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astroknight Beautiful/Nasty Too 4 starsBeautiful/Nasty Too 4 starsBeautiful/Nasty Too 4 stars
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Beautiful/Nasty Too

Beautiful/Nasty Too

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Girl , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Beautiful/Nasty Too:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beautiful/Nasty Too overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beautiful/Nasty Too Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Beautiful/Nasty Too Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Beautiful/Nasty Too Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Beautiful/Nasty Too Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Beautiful/Nasty Too DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beautiful/Nasty Too A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/18/2004
Having just chatted with and also getting to watch a fine webcam show of hers I thought it would be an opportune time to review a Devinn Lane title. This beautiful woman is one of my fave big breasted girls to watch, those big nipples are just ripe for licking don't ya think! Having also met her, eaten dinner with her, and watched her dance live I can honestly say Devinn is one intelligent and sexy lady, quite the impressive combination. Well if Devinn and the Wicked girls are your cup of tea then this all girl title with a few invited guests should quench that thirst nicely. Devinn comes on here detailing how much fun she had in the first Beautiful/ Nasty movie she just had to do another one. The opening credits then roll letting each girl be Id'd which is always helpful to newbies. Devinn returns and we get a sexy description of Nicole Sheridan and this leads to a scene with Devinn and Nicole and the busty babe Taylor St. Claire is their treat to enjoy! Devinn tells us they are to give Taylor a taste of their medicine and all I can say is where to I get a prescription for this kind of lovin!!

Devinn Lane, Nicole Sheridan, & Taylor St. Claire:

Devinn says both she along with Nicole tend to be dominant and so Taylor will be a submissive for them which anyone who's seen the Fashionistas by Evil Angel will see as a nice twist as Taylor was quite dominant in that one. The scene opens with Taylor all tied up with a ball gag in her mouth. The girls caress and lick Taylor's large knockers and soon we get some oral as Nicole climbs over Devinn's face as Taylor observes. Great floor shot looking right at Devinn licking plus you have a great view up to Nicole's huge tits. Nicole also gets a taste of Devinn's sweet pussy and again great close shots. Taylor's hands are unbound by now and she gets more involved helping to spread Nicole's pussy and then we see toys brought in. Taylor sucks on a strap on that Devinn has on and eventually you get a cowgirl dp with Devinn in Taylor's ass. The scene soon ends, wish Taylor had licked some pussy and not enough tit play. With those big boobs right there I'd have had the girls licking those boobs quite a bit even some shared nipple licking. However that wasn't the case but still lots to see.

Aria, Becca Bratt, & Kristal Summers:

Just listen to Devinn's sexy voice over and we also see Miss Lane onscreen describing the scenario these three girls will perform. We then get some fine tease shots of the girls starting with Kristal, then on to Aria, and finally Becca. All three girls have great bodies and we see them come together for a little 3 girl tongue twirl. The kissing sounded so good and it was also slow which added to the sexual heat. We move on to some tit sucking and Aria talks dirty for us plus her great ass is shown off. The girls then do some ass/ pussy fingering which is shot up close. Aria then demands to taste some pussy and cute Becca is all to willing to open her legs. The close shots really get you right there as Aria laps away plus some finger action is mixed in. The girls move around so Kristal's kittie is pleasured by Becca and Aria keeps up the dirty talk plus she kisses with Becca getting just a taste of Kristal. A toy is brought in, I don't think it was needed, but the girls at least kept up licking the pussy while using it. All three girls eventually use a toy with Aria squirting naturally.

Jasmine Lynn & Lola:

Devinn returns to hype up the next scene and listening to her describe these two girls especially Lola's thick pussy lips was a treat. On to the scene itself we watch Lola do some sexy poses as photos are being taken and this is followed by Jasmine also posing. Moving on the girls get together for some sexy kissing and breast caressing. The tape is removed from Jasmine's perky tits allowing Lola's tongue total access. Soon the pussy of Miss Lynn is the target and Lola absolutely goes for it and our view is right where it needs to be! We get to then watch as Jasmine gets to attack Lola's pussy with her tongue and the close shots here make Lola's pussy so large, it was great. Again we see a toy brought in and it was a monster, just watch as Jasmine slides it inside Lola and she keeps licking away which was important to me. We also get some toy lovin for Jasmine in her ass no less before a little kiss action close the scene.

Lonnie & Kellie Marie:

We welcum back our lovely host Miss Lane who describes a scenario many of you might fantasize about-- sisters or twins getting it on with each other. Well Devinn jokingly but I suspect accurately points out that's not legal but she brought these two hotties in and dressed them in matching outfits and she also says no toys for this scene which makes me real happy. The two blonds then come on and we see some sexy posing before we cut to the two making out and the blond hair and matching outfits make for a hot visual. Next you see some hot breast sucking by both ladies along with more kissing. Moving along we get some excellent pussy eating as Kellie gets in a doggie pose and Lonnie buries her face in those tempting cheeks. Miss Marie then turns around and an awesome floor shot shows Lonnie continue to lick away. The great views continue when they switch places and man does Lonnie's pussy look juicy! Great chemistry abounds in this scene and it easily was the best one I saw in this dvd.

Devinn & Nicole:

We begin with the lovely Miss Sheridan posing and Devinn then follows showing off her sexy body. We are then taken to a bathtub where Nicole sucks on Devinn's toes and the girls then get nice 'n' close with Nicole fingering Devinn's very wet pussy and we watch as Miss Lane raises herself up so Nicole can slide underneath for some pussy tastin. This was a great way to see a pussy being eaten, OMG! Oh to have the chance to lick at Devinn's sweet honeypot, a guy can dream! We even see some licks directed at Devinn's ass which elicit several loud moans from her. Nicole then brings a little blue friend in and Devinn rides the toy hard even licking her juices from it. The girls kiss before Nicole props her legs over Devinn's shoulders so her pussy is at Devinn's face and lying back we get another hot pussy licking position shot. Devinn even rubs her tits against Nicole's kittie when the position changes. A little simultaneous toy thrusting is shot in conjunction with the girls kissing a little. We even get some toy play to Devinn's ass-- I saw that live for her webcam show the other night and she gaped! It's only fair as Devinn gets to analize Miss Sheridan and the floor view also gets in some great pussy stroking by her. The two end the scene with a kiss.

Devinn, Nicole, Kristal, Aria, & Lola:

Well what a group of ladies we have assembled here all with shirts on which have their first names initial imprinted on them. Well it's a free for all then as the girls pair off for some kissing, breast sucking, general mayhem so sit back and enjoy! You also get pussy eating by all, just a beautiful mass of sexy females pleasuring each other. Toys are utilized yielding the expected moans of delight. Watch at one point as Aria squirts all over Lola's face as she's licking Aria's pussy!!! A rousing closer to this lesbian lickfest.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a fine lesbian dvd hosted excellently by Devinn Lane. Her prescene descriptions were sexy and the scenes themselves featured great pussy licking and yes toys were used in all but one scene. That one as a matter of fact was the best one I saw followed closely by Devinn and Nicole's bathtub tryst. Xtra wise Wicked does a fine job offering two bonus scenes, one with Kimberly Kane and the other comes from the first Beautiful/ Nasty and stars Devinn along with Julia Ann. You have a photo gallery as well as star galleries for all the girls. You also get star stats for a few of the girls including the Wicked productions you can see them in and you also can jump to a scene in this dvd starring them. This dved is easily recommended for g/g fans who should have no trouble's finding something to enjoy. I hope there's another and Devinn needs to be along for the ride!

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