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Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Beautiful/Nasty:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Beautiful/Nasty overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Beautiful/Nasty Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Beautiful/Nasty Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Beautiful/Nasty Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Beautiful/Nasty Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Beautiful/Nasty DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Beautiful/Nasty A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/20/2002

Running Time: 108 min.

Production Date: 06 / 02 / 2001

Director: Mark Stone

Cast: Devinn Lane, Julia Ann, Renee La Rue, Charlie, Adajja, Amber Michaels, Ariel, Lola, and Nakita Ka$h

Initial Expectations: Devinn Lane has been impressing me more every time I see her, and Julia Ann has been making one heck of a comeback. Combine the two of them with the other great performers in this cast and I hope I have enough blood left flowing to my brain to keep up life support.

Initial Reaction: Although thereís a couple little things I didnít care for, itís still a great feature and a well done DVD.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes all girl scenes with toys

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnít like toys in all girl features

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is normally clear and well balanced. The video is also pretty clear, but does have a bit of grain that makes the feature look almost like it was shot on film. There are also a few shadows, but they normally enhanced the scenes a little for me rather than detracting from them.

Music: Surprisingly, there isnít any music during the actual sex scenes, but there is a bit during the setup portions of the feature. The balance varies a bit, but is normally bordering on a bit loud.

Menus: The main menu has some nice animation to give a good first impression, which Iíve come to expect from Wicked and the care they give their DVDs. The chapter menu is pretty standard, letting you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and a scene number.

The Feature: Every now and then Wicked takes a contract girl and completely builds a feature around her. No, not just using her to headline the feature, but to involve her in every scene, such as with features such as Jennaís Built for Speed, Katja Keanís Sports Spectacular, and Swift Picks. Beautiful/nasty falls closest to Swift Picks as Devinn Lane acts as producer here and they also share the same director in Mark Stone. Devinn gives a short introduction or tag for each scene, and talks a bit about each of the stars with details such as why she picked them. Thereís no plot to the feature, just sex. The closest Beautiful/nasty comes to having a plot is that Julia hadnít done a movie in about a year, wanted to come out of retirement, and wanted to do something with Devinn, so they decided to share their first experience together. All of this is handled with Devinn giving a voice over during a few behind the scenes clips, and nicely leads into the first scene.

Devinn Lane and Julia Ann start things out together. This really amazed me. This was the main event here for me, and Iím sure Iím not the only one. Devinn and Julia share the boxcover, which normally means youíre going to have to sit through quite a few lesser scenes, or at least scenes you donít care quite as much about, before getting to the two of them getting together. Starting off the scene with the two of them working each other over amazed me, and I think the shock was enough to at least slow the blood from flowing to where I knew it was going to end up. The girls start to slowly work each other over, starting with the nips and moving down to the twat with Devinn giving first as Julia lays back on the couch. She starts out fingering Juliaís twat and moves on to work on Julia with a sliver tipped vibe. After working Julia over until she has a nice strong orgasm, Julia works Devinn over out of both mutual appreciation and the need to recover a bit herself. Julia kisses her way across Devinnís front and then back while pinning her arm behind her back, and then moves down to work on Devinnís pussy. She gives Devinn some great tongue action, and then moves on to fuck her with a dildo after Devinn looked like she had a couple great orgasms. They finish things up with some nice kissing. This is a great scene that has some amazing chemistry. The sex feels very real and very natural, rather than so much of the sex thatís captured and feels fake. You see the girls work up to their orgasms and really wanting to make each other come. Itís a great scene that really starts the feature off right.

Adajja and Amber Michaels join Devinn for the next scene, which has a much darker feel from the start as it takes place in a dungeon and has the girls in fetishwear. Adajja starts out on her back on a table, and soon finds herself eating Amberís pussy as Devinn works on Adajjaís pussy. Amber moves around and the action shifts to the girls working on Devinn. Amber never gets the full brunt of both girls, but does spend some good, quality time at the end of a double dildo that Devinn guides between Amber and Adajja. Afterwards Amber puts on a strap-on and starts to fuck Adajja while Devinn guides in Ariel, wearing a chastity belt, to watch. As Ariel watches from across the room, Amber and Devinn team up to DP Adajja with a couple toys. Unlike most scenes, after done, they just break apart and the scene ends rather than fading out with a lot of kissing. Itís a good scene, but I was a little disappointed. I found myself wanting quite a few different camera angles than the ones I was presented with, such as during Adajjaís double penetration where you were never shown the entirety of all three girls. Itís also a very long scene, and felt like it could have used just a tad or maybe even a smidgin more editing.

Although the other girls have finished, Ariel, a nice looking bleached blonde with fairly good sized implants, still hasnít shown what she has to offer. Devinn unlocks Arielís chastity belt, gives her a vibrator, and lets her go to work. Ariel starts with her fingers and moves on to pink and purple vibrators. Itís a very soft and slow scene, and Ariel feels very restrained. It has almost an Andrew Blake style of sexuality to it, and Ariel doesnít have a very clear orgasm, just a smile, which brought the scene down a little for me.

Renee La Rue and Charlie join Devinn, whoís laying out by a pool, for the next scene. The girls start out working on Devinnís tits before Renee moves down to lick Devinnís pussy and Charlie hops on Devinnís face. Charlie moves down to help Renee, and they team up to lick and finger Devinnís slit. Surprisingly, Charlie is mostly a giver here, and barely receives. Devinn gives for both Charlie and Renee at the same time, and then Charlie gets a little tongue action while Devinn works Reneeís pussy from behind. Afterwards, the girls team up to DP Devinn with a couple of clear dildos. Itís a very hot scene, and all three girls do a great job. They all smile naturally throughout the scene, making it obvious theyíre all having a great time. Once again, I would have liked a few shots showing the entirety of the girls, but they were few and far between.

Julia Ann returns, and joins Lola and Nakita Ka$h in a freight elevator. Lola and Nakita start out working on Julia, before the girls get in a line and work each other over. They move off to a staircase to continue, and bring some toys into play also. They start out working on Nakitaís ass with a golden vibe, and later use it on Lolaís pussy. Julia doesnít get any vibe action, but did get quite a bit more tongue action that either of the other girls. Itís another hot scene that once again, has a great realistic feel. You can tell the girls are into each other, and it really makes for another great scene.

Finally, Julia Ann, Devinn lane, Nakita Ka$h, Renee La Rue, and Charlie get together for an orgy in front of a fireplace. It has a natural feeling, almost like a slumber party for the girls. Devinn starts out with her face buried between Juliaís legs while the other girls get in a line with Charlie in the middle getting a taste of some Ka$h gash. Of course, the toys come out as well, and Charlie eagerly fucks Julia with a strap on. Thereís plenty of other toys as well, including vibes, double dildos, and the girls move around to get a little taste of everybody. As usual, thereís plenty of realistic feeling sex where all the girls seem to be into each other very well. The only thing that really surprised me was I didnít notice any anal sex, which is something most of these ladies have shown themselves to be very proficient at.

Beautiful/nasty is a nice change from the standard adult film. Devinn gives it a very realistic feel, and you get to see the personality of each of the girls rather than just seeing them as a bunch of fuck machines. Thereís plenty of glances at the camera with halfway goofy looks or looks that convey how much of a great time the personís having. It gives a great natural feel to the sex. The interludes between the scenes are much the same way. Nobodyís acting, which gives you a chance to see the cast as real people. It gives the entire feature a feel thatís halfway between the gonzo and mainstream styles, and works very well. I did have a couple problems with the sex, most of which was due to the camera work and a completely subjective complaint. Despite my dislikes, I still canít help but really like the sex due to its feel. Beautiful/nasty is a great all girl feature, and a must have for any fan of Devinn Lane or Julia Ann.

For other views on this DVD, please check out reviews by Flash and AlexGogol.

Extras: As usual, two photo galleries are included. The behind the scenes gallery lasts a bit over three minutes with about four seconds per full screen photo. Many of the photos here look a little on the blurry side, and Iím sad to say are some of the worst looking photos Iíve seen from Wicked in a long time. The main production gallery looks much better, and has two minutes of snapshots and full screen photos.

Audio bios are included for Devinn Lane, Julia Ann, Amber Michaels, Lola, and Charlie. Not surprisingly, Wicked has created screens just for this DVD to fit the overall feel that include a list of some of the starís other Wicked credits, a little personal information (more of which is given in the audio bio), and a link to the starís scene. Trailers are included for Dream Quest, Crazed, Knockout, Working Girl, The Bride of Double Feature, Flashpoint, Satyr, and Vengeance. Many of Wickedís other standard extras are here as well, such as the company profile, commercial for the Free Speech Coalition, Wicked Web, Wicked Casino, promotional materials, and the list of Wickedís award winning movies.

The main extra, however, is the full length commentary between Devinn Lane and Julia Ann, both of who are now Wicked Girls. The girls interact very well here, and make the commentary a lot of fun. Quite a bit of the fun is had with Brad Armstrong, their foot whore, as well as a bit with DVD Guru David Crawford. Julia and Devinn talk quite a bit about what they like in their scenes as well as personal life, and also about what happened while shooting the scenes. Itís a nice commentary, and the girls seem to have a great time. Itís a big part of what makes the commentary work as well as it does, and why itís so enjoyable to listen to.

Themes: Lesbian, toys, group, anal, masturbation, DP, spanking, group, and rimming (female > female)

Raincoat Factor: Very high bordering on extreme

Overall: Currently, Beautiful / nasty can be found online for between $22 and $29 with a couple stores offering it at the low end. If youíre a fan of almost any of the girls here, especially Devinn or Julia, this one is a must have. The sex is natural and has a realistic feel that few gonzo features even manage. The extras are well done, including a very fun commentary with Devinn and Julia, although the transfer didnít seem quite up to Wickedís normal high standard.

Note to Wicked: If this is the quality of feature Devinnís going to be producing, itís a no-brainer why you re-signed her as a contract girl.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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