has the hots for the hired help it seems. She pairs off with off screen paramour Voodoo. She does a slow teasing dance for him, lowers her evening gown to the floor, then sits in Voodoos lap to give him easy finger access to her sweet pussy. He fingers her hole with multiple fingers, sucks on her clit and asshole and then inserts his fingers into her pussy and ass simultaneously.

Nicole extricates Voodoo's rod from his pants and hungrily takes it into her warm, wet mouth. She strokes his rod, licks his balls and then mounts his suddenly rubber clad dick CG style. She slowly and sensuously rides him, slowly increasing the tempo until she is frantically bucking on his big dick.

Nicole then turns around to lower her hot ass onto his dick, riding him anal RC as she fingers her own pussy. Voodoo then pumps Nicole's pussy mish style. He then alternates between her ass and cunt, stroking first one then the other, finally pulling out and shooting a large load across her chest. Back into bitch mode, Nicole orders Voodoo to get a towel to clean her off.

SCENE 2: Inari offends an old man begging for extra change. She tells him to get lost and he casts a spell banishing her to another dimension where she immediately finds herself dressed out in full whore mode. Her pimp forces her to watch in disgust as Kylie sucks on the big schlong of Jason McCain. Kylie strokes the rod doublehanded, nearly deep throats it (not for lack of trying though) and McCain then licks Kylie's pussy. He inserts first 3 then 4 of his fingers into her cunt, fucking her with them.

McCain then pumps Kylie horsy style with his condom clad dick as she begs for him to fuck her. Kylie next plants her ass onto his dick RC exclaiming "you're a challenge with that curve", referring to the natural curve in his cock. She then rides his dick and finger fucks her pussy. Kylie then kneels and jerks McCains cock til he spews his load onto her face and tongue.

SCENE 3: Inari and her guide, Murphy, suddenly appear in a room where Shay is teasing a bunch of guys with her delectable body. Shay exclaims, "oh thank God, I thought I was going to have to suck some cock". She then forces Inari down onto a large throw pillow and proceeds to eat her pussy. Shay fingers Inari as she whimpers with pleasure, inserting multiple fingers into her.

Shay then licks Inari's sweet box again. Inari takes over, tonguing Shays pussy with obvious delight and working hard on her clit.

It's toy time. The girls lie end to end, pussies together, and work a couple of vibes over their hot twats til they explode in mind shattering orgasms.

SCENE 4: Murphy and Inari next appear in an "Old West" setting. Following a shootout in which Murphy outdraws a couple villains and guns them down with his finger, they come across Violet Blue, Tyce Bune and Chris Cannon heavily engaged on a cloth covered hay bale. This scene takes on an "artsy" look as it is filmed throughout in sepia tones. Violet alternates sucking and stroking on the two dicks as Murphy and Inari look on.

Inari begins to get turned on by the show, slowly unbuttoning her blouse and working her hand down into her pants. Meanwhile Cannon starts pumping Violet doggy style as she continues to blow Tyce. Murphy works his hand down Inari's pants as Tyce pumps Violet and she sucks on Chris' cock.

Violet orders Tyce to fuck her in her ass. He works his finger in her ass to loosen her up then stuffs his big dick balls deep into her.

The guys next DP Violet, which she seemingly enjoys and handles with ease. Violet rides Chris CG as Tyce pumps her ass doggy style. The guys end by spraying their loads on her chest.

SCENE 5: Once again Inari and Murphy disappear, only to reappear outside Joel Lawrences bedroom. They watch on as Sydnee sucks on the tip of Joel's big dick. They are quickly joined by Sydnee Steele. The girls do a bit of 69, with Sydnee riding Alexandra's tongue.

Alexandra then tongues Sydnee's clit and finger fucks her as Joel, restrained by ropes, wathches on. Meanwhile, a very turned on Inari gets her twat massaged by Murphy.

Alexandra releases Joel from his restraints. Sydnee sucks on his dick stroking him with both hands, as Alexandra sucks on his balls and fingers her own pussy. Sydnee then mounts his condom covered rod RC and rides him. Alexandra repeatedly pulls his cock from Sydnee's cunt and sucks him.

Joel then stuffs his big rod in Alexandra's ass and pumps her doggy style. She goes nut from the pleasure as Joel fucks her and Sydnee fingers her cunt. Joel then does Alexandra's ass piledriver style. Joel next pumps Alexandra mish style and spews his load on her chest and stomach as the girls stroke him to a finish.

SCENE 6: Final scene. Murphy and Inari appear once again, this time in the future, as Inari finds herself seeing her own future being played out with Dale DaBone. Dale goes down on Inari, eating her pussy on a bed in the middle of a large room, as couples dance seemingly oblivious to them.

Inari then sucks Dale's cock deep into her mouth, offering him an amazingly wet, sloppy blowjob. She strokes his rod and finally takes his rubber covered dick into her pussy mish style.

Dale next turns Inari onto her side and enters her ass with ease, fucking her spoon style. Inari whimpers and moans, frantically stroking her pussy. Dale again fucks her mish style, anally. Dale ends up shooting a wet load across Inari's hip as she strokes his balls.

Disc #2: It's this second disc which contains all of the "fun" elements of this release. It includes the "directors cut" of two scenes, enhanced versions of the first scene, between Nicole and Voodoo which mainly includes a bit more foreplay between the two performers. The second directors cut scene is of Alexandra Silk, Sydnee Steele, and Joel Lawrence. Primarily, there is a bit more lez play between Sydnee and Alexandra.

There's another section, about 14 1/2 minutes long in which Bud Lee, the director, gives us some telling insight into what it took to make this feature as well as his views on the film making process.

A series of outtakes from Adam & Eve releases, running about 12 minutes long, is included. Unfortunately, the movies from which the scenes are cut from aren't listed.

The behind the scenes features last close to 16 minutes. Scenes from the movie are frequently used to set up scenes in this feature. We see Bud working with the stars and watch as the porn talent mug for the camera. There are some short introductions by the players as well as interesting anecdotes. All of this makes for some interesting watching as we see the "real life" stuff behind the camera.

Trailers on this DVD include scenes from "A Witch's Tail", "A Wolf's Tail", the upcoming "Goddess", "Invisible", "The Secret Of Harlot Hill" and two episodes of the "Naked Hollywood".

Bonus scenes from the Adam & Eve Sex Across America" movies are included. The first scene features Alexandra Silk and Dale DaBone from. The second scene features T.J. Cummings nailing Anna Amore on a piano bench. The third scene involves Evan Stone with Alexa, a very pretty Brazilian babe. They make sensuous, passionate love next to a roaring waterfall.

There's a bio's section, featuring interviews with Seth Gecko, Nicole, Inari, Alexandra and Bud. Each person gives some detail about their past, how they got into the adult biz, their hobbies and generally what they hope to do in the future. Seth Gecko, the only male talent interviewed, shares with us a bit of what he has learned about women and some of the jobs he's held over the years. Bud Lee talks a bit about his hobbies and his personal past. Inari explains how she got her name, where she came from and how she got to LA. She comes across as being very normal and extremely intelligent. Alexandra Silk, from the very beginning admits a goofball. It’s a very fun, goofy interview, with Alexandra exhibiting quite a few accents. She demonstrates, rather than just talks, about her favorite sexual position and talks about why she really likes the bra she is wearing. She also talks a bit about her first sex scene in the adult business. Finally, Nicole Sheridan gives a short five minute interview where she also talks about some of her favorite performers to work with. She tells us how she came about getting her performing name and a few other personal details.

There are bloopers scenes included which last close to four minutes. We watch and see on camera screw up's and people having some behind the scenes fun. This makes for a fun segment to watch.

There’s also a twenty one minute behind the scenes featurette for "A Wolf’s Tail" (listed as 34 minutes long on the cover). There's a four minute preview for "A Devil’s Tail". A seven minute section on Simon Wolfs actual wolves is included and finally, a link for Adam and Eve's website is included.

MY PARTING THOUGHTS: Occasionally, just occasionally, one can run across a true treasure in the flotsam and jetsam world of porn. This DVD is that treasure. This double DVD offering from Adam & Eve and Simon Wolf Productions is a gem to behold. I simply can't stress enough just how good this release is. Everything is done with exquisite detail, from the special effects, to the lighting, to the music and most importantly the sex.

Bud Lee has put together a cast of some of the most beautiful women and best looking studs in the industry. They work exceptionally well together, producing what can only be described as electrifying sex scenes. The audio elements are crisp and clear with wonderfully enticing music that truly serves to enhance the erotic atmosphere of the movie. Great camera angles and a style of videography that is a wonder to behold round out the technical aspects of this DVD.

Summing up all of the elements of this movie, I feel that this is a future classic and one that will stay in my personal collection for a LONG time to come. You can not and will not go wrong adding this to your personal collection as well.

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