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Emahevul Beauty And The Bitch 5 starsBeauty And The Bitch 5 starsBeauty And The Bitch 5 stars
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Beauty And The Bitch

Beauty And The Bitch

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Beauty And The Bitch:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Beauty And The Bitch overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Beauty And The Bitch Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Beauty And The Bitch Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Beauty And The Bitch Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Beauty And The Bitch Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Beauty And The Bitch DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beauty And The Bitch A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/21/2001

NOTE: Some people, myself included, are boycotting Simon Wolf Productions due to having Marc Wallice, who allegedly faked HIV test results and infected others in the adult industry, on staff.

Running Time: 106 min. (cover states 138 min.)

Production Date: 12 / 18 - 20 / 2000 and 1 / 23/ 2001

Director: Bud Lee

Cast: Inari Vachs, Jim Steele, Alexandra Silk, Shay Sweet, Nicole Sheridan, Violet Blue, Chris Cannon. Tyce Bune, Joel Lawrence, Dale DaBone, Voodoo, and Jason McCain in sexual roles, and Julie Meadows, Mia Smiles, Mickey Ray, Nels Bloom, Harry S., Seth Gecko, George Kaplan, and many others in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: Simon Wolf seems to make a fantastic adult movie, and with Inari heading this one, I have pretty high hopes.

Initial Reaction: Itís very good and really shows how talented Inari Vachs is.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Inari Vachs, couples who donít mind anal sex, and anybody who likes well written and acted porn

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes a lot of extremely hardcore action

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with Simon Wolfís movies, the audio and video are both very good. The video is especially good, and about as close to perfect as a person can get. The audio is very clear, but does appear to be dubbed in a few parts.

Music: The music is normally very nicely balanced with the rest of the audio. It comes and goes a little in volume to sometimes enhance the mood, and at times disappears altogether. Itís a nice style that reminds me a little of mainstream movies.

Menus: The menus are fairly basic, although the animation on each one is very nice. The chapter menu is very standard, letting you choose the chapter from a small image of the scene.

The Feature: When rich bitch Inari Vachs kicks beggar George Kaplan out of her house, she finds herself transported to another world. In this new world, she learns right away she works for Murph (Seth Gecko) and she better get used to peddling her ass. All the girls she meets in this new world look just like her friends, and most of them are very adept at very nasty sex. Sheís told that when she learns how to be a good whore, sheíll get a gold ring with an ďMĒ on it, just like the people who look like her friends. Murph then proceeds to take Inari from location to location to make sure she gets the right education.

Rich bitch Nicole Sheridan starts things out almost immediately with her real life husband VooDoo, who plays a waiter in the movie. Nicole makes VooDoo sit down and watch as she strips for him, and then comes and sits in his lap with her legs spread wide open so he can finger her pussy. He pulls his fingers out every now and then and lets Nicole taste her own juices, before finally having enough and moves her aside to get his face down in her pussy. Nicole also has VooDoo lick her ass, followed by a good hard tongue fucking and his fingers. Nicole gives him a very nice, and slightly sloppy blowjob in return, as well as a fairly rough nut sucking while giving him a handjob. After a bit of dirty talk back and forth, and Nicole not showing any manners by talking with her mouth full, Nicole crawls up and starts riding VooDoo cowgirl style, controlling the action and having VooDoo bite her nipples, before turning around and taking VooDoo all the way in her ass. Nicole lays back on the couch to take VooDoo back in her pussy as well as a few more trips into her ass, as VooDoo alternates between her holes since he wants to fuck her pussy but she wants him in her ass. VooDoo finally lets go on her tits to finish her off. Itís a very hot scene with the excellent chemistry it should have between a husband and wife.

Kylie Ireland shows Inari how a good whore acts with Jason McCain. She starts out giving him an aggressive blowjob before letting him go down on her pussy. Kylie shows her nasty self by having Jason give her pussy four fingers as well as trash talking at him through almost the entire scene. Jason starts out fucking her from behind, and joins in on some of the trash talking. They follow it up with a reverse cowgirl ass fucking with Kylie rubbing, spreading, and fingering her pussy. Kylie hops off to suck Jason until he gives her a pretty average pop on her face. Itís a very hot and nicely nasty scene.

Inari Vachs puts on a show for a bachelor party with the help of Shay Sweet. Shay props Inari up on a table and breaks open Inariís leather top and pulls up her leather skirt so she can eat and finger Inariís pussy. After a long tongue lashing from Shay, Shay demands Inari give her a little reward and trade places. Inari dives right in, and sucks on Shayís clit like a kindergartner with a lollipop. As usual when Inariís giving head, her spit glands go into overdrive as she licks and sucks on Shayís pussy. The girls finish things off by masturbating with their toys, Inari with a pocket rocket and Shay with another toy, and putting on a show for each other. Itís a great lesbian scene and the girls play very well with each other.

Violet Blue takes on Chris Cannon and Tyce Bune in a sepia tone western style scene. Violet is a cute dishwater blonde, or appears to be at least, with nice real tits, a pierced belly button, and a few tattoos. She starts off by making the guys take turns for her cocksucking before letting Chris fuck her from behind as she continues to suck on Tyceís aging rod. After a little warmup, she has Tyce pull into her ass. They finally movie around so Chris can fuck her pussy while Tyce continues to fuck her ass. Chris finally pops on her chest while Tyce continues to fuck her, and finally pop on her tits and up to her face. As they get busy, Inari and Seth watch. Inari gets very turned on and starts trying to relieve a little of the pressure. Being a gentleman, Seth helps a little as well. Itís another fairly hot scene, but it seems a little mechanical at times since there isnít much motion in the threesome.

Alexandra Silk rents her husband Joel Lawrence Sydnee Steele for his birthday. Joel wants to eat some birthday pie right away, but Alexandra ties him up at the headboard and makes him watch as she tests his birthday pie to make sure itís safe. After she figures heís waited long enough, Alexandra unties Joel and the girls team up to work on his twig and berries, or in Joelís case, maybe branch and melons. Sydnee finally lowers her pussy onto Joelís cock as Alexandra helps both of them out and guides his cock. Alexandra even pulls Joelís cock out so she can suck on it a few times. Finally, she lets Joel get behind her to open up her brown eye with his cock while Sydnee plays with Alexandraís pierced pussy. Alexandra even lets Joel pile driver her ass while Sydnee spanks Alexandraís ass. Finally, Joel fucks Alexandra missionary style before blowing his load from her stomach up to her mouth. Once again, Inari gets all turned on watching, and Seth does what he can to help her out. Itís an extremely hot scene thatís great in almost every way.

Finally, Inari Vachs gets Dale DaBone-ed in the middle of a party with the other guests dancing around them. Dale starts out working over Inariís entire body with his tongue, from the tip of her toes to her mouth, tits, and of course, pussy. Inari thanks him properly with one of her extremely well known blowjobs. She gets extremely sloppy, as usual, and Iím almost surprised the bed didnít have rubber sheets on it from the beginning to save the mattress from Inariís saliva. Finally, Dale parts her silky lips with his cock, making Inari squeal away as she lays back on the bed with one leg up on Daleís shoulder. He moves on to spoon her ass while Inari plays with her pussy and takes his cock all the way in her ass. He finally pulls out to unload a great shot all over one of Inariís ass cheeks. Itís an extremely hot scene, and a perfect one to finish the movie with.

Beauty & The Bitch is an all around great adult film. The storyline, although not extremely deep, is still well done and extremely well acted. Inari really shines, and her chemistry with Seth Gecko really drives the entire movie extremely well. The sex is every bit as good as the acting. Itís very good, and unlike most of Adam & Eveís films, is almost all anal. The technical effects really put the icing on the cake. There are some great effects here that really add to some of the scenes, and even the lighting helps out most of the scenes. This is one of the best adult movies Iíve seen all year.

Extras: In a first for Adam & Eve, or at least the first I know of, a directorís commentary is included with Bud Lee. Thereís quite a bit of dead air throughout the commentary, but when Bud makes a comment itís normally a good one. He talks a bit about the stars as well as some of the things they encountered while making the movie. In a very nice touch, the audio from the movie comes up to almost a normal level when Bud doesnít have anything to say, and drops down quite a bit when Bud does talk so you can hear him much easier. For a first commentary itís pretty good. I hope in the future Bud gets somebody else to talk to during the commentary, such as one of the leading stars (Inari would have been great to have in this commentary since sheís so prevalent throughout the entire movie) or maybe even Simon Wolf himself.

Bud Lee start things out on the second DVD, which is devoted entirely to extras, with a few words. Actually, itís more than a few words since the interview lasts almost fifteen minutes. He talks about the gunfighter scene, which was kind of a last minute thing. Itís a scene that Budís immensely proud of, and rightly should be. Bud also talks about Inariís professionalism, as well as a few other things working with Inari. He considers Inari one of the top five actresses in the adult business, and I canít disagree with him at all. He also talks some about working with Seth Gecko, one of the main non-sexual performers. Bud covers many of the technical aspects and how some of the more difficult shots were done, and puts into terms that almost anybody could understand. He also talks about some future plans, such as a sequel to Beauty & The Bitch and the series Blue Angel, as well as what itís like working with Simon Wolf, how Simon challenges him, and Simon himself. Of course, the Simon Wolf Compound is also included. Itís a very good interview that really shows Bud Lee well.

Directorís cuts of two scenes are also included. First up is the first scene between Nicole Sheridan and VooDoo which lasts almost sixteen minutes. Thereís a nice little bit of foreplay added this time between Nicoleís strip and VooDoo going to work on her pussy. Some of the rest of the scene seems lengthened out as well, but the added foreplay makes the most difference. The other scene is the fifth scene between Alexandra Silk, Sydnee Steele, and Joel Lawrence which this time lasts almost ten minutes. Alexandra plays a little more with Sydnee, and Joel seems to get a little gropier in this version than in the original. Unfortunately, it cuts out a lot of the action between Joel and Alexandra. Nicole and VooDooís scene is definitely much better, and the other scene would have also been if some of the action hadnít been taken out. They still make for a great extra.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts almost sixteen minutes. It frequently uses scenes from the movie to set up some of the scenes in the featurette. It shows Bud working with the stars, as well as the talent playing to the camera quite a bit. There are a few short introductions by the talent, as well as a few short anecdotes from them. Itís a pretty good behind the scenes, that gives a fairly nice feel to many of the cast members.

The bloopers last about three and three quarter minutes. It nicely mixes screw ups on camera, people having fun behind the scenes, and a few other candid comments. It provides a nice little look behind the scenes as well as being a lot of fun.

Trailers are included for the first two of the Simon Wolf trilogy, A Witchís Tail and A Wolfís Tail, as well as the upcoming Goddess and The Secret of Harlot Hill, the already released Invisible, and two episodes of the highly successful Naked Hollywood. The Adam & Eve sex reel is also included, which nicely collects scenes from many Adam & Eve movies. Unfortunately, the movies the scenes come from arenít listed.

Bonus scenes are included from several of Adam & Eveís movies. First is the scene between Alexandra Silk and Dale DaBone from Sex Across America: 1st Stop Las Vegas where Dale nails Alexandra in the front of the motor home. Itís a very fun scene and one that Alexandra fans should really enjoy. Next up is a scene from Sex Across America Second Stop: New Orleans where T. J. Cummings nails Alexis Amore on a piano bench. Itís an okay scene, but has kind of a different feel since it jumps a little between a loving romantic scene and an intense driving scene. Finally, thereís a scene between Evan Stone and Alexa, a nicely proportional Brazilian girl rather than the flakey former Wicked girl with an inflated chest, where they make love in front of a waterfall from Emerald Rain. Itís a very warm couples style scene with both vaginal and anal sex. These three scenes nicely show a lot of what Adam & Eve have to offer. It ranges between fun gonzo to romantic scenes, and all three of the movies in my opinion are worth watching.

As with in A Wolfís Tail and Appassionata, the bios are all done in interview form. As usual, the people talk some about their past and how they got into the adult industry as well as their hobbies and what they hope to do in the future. The only male talent included is Seth Gecko, who also shares some of what heís learned about women in his eleven and a half minute interview. The only other guy is Bud Lee who has a thirteen minute interview. He talks about many of the common topics in star bios, such as his hobbies and personal past, some of the issues in the adult film industry today, what his personal sex life is like, and what people donít know about him that heíd like them to. Inari Vachs gets an eight and a half minute interview, and starts out explaining the origin of her name. As usual, she looks amazing, and comes off as an extremely normal person, as well as very amusing. Itís a great interview makes me a very strong supporter of the Campaign for Inari Vachs. Alexandra Silk also gets an eight and a half minute interview and starts off both admitting to and acting like a goofball. Itís fun from the start, with Alexandra showing off quite a few accents. She also demonstrates rather than just talking about her favorite position and talks about why she really likes the bra she has on. Finally, Nicole Sheridan gives a five minute interview where she also talks about some of her favorite performers to work with and how people in the adult industry might surprise you in many ways, as well as the normal things. The interviews make a great alternative to the standard bio.

Thereís also a few things for the Simon Wolf trilogy. The twenty one minute behind the scenes featurette for A Wolfís Tail is included (which the cover lists as being thirty four minutes long), as well as four minute preview for A Devilís Tail. The behind the scenes featurette is very skippable, but the trailer for A Devilís Tail is amazing. Itís one of the best trailers Iíve seen, both in mainstream and adult movies. It seems to give away a lot of the movie, but it does so while also making me really want to see the rest.

Finally, thereís website information and the seven minute featurette, Simon Wolfís Wolves. I really looked forward to this featurette, but ended up disappointed. You can tell that Simon has a great love for wolves, but I doubt some of his information and it feels like he doesnít really have any experience with them outside of books and in captive environments.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female), anal, spanking, lesbian, toys, group, masturbation, and DP

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, Beauty & The Bitch can be found online for between about $19 and $28 with a couple stores offering it for under $20. At that price, itís a steal. Iím even tempted to say itís worth the top dollar. The movie is extremely well done, both sexually and with the plot and acting. The transfer and extras are also near perfect. If this doesnít at least get a nomination for best DVD of the year, somethingís very wrong.

Note to Adam & Eve: Please look at changing the case for your double disc sets. The case you used for Appassionata was much nicer and would allow your cover art to fit in the case like it should. Also, please try and fit the directors cuts of scenes onto the same DVD as the movie and allow the viewer the choice to see the movie as it was originally released with the longer cuts of the scenes put in as your competition did with Capín Mongoís Porno Playhouse. The behind the scenes for A Wolfís Tail seemed like kind of a filler. Itís a movie you should be proud of, but a bonus scene from the movie with a long trailer would be a lot better way to draw attention to it than including a featurette on it that doesnít seem like it belongs on this DVD set. Finally, please give the director a little company on the commentary to fill out the track better.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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